Hal Needham Net Worth

Hal Needham Net Worth is
$2 Million

Hal Needham Biography

He trained to are a stuntman, with famed stuntman and choreographer, Chuck Roberson, who was simply John Wayne’s very long time stuntman. Hal Needham was created in Memphis, Tennessee, and was raised in Arkansas and Missouri. He continued to serve as a paratrooper through the Korean War, and became a model and actor.Hal Needham net worthy of: Hal Needham can be an American stuntman and director who includes a net worthy of of $2 million dollars. He first gained see functioning as Richard Boone’s stunt dual on “Possess Gun, Will Travel”. He became the standard stunt dual for both Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds, and began directing actions sequences, and second units. He offered as a stuntman to an array of major superstars on multiple projects through the entire 60s. He released his own production business, Stunts Unlimited, in the first 70s, and the business scored a hit immediately, when they created a film Hal Needham wrote, known as “Smokey and the Bandit”. He received the Governors Award in 2012. He passed on in 2013.

Quick Facts

Full NameHal Needham
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthMarch 6, 1931
DiedOctober 25, 2013, Los Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionScreenwriter, Film director, Stunt Performer, Inventor
SpouseEllyn Wynne Williams, Dani Crayne, Arlene R. Wheeler
ChildrenDavid Needham
ParentsEdith May Robinson, Howard Needham
AwardsAcademy Honorary Award, Academy Scientific and Engineering Award
MoviesSmokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Death Car on the Freeway, The Villain, Smokey and the Bandit II, The Cannonball Run, Megaforce, Stroker Ace, Cannonball Run II, Rad, Body Slam, Hard Time: Hostage Hotel, Stunts Unlimited

Interesting Facts

1 Father of David Needham.
2 Former father-in-law of Connie Needham.
3 Served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper.
4 When he began directing, his films were usually blasted by the critics but did well at the box office. He once took out an ad in the trade papers quoting his negative reviews but showing a wheelbarrow filled with money to sum up his career.
5 Billboard model for Viceroy Cigarettes.
6 Doubled for Burt Reynolds, Christopher George, and Richard Boone.


1 Usually ends his films by showing outtakes during the credits
2 His films feature many stunts (car chases, fights, etc)


1 [on being the stuntman for John Wayne in In Harm's Way (1965)] Otto [Otto Preminger] treated the cast like they were dirt, except Wayne. The crew hated him. I thought, 'If I ever become a director, I don't ever want to do that crud. Yeah, I learned a lot of things from those big, big directors. And a lot of it was what I didn't want to do.
2 [on Burt Reynolds] Burt's a very private person. And he has the capacity for loyalty and caring. Here's a man who has made it okay and he forgets no one he's ever cared for -- men or women. He certainly has tried to keep me from breaking my neck in all the years I've been doubling him.


Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2013 Honorary Award Academy Awards, USA
2001 Lifetime Achievement Award World Stunt Awards
1998 Technical Achievement Award Society of Camera Operators William L. Fredrick
1990 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Engineering Development Award won for Shotmaker Elite Camera Car and Crane
1990 Golden Boot Golden Boot Awards
1987 Scientific and Engineering Award Academy Awards, USA For the design and development of the Shotmaker Elite camera car and crane.

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1985 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Director Cannonball Run II (1984)
1985 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Screenplay Cannonball Run II (1984) Harvey Miller

Albert S. Ruddy
1984 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Director Stroker Ace (1983)
1983 Razzie Award Razzie Awards Worst Director Megaforce (1982)



