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Eric Roberts Net Worth is
$8 Million

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Academy Awards, USA nominee for Ideal Actor in a Helping Function, Eric Roberts is a renowned actor from USA. He’s famous in the globe for starring the function of Buck McGeehy in the 1985 film, Runaway Train. He’s also a maker and a director. For your day, Eric Roberts net worthy of is approximated at $8 million. Thewellspring of the alienation have been his past medicine misuse and heragreeing along with his ex over the authority of his gal, Emma. In the past due 1980s, Eric was deeply in love with Kelly Cunningham. He dated her as his girlfriend and out of this love life in addition they welcomed a sweet small baby girl called Emma Roberts.A. On 16th of August 1992, Eric got wedded to Eliza Roberts. Eliza Roberts can be an celebrity and she actually is also a recognised Casting Director. They remain collectively. As both of his parents had been mixed up in entertainment market, Eric also started his interest in performing. After his parents got divorced in 1972, he began coping with his dad. With the beginning of 1977, he started showing up in the soap opera display. But that was also the same yr he lost his dad for cancer. In 1978, h made an appearance in the film, King of the Gypsies and because of this part he won his 1st Golden Globes, USA nomination. Roberts and his then-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham welcomed their child into the globe on February 10, 1991. Eric Roberts net worthy of in 2014-2015 is $8,000,000 while like others Eric Roberts gets also paid by sponsorship, featuring, ads, etc and endorsement. His net worthy of is reported to be around $8 million. Eric Anthony Roberts an American actor who provides performed mostly on the tv screen. His net well worth is approximated to become $8 Million by March 2012. Eric Roberts Net well worth & Income profile in 2017: Eric Roberts may be the one who keeps a higher net worth of $9 million US dollars by 2017, famous as an actor.he got Golden Globedesignations for his initial featuring parts in King of the Gypsies (1978) andStar 80 (1983). Bo’s, father. Through the 1990s and 2000’s, he worked well for the television. The next year has been a lot more effective to the youthful actor, as he landed a respected part on King of Gypsies. He was created on 18th April 1956 in Biloxi, Mississippi to onetime actors and playwrights Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts. In 2004 he informed People magazine that he and his sister had been reconciled when he visited her in a healthcare facility after she offered birth to twins. He earned the Theatre Globe award for his function in the Broadway in 1987 for his efficiency in Burn off This. He also made an appearance in Raggedy Man, the pope of Greenwich Village, The coca-cola child, nobody’s fool, greatest of the greatest. His other works consist of – By the Sword, Best of the greatest 2, The Immortals, La Cucaracha, Purgatory and Stiletto Dance. He produced his appearance as the physician Who in 1996 as the fourth expert. Eric Roberts net worthy of: Eric Roberts can be an American actor with a net worthy of of $8 million. His profession started with King of the Gypsies (1978), making a Golden World Award nomination for Greatest Actor Debut. Roberts includes a girl called Emma Roberts. He works with animal rights. A global known Actor Eric Anthony Roberts born on Wednesday, April 18, 1956

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Quick Facts

Full NameEric Roberts
Net Worth$8 Million
Date Of BirthApril 18, 1956
Height1.78 m
EducationGrady High School, Henry W. Grady High School
SpouseEliza Roberts
ChildrenEmma Roberts
ParentsWalter Grady Roberts, Betty Lou Bredemus
SiblingsJulia Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Nancy Motes
AwardsIndependent Spirit Robert Altman Award, Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor - Musical or Comedy Series
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, Golden Globe Award for Best New Star of the Year – Actor, Satellite Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film
MoviesThe Expendables, Stalked by My Doctor, The Dark Knight, Runaway Train, The Specialist, Fatal Desire, Best of the Best, A Fatal Obsession, The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), Inherent Vice, Star 80, Sharktopus, DOA: Dead or Alive, Best of the Best 2, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Final Analysis, Compadres, National Security, King of the Gypsies, Hunt to Kill, The Cable Guy, Raggedy Man, Purgatory, The Ambulance, Nobody's Fool, The Prophecy II, Heaven's Prisoners, The Nature of the Beast, The Butcher, The Condemned 2, Stiletto Dance, Blood Red, Saved by the Light, The Coca-Cola Kid, By the Sword, Love, Cheat & Steal, The Immortals, Phat Girlz, Spun, Love Is A Gun, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Witless Protection, Cecil B. Demented, Rude Awakening, Shannon's Rainbow, Two Shades of Blue, Royal Kill, Lovelace, Tripfall, La Cucaracha, Killer Weekend
TV ShowsLess than Perfect, Another World, Heroes, The Odyssey, The Finder, C-16: FBI, Doctor Who, Dark Realm, Crash, L'onore e il rispetto

