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$2 Million

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Grant Gustin happens to be in relation with American superstar dancer Hannah Douglass. Grant Gustin was created in Norfolk, Virginia in January 1990. In 2013 he starred as Campbell Cost in the tv screen series 90210. From 2011 to 2013 Gustin got a recurring function as Sebastian Smythe in it series Glee. In 2015 he voiced the function of The Flash / Barry Allen in it mini-series Vixen. Since 2014 Gustin provides starred as Barry Allen / The Flash in the tv screen series The Flash and since 2013 he provides played the same function in it series Arrow. He also starred in the film Affluenza and has made an appearance in episodes of it series CSI: Miami. From 2010 to 2011 Gustin starred in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Aspect Story. Gustin performed a starring part in the Lifetime initial film, A Mother’s Nightmare (2012). A handsome and talented boy who’s been identified by the name of Thomas Grant Gustin. He began his profession in 2003 by performing in Movie namely Child Fitness Jungle Adventure Workout Video where he performed the part of Club Fit Child. His other movies add a Mother’s Nightmare ($200k) that was released in 2012 and Affluenza (415k) in 2014. As you can plainly see he improved his net well worth $325k when compared with this past year.currently $1. It really is a genuine film for the Life time network. He studied at Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and later on attended BFA Music Theatre System at Elon University located at NEW YORK for 24 months. His debut Television serial came in 2006 and the name which was A Haunting and the part performed by Gustin was of Stacy’s boyfriend. Another famous play which can be known as the real reason for the actor recognition was were only available in 2011 and finished in 2013. The name of the popular serial was Glee. Today you know just how much Thomas Grant Gustin net revenue. Beside this he gained sponsored quantity of $120k yearly. Then debuted on the tv screen series Glee on November 8, 2011, as Sebastian Smythe. On September 30, 2010, he performed along with his tour through September 23, 2011.4 million. “Thomas Grant Gustin” has opened up the doorways of opportunities and reputation by executing the hard function of Flash in The Flash series. No-one expected him to provide this amazing role. The few are together from quite a long time and still there is absolutely no sign of their split up. Relating to his nationality and ethnicity, Grant is certainly a white American of 27 years. I am really impressed by this youthful gun performance. He in addition has proved me incorrect though his performing although I understood that the administration of The Flash provides used this big decision by certainly doing a proper analysis and homework on Thomas abilities. He made an appearance in series like ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘The Glee Project’ and ‘90210’. With this aspect of 25, he provides from nowhere rise in the performing as a specialist and has for certain accessed a fresh future much better than his former. he is also famous as a singer.3 Million. This net worth appears good because he’s still developing. If he continues on acting, always much better than his prior roles, he could rack up a net worthy of close to $15 Million in the period of next 3 ‘ 5 years. Personally, i want to find him in the Hollywood films. Gustin and his girlfriend Douglass provides publicly confessed in the Medias plus they frequently seem attending several films and tv program premiers and awards features. This is purely my estimation but everybody loves the Iron Guy character so Thomas is definitely an amazing rebirth for Iron Guy. A white American actor, singer in addition to a dancer, most widely known for his part in CW strike series “The Flash”, Grant Gustin name Thomas Grant Gustin, was created on 14 January 1990, to her dad Tom Gustin and Mom Tina Haney, in Norfolk, Virginia situated in america. Grant in addition has a brother Tyler Gustin in addition to a sister called Gracie Gustin. He was also awarded the Breakthrough Overall performance Award. Grant finished his main education from Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL . Grant finished his graduation from Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 2008 From