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James Arness Net Worth is
$2 Million

James Arness Biography

However, the creation that produced him a favorite actor was that of “Gunsmoke”. 3rd Infantry Division. He was most widely known for starring as Matt Dillon in the tv screen series Gunsmoke from 1955 to 1975. He also reprised the part in the 1987 film Gunsmoke: Go back to Dodge and four additional designed for television films in the 1990s. Arness bio states he gets the height of 6 feet 7 inches with the fat of 235pounds. From 1981 to 1982 he starred simply because Det. Jim McClain in the series McClain’s Laws. After graduation, James Arness got dreams to become included into naval army, nevertheless, his poor eyesight was the actual fact why he had not been admitted to it. Browse even more: James Arness Net WORTHWHILE provides been reported that the entire quantity of James Arness net worthy of increased a whole lot throughout his profession as an actor. He nevertheless offered as the rifle guy and was harmed badly during Procedure Shingle in Italy. His dad was a businessman and mom was a journalist. He was awarded a superstar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 at 1751 Vine Road. James Arness was probably the most respected actors in the market. He made his access into Hollywood as an actor following this, and started starring in movies. In this present, James Arness got a job of Marshal Matt. Hence, the present also was one of many resources of James Arness net worthy of. The actor was created in Minneapolis in 1923. His mom was functioning as a journalist, whereas his dad was a businessman. From his mother’s aspect, he previously origins in Germany, whereas from his father’s aspect, he was Norwegian. When he initial made an appearance on stage, James Arness wished to be known as Grave. When he was students at senior high school, James Arness got one of is own first jobs, that was doing work for a jewelry seller as a courier. In 1942, James Arness completed senior high school, although he didn’t succeed his academic programs. Arness starred in a number of other films like the Farmer’s Daughter, Iron Guy, Hondo, THE OCEAN Chase, The First Journeying Saleslady, and more. Furthermore, the elevation limit for folks to become involved into naval army in those days was 6 ft and 2 ins, whereas James Arness was 6 feet and 7 ins. In 1945 James Arness was employed to become a radio presenter. He wished to sign up for the naval army, but his poor eyesight deterred him from doing this. The films that made him mainly popular consist of “Battleground”, “Many Rivers to Cross”, “Island in the Sky”, “Cavalry Scout”, “Big Jim McLain”, “Gun the person Down” and more. These films added up too much to the full total size of James Arness net worthy of, as well. Although $2 million dollars in his bank-account may suggest usually, he was one of the biggest tv actors of the 20th hundred years.James Arness net value: James Arness was an American actor who all had a net value of $8 million. Throughout his acting profession, James Arness was awarded with many recognitions and awards, and nominated for a lot more of these. When the present “Gunsmoke” was canceled, James Arness continued to surface in other TV displays along with western productions. In 2011, sadly, the actor passed on. However, he were able to make a tag in the acting market. James Arness net well worth: James Arness was an American actor who got a net well worth of $8 million. Arness began his profession as a film actor in the past due 1940s. He was most widely known for starring as Matt Dillon in the tv screen series Gunsmoke from 1955 to 1975. Arness was awarded with Bronze Celebrity medal and Purple Center due to his effort and sincerity across. Arness starred as Zeb Macahan in it series The way the West Was Won from 1976 to 1979. but Arness usually claims his height is 6 feet 6 inches in the standard newspaper and Television interviews. Jim McClain in the series McClain’s Laws. After this present ended, he started performing in lots of western movies and Television shows. His dad was from Norway and his mom from German. He was also nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for Gunsmoke. James Arness passed on on June 3, 2011 at 88 years previous. James Arness was an actor from the united states. He was known for playing the function of Marshal Matt in it show “Gunsmoke” for about 20 years. He was created in Minneapolis. James Arness passed on on June 3, 2011 at 88 years previous. He carried mixed bloodstream – Norwegian from his father’s aspect and German from his mother’s part. Arness attended senior high school in Minneapolis. He utilized Grave as a stage name. He was entitled as a tallest main character in Hollywood by enough time. In 1942, he graduated from the senior high school, actually though he had not been a good student. Following this work, he shifted to Hollywood, where he started to appear in many films and TV shows, that have also added up too much to the full total estimate of James Arness net well worth. But not surprisingly misfortune, he was as well brave and identified to stop the dream to become an actor. He was also nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for Gunsmoke. Arness experienced undergone many surgeries and in the old age, he suffered from serious leg discomfort and faced some issue while mounting the equine. Luckily, he really was good on stage (normally James Arness net well worth would never reach $2 million) However the would-be millionaire didn’t start pursuing profession on stage immediately after leaving senior high school. James Arness was mainly known from it show called “Gunsmoke”, where he appeared for twenty years. Due to the accidents he experienced while serving his duty James got to endure many surgeries and suffered serious leg pain through the entire rest of his lifestyle. James also acted in two research fiction films. However the creation that made him well-known Gunsmoke. James provides received many awards in his performing profession. Arness starred in a number of other films like the Farmer’s Daughter, Iron Guy, Hondo, THE OCEAN Chase, The First Journeying Saleslady, and even