Interesting Facts

1 He has played a Cop in the music video B... Better have my money from the singer Rihanna.(2015).
2 He has English, German, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry.
3 He is the only Oscar-nominated actor to play the role of The Master in 'Doctor Who'.
4 Nominated for "Best Supporting Actor" in Abstraction (2013) at the 2013 Action On Film International Film Festival.
5 Quit drinking alcohol in 1995.
6 He played the villain in the music video for Mr. Brightside by The Killers.
7 Has worked with Mickey Rourke in three films: they co-starred in 1984's The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), in 2002's Spun (2002), Roberts had a glorified cameo in Rourke's film and in 2010's The Expendables (2010), Rourke had more of a glorified cameo to Roberts' bad-guy role, but they had no scenes together in this one.
8 The only actor to play a villain in both the Batman and Doctor Who franchises.
9 He is the only non-British actor to play The Master, the Doctor's greatest enemy in ''Doctor Who''.
10 Eric and his stepson Keaton Simons have had no contact with each other since 1994. Keaton cited that the reason why he never had any contact with Eric or his mother was because of Eric's drug abuse problems.
11 Son-in-law of David Rayfiel and Lila Garrett.
12 Lives in Los Angeles, California.
13 Good friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin.
14 To date he has filmed movies in over 17 countries (2010).
15 Was trained in Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu for a short time.
16 Was attached to co-star in Dolph Lundgren's Command Performance (2009).
17 As a child he was inspired to become an actor after watching Robert Donat's performance in Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939).
18 In Doctor Who (1996), he became the sixth actor to portray the Master. The evil renegade Time Lord had previously been played in the BBC's science-fiction series Doctor Who (1963) by Roger Delgado from 1971 until 1973, Peter Pratt in 1976, Geoffrey Beevers in 1981 and Anthony Ainley from 1981 until 1989. In the 1996 TV movie, the Master was played briefly by Gordon Tipple, then by Eric Roberts while in a human body. He was succeeded in the role by Sir Derek Jacobi and John Simm in Doctor Who (2005).
19 Made just one movie - Blood Red (1989) - with sister Julia Roberts.
20 Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2008 Razzie Award nominating ballot. He was suggested in the Worst Supporting Actor category for his performance in the film DOA: Dead or Alive (2006), he failed to receive a nomination however.
21 Some of Eric Roberts' boxing moves were once choreographed by actor Danny Trejo.
22 Has a niece named Hazel Moder (aka Hazel Patricia Moder) and nephews Phinnaeus Moder (aka Phinnaeus Walter Moder) and Henry Daniel Moder.
23 Was chosen to act in Royal Kill (2009) when the Wrestling Choreographer, Ranjan Chhibber, a big "Doctor Who" fan, suggested to the director Roberts be hired because he loved his performance as "The Master" in the "Doctor Who" made-for-TV movie on Fox.
24 His left hand ring finger is permanently disfigured, as a result of a 1980s car accident.
25 Attended Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia.
26 Appeared with actor Clarence Williams III in Ja Rule music video "Down ass chick".
27 Step-father of Keaton Simons and Morgan Simons
28 Brother-in-law of Tony Gillan and Daniel Moder.
29 Became a father for the 1st time at age 34 when his [now ex] girlfriend Kelly Cunningham gave birth to their daughter Emma Rose Roberts, aka Emma Roberts, on February 10, 1991.
30 He was seriously injured in a car accident and spent three days in a coma. [1981]
31 Before he became a movie star, he appeared in at least two soap operas. Another World (1964) and How to Survive a Marriage (1974).
32 Older brother of Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan.


