Hui Lin Chit Net Worth

Hui Lin Chit Net Worth is
$2.9 Billion

Hui Lin Chit Biography

A global known Consumer Products personality Hui Lin Chit born in 1st january in great city of Chinese. He’s also the 36th richest person in China and is normally rated 589th in the set of Globe Billionaires. Hui Lin Chit Net Value: Hui Lin Chit is normally a Chinese business owner who includes a net worthy of of $2.5 billion. Born in 1953, Hui Lin Chit earned his prosperity as a co-founder of Hengan International Group Firm Limited, among the China’s largest hygiene items producer. Regarding his fellow, Sze Guy Bok, they founded the group in 1985, and Hui acts as the Deputy Chairman and CEO of the business, and he is normally in control for human the complete firm, strategic planning and assets’s management. With a long time of working encounter, Hui has curiosity in clothes and exporting business, and he also owns an area transportation firm. Hengan International co-founder Hui Lin Chit comes with an estimated net value of $2. He’s also the Chairman of Quanzhou Town Trade Association.4 billion in the first fifty percent of the entire year.9 Billion: Hui Lin Chit may be the CEO of consumer items firm Hengan International Group, which includes thrived because of getting sanitary napkins to the masses in China. In addition, it markets disposable baby diapers beneath the Anerle brand. His boy Hui Ching Chi is normally an associate of Hengan’s plank. The business trades in Hong Kong. Furthermore, he’s part of Remuneration Committee and the Nomination Committee, and he also acts as Deputy Chairman of All-China General Chamber of Sector and Commerce in addition to Political Consultative Conference.9 billion by May 2015 regarding to Forbes. Hui Lin Chit net worthy of according to 2015 stats is $2,900,000,000. Along with his more than twenty years of encounter in trading, business management, and advancement, he has been around the garment digesting and exporting business.5 billion as the Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Hengan International Group. Along with fellow billionaire Sze Guy Bok who owns around 18% talk about and the Chairman of the Group, he co-founded the business in 1985. He’s in charge of strategic planning, recruiting and the entire management of 1 of the biggest makers of cells paper, sanitary napkins and disposable diapers in China. Hui Lin Chit gained his estimated net worthy of of $2. He also offers managed an area transportation company. Among the founding shareholders of the business, Hui Lin Chit can be an associate of the Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. In the past due of 2012, the Hong Kong exchanged shares of Hengan International had been up by 18% which originated from a product sales bump of 10% to $1. Furthermore to his successful profession, Hui is normally a Senior Economist in the People’s Republic of China, and he’s the Chairman of Quanzhou Town Trade Association. He retains the name of senior economist in the People’s Republic of China in addition to a deputy chairman of All-China General Chamber of Sector and Commerce in addition to Political Consultative Meeting in Quanzhou City. $2. Its revenue have increased by 38% to $206 million after giving a concentrate on the product sales of the more rewarding items. Through the second fifty percent of 2012, the product sales of its state of the art product, cells paper, are anticipated to rise because of the expansion of a creation plant in Chongqing.

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Quick Facts

Full NameHui Lin Chit
Net Worth$2.9 Billion
Date Of Birth1950

Interesting Facts

1 Suffered a major stroke that left his right side paralyzed. His legal guardian, Amy Fan, brought him to a nursing facility for recovery while she handled his legal affairs. [June 2013]
2 He played two roles in the "Kill Bill" films, one as the bald, kato-masked yakuza bodyguard, Johnny Mo, and one as the cruel, white-haired, and powerful kung fu master, Pai Mei. This makes him only one of two actors to appear in both Kill Bill films playing different characters. The other person to play separate roles in both films is Michael Parks.
3 He started his movie career as a stunt-man and got promoted to martial arts instructor afterwards. His debut project was Shaolin Martial Arts in which he played a supporting role. In the Challenge of the master, director Liu Chia-liang successfully moulded him to be a "Hero of Kung-fu" and he was in the main cast for the movie, too. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin marked the success of Liu and he followed this role and made several Kung-fu movies; amongst those, he always portrayed himself as the "Kung-fu Monk".
4 He is the adopted brother of the greatest Shaw Brothers director, Liu Chia-liang. He is almost always playing a bald monk of some sort.
5 Being trained by master of Liu's Hung martial arts, Liu Cham, during his early childhood, Gordon was greatly impressed by Liu's skills and adopted the new name Liu Chia-hui.