more. Arness passed away in 2011 from natural causes. Income & Financial Data: The below monetary data is collected and published by TheRichest analysts group to provide you with a better knowledge of James Arness’s net well worth by wearing down themost relevant monetary events such as for example yearly salaries, contracts, a lot more, stock ownership, acquire outs and endorsements. ? Choose Year Earnings 2011 Earnings 1972 It’s been reported that around enough time of his loss of life in 2011 James Arness net worthy of stood at $2 million. This will not seem a great deal compared to the fortunes of actors like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt, but we should remember that James began his profession in the 1940s and in the past the salaries of actors, like the most famous ones, had been much smaller sized than they are today. Furthermore to all or any those mentioned films, James Arness also made an appearance in several science fiction films. But what in fact boosted his fortune to huge amount of money and switched him into American hero was the air and tv Western drama series Smokegun. Few people understand that the actor in account was created as James King Aurness (spot the family members name) and dropped “u” just as he started seeking profession as an actor. Evidently he thought that the somewhat modified edition of his family members name sounds far better and is less difficult to keep in mind. In his autobiography James admitted that he was by no means a good college student and utilized to skip classes for no justification. After obtaining discharged, he began his are a radio presenter in 1945. As much men of his era, 1st he joined the united states army to serve as a rifleman with the U.S. James Arness was created in Minneapolis, Minnesota in-may 1923 and passed on in June 2011. A few of the movies where he offers performed consist of Battleground, Island in the Sky, Many Rivers to Cross, Gun the person Down, Cavalry Scout, The People Against O’Hara, Hellgate, and Big Jim McLain among numerous others. He was of 6 feet and 7 in . high and the limit for aviators was 6 foot 2 in .. James Arness was created in Minneapolis, Minnesota in-may 1923 and passed on in June 2011. Through the first season of his career (that was 1947) he provides featured on three films: The Farmer’s Daughter, Guy from Texas, Roses are Crimson. Latter on in his profession the superstar has appeared on many films, including Two Shed Worlds, Stars IN MY OWN Crown, The People Against O’Hara, Big Jim McLain, The Lone Hands, Her Twelve Guys, Many Rivers to Cross and several Rivers to Cross. Each one of these movies provides contributed to the development of the entire James Arness net worthy of. Hence, we believe that it is worthy of to take a peek back into days gone by hundred years and overview his profession. For as long ago as in 1961 a journalist provides asked James whether he thinks it really is smart to create the seventh time of year of Smokegun. To the the actor replied: “Probably there is not much more I could do with the part in the end this time. But just what exactly? The dough’s still to arrive, and I could continue playing Matt Dillon permanently”. And actually the audience didn’t obtain bored of the display for many more a long time! James Arness is usually a favorite American actor who was simply born in-may 26, 1923 in the town of Minneapolis, Minnesota of USA with the true name James King Aurness. He’s remembered as a greatest person for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon in the annals of television series called as Gun Smoke cigarettes. For the twenty years of his lifestyle he played the function of Dillon in 5 different years of the life span. He belongs from America and followed actor as his career. He resided in Brentwood, LA, California permanently from quite a long time. Arness got wedded with Virdinia Chapman in 1948 and end their relation in 1960. He also received Alma masters from Beloit Collage. Since his parents had been a business guy, he wasn’t very much interested towards business. He was awarded a superstar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 at 1751 Vine Road. Arness was the daddy of 4 children specifically, Jenny Lee, Rolf, Jim and Craig. Arness dreamed to become a pilot as a naval fighter. But due to his poor eyesight and issue in eyesight was the main obstacle that blocked him towards it. Anress however offered as a rifleman through the Infantry Division in another range within america. He also landed on Anzio Beachhead in January 22, 1944 that was described in the Autobiography that mentioned about James Arness. He landed throughout that period as a rifleman with the next platoon. Arness was also delivered to General Medical center at Clinton lowa at that time by the U.S. army due to his short elevation where he was the very first one offered to possess a landing craft for the perseverance of the complexity of the drinking water. James finished his education from Minneapolis Washburn senior high school. Following the end of initial marriage he got wedded with Janet Surtees whom he stayed with till his loss of life. The family members name was entitled with the name Aursnes, because his dad was migrated from Norway in 1887. He also reprised the part in the 1987 film Gunsmoke: Go back to Dodge and four additional designed for television films in the 1990s. He also offers six grandchildren and one great grandchild. There is a higher rumor of lengthy term romantic relationship between James Arness and celebrity Thordis Brandt however they by no means get married either approved their relationship in public areas. Arness starred as Zeb Macahan in it series The way the West Was Won from 1976 to 1979. From 1981 to 1982 he starred simply because Det. His chest- waistline and hips measurement is normally 48-36-36 respectively. While studying in college, he also proved helpful as a courier for a jewelry seller. The net worth of the Hollywood actor isn’t however found. Still it’s been discovered that he was an effective person during his life time. He died at age 88 in June 3, 2011 with the organic cause. 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Quick Facts