1 Gravelly smoke burnished voice
2 Frequently plays villains


1 [2013, on Less Than Perfect (2002)] You know, I was not a big fan of my work in that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not humble. I'm probably one of my three biggest fans on the planet. But I didn't like me in that. I didn't think I was very good in that kind of comedy. In fact, we had a read-through of the new scripts on Monday mornings, and I walked in there one Monday morning after having a thought. I said, "You know, I had a thought over the weekend: Patrick Warburton should play my part." And they brought in Patrick the next week! And he basically replaced me, so... I don't think anybody disagreed with me that I was not up to my usual standards in my portrayal of that role. But I've got to say, I met Sherri Shepherd, who I love dearly, and Andy Dick is one of my true friends. I love him with all of my heart.
2 [2013, on making Cecil B. DeMented (2000)] Well, that was just having fun as an actor. That's all that was... You know, it was not weird, weirdly enough. It was very cut and dried, very 9 to 5 and "let's go to work and knock it out." It was not very odd or peculiar or even particularly unique. It was a day's work, but it was a blast.
3 [on It's My Party (1996)] The performance was heralded, which was certainly great, but the movie wasn't a big-enough hit for my tastes. I thought It's My Party was what Philadelphia (1993) should've been. Now, that's not positive-sounding, I realize, and I'm not knocking down Philadelphia. I am, however, saying that It's My Party is better than Philadelphia, in that... it doesn't deal with the issue in a drastic visual way, like with sores on my skin. It deals with the issue emotionally, and it deals with it in a way that everyone can relate to and everybody can understand. You know, we're only here once, and we're only here for a minute, and if you have to go, you might as well celebrate it. I was so proud to be in that movie because of all the great actors in the cast. I mean, Lee Grant playing my mother? Oh, my God, she was perfect. As an actor, for me to have her play my mother, that was an event. And for her to be brilliant playing my mother, it was a gift. And I will love her 'til my last breath.
4 [2013, on Entourage (2004)] Well, you know, I played myself only by name. That's hardly me. And I've never sold mushrooms. But how I got on Entourage is a great story. I loved that show, and I watched that show, and after about the fourth time I heard them say my name on the show, I called my lawyer, who handles all those writers, and I said, "If they're gonna talk about me all the time, have them write me in the show!" And he called back in five minutes and said, "They want you on the show! But there's one hitch." "What?" "Will you sell mushrooms?" "That's not a hitch! I'll sell mushrooms!" So that's how it came about.
5 Heaven's Prisoners (1996) was probably one of the best location shoots I've ever had because it was down in New Orleans, and we were down there for probably 10 or 12 weeks, and it was just a blast. Oh, and one little story that people might like: It was my first night there, I wasn't shooting but I was on the set to say hello to Phil Joanou, our director. Alec (Baldwin) had this scene where he had to jump into the water-pond, really-and swim across it. They're getting ready, they're all set up, Phil says, "Here we go! Alec, you ready?" "Yeah!" And suddenly alligator eyes appear on the water. Everybody freezes. "There's a gator! Oh, my God!" Alec says, "It's cool. I'm going in." The stuntman goes, "You're not going in!" Alec says, "Roll the camera!" They roll the camera, Alec jumps in, crosses the pond, gets out. "Okay, we got the shot?" And we moved on. I couldn't believe it. He's got the balls of a dinosaur, dude. It was wild. True story! He really did that. It was cool!
6 [on Star 80 (1983)] That was the most difficult experience of my acting life. I went out for that part because Bob Fosse and Hal Ashby were my idols, so I really went after that because I wanted to work with Bob Fosse. And after half a dozen auditions, he says to me, "Will you walk around the room for me?" So I walked around the room. I said, "What's up with that?" He said, "I was told you were a cripple." I said, "Who would've told you that?" He goes, "Well, I heard that's why you dropped out of the Broadway production of Mass Appeal you were doing." I said, "No, I dropped out because of artistic differences." He said, "Oh, well, they're saying you're a cripple. Since you're not, though, you wanna play this part?" "Yeah, dude!" So after six auditions and a walk around the room to apparently prove I could walk, he gave me that part. And it was probably the hardest, most intense, most emotional, most strenuous, most satisfying experience of my life.
