Goh Cheng Liang Net Worth

Goh Cheng Liang Net Worth is
$2.1 Billion

Goh Cheng Liang Biography

$7.8 Billion: Born right into a poor family members, surviving in a one area tenement along with his four other siblings, rather than going to college, Goh Cheng Liang is among Singapore’s best-known tycoons. He’s recognized to have built a few of Singapore’s many prominent landmarks, like the Liang Court Retail center at Clarke Quay and the prominent Mt. Not used to billionaires’ circles, Goh Cheng Liang produced his beginnings creating paints in a little factory in Singapore. Today, he’s on the Forbes set of Singapore’s 50 richest at rank 9. When the British had been auctioning off surplus stocks and shares in 1949 during Globe War II, Goh exchanged a tune for a stockpile of barrels of rotting color. It had been from there that Goh would combine the concoction of chemical substances that could later become his very own brand: Pigeon.1 billion. He founded Nippon Color Southeast Asia Group (Nipsea) in 1962 but he started his first color store in 1955 where he became the primary distributor of Nippon Color.Ten years later, Nippon Paint create its first color manufacturing facility in Singapore. Today, the Nippon brand is certainly children name, selling in 16 countries, with an annual turnover at $2.6 billion. Through the years, Goh provides placed his income from his color business into property because they build stores, serviced residences, resorts, retail distribution businesses with Japanese companions, logistics, a meals manufacturing procedure in American and a good mining business in China. This past year, he donated $40 million to the National Cancers Center Singapore. Nevertheless, he quickly supported down towards funding smaller sized Asian businesses. Though his last interview was in 1997, Goh still makes the news headlines through his philanthropy, endowing scholarship money, cancer analysis and education through the Goh Base. Goh Cheng Liang net worthy of according to 2015 stats is $7,800,000,000. A global known Paints character Goh Cheng Liang born on Sunday, January 1, 1928 in great town of Singapore. Referred to as a reclusive tycoon, Goh Cheng Liang is usually a Singaporean businessman with around net worth of $ 8.97

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Net Worth$2.1 Billion

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