Full NameJames Arness
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthMay 26, 1923
DiedJune 3, 2011, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height2.01 m
Weight235 lbs
ProfessionTelevision producer, Soldier, Actor
EducationBeloit College, Washburn High School, John Burrows Grade School
SpouseJanet Surtees, Virginia Chapman
ChildrenRolf Aurness, Jenny Lee Aurness, Craig Aurness
ParentsRolf Cirkler Aurness, Ruth Aurness
SiblingsPeter Graves
AwardsBronze Star Medal, Purple Heart
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Series, TV Land Favorite Crimestopper Award, Primetime Emmy Award for Best Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - Dramatic or Comedy Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Best Continuing Performance - Actor in a Dramatic Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Series
MoviesThe Thing from Another World, Hondo, Big Jim McLain, Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge, The Farmer's Daughter, Island in the Sky, The Sea Chase, Gun the Man Down, Wagon Master, The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory, Roses Are Red, Carbine Williams, Gunsmoke : The Long Ride, The People Against O'Hara, Battleground, Horizons West, The First Traveling Saleslady, Two Lost Worlds, Lone Hand, Many Rivers to Cross, Her Twelve Men, Wyoming Mail, The Veils of Bagdad, The Girl in White, Them!, Flame of the Islands, Hellgate, Gunsmoke: To the Last Man, The Macahans, Red River, Sierra, Iron Man, Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice, Comanche Stallion
TV ShowsMcClain's Law, How the West Was Won, Gunsmoke