7 [2013, on Sharktopus (2010)] I was offered that script, and from the title alone, I said, "I'm not even gonna read it. Are you kidding?" And they said, "But you said you always wanted to work for this man (Roger Corman)!" And I said, "Yes, but I'm not gonna make something quite this bad!" And then he called me, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse and, believe me, it was not money. He does not give money. Corman said to me, "How many friends do you have?" I said, "I dunno, half a dozen." "How many family members do you got?" "I don't know, 10." "Okay, they can all bring a friend, and they can all stay in Puerto Vallarta while you make this movie for a month. Everybody's free while you're down there working." So I brought everybody I ever met, everybody I've ever been related to, and we all had a great time in Puerto Vallarta while I made a bad movie. That's the long and short of it.
8 [2013, on Best of the Best trilogy] That was maybe the most fun physically I've ever had making movies. It was like boys' camp. I got to go work out the body at the gym every morning, then you'd go do the goju and get ready for the moves of the day, and then you'd go to the set and shoot a karate movie. It ended up being a wonderful movie about triumph. And I'm very proud of that first film, Best of the Best (1989). It's a really good movie... The only thing I was really sad about was Best Of The Best 3 and 4. They're like home movies. They're really bad. We had a really good franchise going. I would've loved to have stayed with the kind of quality we had on the first film... and a little bit on the second film. I wish we could've stayed up there.
9 [2013, on The Dark Knight (2008)] That was a dream come true. I'm the only actor in that movie who's in a main part who had to audition. I auditioned for Chris Nolan, and then two months later I get a call. I thought I didn't get the part, 'cause it took two months to hear from him, but he calls me and tells me he wants me in his movie, and it was a dream come true. I got to work at Pinewood Studios, which I'd always wanted to go to, and we shot the exteriors in Chicago. It was just such a groovy experience. Gary Oldman and I are old, dear friends, and I love him dearly. He's one of my three favorite actors in this planet. I just love him.
10 [on The Specialist (1994)] That was just pure, unadulterated fun. I got to play a badass, I got to work with Rod Steiger as my father, I got to work with Sylvester Stallone, and it was really cool. Sly says to me one day, "Hey, Eric, I realized we don't have a scene together in this!" I say, "Yeah." He says, "Okay, I'm gonna write a scene. How 'bout this? It's gonna be a scene about a knife. You're gonna put a knife to my eye." I said, "Cool, dude!" He wrote that scene overnight, and we shot it the next day, just out of the blue. It was just... I mean, who wouldn't want to have a scene written by Rocky with Rocky right there? And that's what happened. I was in heaven.
11 [on The Ambulance (1990)] That was... I put myself in Larry Cohen's hands for that, because I liked the script. It was kind of like The Whole Truth, actually, because I said, "Since this is kind of an action-comedy, I need you to guide me. And I'm gonna do what you tell me and how you tell me to do it, so if there are any mistakes, they're gonna be yours." And he goes, "Okay, here we go!" So he just told me what he wanted, where he wanted it, and how he wanted it, and we had a great time making that movie. That movie was a huge hit in France. It made a lot of money in France. It, uh, didn't do well in the U.S., though. Not until it had been out on DVD for about five years, at which point it became kind of a cult classic.
12 [on The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)] The greatest acting experience of my life, as far as character work. I took every chance an actor could, and I think I made him work. I'm very proud of that piece. Mickey Rourke and I became lifelong friends. I love him. It was probably the most fun I've ever had playing a character... Yeah, they offered me that part. After Tennessee Williams died, I was in Hartford doing a production of The Glass Menagerie, playing Tom Wingfield, and I get this script called The Pope Of Greenwich Village, based on the book. I read it, and... my character was a tough guy. He's a not-too-smart, not-too-educated tough guy. A badass. You don't want to mess with him, because he wasn't very smart, and he might hit you. And I realize, "Hmm, that character has been portrayed like that in a thousand movies. I've done it five times already myself! I have to approach it differently." Since I was up there doing the play, I had lots of time to think about it, lots of time to read and re-read it, and I finally realized, "Ah, here's what I'll do! I'll play a mama's boy who wants to be a tough guy but isn't." So I used all the same dialogue. I didn't change any of the dialogue. I just changed how he dressed, how he looked, how he talked, and how he walked. And I permed my hair and lost 30 pounds, so I'd be a string-bean walking spaz attack. And the result was one of the most satisfying experiences of my career.
