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Apart from earning from music sector the American Singer-songwriter also received dollar currency of 187, 500 through sponsorship and by showing up in different applications. The music artist produced a great cash equal to $2 million US dollars. The Hollywood nation music singer earns an annual income of $727,000 backed by his excellent performances.Jack Ingram who came nowadays on 15 th November 1970 initiated his profession by writing tracks and performing and at the same time was learning Psychology in Southern Methodist University in Dallas is currently considered a heavily moneyed character with a net worthy of of $6 million. If we go in the annals of Jack Owen’s net resources. Just likely to 4 years back again that is in the entire year 2012, the music artist possessed significantly less than 52% of the full total worthy of he possesses at this time. This shows an excellent boom in his prosperity over the last 4 economic years. All what you can study from his musical profession is that you under no circumstances understand when and how your time and effort changes because Ingram simply began by singing at an exclusive bar close to the TCU campus of Fort Worthy of, Texas and today the same person can be demanded by depends upon! We estimated annual income around $823,529

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Quick Facts

Full NameJack Ingram
ProfessionActor, Singer-songwriter
EducationSouthern Methodist University
SpouseAmy Ingram
AwardsAcademy of Country Music Award for New Male Vocalist of the Year
NominationsAcademy of Country Music Award for Vocal Event of the Year, Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year
MoviesCongo Bill, Brick Bradford, Deadwood Dick, King of the Congo, The Monster and the Ape, White Eagle, Riding with Buffalo Bill, Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere, Five Guns West, Manhunt of Mystery Island, Under Texas Skies, Billy the Kid Trapped, Riders of the Black Hills, Prairie Pioneers, Devil Riders, Oath of Vengeance, State Penitentiary, Son of the Renegade, Terry and the Pirates, Lost in Alaska, Wyoming Outlaw, The Lonely Trail, Arizona Trail, Guns of the Law, Sierra, The Great Sioux Uprising, South of Santa Fe, Doomed at Sundown, Sheriff of Tombstone, Sheriff of Cimarron, Prairie Pals, The Lone Rider and the Bandit, Wolves of the Range, The Texan Meets Calamity Jane, Partners of the Trail, Arizona Stage Coach, Pioneer Justice, Saga of Death Valley, Home on the Prairie, Young Bill Hickok, Feud of the Range, Wall Street Cowboy, The Lone Star Trail, Marked for Murder, Tex Granger, Ghost Valley Raiders, The Gang's All Here, Whistling Bullets, Valley of Terror, The Adventures of the Masked Phantom, Trigger Trail
TV ShowsKing of the Texas Rangers, Terry and the Pirates, Superman, Zorro Rides Again

Interesting Facts

1 He managed a ranch during the 1940's and 50's, which served as the location for many Roy Rogers westerns and episodes of "The Lone Ranger". He also owned a yacht used in the filming of the TV series "Sea Hunt".
2 American character actor, former law student at the University of Texas. Often seen on screen as villains in Columbia westerns and serials.




Raiders of Ghost City 1944 Braddock - Confederate Outlaw
The Desert Hawk 1944 uncredited
Trigger Trail 1944 Hogan (uncredited)