Interesting Facts

1He and Kelsey Grammer both hold the record for playing the same character the longest (20 years). However, since the length of TV seasons was longer between 1955-75, it results in 635 episodes as Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955) for Arness and only 467 as Frasier Crane (on Cheers (1982) and Frasier (1993)) for Grammer.
2Had to dye his naturally blond hair for the role of Matt Dillon, since dark hair was considered more masculine.
3Was in the 3rd Infantry Division at the time as Audie Murphy. Murphy was in the 15th Infantry Regiment and Arness was in the 7th Infantry Regiment. Both regiments landed at Sicily and Anzio. Arness was wounded at Anzio and sent back to the US for treatment and discharge.
4His ex-wife, Virginia Chapman, died on July 29, 1977, at age 56.
5Had many times sailed with Buddy Ebsen.
6After his last role Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice (1994), he retired from acting at age 71.
7He and his brother Peter Graves never acted onscreen together; however, Graves did direct Arness in Gunsmoke: Which Dr. (1966).
8He was most widely known to be a very quiet and private man.
9Was a Boy Scout.
10Began his career as a contract player for Batjac Productions--John Wayne's production company--in 1952.
11In 1968 he donated his 1,400-acre ranch in northern Los Angeles County to the Brandis Institute.
12Before he was a successful actor, he was a radio announcer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
13His acting mentor was the late John Wayne.
14He passed away on June 3, 2011, just one week after he celebrated his 88th birthday.
15His best friend and younger brother Peter Graves, died on March 14, 2010, just four days before his 84th birthday.
16Despite the fact that he was friends with Robert Fuller and James Drury, he did not appear on any episodes of other series, because Warner Bros. would not lend its contract players to competitors.
17Was the only actor to appear in all 635 episodes of Gunsmoke (1955).
18One of Harry Morgan's sons was the friend of one of his children. One of Morgan's sons spent the night at his ranch.
19Best remembered by the public for his starring role as Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955).
20Acting mentors and friend of Buck Taylor and Amy Stoch.
21He is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
22He was said to be somewhat self-conscious about his stature and quite happy when they took measures to obscure his towering height while filming "Gunsmoke".
23He had a lifelong affiliation with the Methodist church.
24He was a lifelong supporter of the Republican party.
25He was the son of Rolf Aurness and Ruth Duesler who divorced in the 1940s.
26He attended public schools and graduated from West High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1942. He studied for a year at Beloit College in Wisconsin before he was drafted into the United States Army during World War II as an infantryman. During the invasion of Anzio, Italy in 1944, his right leg was shattered by machine-gun fire, resulting in his losing part of his foot. He was hospitalized for a year and underwent surgeries to correct his leg, which left a limp. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his services. His injury made it difficult for him to walk for extended stretches. When shooting movies or TV shows, any scenes that required extensive walking would be shot early in the morning, before his feet and knees started giving out.
27He married Virginia Chapman and adopted her son, Craig, by a previous marriage. They had daughter, Jenny Arness and son, Rolf Arness.
28He was a longtime resident of the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California with his second wife, Janet Surtees.
29He is survived by his wife, Janet Surtees of Brentwood, Los Angeles, California; son, Rolf Arness; stepson, Jim Surtees; six grandchildren, and a great grandchild. His adopted son, Craig, died in 2004 and his daughter Jenny died in 1975.
30Fought in the US Army during World War II, taking part in the landing at Anzio, Italy, where he was wounded. He received the Bronze Star; the Purple Heart; the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three bronze campaign stars; the World War II Victory Medal and the Combat Infantryman Badge.
31Although they never married, he had a long-term relationship and lived with actress Thordis Brandt.
32He never played the lead male role in a theatrical movie, only on the various televised incarnations of "Gunsmoke". In his theatrical films, he usually acted along tall leading men such as John Wayne, Robert Ryan and Jeff Chandler.
33Confirmed in a 2001 interview that he is completely retired from acting because he no longer has the stamina for it.
34Made four movies with his close friend John Wayne during the 1950s. He was also originally cast in Rock Hudson's role opposite Wayne in The Undefeated (1969). Wayne personally recommended Arness for the lead role in Gunsmoke (1955), and filmed an introduction for the first episode.
35Did not attend the premiere of The Thing from Another World (1951) because he found his role as the Thing embarrassing. He often remarked that he felt his make up as "The Thing" made him look like a giant carrot.
36Attended Beloit College.
37His status as a Republican disappointed Lady Bird Johnson, who was a fan of Gunsmoke (1955).
38Father of Jenny Lee Arness (born May 23, 1950) and Rolf Aurness (born February 18, 1952), with Virginia Chapman. He also adopted her son from her first marriage, Craig (born 1946).
39Very, very often during his career, this huge actor was surrounded by co-stars standing on apple boxes or had to perform standing in a ditch just so he could be in a shot.
40Member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
41Was rightly touted as the tallest leading man in Hollywood, although this title has since been taken by other stars, mainly basketball players turned "actors."
42Held the record for the longest continuous role portrayed by a single actor (20 years) on prime-time television (for Marshal Matt Dillon on the CBS western Gunsmoke (1955)), until Kelsey Grammer (Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers (1982) and Frasier (1993)) tied the record in 2004 (at 20 years).
43On Friday, June 20th, 2003, Arness was honored at Los Angeles City Hall by the mayor, the 15 City Council members and the City Attorney with a resolution honoring his life's work as an actor and 60-year resident of Los Angeles. The colorful resolution included a depiction of a U.S. Marshal's badge and a salute to his work as Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955) and its over-20-year duration as TV's longest-running drama series. It also recalled his heroism during World War II and thanked him for "leaving us with one of the most telling and realistic portraits ever created of the brave, tall man in the saddle who tames a western town as he searches for justice and peace." Arness called it "the most wonderful day in his life" and says the resolution is now framed and in a prominent place in his home. He received a standing ovation that morning.
44Inducted (as a cast member of Gunsmoke (1955)) into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1981.
45According to an article on TV westerns in Time magazine (March 30, 1959), Arness stood 6' 7", weighed 235 lbs, and had chest-waist-hips measurements of 48-36-36. However, Arness usually gave his own height as 6' 6" in interviews.
46His daughter and actress, Jenny Lee Arness, committed suicide on Monday, May 12th, 1975.
47Became U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955) after John Wayne suggested Arness to play it. (Wayne himself, contrary to legend, was never offered the role.).
48Honorary United States Marshal, "in recognition of his unique contribution to the image and traditions of the U.S. Marshal's Service".