1 Bald Head




Wong/Remittance Video short post-production Father
She Shen Ji 2013 Zhao Yumin
Kill 'em All 2013 Snakehead (as Gordon Liu)
The Man with the Iron Fists 2012 Abbott (as Gordon Liu)
Blood Money 2012/I Shaolin Monk
Dai zeoi bou 2012 Retired CID Officer Lung (as Gordon Lau)
Long men fei jia 2011 Wan Yulou
Love in Space 2011 Mr. Chen (as Gordon Liu)
Medallion of Kung fu 2010 Short Master Liu
Chuen sing yit luen - yit lat lat 2010 Uncle Fai (as Gordon liu)
Su Qi-er 2010 Old Sage (as Gordon Liu)
Lost in Love 2010 Banker
Frankenstein Unlimited 2009 segment "Flesh for Kung Fu"
Chandni Chowk to China 2009 Hojo (as Gordon Liu)
Citizen King 2008
Kuang mang jing hun 2008 Master Mao
Shao Lin jiang shi tian ji 2007 Roam Chow
Hok king chut gaan 2007 TV Series Yuen Moon
Ying chai chip fook 2007 TV Series Tsang Dai-lik
Saam fun chung sin saan 2006 Triad head
Katana-Man 2006
Ye man mi ji 2006
Faan wan fuk yu 2006 TV Series Lai Yue-hoi
Hung Kuen vs. Wing Chun 2006
Qing dian da sheng 2005 Jade Emperor
Mang lung 2005 Ko
Fat shan chaan sin sang 2005 TV Series Lin Yung
Ching mai hak sum lam 2005 TV Series Tong Sum
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 2004 Johnny / Pai Mei (as Gordon Liu)
Shao Lin jiang shi 2004 Pak / Brother White (as Gordon Liu)
Dragon in Fury 2004
Siu nin a Fu 2003 Coach Lau
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 2003 Johnny Mo (as Gordon Liu)
Zhui ma lao 2003 Detective Hung Yat Fu (as Gordon Liu)
You shi tiaowu 2000 Bo (as Gordon Liu)
Yi dai xiao xiong cao cao 1999
Heaven of Hope 1999 Coffin Leung
Zhong hua da zhang fu 1998 TV Series Hoi's Dad (1998)
Huo tou da jiang jun 1997
Qian qiu jia guo meng 1997 TV Series Zhang Baozi / Chen Jiongming
Sai yau gei 1996 TV Series Bull Demon
Lethal Girls 2 1995 as Gordon Liu
Sun diu hap lui 1995 TV Series Monk Kumlun
Drunken Master Killer 1994 Gov. Li
Shao Lin huo bao bei 1994
Treasure Hunt 1994 Abbot Hung Chi (as Gordon Liu)
Bao jie rou qing 1994
Lun Wen-Xu lao dian Liu Xian-Kai 1994 His Excellency
Siu hap Cho Lau Heung 1993 The Monk (as Ka-fai Lau)
Zou lao wei long 1993 Hood
Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang 1993 Evil Scholar
Last Hero in China 1993 Master Liu Heung (as Ka-fai Lau)
Yun yu di liu gan 1992 Chit-Chit
Huan kan jin zhao 1992 Video Assassin
Revenge of the Cheetah 1992 Mainland Gang Leader (as Ka Fai Lau)
Hei xing feng yun 1991 Officer Lau Fai
No foh wai lung 1991 Officer Lung
Lao hu chu geng II 1990 Fai
Fu gui bing tuan 1990 Commander in Blue
Meng gui wu ting 1989 Chai
Sha shou hu die meng 1989 Lai Liu
Meng hu fa huo 1989
Huo bao xing dong 1989
Sha shou tian shi 1989 Michael
A Fiery Family 1989
Kujaku ô 1988 Kubira
A Bloody Fight 1988 Fai
Tiger on Beat 1988 Fai, the Hitman (as Gordon Liu)
Guo fu zhuan 1986
Disciples of the 36th Chamber 1985 Monk San Te
Di zi ye feng kuang 1985 Ching
Xiao nian Su Qi Er 1985 Beggar Su Chan
Wu Lang ba gua gun 1984 Yang Wu-lang
Shao Lin yu Wu Dang 1983 Hung Yung-Kit
Zhang men ren 1983
Lu ding ji 1983
Daehyeongchuldo 1982
Shao Lin zui ba quan 1982 Lao Chung
Bo jin 1982
Yu mao san xi jin mao shu 1982 Emperor Yung Hsi (Guest star)
Legendary Weapons of China 1982 Ti Tan (Guest star)
Bat sap yee ga fong hak 1982 Ah Hui
Wu guan 1981 Huang Fei-Hong
Long hu shao ye 1981 Monk Mo Seung
My Young Auntie 1981 James
Po jie da shi 1980 Fa Tien
Return to the 36th Chamber 1980 Chao Jen-Cheh
Clan of the White Lotus 1980 Hung Wen-Ting
Shaolin vs. Vampire 1980
Mao shan jiang shi quan 1979 Chang Chieh
Shao Lin zhen ying xiong 1979
Yi dan er li san gong fu 1979 Ah-San / Shaolin Priest
Zhong hua zhang fu 1978 Ho Tao
Tang lang 1978 The Monk (Guest star)
Sha chu chong wei 1978
Shao Lin san shi liu fang 1978 San Te
Gangbusters Kung-Fu 1977 Shang Kai-Yuan
Executioners from Shaolin 1977 Tung Chien-chin
Dirty Ho 1976 Wang Tsun Hsin - 11th prince
Liu A-Cai yu Huang Fei-Hong 1976 Huang Fei Hung
Ba dao lou zi 1976 Mongolian commander #2
Ba guo lian jun 1976 Boxer
The Four Assassins 1975 Aburiha / Abulahua
5 Masters of Death 1974 Chang Yung
Shaolin Martial Arts 1974 Ho Chen-kang
Zui jia bo sha 1973 Hsiao Tu