Range Law 1944 Phil Randall
The Drifter 1944 Dirk Trent
Waterfront 1944 Police Clerk (uncredited)
Boss of Boomtown 1944 Sam Ridgeway
The Contender 1944 2nd Reporter (uncredited)
Valley of Vengeance 1944 King Brett
The Pinto Bandit 1944 Tom Torrant
The Great Alaskan Mystery 1944 Henchman Kruger (uncredited)
Guns of the Law 1944 Surveyor Sam Brisco
The Whistler 1944 Police Detective in Alley (uncredited)
Partners of the Trail 1944 Henchman Trigger
Thundering Gun Slingers 1944 Henchman Vic Dawson
Sundown Valley 1944 Bart Adams (uncredited)
Mojave Firebrand 1944 Matt Ganton
Oklahoma Raiders 1944 Arnold Drew
Frontier Outlaws 1944 Taylor
Beneath Western Skies 1944 The Confessor (uncredited)
Outlaw Roundup 1944 Spade Norton
Sundown Riders 1944 Tug Wilson
Raiders of Sunset Pass 1943 Henchman (uncredited)
Boss of Rawhide 1943 Sam Barrett
Devil Riders 1943 Turner - Henchman
Silver City Raiders 1943 Henchman Dirk
Arizona Trail 1943 Ace Vincent
Trail of Terror 1943 Henchman Nevada
Danger! Women at Work 1943 Henchman (uncredited)
Wagon Tracks West 1943 Henchman (uncredited)
The Lone Star Trail 1943 Henchman Dan Jason
Batman 1943 Henchman Klein (uncredited)
Wolves of the Range 1943 Henchman Jack Hammond
Border Buckaroos 1943 Cole Melford (as Jack Ingraham)
The Man from Thunder River 1943 Les
Frontier Law 1943 Joe Hawkins
Riders of the Rio Grande 1943 Henchman Berger
Western Cyclone 1943 Rufe Meeker - Henchman
West of Texas 1943 Henchman Blackie
Raiders of San Joaquin 1943 Deputy Lear
Saddles and Sagebrush 1943 Henchman Trigger
Santa Fe Scouts 1943 Henchman Howard
Fugitive of the Plains 1943 Henchman Dillon
Idaho 1943 Jack (uncredited)
Bad Men of Thunder Gap 1943 Ed Ransom (as Jack Ingraham)
Riders of the Northwest Mounted 1943 Jacques (uncredited)
The Sundown Kid 1942 Prison Guard Reardon (uncredited)
The Valley of Vanishing Men 1942 Henchman Butler
The Mysterious Rider 1942 Trigger Larson - Henchman
Along the Sundown Trail 1942 Henchman Bart Fleming
Tomorrow We Live 1942 Steve
Sunset Serenade 1942 Henchman Jeff (uncredited)
Arizona Stage Coach 1942 Sheriff
Bad Men of the Hills 1942 Blackjack Riley aka Fletch Katy (uncredited)
Perils of the Royal Mounted 1942 Baptiste (Henchman)
Rolling Down the Great Divide 1942 Hank Dale
Ghost Town Law 1942 Marshal (uncredited)
The Lone Rider in Cheyenne 1942 Henchman Jed Saunders
Raiders of the Range 1942 Todd (uncredited)
Man with Two Lives 1942 Ed. Sporady (as Jack Ingraham)
Arizona Round-Up 1942 Duke Carlton
Billy the Kid Trapped 1942 Red Barton
South of Santa Fe 1942 Henchman Louie (uncredited)
Code of the Outlaw 1942 Payroll Guard (uncredited)
Man from Cheyenne 1942 Henchman Chuck
The Lone Rider and the Bandit 1942 Henchman Joe
Texas 1941 Lashan Henchman (uncredited)
King of the Texas Rangers 1941 Shorty - Henchman [Chs. 2-4,6-8,10-11]
The Lone Rider Ambushed 1941 Charlie Davis
King of Dodge City 1941 Bill Lang (uncredited)
The Son of Davy Crockett 1941 Water Hole Poisoner (uncredited)
Nevada City 1941 Sheriff Pat Daley
The Gang's All Here 1941 Matt
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town 1941 Trail Boss (uncredited)
Sheriff of Tombstone 1941 Bill Starr
South of Panama 1941 Wilton
The Great Train Robbery 1941 Spike (uncredited)
Prairie Pioneers 1941 Henchman Wade
White Eagle 1941 Gregory Cantro
Robin Hood of the Pecos 1941 Army Officer (uncredited)
Arizona 1940 Courier (uncredited)