then on, he also became a member of Governor’s College of Arts and graduated his university level research from there. Grant grew up in Norfolk, Virginia together with his two siblings Gracie Gustin and Tyler Gustin. Grant began his acting profession with a fitness Video in 2003. He’s mainly for his part on the Fox series Glee as Sebastian Smythe. Grant once again appeared in it series “A Haunting” in 2006 which offered him a big strike.3 million dollars. While he was in college he made an appearance in the Broadway display ” West Side Tale “. Thomas proved everyone incorrect and he was the main part behind the achievement of The Flash latest series. Grant comes with an affair along with his girlfriend, Hannah Douglass. According to the survey, they are dating one another since 2014 and so are likely to get married shortly. Grant Gustin has seen in Justice Group trailer which is out shortly by the finish of the calendar year and several Hollywood Directors has regarded the film to become a mega strike of the entire year 2017 that may certainly decide potential of the actor. His net well worth is approximated to become about U.S $ 1.4 million. Grant Gustin Personal Informations: Grant Gustin Elevation: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) Grant Gustin Weight: 165 pounds (75kg) Grant Gustin quotes: I’ve under no circumstances been passionate about simply music, I’ve under no circumstances seen myself entering music for the reason that sense. Furthermore, Grant made his performing debut by starring the function of Club Fit child in the movie, Child Fitness Jungle Adventure Workout Video. He’s also known for playing on the CW series The Flash as Barry Allen (the primary personality Flash). EARLY YEARS: Grant was created on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. His name can be Thomas Grant Gustin but is way better referred to as Grant Gustin. He was created to Tina Haney and Tom Gustin. Tina can be a pediatric nurse. He studied at Governor’s College for the Arts system in Norfolk, Virginia for Musical Theatre during his senior high school times. He also became a member of a theatre corporation Players Integrated in Virginia. He includes a sister called Gracie Gustin. After completion of his graduation for just two years, he visited go to BFA Music Theatre System at Elon University in NEW YORK. ACTING Profession: Grant Gustin got the part in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Part Tale as Baby John by departing his college. He also done theater in 2010-11. His other well-known serials consist of 90210, Arrow and the Flash in 2014 where he playing a business lead function. He there performed the type of an openly gay person in the Dalton Academy Warblers. He was awarded for his recurring, promiscuous and scheming personality as Sebastian. He loves to be considered a hairstylist and one of is own favorite pass period is focusing on new Hair styles. But his functionality was well-liked by Ryan Murphy and held him in his mind’s eye. Gustin in addition has proved his performing in several tv shows and television films including in A Mother’s Nightmare. In past due May 2012, he began filming A Mother’s Nightmare.3 mill. The film celebrities the beautiful and gorgeous celebrity Jessica Lowndes and Annabeth Gish. It had been announced that he got the part in independent film Affluenza on July 11, 2012. The complete film was shot in Canada. Then was announced of playing in the next time of year of Arrow as Barry Allen on September 13, 2013. Listed below are handful of his work lately 1) Affluenza experienced a worth of $415,000 dollars 2) The Flash (TV) experienced a well worth of $300,500 dollars 3) 90210 (Television) had a well worth of $285,000 dollars 4) Arrow (Television) had a well worth of $230,000 dollars 5) A Mother’s Nightmare experienced a well worth of $200,000 dollars According to 2015, his net well worth was around $975,000 dollars and 2017 net worth is 2. Later on the program of the backdoor pilot was dropped. He was picked with a short purchase of thirteen episodes in Flash series that was premiered on October 7, 2014. The series was successful in having a lot more than 4.8 million audiences and became the most for a premiere on The CW in five years. Afterwards the series elevated the episode to a complete season of twenty-three. Afterwards the present was renewed for another season on January 11, 2015. In 