Thunder in the Sun 1959 stunts - uncredited
Paratroop Command 1959 stunts - uncredited
The Big Country 1958 stunts - uncredited
Zorro 1958 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Mike Hammer 1958 TV Series stunts - uncredited
The Spirit of St. Louis 1957 stunts - uncredited
Street Luge 1996 Short stunt design
The Sunchaser 1996 stunts
Foul Play 1978 stunt performer
The End 1978 stunt coordinator
Smokey and the Bandit 1977 stunts - uncredited
Billy Jack Goes to Washington 1977 stunt coordinator
Nickelodeon 1976 stunt coordinator / stunts
A Star Is Born 1976 stunts - uncredited
Gator 1976 stunt coordinator - uncredited
Gable and Lombard 1976 stunts - uncredited
Peeper 1976 stunt coordinator
Lucky Lady 1975 stunts - uncredited
Take a Hard Ride 1975 stunts
W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings 1975 stunt coordinator
French Connection II 1975 stunt coordinator
Kodiak 1974 TV Series stunt double: Clint Walker
The Longest Yard 1974 stunt coordinator - uncredited / stunts - uncredited
Three the Hard Way 1974 stunt coordinator
Chinatown 1974 stunt coordinator - uncredited
Busting 1974 stunt gaffer
Blazing Saddles 1974 stunts - uncredited
McQ 1974 stunt driver - uncredited
White Lightning 1973 stunt coordinator - uncredited / stunt double: Burt Reynolds - uncredited
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing 1973 stunt coordinator - uncredited
Call to Danger 1973 TV Movie stunts - uncredited
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972 stunts - uncredited
The Heist 1972 TV Movie stunts - uncredited
Goodnight, My Love 1972 TV Movie stunt coordinator
The Culpepper Cattle Co. 1972 stunt coordinator
Man on a String 1972 TV Movie stunts - uncredited
Hardcase 1972 TV Movie stunt coordinator
The Night Stalker 1972 TV Movie stunts - uncredited
Mission: Impossible 1971 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Something Big 1971 stunt coordinator
The Organization 1971 stunts - uncredited
Chrome and Hot Leather 1971 stunts - uncredited
Escape 1971 TV Movie stunt coordinator / stunts - uncredited
One More Train to Rob 1971 stunt coordinator
The Immortal 1970-1971 TV Series stunt coordinator - 5 episodes
Sometimes a Great Notion 1970 stunts - uncredited
Rio Lobo 1970 stunts - uncredited
Little Big Man 1970 stunt gaffer
Dirty Dingus Magee 1970 stunts - uncredited
C.C. & Company 1970 stunts - uncredited
Dan August 1970 TV Series stunt double: Burt Reynolds
Chisum 1970 stunt coordinator - uncredited
The Animals 1970 stunts - uncredited
The Undefeated 1969 stunt coordinator / stunts - uncredited
The Great Bank Robbery 1969 stunts - uncredited
The Bridge at Remagen 1969 stunt supervisor
Che! 1969 stunts - uncredited
100 Rifles 1969 stunts - uncredited
Hellfighters 1968 stunt coordinator / stunts - uncredited
Bandolero! 1968 stunt coordinator
The Devil's Brigade 1968 stunt supervisor
Mannix 1967 TV Series stunts
Hells Angels on Wheels 1967 stunts - uncredited
The War Wagon 1967 stunts - uncredited
The Way West 1967 stunts - uncredited
Camelot 1967 stunts - uncredited
Tobruk 1967 stunts - uncredited
The Ballad of Josie 1967 stunts - uncredited
The Big Valley 1966 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Alvarez Kelly 1966 stunts - uncredited
Star Trek 1966 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
The Rat Patrol 1966 TV Series stunt double
Beau Geste 1966 stunt coordinator
Stagecoach 1966 stunts - uncredited
The Rare Breed 1966 action coordinator
Our Man Flint 1966 stunts - uncredited
The War Lord 1965 stunts - uncredited
Laredo 1965 TV Series stunt double: Peter Brown
The Great Race 1965 stunts - uncredited
Shenandoah 1965 stunts - uncredited
In Harm's Way 1965 stunts - uncredited
Major Dundee 1965 stunts - uncredited
Rawhide 1964 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Advance to the Rear 1964 stunts - uncredited
Mail Order Bride 1964 stunts - uncredited
Gunsmoke TV Series stunt double - 3 episodes, 1963 stunt man - 1 episode, 1964
4 for Texas 1963 stunts - uncredited
Kings of the Sun 1963 stunts - uncredited
The Raiders 1963 stunts - uncredited
McLintock! 1963 stunts - uncredited
Donovan's Reef 1963 stunts - uncredited
Have Gun - Will Travel 1957-1963 TV Series stunt double - 225 episodes
How the West Was Won 1962 stunts - uncredited
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 stunts - uncredited
A Thunder of Drums 1961 stunts - uncredited
Whispering Smith TV Series stunt double - 1 episode, 1961 fight double - 1 episode, 1961
Hong Kong 1960 TV Series stunts
Coronado 9 1960 TV Series stunts
Black Saddle 1960 TV Series stunt double - 1 episode
Laramie 1959 TV Series stunts
Pork Chop Hill 1959 stunts - uncredited