13 [on Star 80 (1983)] I discovered what I thought was the core of his (Paul Snider) kind of energy, by my talking with people who liked, and also disliked, him. Also, through photographs - how he stood, whether his shoulders were up or down, and stuff like that. Small stuff, which I could see through pictures of when he was at the Playboy Mansion. I realized that he was wound very tightly, and he was very self-conscious, and he was very....from another era, almost. Once I got that, that was the core of his physicality, I just had to find his morality. And once I had that, I had this very pathetic man, and I popped him out there. I went to a screening at a regular movie theatre and I was on my way out and, of course, everybody knew who I was, because I didn't look that different in the movie, and somebody said, "God, what an awful man!" It was such an awful story that people got me confused with the character. It was a bomb in movie theaters because it was so dark and so real. Bob Fosse was one of the greatest filmmakers ever and he made everybody who watched the movie have to go through that experience, and it was hard. Obviously it was a big loss financially because it should've been a mega-hit, but it was ahead of its time. It has since become a cult classic so I am satisfied by that, but Bob Fosse never saw that. He died. And I love him like I love my life. He became my second father, and he was great to me. We had a great relationship, and we spent a lot of time on the road together, doing press, and we bonded.
14 [on working with Sterling Hayden on King of the Gypsies (1978)] It ended up being one of the best experiences of my life because it became a relationship. We became very good friends, and we stayed friends right up until his death. Sterling was just a winner as a human being. He loved you if you were whatever you were. And if you pretended to be whatever you were, he had nothing for you. I'd already been shooting on the film for about three weeks, and we went into night shoots in the fourth week. My first night working with him was his first day on the film. I'm in my trailer and I get a knock on the door and the second assistant director says, "Mr Hayden would like to meet you and talk to you about the scene tonight." I'm like, "Cool! I can't wait!" So I go over to his trailer and knock on the door, and I hear him say, "Come in, come in!" I open the door and - whoosh! - big cloud of hashish! He says, "Have a seat, young man!" I have a seat. He asks me if I want to get high. I say, "No, because I can't talk when I get high and I have to act tonight." He goes, "Okay, okay. So let's talk about what we're doing tonight! What are we shooting?" I said, "That would be scene 87, sir." He goes, "Oh I know the number. But what the fuck happens?" And it's a very pivotal scene. I've run away, and he comes and nabs me off the street and takes me home, blah, blah, blah. It's a big-deal scene. So I told him that and he goes, "How are you at improvisation, young man?" I said, "I'm okay with it." He said, "Okay, 'cause that's what we're doing tonight." So all our stuff together is all improv, and it's all extraordinary, because he was extraordinary.
15 I'm not going to be the next thing. I don't have hope, I just have patience. [2008]
16 This past 15 years, I made 120 movies, and I probably haven't seen 60 of them. But I've had a great time. I also don't have to die for my work anymore. I have never been more miserable or unhappy as when I shot Star 80 (1983) - as a person, just because of where I had to go every day. [2008]
17 I had a perfect track record up to Rude Awakening (1989). Then the track record goes bumpy, then it goes bad and I'm ruining myself with B movies. I've done a lot of shit. But I have reinstated myself.
18 I've had people say to me, "It's such a shame what happened to your career." I just smile and say I've had a blast. I really have.
19 My life is going to kill me. We all get angry when we realize that. But the anger is fear.
20 I do like the idea of putting something comical into an intense drama, and being intense in absurd circumstances within a comedy.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Action on Film Award Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Outstanding Cast Performance - Feature The Red Maple Leaf (2016) Frank D'Angelo (producer)