1The role of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955).
2Towering height
3Commanding voice


1With Gunsmoke (1955), we had an outstanding quality of writing. The show had been on radio for three years, so they were able to fine-tune the characters. What made us different from other westerns was the fact that Gunsmoke wasn't just action and a lot of shooting; they were character-study shows. They're interesting to watch all these years later.
2I have met many other actors who were great also, but there was something about him that was so special He was just off in a class by himself somehow. It was a real privilege really to be around the man and to know him. I was with his company for three years, and it was just a special time. - On John Wayne
3I had the pleasure of knowing Ronald Reagan before he became Governor of California. He was a truly great human being and we usually spent our time together reminiscing about mutual friends. He will be missed by all who knew him and by a nation that will mourn with us. (2004)
4"If they were man and wife, it would make a lot of difference. The people upstairs decided it was better to leave the show as it was, which I totally agreed with." - on why his Gunsmoke character, Marshal Dillon, never married Miss Kitty.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1986Golden BootGolden Boot Awards
1976Bronze WranglerWestern Heritage AwardsFictional Television DramaThe Macahans (1976)John Mantley (producer)

Jim Byrnes (writer)

Albert S. Ruddy (writer)

Bernard McEveety (director)

Bruce Boxleitner (actor)

Eva Marie Saint (actor)

Richard Kiley (actor)
1972Bronze WranglerWestern Heritage AwardsFictional Television DramaGunsmoke (1955)Leonard Katzman (producer)

John Mantley (producer)

Jack Miller (writer)

Bernard McEveety (director)

Milburn Stone (actor)

Amanda Blake (actor)

Jeanette Nolan (actor)

Dack Rambo (actor)

Glenn Strange (actor)

Buck Taylor (actor)
1967Bronze WranglerWestern Heritage AwardsFictional Television DramaGunsmoke (1955)Calvin Clements Sr. (writer)

Philip Leacock (producer)

John Mantley (producer)

Mark Rydell (director)

Albert Salmi (actor)

Amanda Blake (actor)

Ken Curtis (actor)

Milburn Stone (actor)
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionOn 8 February 1960. At 1751 Vine Street.

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2005TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsFavorite CrimestopperGunsmoke (1955)
1959Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Actor in a Leading Role (Continuing Character) in a Dramatic SeriesGunsmoke (1955)
1958Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic or Comedy SeriesGunsmoke (1955)
1957Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Dramatic SeriesGunsmoke (1955)



Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice1994TV MovieMatt Dillon
Gunsmoke: The Long Ride1993TV MovieMatt Dillon
Gunsmoke: To the Last Man1992TV MovieMatt Dillon
Gunsmoke: The Last Apache1990TV MovieMatt Dillon
Red River1988TV MovieThomas Dunson
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge1987TV MovieMatt Dillon
The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory1987TV MovieJim Bowie
McClain's Law1981-1982TV SeriesDet. Jim McClain
How the West Was Won1976-1979TV SeriesZeb Macahan
The Macahans1976TV MovieZeb Macahan
Gunsmoke1955-1975TV SeriesMatt Dillon
Alias Jesse James1959Marshal Matt Dillon (uncredited)
Gun the Man Down1956Rem Anderson
The First Traveling Saleslady1956Joel Kingdom
Front Row Center1956TV SeriesHemp Brown
Flame of the Islands1956Kelly Rand
The Sea Chase1955Schlieter
Many Rivers to Cross1955Esau Hamilton
William Tell1955TV MovieWilliam Tell
Lux Video Theatre1954TV SeriesChuck Scott
Her Twelve Men1954Ralph Munsey
Them!1954Robert Graham
Hondo1953Lennie - Army Indian Scout
The Veils of Bagdad1953Targut (as Jim Arness)
Island in the Sky1953Mac McMullen
The Lone Hand1953Gus Varden (as Jim Arness)
Horizons West1952Tiny McGilligan
Hellgate1952George Redfield
Big Jim McLain1952Mal Baxter
The Girl in White1952Matt
Carbine Williams1952Leon Williams
The People Against O'Hara1951John Fordman 'Johnny' O'Hara
Iron Man1951Alex Mallick (as Jim Arness)
Cavalry Scout1951Barth
The Thing from Another World1951'The Thing'
Belle Le Grand1951Belle Admirer Mine Guard at Fire (uncredited)
Double Crossbones1951Bullock (uncredited)
Two Lost Worlds1951Kirk Hamilton (as Jim Aurness)
Wyoming Mail1950Russell
Sierra1950Little Sam (as Jim Arness)
In a Lonely Place1950Young detective (uncredited)
The Lone Ranger1950TV SeriesDeputy Bud Titus
Wagon Master1950Floyd Clegg
Stars in My Crown1950Rolfe Isbell (uncredited)
Battleground1949Garby (as Jim Arness)
Man from Texas1948Minor Role (uncredited)
Roses Are Red1947Ray (as James Aurness)
The Farmer's Daughter1947Peter Holstrom (as James Aurness)


Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice1994TV Movie executive producer
Gunsmoke: The Long Ride1993TV Movie executive producer
GunsmokeTV Series associate producer - 54 episodes, 1959 - 1964 executive producer - 1 episode, 1964


Gunsmoke: To the Last Man1992TV Movie consultant
Gunsmoke: The Last Apache1990TV Movie consultant


Comanche Stallion: The MythShort pre-productionHimself - Narrator
Pioneers of Television2011TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself / Marshal Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke
Television: The First Fifty Years1999Video documentaryHimself - Interviewee
John Wayne Standing Tall1989TV MovieHimself - Host
All-Star Party for 'Dutch' Reagan1985TV SpecialHimself
Monsters, Madmen & Machines: 25 Years of Science Fiction1984TV Movie documentary
The 1st TV Academy Hall of Fame1984Himself - Presenter
CBS: On the Air1978TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Zenith Presents: A Salute to Television's 25th Anniversary1972TV SpecialHimself
This Is Your Life1971TV SeriesHimself
Chevrolet Golden Anniversary1961TV SpecialHimself - - Host
The 13th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1961TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
The Red Skelton Chevy Special1959TV MovieHimself
Wide Wide World1958TV Series documentaryHimself
The Red Skelton Hour1958TV SeriesHimself
The Ed Sullivan Show1958TV SeriesHimself
The Johnny Carson Show1955TV SeriesHimself

Archive Footage

The Sixties2014TV Mini-Series documentaryMarshal Matt Dillon - Gunsmoke
The O'Reilly Factor2014TV SeriesHimself
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards2012TV SpecialHimself - In Memoriam
The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards2011TV SpecialHimself - In Memoriam
War Stories with Oliver North2006TV Series documentaryHimself
Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That2005TV Movie documentaryTiny McGilligan
Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us2005TV Movie documentaryRobert Graham in 'Them'
Presidential Blooper Reel1981Video shortHimself
The Horror Show1979TV Movie documentary
TV: The Fabulous Fifties1978TV MovieHimself / Marshal Matt Dillon
Hollywood and the Stars1964TV SeriesThe Thing

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