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Geoff Ramsey Net Worth is
$3 Million

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Also before he got this placement, Geoff Ramsey was dealing with the group known as Capture 22 as a roadie. Geoff Ramsey has produced his name popular because of his profession as a comedian, which also resulted in his many appearances as a tone of voice actor. Both these involvements also have added up a whole lot of revenues to the full total estimate of Geoff Ramsey net worthy of. In 2003, he was among the founders of the creation company referred to as Rooster Tooth. As a tone of voice actor, Geoff Ramsey is mainly known from the net series called “Crimson vs. He has truly gone on to generate multiple series also to voice a variety of popular characters. Furthermore to creating Rooster Tooth, Geoff Ramsey can be the one who made a subdivision of it, which produces video gaming called Achievement Hunter. He’s the manager of the subdivision and his function there’s also added up to the entire size of Geoff Ramsey net worthy of. Geoff Ramsey got a starring function in the first period of the animated series on the internet called “X-Ray and Vav”. Thus, the majority of his are a tone of voice actor is targeted on his appearances on the internet series. Currently, he’s showing up in another series known as “Content Hour”, where he’s joined up with by his friend Gavin Free of charge in addition to his wife Griffon Ramsey. Hence, these series serve among the main current resources of adding up to the full total sum of Geoff Ramsey net worthy of. They reside in Texas at this time. Famous Geoff Ramsey is normally a tone of voice actor known from Rooster Tooth creation. When he was an adolescent, Geoff Ramsey was an excellent bowler. Before his graduation from senior high school, Geoff Ramsey offered in the usa Army in the time of 1993-1998. By 2015, the happy few lives in their home in Austin, Texas with their child Millicent. Before he got this work, he was operating at Look at Askew Productions as a creation assistant.It’s been announced that the entire quantity of Geoff Ramsey net worthy of reaches just as much as 3 million dollars, by right now. Later on, these contents will become published on the YouTube channel, iTunes and additional platforms offering free content usage of the In 2003, he began his career as a tone of voice actor when he was selected for the tone of voice of Dexter Grif in the net series made by Rooster Tooth called “Red vs. Because the starting of his creation business, Geoff Ramsey has turned into a popular person on the web and appeared in lots of internet conferences and conventions. The web site was initially run by only both colleague but it includes 13 members presently. Blue”. Other series made by Rooster Teeth where he appeared are known as “The Strangerhood”, that have been were only available in 2004 and finished in 2006. In these series, he made an appearance as The Omnipotent Tone of voice. In 2008, he made an appearance as himself in “Captain Dynamic”. While Geoff Ramsey was ready to improve his surname to his “Ramsey”, he was observed by the courtroom that it could not cost any longer to change any additional of his titles. In 2008, Geoff Ramsey and his university friend Jack Pattillo began a video gaming site ‘Achievement Hunter’. Geoff Ramsey net well worth: Geoff Ramsey can be an American machina maker and tone of voice over actor who includes a net well worth of $3 million dollars. By 2015, his total net worth is approximately $3 million. During his early teenagers, he was a semi-pro bowler. He’s the co-owner of two effective ventures – Rooster Tooth and Accomplishment Hunters and he earns well from the contents developed in these ventures.S. Army while in senior high school, and offered from 1993-1998. He also worked well as a photojournalist in Kuwait. He continued to are a roadie for Capture-22, as a creation assistant for Watch Askew Productions, and for the tech firm, TeleNetwork Partners. Geoff’s primary name is normally Geoffrey Paul Fink and he was created in Cell, Alabama. Rooster Tooth is known because of its multiple award-earning machina productions. Furthermore to making the series that initial brought the business fame, “Crimson vs. Blue”, he also voiced the type of Grif. Blue”, where he was a tone of voice behind the character called Dexter Grif. He also co-founded Accomplishment Hunter, a subsidiary of Rooster Tooth. 16 Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey, born on 19 June 1975, can be an American Internet character, comedian, and tone of voice actor. His true name is normally Geoffrey Fink and is normally well-known for lending his tone of voice for Dexter Grif in the long-running internet series ‘Red vs. Blue’. He was created as Geoff Fink however when he decided to modification his last name to Ramsey after his stepdad, he discovered that he may also put in a middle name for no extra charge. Geoff Ramsey attended his elementary and senior high school in Portable, Alabama and later shifted to Florida. He primarily joined america Army after he was enlisted and experienced basic teaching at Fort Jackson in SC, before graduating senior high school. He offered his nation from 1993 till 1998 and later on worked well as a photojournalist in Kuwait. Before operating as a production associate for View Askew Creation, Geoff Ramsey worked well as a roadie for the ska punk band ‘Capture 22. Ramsey also voiced Grif on the gaming Halo 4 (2012). Ramsey also co-made with Gus Sorola and his fellow co-worker in TeleNetwork Burnie Burns. Hence, this function of his produced his name a lot more known on the web and added up to his prosperity. What is a lot more interesting is normally that the initial office of Rooster Tooth was actually an extra bedroom in Geoff Ramsey’s house. Ramsey afterwards got employment at TeleNetwork, a tech support firm before he co-founded Rooster Tooth in 2003. His professional career started back 2003 and since that time Geoff acquired a