2015, he was nominated for Blimp Award as Preferred Television Actor for the series The Flash at Kid’s choice Awards. Grant Gustin is on several social media sites such as for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so forth. Grant Gustin was datng Hannah Douglass however now he does not have any girlfriend Thomas Grant Gustin often called Grant Gustin is usually a singer and actor, most widely known for his functions on the CW series The Flash as Barry Allen or Flash and as Sebastian Smythe of The Dalton Academy Warblers on the Fox series Glee. He was created to Tom Gustin and Dr. Tina Haney, a health care provider of Nursing Practice. He also worked well in lots of televisions serial. Discussing his personal life, he’s currently in romantic relationship with a, elegant lady. Following the announcement of Thomas becoming the new Flash personality, people criticized The Flash administration and lost all of the hopes. He’s the child of a pediatric nurse, Tina Haney and his dad Thomas Gustin is definitely a university professor. Grant Gustin was awarded two teen choice award for his function in the DC comic’s The Flash that was a Tv series. Once there have been lots of rumor heading on relating to his sexuality to be a gay, but afterwards announced himself to be straight. Grant Gustin can be an American actor most widely known for his function as ‘Berry Allen’ on the CW series, The Flash. He was created on January 14, 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia. Grant Gustin Grant Gustin net worthy of: Gustin includes a net worthy of around $2 million. Grant Gustin: The start of achievement: Grant started his profession in 2003 when he appeared as a Golf club fit child in the Direct-to-Dvd movie film Child Fitness Jungle Adventure Workout Video, he down the road debuted on the tv screen series, A Haunting as a guest superstar in 2006. Education: Grant Gustin’s being truly a boy of a professor was a shiny student for certain. Going towards his appears, he is among the handsome children around. He currently takes on the lead part in ‘The Flash’ and makes regular appearances on ‘Arrow’. In 2015 he received an Academy of Technology Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Movies Award and a teenager Choice Award for The Flash. He performed ‘Todd Goodman’ in the 2014 independent drama film, Affluenza. He was awarded the Teen Choice Award for ‘Breakout Celebrity’ and the Saturn Award for ‘Breakthrough Overall performance’ in 2015. Personal: Grant Gustin includes a net well worth of $2 million. Later on he joined Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and finished his graduation in 2008. Youthful actor Grant Gustin obtained recently acknowledgement as Barry Allen on a fresh sci-fi Television series Flash. Although he sporadically performed since he was a kid, it was this part made him popular and rich. By 2015, Gustin’s net well worth is around $1. The name of the project was West Aspect Story. After his senior high school, he became a member of Elon University in NEW YORK for just two years, where he studied BFA Music Theatre Plan. Grant Gustin presently lives in Virginia, USA. Grant was created January 14, 1990 in Norfolk, Virginia. He ready for profession as an actor since he was little. He also attended Governor’s College for the Arts plan. 2015 ‘ Saturn Awards ‘ Breakthrough Functionality Award ‘ The Flash. After several smaller functions, he finally strike the jackpot. In 2013, he was selected for the primary role on sci-fi series Flash. His net well worth and fame skyrocketed. He also repeatedly made an appearance on Arrow which is nearly like CW’s spin off to Flash. Up to now, Flash was an enormous achievement, CW ordered second time of year and we hope they’ll create many more later on. There’s not very much information regarding Grant’s love existence before he got popular. Family and romantic relationship: Grant may be the boy of Tom Gustin and Tina Haney, he includes a brother called Tyler and a sister called Gracie. Gustin is quite charming and beautiful, which is also an excellent factor that he provides been accompanied by numerous young ladies on Facebook and Twitter. You migth understand this appealing blonde from Dance Flick, Iron Guy 2, and Footloose. The 26-year-old actor may have a well-owned house in his hometown and in addition he owns a flat, in Virgina. We desire them good fortune. Thomas Grant