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Giannis Maniatis began his youth profession from Parnassos Arachova. He’s the professional soccer/soccer participant of Olympiacos Piraeus group. This 176 cm participant became a member of Olympiacos Piraeus on Jan 1, 2012. Following the end of the agreement with Panionios, he became a member of with the Olympiacos in 2011.6 million (last three years quantity) with Olympiacos Piraeus from 2012-2017. He belongs to Livadia and we realize all Livadia residents should pleased with him. There are non-e of his dating background obtainable nor the rumors relating to his romantic relationship with any woman. He’s a right footed participant who can adapt in virtually any function in the pitch. He provides market worth of $4. He adores his wife quite definitely. 11 A Greek Footballer, Ioannis “Giannis” Maniatis was created in the entire year 1986 October 12 at Livadeia, Greece. This 27 year previous football participant owns the elevation of 178 cm and bodyweight of 68 Kg. He was created and raised in Greece. Nevertheless, his performance and function rate is known as to end up being satisfactory. There is absolutely no other details regarding the non-public life of the player such as his relationship information aswell.Now you know just how much Giannis Maniatis Salary and Giannis Maniatis net worthy of. In 2002, he shifted to AO Thiva. While completing his youth profession with AO Thiva, he captured the attention of the scouts. He began his youth profession at Parnassos Arachova FC and produced his professional debut from the golf club Panionios in the entire year 2004. He’s in the golf club Olympiacos since 2011 and in the Greece nationwide team since 2010. Following the end of his agreement with Panionios, he was eyed on by the three big Greek Clubs Olympiacos, AEK Athens, Panathinaikos and named. Nevertheless, he elongated the four season agreement with Panionios. The entire rating at his popularity is provided 1. He signed contract of $3. He’s playing in today’s Group of Olympiacos as a Defensive Midfielder putting on squad No.2. Giannis Maniatis can be in this golf club since more than three years and has made an appearance in 84 matches bagging 6 goals for the group up to now. Also, Giannis Maniatis can be in the group of Greece National Soccer Team since 2010. He’s rumored through the transfer periods. He has made an appearance in 28 fits from the group representing his Country Greece. Giannis Maniatis gets the connection with playing in Greece under 21 National Football Group in the entire year 2006 where he made an appearance in 14 matches scoring an objective. The Income statistical record of Giannis Maniatis isn’t available so far. Nevertheless, the player’s agent ACE Administration claims the quantity of 4.000.000 Euros as his marketplace value. Giannis Maniatis can be a right footed protective midfielder who also has as a right back again/Defender in the pitch. He’s active in social mass media aswell. He is proficient at blocking the ball aswell. This 28 year outdated player can be an energetic and enthusiastic one having great acceleration and stamina in the overall game keeping his durability in the overall game. He completed his youth profession with AO Thiva golf club and later in 2003, he became a member of with Panionios and produced his debut for the “Kyanerythri”. It is stated that his international popularity is not so excellent. Giannis Maniatis has made an appearance in 164 video games from the group scoring 8 goals. He’s playing as a protective midfielder from the center and also can play as Defender from the proper part in the pitch from his Current Group from the Golf club Olympiacos and the Greece National Soccer Team. He is proficient at tackling therefore dives into tackles. You can follow and add Giannis Maniatis in facebook and also twitter accounts. Who’s Giannis Maniatis: Ioannis “Giannis” Maniatis is usually a Greek soccer player who takes on for golf club Olympiacos and the Greek nationwide football group as a protective midfielder. Also tell us Giannis Maniatis deserves this generating or not? Early Existence (Childhood): This skillful participant was born at Livadeia, Greece and began playing soccer from there. He utilized to play along with his mates at 1st and later on used various clubs. Interesting Details: He began his youth profession from Parnassos Arachova. He’s experienced in marking and moving the ball. Personal Existence: He’s married to child of 1 of the ex- president of FC Panionios of Athens Ioanna Gali. They fulfilled one another when Maniatis was an associate of the Panionios’ squad. They don’t really have any children however. Accomplishment: On 11 August 2010, he was known as up to the Greek nationwide football group to play against Serbia had been he produced his debut first-time with national group. He got his 2nd cap for Greece in a UEFA Euro 2012 qualifier against Israel. Rumor: Nowadays Maniatis is associated with Liverpool and he more likely to transfer. He’s a Greek professional soccer player who is presently playing for the golf club Olympiacos and in the Greek nationwide football group as a protective midfielder or back wearing jersey #2 2. After that he became the essential area of the first group. Afterwards in 2003, he became a member of with Panionios and produced his debut for the “Kyanerythri”. He’s a married guy. He has been wedded to his very long time girlfriend. Any remarks about the income of Giannis Maniatis and his Net worthy of info? He provides been devoted and faithful to his young lady now switched wife. He does not have any children yet but most likely is preparing.5 million. He debut in this group as substitute.


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