Sledge Hammer! 1987 TV Series Bartender
Cannonball Run II 1984 Porsche 928 Driver with Cowboy Hat (uncredited)
Stroker Ace 1983 Man Punching Stroker Into Ladies Room (uncredited)
Simon & Simon 1982 TV Series Oldtimer #3 in Saloon
Megaforce 1982 Technician (uncredited)
The Cannonball Run 1981 Ambulance EMT (uncredited)
Stunts Unlimited 1980 TV Movie H.N.
Death Car on the Freeway 1979 TV Movie Mr. Blanchard
Fantasy Island 1979 TV Series Orville 'Boots' Pierce
Charlie's Angels 1976-1977 TV Series Julio / Spencer
Jackson County Jail 1976 Chief of Fallsburg Police
Take a Hard Ride 1975 Garmes (uncredited)
W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings 1975 Trooper Carson
French Connection II 1975 Doyle Kidnapper (uncredited)
Mannix 1971-1975 TV Series Kordic Soldier / Arnie
Blazing Saddles 1974 Outlaw (uncredited)
Egan 1973 TV Movie Policeman
The Bounty Man 1972 TV Movie Pike
Mission: Impossible 1972 TV Series Mork
The Culpepper Cattle Co. 1972 Burgess
Alias Smith and Jones 1971-1972 TV Series Duke / Devil's Hole Gang Leader
One More Train to Rob 1971 Bert Gant
Sometimes a Great Notion 1970 Man at Racetrack
Gunsmoke 1962-1969 TV Series Renegade Indian #3 / Cowboy in Long Branch / Charlie / ...
The Undefeated 1969 Yankee Corporal at River Crossing (uncredited)
The Devil's Brigade 1968 The Sgt.
The Virginian 1962-1968 TV Series Rider / Jaimie McIntosh / Bounty Hunter / ...
Ironside 1968 TV Series Connell
Cimarron Strip 1967 TV Series Yewcic
The War Wagon 1967 Hite
The Wild Wild West 1965 TV Series Assailant / Henchman
Laredo 1965 TV Series Cole
The Great Race 1965 Saloon Brawler (uncredited)
In Harm's Way 1965 Airman in the Blue Lagoon (uncredited)
Daniel Boone 1964 TV Series Brawling Settler
Wagon Train 1961-1964 TV Series Digger / Saloon Tough / Warrior
Rawhide 1962-1964 TV Series Tom / Cpl. Williams
Advance to the Rear 1964 Rebel Soldier (uncredited)
The Richard Boone Show 1963-1964 TV Series
The Great Adventure 1964 TV Series Recruiting Officer
McLintock! 1963 Carter (uncredited)
Have Gun - Will Travel 1959-1963 TV Series Henchman / Cowhand / Jimmy Traynor / ...
Laramie 1963 TV Series Collins
Combat! 1963 TV Series Fighter in Bar
Stoney Burke 1963 TV Series Stan Fremont / Rusty
Shoot Out at Big Sag 1962 Saloon Brawler (uncredited)
Tales of Wells Fargo 1961-1962 TV Series 2nd Cowhand / Indian Brave
Frontier Circus 1962 TV Series Ralph Wexler
Bus Stop 1961 TV Series Murrow
Whispering Smith 1961 TV Series Mine Guard / Barney Henesy
The Rebel 1960-1961 TV Series Indian
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1961 TV Series Mr. Woods - Printer
Riverboat 1959-1961 TV Series 2nd Ruffian / River Pirate
Dante 1960 TV Series Bill Armstrong
Coronado 9 1960 TV Series Joe
Tate 1960 TV Series Sedon Henchman
Playhouse 90 1959 TV Series Soldier
Yancy Derringer 1958-1959 TV Series Guard / Judge Randall's guard / Soldier
The Restless Gun 1959 TV Series Ambusher #1
The Rifleman 1959 TV Series Townsman
Zorro 1957-1958 TV Series Lancer / Henchman / Cantina Patron / ...