James Caan

Robert Loggia

Martin Landau

Michael Paré

Paul Sorvino

Mira Sorvino

Kris Kristofferson

Marina Anderson

Armand Assante

Daniel Baldwin

Marc Blucas

Alex Caan

Rain Clews-Fehr

Ellen Dubin

Laurie Fortier

Addison Holley

Margot Kidder

Robert Mangiardi

Tony Nardi

Doris Roberts

Romy Weltman
2016 Special Jury Award International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality Hungry (2015)
2015 Lifetime Achievement Diamond Award CineRockom International Film Festival Best Acting Career in 392 Films
2015 Robert Altman Award Independent Spirit Awards Inherent Vice (2014) Paul Thomas Anderson (director)

Cassandra Kulukundis (casting director)

Josh Brolin (ensemble cast)

Hong Chau (ensemble cast)

Martin Donovan (ensemble cast)

Jena Malone (ensemble cast)

Joanna Newsom (ensemble cast)

Joaquin Phoenix (ensemble cast)

Sasha Pieterse (ensemble cast)

Maya Rudolph (ensemble cast)

Martin Short (ensemble cast)

Serena Scott Thomas (ensemble cast)

Benicio Del Toro (ensemble cast)

Katherine Waterston (ensemble cast)

Owen Wilson (ensemble cast)

Reese Witherspoon (ensemble cast)

Michael Kenneth Williams (ensemble cast)
2015 Gold Remi Award WorldFest Houston Best Actor Leaves of the Tree (2016)
2014 Best Actor in a Supporting Role Back in the Box, California Spanners (2013)
2014 Festival Award Northeast Film Festival, US Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film Rock Story (2015)
2013 Festival Award Hoboken International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
2012 L.A. Indie Award L.A. Indies Awards Lead Actor Silver Case (2012)
2012 Jury Prize Long Island Film Festival Frank Currier Actor's Award Silver Case (2012)
2012 Award of Excellence The IndieFest Film Awards Leading Actor Silver Case (2012) Brian Keith Gamble
2003 Golden Satellite Award Satellite Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Comedy or Musical Less Than Perfect (2002)
2000 Bronze Wrangler Western Heritage Awards Television Feature Film Purgatory (1999) David A. Rosemont (executive producer)

Daniel Schneider (producer)

Uli Edel (director)

Gordon T. Dawson (writer)

Sam Shepard (actor)

Randy Quaid (actor)

Brad Rowe (actor)
1984 BSFC Award Boston Society of Film Critics Awards Best Actor Star 80 (1983)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015 Action on Film Award Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Best Supporting Actor Lazarus Rising (2015)
2015 Maverick Movie Award Maverick Movie Awards Best Ensemble Acting: Feature Moments of Clarity (2015) Kristin Wallace (actress)

Lyndsy Fonseca (actress)

Mackenzie Astin (actor)

Saxon Trainor (actress)

Xander Berkeley (actor)

Luis Chávez (actor)

A.J. Trauth (actor)

Bitty Schram (actress)

Bill Kottkamp (actor)

Marguerite Moreau (actress)

Jonathan Lajoie (actor)

David J. Phillips (actor)

Mikayla Gibson (actress)

Sophie Turner (actress)

Corbin Timbrook (actor)

Fay DeWitt (actress)

Don Creech (actor)

Angela McEwan (actress)

Peter Oldring (actor)

Ronnie Racquelle (actress)
2013 Action on Film Award Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Outstanding Cast Performance Abstraction (2013) Hunter Ives