Melody Ranch 1940 Radio Actor with Loco (uncredited)
The Green Archer 1940 Henchman Brad
Young Bill Hickok 1940 Henchman Red Burke
Under Texas Skies 1940 Henchman Finley
Boom Town 1940 Oilman at Producers' Convention (uncredited)
Ridin' the Trail 1940 Tex Walters
Billy the Kid Outlawed 1940 Hal Bennett (uncredited)
Deadwood Dick 1940 Chief Henchman Buzz Ricketts
The Carson City Kid 1940 Townsman Looking at Reward Poster (uncredited)
One Man's Law 1940 Henchman (uncredited)
I Take This Oath 1940 Manny (uncredited)
Terry and the Pirates 1940 Stanton
Ghost Valley Raiders 1940 Sam Kennelly
Rancho Grande 1940 Adams (uncredited)
The Shadow 1940 Flint
Unborn Souls 1939
Days of Jesse James 1939 Finn (uncredited)
Saga of Death Valley 1939 Henchman Brace
Rovin' Tumbleweeds 1939 Blockade Boss
The Adventures of the Masked Phantom 1939 Henchman Buck (as Jack Ingraham)
The Arizona Kid 1939 Jones (uncredited)
Straight Shooter 1939 uncredited
New Frontier 1939 Harmon
Wall Street Cowboy 1939 Henchman McDermott
Colorado Sunset 1939 Henchman Clanton
Wyoming Outlaw 1939 Sheriff Nolan
Law of the Wolf 1939 Roger Morgan
Down the Wyoming Trail 1939 Henchman Monte
Mountain Rhythm 1939 Henchman Ed Carney
Blue Montana Skies 1939 Henchman Frazier
Man of Conquest 1939 Alamo Defender (uncredited)
The Law Comes to Texas 1939 Sheriff Amos Barlow (uncredited)
The Night Riders 1939 Wilkins
Mexicali Rose 1939 Investor (uncredited)
Southward Ho 1939 Union Sergeant (uncredited)
Lone Star Pioneers 1939 Captain John Coe
Home on the Prairie 1939 Henchman Wilson
Frontiers of '49 1939 Captain Beatty (uncredited)
Feud of the Range 1939 Clyde Barton
Shine On, Harvest Moon 1938 Henchman (uncredited)
Western Jamboree 1938 Henchman Farrell (uncredited)
In Early Arizona 1938 Marshal Jeff
Law of the Texan 1938 Henchman (uncredited)
Black Bandit 1938 Deputy (uncredited)
Frontier Scout 1938 One-Shot Folsom
Phantom Gold 1938 Henchman Pete
Durango Valley Raiders 1938 Deputy Slade, a Henchman
Dick Tracy Returns 1938 Slasher Stark
Stagecoach Days 1938 Virg
Riders of the Black Hills 1938 Henchman Lefty
Desert Patrol 1938 Henchman Chet
Western Trails 1938 Zeke (uncredited)
The Fighting Devil Dogs 1938 Dirigible Radioman (uncredited)
Gunsmoke Trail 1938 Henchman Ed
Two Gun Justice 1938 Henchman Buck
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 1960 TV Series Chips
Under Western Stars 1938 Water-Gate Guard (uncredited)
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1959 TV Series Mr. Reeves
Outlaws of Sonora 1938 Henchman Nick
Tales of Wells Fargo 1958 TV Series Jake Norton
Code of the Rangers 1938 Henchman Hank
Highway Patrol 1958 TV Series Cliff Reynolds
Call the Mesquiteers 1938 Posse Rider (uncredited)
Death Valley Days 1958 TV Series Sheriff
The Lone Ranger 1938 Henchman / Trooper (uncredited)
Utah Blaine 1957 Clel Miller (uncredited)
Where the West Begins 1938 Henchman (uncredited)
Star in the Dust 1956 Farmer (uncredited)
Assassin of Youth 1937 Dope-Pusher (uncredited)
Buffalo Bill, Jr. 1955 TV Series Frank Snyder / Henchman Tulsa
Wild Horse Rodeo 1937 Jim
Five Guns West 1955 Stephan Jethro
Zorro Rides Again 1937 Henchman Carter
Man Without a Star 1955 Jessup (uncredited)
The Shadow Strikes 1937 Red Hogan (uncredited)
Annie Oakley 1955 TV Series Mob Leader
The Trigger Trio 1937 Messenger (uncredited)
The Cisco Kid 1950-1954 TV Series Sheriff / Stableman / Homer Appleby / ...