significant fortune. In ’09 2009, he also begun to appear in “Rooster Tooth Shorts”. He transformed his middle name to “Lazer,” as a tale. His most remarkable and popular tone of voice performing was as Dexter Grif in the net series Crimson vs Blue. Let’s have a look on his successful profession along with personal life now. Nevertheless, he also spent time surviving in New Orleans and Florida. By September 2016, Geoff Ramsey’s net worthy of can be $3 million dollar and he’s currently coping with his family members, his wife Griffon Ramsey, and their girl Millicent “Millie” Ramsey in Austin, Texas. Geoff Ramsey, also referred to as Geoff Fink, was raised in Portable, Alabama, Florida, and New Orleans. On 17, February 2011, a video of him watching the gaming trailer for Dead Island was uploaded, where he highly criticized the overall game developer Techland to make that horrible game. Have a look at also net worthy of of Gavin Totally free, Burnie Burns, and Markiplier. Geoff was created June 19, 1975 in Mobile, Alabama. In 2005, Ramsey wedded his girlfriend Griffon E. He served in armed service and was in Kuwait as a photojournalist. O’Connell. When his assistance was completed, Geoff Ramsey was employed by TeleNetwork Companions. During his teenage years, he was a semi-pro bowler. Blue, Halo 4, and The Strangerhood. He also co-founded Rooster Tooth gaming division named Accomplishment Hunter. Today, he still manages it. One of is own biggest achievements is considered to be appearing in Halo 4 as a tone of voice of Grif. He’s also a co-founder of a gambling division named as ‘Accomplishment Hunter’. In order a prank, he began using Lazer simply because his middle Geoff Lazer Ramsey. The multi-talented Hollywood character is a lot more than simply an incredible voice in Crimson vs. Blue. Geoff Ramsey is usually a popular Hollywood character today and an internet feeling. After his graduation, he finished his basic Army trained in South Carolina. He includes a solid mustache and a tattoo around his arms and hands. He co-founded Rooster Tooth, a creation studio and multi-media company in 2003. Geoff spent his teenage and youth in the areas like New Orleans and Florida. As a tone of voice actor, Ramsey done Crimson vs. Before completing his graduation, he was enlisted in to the US Army. He was innovative and wished to pursue a profession in photojournalism in Kuwait which he do for some time, serving the united states Army from 1993 to 1998. Later on, he jumped in to the specialized arena, joining TeleNetwork Companions, a tech support organization. He met the skilled Burnie Burns there, who was simply currently familiar to him when he co-produced Drunkgamers. It certainly sounds cool certainly; Geoff also caused Capture 22 band as a roadie and a creation assistant for a creation company. He gained adequate experience and abilities by the entire year 2003 and collaborated with Burnie Burns and some other people to get the inception of Rooster Tooth Productions, LLC, which really is a popular creation company currently known because of its long-running webseries Crimson vs Blue. He’s wedded to Griffon Ramsey and includes a girl called Millicent. The comedian was created in 1975 in Portable, Alabama, where he grew up. Geoff provides contributed his skills in lots of fields like acting, humor, writing, production and tone of voice acting. He also made an appearance in Accomplishment Hunter in 2008. His company, Rooster Tooth creates live-activities, shorts, and video gaming. Education: Geoff received his elementary education and do his high schooling from Alabama. He’s known for his fantastic humor and voiceovers. He offered the Army performing a full-time journalist work. His tone of voice financing as Dexter Grif in his personal production’s web series Crimson vs Blue became his most valued work. His additional great performances consist of – • The Strangerhood – As a tone of voice artist and producer • Accomplishment hunter – As a co-maker and producer • Content Hour • Let’s Play Live • Let’s Play – UNO: The Film • The Patch – As a bunch Geoff and Jack, the powerful business duo have produced and hosted plenty of creative contents up to now. The majority of their astounding functions can be found online. Apart from his film and internet series appearances and voiceovers, Geoff is well-known for the Achievement Equine video game. Geoff Ramsey Net Value: Geoff includes a total net worthy of of $3.5 million US dollars in 2017. Geoff is normally more associated with the online live fictions, video games, podcast, internet series and shorts compared to the television appearances. He thought we would enlist in the U. He provides lent his tone of voice to many popular individuals that loaded his pockets well. Geoff Ramsey doesn’t flaunt his possessions or discuss his properties on tv. He has given extremely fewer interviews and there exists a lot to know concerning this multi-talented guy however. Geoff Ramsey as BUSINESS DESIGN: Geoff does well together with his co-owners of his principal venture Rooster Tooth and its subsidiary Accomplishment Hunters. He has elevated his profession stakes along with his amazing skill and be rich from a typical military person inspiring thousands of people. Geoff Ramsey’s venture Rooster Teeth recently exposed about their plan list for the entire year 2017 which include podcasts and talk displays. A complete of 12 contents will be accessible to the supporters this season and these contents could be initial accessed on the SVOD system. The initial website which he made was known as drunkgamers. Ramsey do few tweets in February, among that your attention-grabbing had been the #MonsterMac content from Accomplishment Hunter, Ramsey’s another venture and the ‘Hot Drinking water Music – Issues on Dashboard’ video which can be on their YouTube channel. Geoff Ramsey is quite active on social press and his outstanding article marketing along with his companions takes his recognition level up each and every time he shares a content material online.