Gustin can be an American actor, singer and dancer. He was created on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia. Gustin is well known for playing functions like Barry Allen / the Flash on the CW series The Flash and Arrow and Sebastian Smythe on the Fox series Glee. He was signed up for Elon University’s BFA Music Theatre System but left after 2 yrs to take the part as ‘Baby John’ in West Side Tale. Grant ‘s profession changed this year 2010 when he got a job in the Broadway Revival Tour of West Aspect Tale, he also performed with tour until it leads to 2011. Following the tour Grant got a recurring function on the tv screen series Glee as Sebastian Smythe, he also made an appearance as a guest superstar in CSI: Miami and A Mother’s Nightmare, before he got in 2013, two recurring functions, Campbell Cost in the teens’ series, 90210 and Barry Allen / Flash on the CW series Arrow. In 2014, he reprised his function in The flash, a spin-off from Arrow and as a guest superstar in Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. Grant Gustin is an excellent looking and sensible actor in addition to singer. My like for music is definitely connected to the tales informed through music, which explains why I was attracted to theater and why I believe ‘Glee’ is so effective. He attended the Governor’s College for the Arts and graduated from Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 2008. He earns his net worthy of by acting on Television Series and movies. But we know who’s his girlfriend at this time! Grant began dating Hannah Douglas in 2014. Awards and nominations: 2016 ‘ Teen Choice Awards ‘ Choice Television Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi ‘ The Flash. After senior high school, Gustin studied for BFA in Music Theatre Plan at Elon University. 2015 ‘ Teen Choice Awards ‘ Choice TV: Breakout Superstar ‘ The Flash. Grant Gustin is a greatest among the hall of fame and his function won’t be forgotten for certain. The rising star includes a current net worthy of of $1. Synopsis Grant Gustin is well-known for his role within an American action tv series Arrow. Gustin’s ethnicity can be white and belongs to Native descent. And he’s American by nationality. Early Lifestyle Grant Gustin was created on January 14, 1990, and his birthplace can be Virginia, USA. Gustin grew up in Virginia, USA. Gustin was created as the child of dad Tom Gustin and mom Tina Haney, who’s a pediatric nurse. Gustin includes a sister called Gracie Gustin and brother called Tyler Gustin. Grant Gustin attended the Governor’s College for the Arts system, Virginia for Musical Theatre. Later on he joined Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and finished his graduation in 2008. And we are sure as Flash will continue, Grant’s income per episode will develop with each time of year. Grant Gustin attended the Governor’s College for the Arts plan, Virginia for Musical Theatre. He’s 6ft 0in tall and guidelines under the star indication Capricorn. Grant Gustin BUSINESS DESIGN: Grant Gustin hasn’t involved himself in virtually any business firm as he is much too young. Profession Grant Gustin produced his performing debut from Child Fitness Jungle Adventure Workout Video. Later in 2014, he made an appearance in American drama film Affluenza. And he’s currently centered on his upcoming task Krystal where he’s to be presented in the type of Campbell. Mainly, Gustin is well known for his tv functions, where he began his profession from American paranormal anthology tv series A Haunting in 2006. He also made an appearance within an American musical comedy-drama tv series Glee for approximately seven episodes of the series. In 2013, Gustin made his existence in lead role within an American teen drama tv series 90210. He uncovered within an interview that he’d like to open up a drama college which would help children to channelize their performing skills and become a platform to allow them to grab performing possibilities. Since September 26, 2011, Grant Gustin started filming the part after finishing his last West Side Story overall performance. Gustin is also frequently seen singing in a number of television reality applications and many other programs. Personal Existence Grant Gustin has generated himself among the coolest & most searched superstar in the market with handsome and captivating character. Gustin’s sexual orientation is certainly assumed to