Medallion of Kung fu 2010 Short action director
Huo tou da jiang jun 1997 action coordinator
Bao jie rou qing 1994 stunt coordinator
Gangbusters Kung-Fu 1977 stunt coordinator
Zui jia bo sha 1973 action coordinator


Shao Lin yu Wu Dang 1983
Shaolin vs. Vampire 1980
Zui jia bo sha 1973


Shaolin vs. Vampire 1980

Art Department

Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey 2010 rigger

Assistant Director

USA Ninja 1985 action director - as Gordon Li


Po jie da shi 1980 producer


El Morao del Dragon Gordo 2007 Short dedicatee


Wu Xia Pian - Le Festin du Tigre Chinois 2013 Documentary
Tarantino, le disciple de Hong-Kong 2011 Documentary
Master Gordon Liu vs. Steven Dasz: Hong Kong 2010 Video short Himself
L'urlo di Chen terrorizza ancora l'occidente - Dragonland 2008 Documentary Himself
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong 2003 TV Movie documentary Himself (as Ka Fai Lau)
Cinema Hong Kong: Wu Xia 2003 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself - Interviewee
Top Fighter 1995 Video documentary Himself
Cinema of Vengeance 1994 Documentary Himself (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Medallion of Kung Fu 2016 Video short Master Lau
The Making of 'Kill Bill: Volume 2' 2004 TV Movie documentary Pai Mei

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