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Full NameGeoff Ramsey
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthJune 19, 1975
Height1.78 m
ProfessionFilm producer, Film director, Actor
NationalityAmerican, American
SpouseGriffon Ramsey
ChildrenMillicent Ramsey
ParentsGriffon Ramsey, Geoff Ramsey
MoviesRed vs. Blue: Reconstruction: Season 6, Red vs. Blue: Recreation, Cock Byte: Masters of Machinima, Red vs. Blue: Revelation
TV ShowsRed vs. Blue, PANICS, Immersion

Interesting Facts

1 His middle name, Lazer, originated when he applied to change his surname to that of his step-father. Upon application, he learned that it would not cost anything for him to change any of his other names at that time.




The Eleven Little Roosters 2017 TV Mini-Series Boomerang Geoff
Uno: The Movie 2016 Geoff
Worms W.M.D. 2016 Video Game Worm
Death Battle 2016 TV Series Grif
Heroes & Halfwits 2016 TV Series Bo Jingles
Rooster Teeth: Entertainment System 2015 TV Series Guest
On the Spot 2015 TV Series
Red vs. Blue: Season 13 2015 Video Grif (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
X-Ray and Vav 2014 TV Series Corpirate
Red vs Blue: Season 12 2014 TV Series Grif (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Red vs Blue: Season 11 2013 Video Grif (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Red vs. Blue: Season 10 2012 Video Grif (voice, as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
The Best Red vs. Blue. Ever. Of All Time 2012 Grif (voice)
Red vs. Blue: Season 9 2011 Sgt. Dexter Grif (voice, as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume Three 2011 Video Geoff (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume Two 2010 Video Geoff (as Geoff Fink)
Red vs. Blue: Revelation 2010 Video Sgt. Dexter Grif (voice, as Geoff Fink)
Rooster Teeth Shorts: Volume One 2009 Video Geoff (as Geoff Fink)
Red vs. Blue: Recreation 2009 Video Sgt. Dexter Grif (voice, as Geoff Fink)
Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction 2008 Video Sgt. Dexter Grif (voice, as Geoff Fink)
Red vs Blue: Recollection Trilogy 2008 TV Series Grif (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Halo 3 2007 Video Game Additional Voices (voice, as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)
Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles 2003-2006 TV Series Pvt. Dexter Grif
The Strangerhood 2003 TV Series Mister Mystery (voice, as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)


Off Topic 2015-2016 TV Series executive producer - 51 episodes
Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles 2003 TV Series co-producer - as Geoff Fink


Uno: The Movie 2016

Visual Effects

Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles 2003 TV Series visuals - as Geoff Fink


Halo 2001 Video Game special thanks - as Geoff Lazer Ramsey


Off Topic 2015-2017 TV Series Himself / Himself - Host
The Best Ever! 2016 TV Series Himself
On the Spot 2014-2015 TV Series Himself
Immersion 2010-2011 TV Series Himself

Archive Footage

Halo: The Master Chief Collection 2014 Video Game Additional Voices (as Geoff Lazer Ramsey)

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