Imogene Powers Johnson Net Worth

Imogene Powers Johnson Net Worth is
$2.8 Billion

Imogene Powers Johnson Biography

Imogene Powers Johnson net worthy of: Imogene Powers Johnson can be an American businesswoman who have has a net worthy of of $2.8 billion dollars. Her child Curt was billed with sex crimes against a kid who was later on revealed to become his stepdaughter. He exceeded the business to his kids in 2000. The privately-held company, located in Racine, WI, can be best-known for brands such as for example Raid, Windex and Pledge. All of their kids went on to wait Cornell, aswell. Mr. Johnson passed on in 2004, departing the business to her. Curt have been chairman of Diversey but stepped down after costs had been filed. Fisk Johnson, may be the current CEO. Their Helen, Johnson Financial, child and runs Johnson Outside. She actually is the founding director and chairman of the Prairie College, a preparatory college that was originally created to educate the kids of SC Johnson employees, but offers since grown into its institution. She donates huge sums of cash to the Johnson Graduate College of Administration at Cornell, which is known as after her family members. A global known SC Johnson and Co character Imogene Powers Johnson born on 1st January in great town of America. Imogene Powers Johnson net well worth according to 2015 stats can be $3,000,000,000. $3 Billion: Imogene Powers Johnson may be the matriarch of the Johnson family members. Her spouse, Samuel Curtis Johnson (d. 2004), led cleaning items business SC Johnson from 1967 to 2000., and offered birth with their four kids. Sam, great-grandson of business founder SC Johnson, extended the company from ground wax to a business that included industrial banking, cleaning and camping products. She wedded Samuel Curtis Johnson, the previous CEO of SC Johnson and Co. Curt pled guilty in June 2014. Located in Racine, Wisconsin, Imogene Powers Johnson graduated from Cornell University, where she gained a Bachelor’s level. Imogene’s son Fisk may be the chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, her old child Helen runs Johnson Outside and Johnson Financial and young daughter Winifred can be president of the Johnson Family members Foundation. Their child, H. Imogene may be the founding director and chairman of the Prairie College, a college prep college originally constructed for the kids of SC Johnson factory employees. She actually is on the table of the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology.

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Net Worth$2.8 Billion

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