Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth

Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth is
$150 Thousand

Ernie Brown Jr Biography

Ernie Brown, Jr. He’s among the subjects of the favorite Animal World series, “Contact of the Wildman”. The turtle weighed 55 pounds. Ernie Dark brown, Jr. was created in Washington Kentucky, often loved pets and County. He has been wounded several times, in fact it is thought that he captures around 300 turtles every year. He captured his initial snapping turtle when he was seven, and continued to catch the biggest snapping turtle on record, referred to as the “Loch Ness Turtle”, when he was seventeen. can be an American pet rescuer and reality tv star who includes a net worthy of of $150 thousand dollars. Then continued to perform multiple careers, such as employed in structure and milking cows, before making a decision to come back to his first like of working with pets. He has produced a career of getting snapping turtles humanely. To day, he has captured over 12,000. He spent a lot of his childhood discovering the woods and swamps around his house. net worth: Ernie Brownish, Jr.

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Net Worth$150 Thousand

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