Fifi Abdou Net Worth

Fifi Abdou Net Worth is
$50 Million

Fifi Abdou Biography

Fifi Abdou net worthy of: Fifi Abdou can be an Egyptian tummy dancer and celebrity who includes a net worthy of of $50 million. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail for “depraved movements” plus some possess criticized her dance as heading against the tenets of Islam. She’s been known as the “Queen of Oriental Dance” and is well known on her behalf roles beating up males which is uncommon in Egyptian tradition. She is wedded to the ambassador of Greenland and is definitely among the wealthiest ladies in Egypt. She would constitute to $10 thousand per dance appearance and her performances included carrying out circus techniques and rapping. Abdou is definitely reported to have possessed 5,000 outfits including one well worth $40 thousand. Fifi Abdou was created in Cairo, Egypt in April 1953. Abdou offers starred in the films Woman and Five Males, Laylat El Katl, Al-Qatila, El Settat, El Mazag, One Woman ISN’T More than enough, Hekaya Laha El Agab, Al sabr fi al-malahat, Ma Hobi W Ashwaqi, Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla, El Khof, and Lestu mostahtirah. Abdou became a member of baladi dance troupe at 12 years older and started modeling.

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Net Worth$50 Million

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