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Immortal Technique Net Worth is
$2.5 Million

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Felipe Andres Coronel is well known by his stage name Immortal Technique, who was simply born on the 19th of February, 1978 and happens to be 37 years.5 million dollars. Born in Lima, Lima Province, Peru, Immortal Technique, also called Felipe Andres Coronel, relocated to NEW YORK when he was kid. Most of the topics in his tunes are centered on issues linked to politics. After completing his sentence, he attended classes at Baruch University, while continuing to hone rap abilities he previously begun to build up while incarcerated. He ran into difficulty a number of situations while growing up, also finding yourself spending a calendar year in jail after beginning university. His first full-duration album, documented and released individually, caught the attention of multiple publications, and Supply Magazine named him with their “Unsigned Hype” set of the very best, unsigned rap performers. He was subsequently selected as a 2003 “HIPHOP Quotable” by Supply, and continues to be the just unsigned rap artist to have already been provided the honor. He signed with Viper Information in 2004 and has truly gone to release two brand-new albums, in addition to re-release his two previously independent tasks. Immortal Technique may be the well-known stage name of an American structured hip hop recording sort of artist in addition to an activist. Most the lyrics emphasize on debatable problems in worldwide politics. This is not due to his very own will: his dad let him to remain with him if Immortal Technique would attend some college. Net worthy of of Immortal Technique is normally high in millions, that you simply cannot expect, get additional information below: Immortal Technique Biography: Acknowledged by original name-Coronel is actually Peruvian and he was created in military hospital situated in Lima. With the success in multiple freestyle rap contests of the NY underground hip-hop panorama, like Braggin Rites and Rocksteady Anniversary, he gained fame as a vicious Fight MC. In a docudrama film titled, “This Revolution”, immortal made an appearance as himself. In his adolescent years, this artist was detained many times due in talk about to the items he actually mentioned was childish and selfish behaviour. He was created in Lima, Peru his family members moved to USA when he was a little boy, and settled in Harlem, NY in 1980. This had been coupled with his wins in a number of freestyle rap structured competitions of NY underground based hiphop picture like Braggin Rites and Rocksteady Anniversary, directed to his position as a fierce Fight MC. In year 2001, Immortal Technique released his leading album entitled as Groundbreaking Vol. 1 in lack of support of distribution or record label. Alternatively, it was done through the use of income grossed from rap fight wins. Moreover, he as well also fought nevertheless misplaced to Posta Boy in 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday. Revolutionary Vol. 1 as well involved the underground traditional entitled as Dance With The Devil. In season 2002, this is recorded by THE FOUNDATION inside its “Unsigned Hype” based column, emphasizing performers which are actually not really contracted to record label. Another year, in year 2003, he attained the sought-after “HIPHOP Quotable” in the Source for one tune entitled as “Industrial Revolution”, produced from second album by him. They are both albums which works as a follow-up for album- Groundbreaking Vol. He also released his following album -Revolutionary Vol. 2 in 12 months 2003. In period from years 2005 till 2007, this artist started focusing on The Middle Passage along with the 3rd World. Moreover, he’s the just rapper prevalent ever sold undertake a “HIPHOP Quotable” when he was unsigned. 2 and also end the series. You may also pay attention to his music on his established site, buy information and in addition watch music movies and interviews of his on YouTube. During summertime of 2005, it demonstrated start of “Bin Laden”, named a vinyl single 12″ presenting DJ Green Lantern and Mos Def.5 million dollars. This artist shown in Ice-T’s structured documentary entitled as Something from the ground upwards: The Artwork of Rap. One documentary revolving around him premiered in year 2011 along with ran at Harlem Film Festival. This is launched on Dvd movie back in season 2012. This artist produced appearance playing as himself in a single docudrama film entitled as This Revolution, documented in 12 months 2004 Republican National Convention inside NY. This tape contains protests circular resolution in the technique of a documentary. Just how much is usually Immortal Technique Net well worth in 2017: Immortal Technique is usually chiefly famous as a rapper and also an urban activist having net well worth of $3 million US dollars by 2017. He attained a status as an excellent Battle MC, and also began retailing his music directly on the road. But judging from his photos with those around him, he looks approximately between 5′ 10 or 5′ 11, which can be an average elevation for a man. If you are searching for a rapper who performs on lyrics predicated on issues in worldwide politics after that Immortal Technique is certainly one of them. He provides been contracted by many bands and provides released many albums in addition to singles. Immortal Techniques provides been creating waves in the American music sector since 2000. Known for penning global political problems, Immortal music hover around institutional racism, government imperialism, socialism, religious beliefs, course struggle and poverty. The rapper who began his existence as Felipe Andres on 19th of February 1978 in military medical center in Lima, Peru is currently top quality as Immortal Technique. When Immortal was around 2 yrs old his family members escaped from the country’s civil battle and shifted to Harlem, NY, USA. He’s of Afro-Peruvian descent. To learn more concerning this proficient rapper, visitors may visit his established websites or can fetch