Korrina Rico

Ken Davitian

Natalie Victoria

Richard Manriquez

James Arthur Lewis

Sam Puefua

Mindy Robinson
2013 Action on Film Award Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Best Supporting Actor - Feature Abstraction (2013)
2013 Bonehead Award Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival Best Actor So This Is Christmas (2013)
2005 AOF/WAB Award Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Best Actor in a Leading Role Graves End (2005)
1997 OFTA Television Award Online Film & Television Association Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture or Miniseries The Odyssey (1997)
1997 Golden Satellite Award Satellite Awards Best Actor in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television In Cold Blood (1996)
1986 Oscar Academy Awards, USA Best Actor in a Supporting Role Runaway Train (1985)
1986 Golden Globe Golden Globes, USA Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Runaway Train (1985)
1984 Golden Globe Golden Globes, USA Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama Star 80 (1983)
1979 Golden Globe Golden Globes, USA Best Motion Picture Acting Debut - Male King of the Gypsies (1978)

3rd Place Awards

3rd place awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1983 NYFCC Award New York Film Critics Circle Awards Best Actor Star 80 (1983)



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King of the Gypsies 1978 Dave
Dante's Hell Animated 2013 Short Dante (English version, voice)
How to Survive a Marriage 1974 TV Series
Spanners 2013 Jonathan
Another World 1964 TV Series Ted Bancroft #1 (1977)
Day of the Gun 2013 Abraham Tanner
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Pontius Pilate 2018 filming Rafial - Roman Guard
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Taco Shop 2018 completed
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The Demonic Dead 2017 post-production Devil
Chillerama 2011 General Bukakke (segment "Wadzilla")
Inferno by Dante 2017 post-production Dante (voice)
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 2011 TV Series Andy Armus
Unbridled 2017 completed Roger Donigal
The Young and the Restless 2010-2011 TV Series Vance Abrams
The Candidate 2017 post-production Bill Sagle
The Wayshower 2011 Parley Hinkins
Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie 2017 post-production Mob Boss
Jesse 2011/I Chris
Empire of the Heart 2017 pre-production Walter Monroe
Vegan 101 2011 TV Series Dr. Eaton Wright
Lore 2017 completed Sheriff
Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident 2010 Mr. Hopewell
#Speedball 2017 announced Louie
First Dog 2010 President of the United States
Billboard 2017 post-production Rick
Chuck 2010 TV Series Packard
Black Wake 2017 post-production Dr. Frank
Hunt to Kill 2010 Lee Davis
Charlie Charlie 2017 completed Judge
Sharktopus 2010 TV Movie Nathan Sands
Deported 2017 completed Coast Guard Lancing
Reality Star 2010 Frank
Fatties: Take Down the House 2017 Video post-production Morgan O'Shea
Class 2010 TV Movie Benjamin Sheffield
Frank and Ava 2017 post-production Harry Cohn
The Expendables 2010 James Munroe
Get Naked! 2017 completed The Governor
Groupie 2010 Angus
Juvie 2017 post-production Jack
Enemies Among Us 2010 Cobbs
Monsters of Mulberry Street 2017 post-production Joseph Coletti (rumored)
Westbrick Murders 2010 John Barrow
Osprey 2017 completed Apollos
Heroes 2007-2010 TV Series Thompson
The Beautiful Ones 2017 completed Carl
Kingshighway 2010 Frank Monviano
The Legacy of Avril Kyte 2017 pre-production Ben
In the Blink of an Eye 2009 Video Captain Jones