Hard Time: Hostage Hotel 1999 TV Movie
Street Luge 1996 Short
Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel 1994 TV Movie
Bandit: Beauty and the Bandit 1994 TV Movie
Bandit: Bandit Bandit 1994 TV Movie
Bandit: Bandit Goes Country 1994 TV Movie
B.L. Stryker 1989 TV Series 1 episode
Body Slam 1986
Rad 1986
Cannonball Run II 1984
Stroker Ace 1983
Megaforce 1982
The Cannonball Run 1981
Stockers 1981 TV Movie
Smokey and the Bandit II 1980
Stunts Unlimited 1980 TV Movie
Death Car on the Freeway 1979 TV Movie
The Villain 1979
Hooper 1978
Smokey and the Bandit 1977


Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel 1994 TV Movie characters
Bandit: Beauty and the Bandit 1994 TV Movie characters
Bandit: Bandit Bandit 1994 TV Movie characters
Bandit: Bandit Goes Country 1994 TV Movie characters / story
Cannonball Run II 1984 written by
Stroker Ace 1983 screenplay
Megaforce 1982 screenplay
Smokey and the Bandit II 1980 characters created by
Smokey and the Bandit 1977 story

Assistant Director

Rough Cut 1980 second unit director - uncredited
Gator 1976 second unit director
Take a Hard Ride 1975 second unit director
The Longest Yard 1974 second unit director: car chase sequence
White Lightning 1973 second unit director


Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel 1994 TV Movie executive producer
Bandit: Bandit Bandit 1994 TV Movie executive producer
Bandit: Bandit Goes Country 1994 TV Movie executive producer


The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing 1973 action sequence coordinator
Paratroop Command 1959 technical advisor


The Wall 2010/II Short special thanks
James Dean: Race with Destiny 1997 TV Movie special thanks and appreciation


Nova 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014 TV Special Himself - In Memoriam (credit only)
The Oscars 2013 TV Special Himself - Honorary Award
Hollywood's Hottest Car Chases 2010 TV Movie documentary Himself
30 for 30 2010 TV Series documentary Himself
Wanderlust 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 1999 TV Series documentary Himself
Biography 1996 TV Series documentary Himself
Cybill 1995 TV Series Himself
The World's Greatest Stunts: A Tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen 1988 TV Movie documentary Himself
Southern Voices, American Dreams 1985 Documentary Himself
The Mike Douglas Show 1975-1979 TV Series Himself - Stuntman / Himself - Director / Himself
Dinah! 1976-1979 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 1978 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards 2014 TV Special Himself - Director, Stunt Coordinator (In Memoriam)
The Oscars 2014 TV Special Himself - Stuntman and Director (In Memoriam)
Charlie Sheen's Stunts Spectacular 1994 TV Movie Himself - Member Stuntman Hall of Fame
How to Become a Hollywood Stuntman 1991 Video documentary Himself - Former double Burt Reynolds

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