details through amount of websites, including wiki. He finished his secondary education through the Hunter University SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Manhattan. While he was in Pennsylvania Condition University, Immortal was arrested once more due to his involvement in a dispute between learners. He uses his times in prison to hone his rapping abilities. After getting paroled, Immortal studied political research at the Baruch University, in NYC. To create good cash, besides offering his compositions on the road of NY, he battled with MCs. Basically, he’s of customarily Amerindian origin, though he as well possesses French, Spanish, and African origin. Presently at this thirty-seven, Immortal Technique hasn’t married yet. He’s very quit relating to his personal lifestyle. The lyrics of his music have become similar to a kind of commentary, where he discusses problems, such as poverty, religious beliefs, Marxism, racism, course struggle, federal government and imperialism. No details regarding his girlfriends provides been made open public till date. Not really a mere entertainer, Immortal provides used his celebrity position to bring adjustments in the culture. He occasionally appointments jails to talk with youth & operating alongside immigrant privileges activists. He also raises fund for children’s medical center abroad. For senior high school scholars, he founded a composing endowment system. He along with Omeid International created a human right business. He helped Omeid International build an orphanage which homes a lot more than twenty Kabul’s orphaned children, with the income of his third album “Another World”. In the entire year 2001, Immortal dropped his debut studio album titled, “Groundbreaking Vol. He offers accumulated such a net well worth while being truly a famous rapper. Who’s Immortal Technique: Felipe Andres Coronel (born February 19, 1978) can be an American rapper and urban activist. THE FOUNDATION shown Immortal in its column known as “Unsigned Hype” in November 2002. In 2003, Immortal dropped his implemented up album titled “Revolutionary Vol. 2”. The next year, Viper Information & in the entire year 2005, Babygrande Information released his debut album once more. From 2005 to 2007, Immortal done the material, for “THE CENTER Passage” & “Another Globe”. When he was an adolescent, he was arrested a great deal of times due to stealing and various other crimes, which afterwards Immortal Technique provides admitted that it demonstrated his symptoms of immature and childish behavior. He dropped a free of charge compilation album “The Martyr” in October 2011. For instance, he stated that it’s record labels who obtain most of the cash from artists’ production rather than the actual performers who make music. It’s been estimated that the full total sum of Immortal Technique net well worth gets to 2. His family members settled to Harlem, situated in New York in 12 months 1980. The film was recorded in the brand new York in the Republican National Convention in 2004. The film aswell presented Akir & SouthPaw. Since that time he has bought out Viper Information & offers signed a distribution agreement with Babygrande Information / E1 Entertainment. Reportedly American rapper Immortal Technique offers earned a lot of money of two and fifty percent million dollars throughout his profession. Immortal offers collaborated with several international performers, including Mos Def, DJ Green Lantern, Chuck D, Dead Prez, Saigon, Brazilian-French rapper Rockin’ Squat and Lowkey. Not really a very pleasant kid, Immortal got arrested several times. He doesn’t appear to possess body tattoos and offers said that he loves to exercise and stay static in form.Immortal Technique net well worth: Immortal Technique can be an American rapper and urban activist who includes a net well worth of $2. Enhancing his rapping abilities while in jail, and incapable to progress wage paying job following the launch, he began exporting music by him on roads of NY as well as fighting MCs. His 1st full-length album, individually recorded and released, obtained interest of several publications, and THE FOUNDATION magazine named him with their list of the very best unsigned rappers (“Unsigned Hype”). Having been arrested many times, he finished his studied from Baruch University but at that time he already began to rap. Additionally it is known that he provides three established records released in fact it is also known that 200 thousand copies of these have been marketed, which also elevated the entire quantity of Immortal Technique net well worth. Felipe is not an extremely tall guy, although his official elevation is not provided on the internet. Also, he was contracted by Viper Information back year 2004 along with he spent some time working for launching 2 most recent albums. He’s slightly fat searching for his elevation, although he includes a body weight around 78 kg, which is normally again, not so bad. His supporters and admirers may follow him in his facebook & twitter accounts. Because of this, he has been visiting the gym and training on regular basis. A few of his topless images suggest he offers a good physique, but now there aren’t very much shirtless photos of him on the mass media. He includes a unique beard style that he will keep around his chin, in a slim long line. Besides that, he is a reasonably handsome person judging from his appearance, and in addition has done some charitable function and contributions that recommend he is also great from the heart. Very little can be known about the non-public existence of Felipe, despite all of the media interest that he offers. He together with his family migrated to Harlem, NY in 1980. He was not wedded certainly, because he provides stated therefore in another of his interviews, and therefore he does not have a wife, nor got a divorce however. He hasn’t made an appearance in any Television shows till time, but has a lot of music videos where he sings and works himself. With this uncertainty, many have elevated eyebrows relating to his sexuality getting gay, but nonetheless nothing can be crafted from this. A rapper by career, he has the capacity to pronounce his phrases quiet fast and obviously, and sings both in his mom tongue along with English. He began his musical profession in the late 90s and by 2001, got his first album Groundbreaking Vol. 1 out on the market. His tune Dance with the Devil became a significant underground strike, despite his reduction in the rap fight. $2. 