Jungle Menace 1937 Undercover Detective at Dive (uncredited)
The Yellow Mountain 1954 Wagon Driver (uncredited)
SOS Coast Guard 1937 Seaman (uncredited)
Riding with Buffalo Bill 1954 Henchman Ace
Public Cowboy No. 1 1937 Larry (uncredited)
Arrow in the Dust 1954 Cpl. Demington (uncredited)
The Rangers Step In 1937 Fred
Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake 1954 Short Man on Horseback
Doomed at Sundown 1937 Henchman Jake (uncredited)
Hopalong Cassidy 1954 TV Series Henchman
Anything for a Thrill 1937 Estate Guard (uncredited)
The Great Sioux Uprising 1953 Sam
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge 1937 Henchman (uncredited)
The Lone Ranger 1950-1953 TV Series Sheriff Enright / Sheriff Collins
Tough to Handle 1937 Spike (uncredited)
Column South 1953 Veterinarian (uncredited)
Gunsmoke Ranch 1937 Cowhand Jed
Siren of Bagdad 1953 Kazah's Man (uncredited)
Whistling Bullets 1937 Ranger Tim Raymond
Law and Order 1953 Charlie Walsh (uncredited)
Headline Crasher 1937 Al (uncredited)
Cow Country 1953 Terrell
Dick Tracy 1937 Reporter (uncredited)
Fort Vengeance 1953 Montana Sheriff (uncredited)
The Devil Diamond 1937 Chuck--Thug
Son of the Renegade 1953 Three-Fingers Jack
Valley of Terror 1937 Spud Hayes (as Jack Ingrahm)
I'm the Law 1953 TV Series Bronson's Bodyguard
The Old Corral 1936 Irate Gambler (uncredited)
The Adventures of Kit Carson 1951-1953 TV Series Henchman / Parker / Deputy Callahan
Rio Grande Ranger 1936 Henchman (uncredited)
The Range Rider 1951-1953 TV Series Hank / Deputy in Buckboard / Henchman Cheyenne
With Love and Kisses 1936 uncredited
Cowboy G-Men 1952 TV Series
Wild Horse Round-Up 1936 Chuck (uncredited)
Fargo 1952 MacKenzie - Rancher
Rebellion 1936 Henchman Hank
Lost in Alaska 1952 Henchman
Ride 'Em Cowboy 1936 Ranch Hand (uncredited)
King of the Congo 1952 Clark
Bulldog Edition 1936 Daily News Delivery Truck Driver (uncredited)
Thief of Damascus 1952 Gate Guard at Beheading (uncredited)
The Vigilantes Are Coming 1936 Henchman / Vigilante (uncredited)
The Battle at Apache Pass 1952 Johnny Ward
Born to Fight 1936 Morgan Henchman (uncredited)
The Cimarron Kid 1952 Train Passenger (uncredited)
The Glory Trail 1936 Hawkins (uncredited)
Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere 1951 Henchman Aker [Chs. 1, 7, 10-14]
Winds of the Wasteland 1936 Guard (uncredited)
Cave of Outlaws 1951 Poker Player (uncredited)
Undersea Kingdom 1936 Khan's Guardsman (uncredited)
Fort Dodge Stampede 1951 Henchman Cox
Hearts in Bondage 1936 Union Sentry (uncredited)
Roar of the Iron Horse - Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail 1951 Homer Lathrop
The Lonely Trail 1936 1st Sharpshooting Trooper (uncredited)
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm 1951 Uniformed Deputy (uncredited)
For the Service 1936 Army Scout (uncredited)
The Gene Autry Show 1950-1951 TV Series Joe / Deputy Sam / Judd Parker / ...