be direct and he has been around relation with American dancer since 3 years. But Gustin offers kept his previous dating background unrevealed.Grant Gustin net well worth: Grant Gustin can be an American actor and singer who includes a net well worth of $2 million. They began dating in 2014 and also have been posting their romance for approximately two years. He could be a better alternative to Iron Man personality as Robert Downey Jr is definitely has grown old. Have a look at also net well worth of Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, and Willa Holland. Discussing Gustin’s hobbies, he continues hobbies of hearing the music and viewing soccer. Net Worthy of and Measurements Grant Gustin includes a net value of around 1. His breakthrough function emerged in 2011 after he portrayed the function of Sebastian Smythe on the Fox series ” Glee “. Gustin has perfect ab muscles and gets the weight of 75 kg. Gustin is certainly dating scorching celebrity and dancer Hannah Douglass since 2014. Who’s Grant Gustin? What’s net well worth of Grant Gustin? Thomas Grant Gustin who’s also called Grant Gustin is definitely a 27 years older American Actor, Dancer, and Singer. He’s popular for his part in DC comics as Barry Alen also called The Flash. His cover music Clean Criminal from Gale was along with the charts and rated 10th in the billboard’s digital music chart. They ideally are looking towards a successful marriage. During his college days, he attended Governor’s College for the Arts plan which was kept in his town for musical theater. He attended Granby SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and graduated from there in 2008. Profession: Gustin made his tv debut as ‘Sebastian Smythe’ on the musical comedy-drama series ‘Glee’ in 2011. He visited a theater company known as Hurrah Players Incorporated in Virgina which helped him to produce a significant improvement in his performing skills. Hannah Douglass shows her affection and support for the actor on twitter, Instagram and just what a love tale this has ended up being. When he still left the institution, he played the function of Baby John in a tour called Broadway Revival Tour and was component of it for 12 months. Grant Gustin Net Worthy of: Grant Gustin net well worth is just about $2.5 million US dollars in 2017. Through the years the actor has provided many films which certainly described his passion towards performing. He was likely to come in three episodes and as the backdoor pilot going back group of Flash.5 million US dollars. Grant Gustin Resources: Grant Gustin’s personal properties aren’t however revealed. They make actually cute few. No particular information regarding the assets are right now there on the web and we wish we will listen to it from the actor itself. After his senior high school, he became a member of Elon University in NEW YORK for just two years, where he studied BFA Music Theatre System. For the tv screen series Glee, he gave an audition for a job as a tap dancer but didn’t get that part. His most famous tv series contains an American action tv series Arrow and The Flash. Wish we will have the actor grow even more and present few more interesting films to view in the arriving years. Yet they don’t really have any children from their romantic relationship. In 2015, he received Choice TV: Breakout Celebrity award for his exceptional function. In 2016, he was awarded Choice Television Actor Fantasy/Sci-Fi for his function. He was created in Norfolk Virginia. He was also nominated for greatest actor on tv twice yet didn’t earn the award. He’s the very best actor on the tv screen today for certain and his function has left an excellent influence. Grant Gustin has been around a romantic relationship with the dancer and model Hannah Douglass. He finished his graduation from college which was Granby Large in the entire year 2008 and after that went on to wait a musical theater system which may become BFA Music Theater System that happened in NEW YORK at Elon University for 24 months. There exists a rumor that the few is looking towards tying the knot and move around in an apartment collectively. A major component of his income originates from his acting profession including his musical profession which includes his income and a small talk about of TRP’s collection from strike series The Flash which can be successfully working in its third period. Discover also:

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Quick Facts

Full NameGrant Gustin
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 14, 1990
Height1.88 m
ProfessionActor, Dancer, Singer
EducationElon University
ParentsTom Gustin, Tina Haney
SiblingsGracie Gustin, Tyler Gustin, Grant Gustin, Grant Gustin
AwardsTeen Choice Award for Choice TV: Breakout Star, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
NominationsTeen Choice Award for Choice TV Chemistry, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Liplock, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Star—Family Show
MoviesKrystal, Affluenza, A Mother's Nightmare
TV ShowsGlee, 90210, The Flash, Arrow

Interesting Facts

1 He has played the same character (Barry Allen / The Flash) in four different television series: Arrow (2012), The Flash (2014), Vixen (2015) and Supergirl (2015).
2 Wrongly tweeted his phone number in October 2011 on twitter.
3 In a relationship with Hannah Douglass since 2014.
4 Wrongly tweeted his phone number in October 2011 in grantgust twitter and caused 20 fans call him in 10 minutes. Changed phone number in 5 minutes through AT&T.
5 In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gustin stated that he has a Superman tattoo.
6 He is of mostly English, with some German, Irish, and Welsh, ancestry. His paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were born in Canada, but many of Grant's family lines have been in the United States since the 1600s.


1 Thin frame


1 [on dressing differently around co-star Stephen Amell] I told Stephen I won't wear a T-shirt on camera with him. I have to wear a blazer because [look at him].
2 My childhood dream was always to be on Broadway. I wanted to end up in TV and film. It's kind of flipped, and I'm not mad about it, but my childhood dream is Broadway and I want to end up there.
3 I've never been passionate about just music, I've never seen myself going into music in that sense. My love for music has always been connected to the stories told through music, which is why I was drawn to theater and why I think 'Glee' is so powerful.
4 'Glee' found me. I didn't really go looking for it.
5 My favorite actor that I look up to is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His career is something I look up to, I just want to be that guy. He's always part of projects that have a lot of soul and that's what I want to do as an actor.
6 I was 'gay-bashed' when I was in school even though, you know, I'm not... I'm a straight guy that just happens to be what I do. So, it's easily relatable to me. It was awful. It's a hard time in a kid's life.
7 Some of my favorite artists are Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, Ben Folds, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, Maroon 5 - their vibe is slightly different from all the pop stuff on 'Glee,' although some do fall into that genre.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015 Special Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Breakthrough Performance Award The Flash (2014)
2015 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice TV: Breakout Star The Flash (2014)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor on Television The Flash (2014)
2016 Blimp Award Kids' Choice Awards, USA Favorite Family TV Actor The Flash (2014)
2015 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor in a Television Series The Flash (2014)
2015 Blimp Award Kids' Choice Awards, USA Favorite TV Actor The Flash (2014)
2015 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice TV: Liplock The Flash (2014) Candice Patton
2015 Teen Choice Award Teen Choice Awards Choice TV: Chemistry The Flash (2014) Candice Patton



Krystal 2017 post-production Campbell
The Last Full Measure filming William Pitsenbarger
The Flash 2014-2017 TV Series Barry Allen The Flash Savitar ...
Legends of Tomorrow 2016 TV Series Barry Allen The Flash
Arrow 2013-2016 TV Series Barry Allen The Flash
Supergirl 2016 TV Series Barry Allen The Flash
Vixen 2015-2016 TV Series short The Flash Barry Allen
Superhero Fight Club 2.0 2016 Video short The Flash
Superhero Fight Club 2015 TV Short The Flash
Affluenza 2014 Todd Goodman
Glee 2011-2013 TV Series Sebastian Smythe
90210 2013 TV Series Campbell Price
A Mother's Nightmare 2012 TV Movie Chris Stewart
CSI: Miami 2012 TV Series Scott Ferris / Trent Burton
A Haunting 2006 TV Series documentary Thomas - Stacy's Boyfriend
Kid Fitness Jungle Adventure Exercise Video 2003 Video Club Fit Kid


The Flash 2015-2017 TV Series performer - 2 episodes
One Hit Wonderland 2013 TV Series documentary performer - 1 episode
Glee 2011-2012 TV Series performer - 5 episodes

Music Department

The Flash 2017 TV Series "Runnin' Home to You" Performed By - 1 episode
Supergirl 2017 TV Series Song Performed By - 1 episode


The CW Superhero Documentary 2017 Documentary short Himself
Conan 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
IMDb at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2016 TV Series Himself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2016 2016 TV Movie Himself - Presenter
This Week in Hollywood 2015-2016 TV Series Himself
73rd Golden Globe Awards 2016 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Actor-TV Series Comedy or Musical
The Fastest Man Alive 2015 Short Himself
Late Night with Seth Meyers 2015 TV Series Himself
Today 2015 TV Series Himself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2015 2015 TV Special Himself
Live with Kelly and Ryan 2015 TV Series Himself
Extra 2014 TV Series Himself - The Flash
The View 2014 TV Series Himself - Barry Allen / The Flash
DC Comics Night at Comic-Con 2014 Presenting Gotham, the Flash, Constantine and Arrow 2014 Video short Himself - Barry Allen (The Flash)
IMDb: What to Watch 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
The Glee Project 2012 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight 2017 TV Series Himself
Extra 2016 TV Series Himself
Arrow 2016 TV Series Barry Allen

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