2 in 2003. Additional of his albums are the Middle Passage (2005), Another Globe (2007) and The Martyr (2011). A few of his hit tunes include: Stage of No Come back, Obnoxious, Harlem Roads, The 4th Branch, THE IDEA of No Come back and much more. Likewise, he in addition has appeared in some films like: This Revolution (2005), Malcolm’s Echo: The Legacy of Malcolm X (2008) then one from the ground upwards: The Artwork of Rap (2012). But there are no information of his girlfriends, which recommend towards the actual fact that either he previously not really been dating anybody, or if he previously then he doesn’t need the media to learn about it. In order to discover even more on the life span of Immortal Technique, you can go through his estimates, biography etc. that’s entirely on sites like Brainy Estimates, Wikipedia and IMDb aswell. Moreover, he was as well offered on many film soundtracks and also gaming based soundtracks, whilst travelling persistently. After that, you can stick to him on his Instagram accounts, or also on Twitter to remain up to date with all his most recent actions.5 million dollars. Small did he know in those days, he would eventually turn into a millionaire and music will be the main way to obtain Immortal Technique net worthy of. Immortal technique’s net worthy of is certainly $2. This single as well included a rehash of the music offered on Chuck D of General public Enemy and also KRS-One. Born in Lima, Peru, Immortal Technique (Felipe Andres Coronel) relocated to NY as a youngster. He earned a status as a fantastic Fight MC, and began offering his music on the road. After his jail term was over he attended Baruch University, while he continuing to polish his rap abilities he previously began to develop while confined. He gained repute as an excellent Fight MC, and began offering his music on the roads. Learning around in Hunter University SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, he wasn’t easy and simple of child to cope with. However, it had been in jail when he began to create his rap music and to be able to support himself financially, he offered his information on streets in NEW YORK. He was signed by Viper Information in 2004 and has truly gone on releasing 2 fresh albums, and in addition re-leasing his 2 previous single tasks. In September 2011, his documentary was screened at the Harlem Film Event. By 2015, he includes a net worthy of of $2. 1″. Addititionally there is the documentary predicated on Immortal Technique. Although He was created in Lima, Peru, he moved to Harlem, NY, where he grew up, aswell. He ran into difficulty with regulations multiple times while developing up, and finished up spending a calendar year in jail after he began college. Moreover, despite getting in the display business for greater than a 10 years, he has were able to maintain his personal affairs from the seedy gaze of press. Immortal Technique can be known for his sights on various topics. Immortal offers released singles, such as for example “Industrial Revolution”, “THE IDEA of No Come back”, “Bin Laden Remix”, “Captured in a Hustle”, “Stronghold Warriors”, “Another Globe” and “Voices of the Voiceless” He presented in a documentary of Ice-T, “Something from the ground upwards: The Artwork of Rap”. Hence, he attempts to retain control over his creation just as much as he can. He’s an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. In 1978, Immortal Technique was created. He was created in Lima, Peru, in a military medical center. In 1980, he previously his family transferred to live to Harlem, NY, where he grew up. He aswell featured on many film soundtracks & gaming soundtracks. When he was their studies at university, he once more had to handle the courtroom because he was arrested for assault and for that reason, he previously in which to stay jail for 12 months. Also, simultaneously, to be able to attract interest, Immortal Technique competed in a variety of free design and rapping contests. Furthermore, his lyrics are essentially commentary on worries like socialism, politics, course struggle, religious beliefs, poverty, imperialism, economics, institutional racism and government. He was chosen as a “HIPHOP Quotable” in 2003 by THE FOUNDATION, and remains the just unsigned rapper to get the honor.5 million dollars. After his discharge, Immortal Technique began monitoring politics in Baruch University, established in NEW YORK. The album included the underground traditional monitor, ‘Dance With The Devil”. He’s most well-known by his stage name Immortal Technique. The vast majority of his lyrics concentrate on controversial problems in global politics. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): Coronel is usually African Peruvian and was created in a military medical center in Lima, Peru. He appears to have been in a romantic relationship previously, but nothing could be confirmed about any of it. He was arrested plenty of time because of his childish behavior. Interesting Details: The majority of his lyrics mainly based on issues such as for example class struggle, socialism, poverty, institutional, religion, federal government and imperialism. Furthermore to his rapping profession, he is also referred to as an urban activist. Personal Lifestyle: There is absolutely no particular name connected with him yet. Probably he is interested in keeping his personal what to himself. Accomplishment: Immortal technique offers been nominated in extremely prestigious awards and offers received many awards. Rumor: While attending Pennsylvania Condition University, he was arrested for his involvement within an altercation between fellow college students. Having obtained some popularity at that time, he released his second album, Revolutionary Vol.5 Million:

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Quick Facts

Full NameImmortal Technique
Net Worth$2.5 Million
Date Of BirthFebruary 19, 1978
ProfessionFilm Score Composer, Master of Ceremonies, Social activist, Rapper, Dance with the Devil, You Never Know, Leaving the Past
EducationBaruch College, Pennsylvania State University, Hunter College High School, Dance with the Devil, You Never Know, Leaving the Past
MoviesThis Revolution

Interesting Facts

1 Was born in Peru, but brought to the U.S. at a young age due to the Civil War of the early-80s.
2 His rap songs build on his experience living in both the Third World and the ghettos of the United States.



Here One Minute 2015 performer: "I Witness"
Rap Critic Reviews 2014 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Harodim 2012 performer: "Bin Laden"
Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap 2012 Documentary performer: "New Jack Hustler", "Frontlines" / writer: "Frontlines"
Rhyme and Punishment 2011 Documentary performer: "On Parole" / writer: "On Parole"
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground 2007 Video Game performer: "Audio Technician"
The Brave One 2007 performer: "The Illest" / writer: "The Illest"


The American Way 2008
Dance with the Devil 2008 Short

Music Department

Cedar Boys 2009 singer: theme song, ending theme
Letter to the President 2005 Video documentary composer: additional music


Dance with the Devil 2008 Short story

Sound Department

Cedar Boys 2009 soundtrack


Check the Rhyme 2016 Documentary Himself
#bars4Justice 2015 Documentary short Himself
Hustlers Convention 2015 Documentary Himself
Abby Martin: Little Miss Gullible 2014 Video documentary short Himself
Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap 2012 Documentary Himself
The Ballot or the Bullet 2012 Documentary
Rise Like Lions 2011 Documentary Himself
The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique 2011 Documentary
The Alyona Show 2011 TV Series Himself
Rhyme and Punishment 2011 Documentary Himself
Street Bangaz 2008 Video documentary Himself
Malcolm's Echo: The Legacy of Malcolm X 2008/I Documentary Himself
Hip Hop Street Credentials 2006 Video documentary Himself
Letter to the President 2005 Video documentary Himself - Recording Artist
This Revolution 2005 Himself
Slam from the Street: Battle Slams! 2003 Video documentary Himself

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