O'Malley of the Mounted 1936 Mountie (uncredited)
Don Daredevil Rides Again 1951 Jack (uncredited)
The Singing Vagabond 1935 Plainsman (uncredited)
Heart of the Rockies 1951 Cook-Henchman with Harmonica (uncredited)
Westward Ho 1935 Vigilante (uncredited)
Frenchie 1950 Sam (uncredited)
Short Grass 1950 Jack
Bandit Queen 1950 Barton (uncredited)
The Texan Meets Calamity Jane 1950 Matt Baker
Streets of Ghost Town 1950 Deputy Kirby (uncredited)
Atom Man vs. Superman 1950 Foster
Trigger, Jr. 1950 Range Patrol Officer (uncredited)
Sideshow 1950 Dave
State Penitentiary 1950 Construction Gang Guard (uncredited)
Sierra 1950 Al
Cody of the Pony Express 1950 Pecos [Chs.1-7]
Gold Strike 1950 Short Brady
The Kid from Texas 1950 Wagon Driver (uncredited)
Unmasked 1950 Prison Guard Captain (uncredited)
Call of the Forest 1949 Gilman (uncredited)
The Story of Molly X 1949 Prison Guard Driver (uncredited)
Roaring Westward 1949 Marshal Bill Braden
The Gal Who Took the West 1949 O'Hara Cowhand with GrantDriving Surrey (uncredited)
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass 1949 Bob Mayes (uncredited)
Illegal Entry 1949 William Lacy (uncredited)
Son of a Badman 1949 Henchman Rocky
Desert Vigilante 1949 Border Patrol Sergeant (uncredited)
Law of the West 1949 Henry Burke
Bruce Gentry 1949 Allen
Strike It Rich 1948 Driller (uncredited)
Racing Luck 1948 George
Congo Bill 1948 Cameron
The Strawberry Roan 1948 Pete Lucas (uncredited)
Superman 1948 Anton
Blazing Across the Pecos 1948 Buckshot Thomas (uncredited)
Whirlwind Raiders 1948 Captain Buff Tyson (uncredited)
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains 1948 Reno, Gang Leader
Brick Bradford 1947 Albers
The Fabulous Texan 1947 State Policeman (uncredited)
The Sea Hound 1947 Murdock
Along the Oregon Trail 1947 Wagon-Train Man (uncredited)
Ghost Town Renegades 1947 Vance Sharp
Slave Girl 1947 Captive Sailor (uncredited)
Pioneer Justice 1947 Bill Judd
The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West 1947 Silver / X-2
Jack Armstrong 1947 Henchman Blair
South of the Chisholm Trail 1947 Chet Tobin (uncredited)
Magnificent Doll 1946 Messenger (uncredited)
The Mysterious Mr. M 1946 William Shrag
Canyon Passage 1946 Trail Rider (uncredited)
Chick Carter, Detective 1946 Mack
West of the Alamo 1946 Clay Bradford
Hop Harrigan America's Ace of the Airways 1946 Lt. Riley
Moon Over Montana 1946 Sam Barkely
The Scarlet Horseman 1946 Henchman Tragg
Frontier Gal 1945 Henchman (uncredited)
Who's Guilty? 1945 Police Sergeant Smith
Frontier Feud 1945 Don Graham
Bandits of the Badlands 1945 Ed McKinnon
Jungle Raiders 1945 Tom Hammil (uncredited)
Frontier Fugitives 1945 Fake Allen Fain
Rustlers of the Badlands 1945 Maj. Ostrand (uncredited)
Saddle Serenade 1945 Roy Williams
Federal Operator 99 1945 Riggs [Ch. 1]
Flame of the West 1945 Henchman Slick
Stranger from Santa Fe 1945 Ned Grimes
The Phantom Speaks 1945 Detective Lieutenant at Kennerly's (uncredited)
Enemy of the Law 1945 Steve Martin
Beyond the Pecos 1945 Henchman Steve Grenfels
The Monster and the Ape 1945 Dick Nordik- Henchman
Manhunt of Mystery Island 1945 Edward Armstrong [Chs. 1-11]
Rough Ridin' Justice 1945 Nick (uncredited)
Sheriff of Cimarron 1945 M'Cord
Marked for Murder 1945 Sam Taylor (as Jack Ingraham)
Brenda Starr, Reporter 1945 Kruger (uncredited)
The Jade Mask 1945 Lloyd Archer
Under Western Skies 1945 Red Hutchins (uncredited)
Oath of Vengeance 1944 Steve Kinney
Ghost Guns 1944 Henchman Waco
My Buddy 1944 Charlie (uncredited)
Trigger Law 1944 Kelso McGuire
Gunsmoke Mesa 1944 Henry Black

Archive Footage

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch 1976 Crooked Businessman (uncredited)
Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine 1966 TV Movie Edward Armstrong
F.B.I. 99 1966 TV Movie Riggs
Sharad of Atlantis 1966 TV Movie Kahn's Guardsman (uncredited)
Zorro Rides Again 1959 Carter
The Gabby Hayes Show 1956 TV Series Henchman / Vance Sharp / Steve Martin
The Vanishing Outpost 1951 Henchman Rocky (uncredited)
Desperadoes of the West 1950 Driller (uncredited)
SOS Coast Guard 1942 Seaman (uncredited)
Hi-Yo Silver 1940 Thug Restraining Jeffries (uncredited)

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