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37 years aged Gong was created in Busan, Southern Korea. A South Korean actor with some uncommon abilities and abilities Gong Yoo is usually a sensational guy who includes a given too much to the globe of films from the positioning he stands. He offers rightly received the hearts of the followers that are in love with Korean dramas! In case you are in love with it too, read even more. He was called Hong Ji-Chul after his birth, but he’s popular by his stage name “Gong Yoo” all over the world. Gong had the elevation of just one 1. After showing up the kissing moments on the tv screen series, The very first Shop Coffee Prince along with his girlfriend, Jung. His interview and rumors content articles of his girlfriend are available in numerous – GONG YOO 공지

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Full NameGong Yoo
Height1.84 m
EducationKyung Hee University
NationalitySouth Korean
AwardsBlue Dragon Film Award Popular Star Award - Male
NominationsBlue Dragon Film Award for Best Leading Actor, Asian Film Award for Best Actor, PaekSang Arts Award for Most Popular Actor in Film
MoviesThe Age of Shadows, Train To Busan, A Man and A Woman, The Suspect, Silenced, Finding Mr. Destiny, Like a Dragon, Yakuza, She's on Duty, S Diary, Spy Girl, My Tutor Friend
TV ShowsGuardian: The Lonely and Great God, Big, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, One Fine Day, Hello My Teacher, Whenever the Heart Beats, Screen

Interesting Facts

1 In 2016, Gong Yoo has resurgence in his career by starring in two major movies at the same time, Train to Busan (the first movie in 2016 to score 10 millions viewer) and The Age of Shadows (as the South Korea contender for the submission for the 89 Oscar for Best Foreign Movie).
2 Gong Yoo was named as an ambassador of the National Tax Service of South Koreain 2014.
3 Gong Yoo played the role of a father for the fourth time in "Train to Busan." In the past he played the role of a father in "The Suspect," "Silenced," and "A Man And A Woman.".
4 Gong Yoo will be starring in TV series called "Goblin," his first drama series after 2012.
5 Gong Yoo became the most popular actor in South Korea for August 2016.
6 His movie "Train to Busan" is the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record with over 10 million theatergoers.
7 In 2014 Gong Yoo appeared in Kim Dong Ryul's music video titled "How I Am." The song depicts a man who misses his lover.
8 Gong Yoo went on a diet for three months to reduce his body fat. He learned the Russian martial art Systema for the film's fight scenes, and performed car chases, rock climbing and skydiving at the Han River without using stuntmen, for his role on The Suspect back in 2013.
9 Gong Yoo's name is actually Gong Ji-chul, however Yoo is actually his mother's family name.


1 Some day I will marry and become a father, but I should've already had 2 kids considering my current age. In fact, my friends are parents of elementary students, but despite my age, I am still very young [mentally]. Just by what I see from others around me, I can tell that getting married, creating a family, and having kids is extremely difficult. I think that's also why my younger, married friends seem more like brothers to me.
2 I prefer old Korean music like Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Moon Se, and Yoo Jae Ha. However, among the current musicians, I think GD [G-Dragon] and IU have really nice sensitivity. They're really cool. Anyway, after taking a drink, the music I play is from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I'm really getting old, right?
3 I think (social media) is so scary, I think it's a tool that makes people lonelier. You feel insecurities you don't need to feel on social media.
4 [On his role as a father] It gave me a chance to think about how I would treat my child in the future if I have children. I don't want to crush the child's sense of hope, but I also don't want to lie. It actually made me more afraid of raising a child,
5 [On his experience on Train to Busan] I've filmed realistic action films before so I thought they were doable, but fighting with the zombies was extremely complicated.
6 [ On his acting career] I've grown more apprehensive. I have these ambitions that I don't want to lose sight of. I think might become self critical about the things I try to change about myself as I grow older and more knowledgable, more so than before.
7 [On his experience on Train to Busan] I naturally get scared easily. When I was young, I hated going to haunted houses. So filming with zombies for this movie was too scary for me.
8 [On his experience on Train to Busan] There were so many times a zombie caught up to me while we were filming. I heard the director yell cut and stood in place, but the zombie actors behind me couldn't hear it and kept running after me. So there are lots of behind-the-scenes videos of me looking pretty stupid.
9 [On his experience on Train to Busan] I thought zombie and action films were a piece of cake, but I struggled.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2012 Blue Dragon Award Blue Dragon Awards Popular Star Award Do-ga-ni (2011)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2012 Baek Sang Film Baek Sang Art Awards Best Actor Do-ga-ni (2011)



Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi 2016-2017 TV Series Kim Shin
The Age of Shadows 2016 Kim Woo-Jin
Busanhaeng 2016 Seok-woo
Nam-gwa yeo 2016 Ki-Hong
The Suspect 2013 Ji Dong-cheol
Dating Agency: Cyrano 2013 TV Series Soo-ah's Crush
Big 2012 TV Mini-Series Seo Yoon Jae
Do-ga-ni 2011 Kang In-ho
Kim-jong-wook-chat-gi 2010 Han Gi-Joon
Keopi peurinseu 1-hojeom 2007 TV Series Choi Han Kyul
Ryû ga gotoku: Gekijô-ban 2007 Park
Eo-neu Meot-jin Nal 2006 TV Mini-Series Seo Gun (as Goeng-Yu)
One Fine Day 2006 TV Series Seo Gun (2006)
Ryû ga gotoku - jissha-ban 2005 Video short Park the Korean hitman
Hello My Teacher 2005 TV Series Park Tae In (2005)
Jambok-geunmu 2005 No-young
Eseu daieoli 2004 Yu In
Superstar Gam Sa-Yong 2004 Park Cheol-su
Spygirl 2004 Choi Ko-bong
Donggabnaegi gwawoehagi 2003 Jong-soo


Leonning maen 2013 TV Series Himself

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