The Reliant 2017 post-production Mr. Jones
Pinkville 2009 Johnny Pies
The Terror of Hallow's Eve 2017 completed Ed
Crash 2009 TV Series Seth Blanchard
30 Days to Say Goodbye 2016 Short completed Alex's Dad / Jim Walsh
The Tomb 2009 Vaslov
Bluebird 2016/II Short completed Man
The Butcher 2009 Merle Hench
Bluebird 2016/I Short post-production Man
Project Solitude 2009 John Sola
Hometown Hero 2016 completed Gunnar Hansen
Crimes of the Past 2009 Robert Byrne
Six Matches 2016 Short completed Fischer
The Whole Truth 2009 Yaro Maroslav
Victory by Submission 2016 completed Leon 'The Neon' Harris
Royal Kill 2009 Dad
Five Grand 2015 completed Marshal Denton J Cartwright
Shannon's Rainbow 2009 Mitchell Prescott
@asst Short post-production Peter Henderson
Rock Slyde 2009 Jake the Deliveryman
Before I Do announced Chuck Steevers
The Steam Experiment 2009 Grant
Bleach post-production Matthew
Light Years Away 2008 Dr. Howard Melvin
Dark Cupid post-production G
Cyclops 2008 TV Movie Emperor Tiberius Caesar
Henri post-production Jenkins Chesney
Entourage 2008 TV Series Eric Roberts
Night Walk post-production Jude
The Cleaner 2008 TV Series Ray Crin
Q-4: Dream Corporation post-production Systems Analyst Farraday
Depth Charge 2008 TV Movie Cdr. William Krieg
The Dark Return of Time filming Dennis Bennett
Dark Honeymoon 2008 Video L.A. Guy
The Epidemic filming Ralph
The Dark Knight 2008 Maroni
The Unbreakable Sword post-production Captain Lockwood
Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2008 TV Series Roy Hubert
The Wind Walker post-production Mr. Jacobsen
Fear Itself 2008 TV Series Harry Siegel
Wild Things in Europe 3D pre-production Detective Novak
Contamination 2008 Dimitry
Spreading Darkness 2017 Stu Undercoffler
The Cookie Thief 2008 Short Cookie Thief
Medinah 2016-2017 TV Series Randall
Witless Protection 2008 Wilford Duvall
The Downside of Bliss 2017 Benny
Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter 2007 Ivan
After School Special 2017 Eric Roberts
Sister's Keeper 2007/II Malikai
You're Gonna Miss Me 2017 Lawrence Graves
The L Word 2006-2007 TV Series Gabriel McCutcheon
Devil Dogs 2017 Short Col. Armstrong
Killer Weekend 2007 Video Mason
Child of Satan 2017 Priest
Pandemic 2007 TV Movie Mayor Richard Dellasandro
Beautifully Broken 2017 Larry
Avrora 2006 Mr. Brown
Maximum Impact 2017 Secretary of State Robert Jacobs
One Way 2006/II Nick Swell
But Deliver Us from Evil 2017 Leigh Warring
DOA: Dead or Alive 2006 Donovan
No Solicitors 2017 Lewis Cutterman
Akon Feat. Eminem: Smack That 2006 Video short Jack Gates
Grey's Anatomy 2017 TV Series Robert Avery
Comedy Hell 2006 The Sheriff
Sangre Negra 2016-2017 TV Series Lee Mondrian
Hollywood Dreams 2006 Thomas Kurt
Actors Anonymous 2017 Sonny
Phat Girlz 2006 Robert Myer
The Institute 2017 Dr. Torrington
Fatal Desire 2006 TV Movie Joe
Almost Amazing 2017 Zane
8 of Diamonds 2006 Charlie Klamanski
Deadly Sanctuary 2017 Tugg
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints 2006 Antonio
Days of Power 2017 Nick
Southern Comfort 2006 TV Movie Ray
Changelings 2017 TV Series Father Martin Mordicai
Geppetto's Secret 2005 Jack Hammer (voice)
Eyes of the Roshi 2017 Booker
Chains 2005/I Jack
The Summoning 2017 Chief Lubbock
Danny Phantom 2005 TV Series Dark Danny
The Matadors 2017 CIA Director
The Double 2005 Short Steven Edwards
Intent 2017 Detective Gordon
The Civilization of Maxwell Bright 2005 Arlis
The Best Thanksgiving Ever 2017 Rod
CSI: Miami 2005 TV Series Ken Kramer
Neron 2016 Priest
Graves End 2005 Tarkington Alexander Graves / Tag
Star Trek: Captain Pike 2016 Doctor Lee Parsons
Spit 2005 Short Jack
A Husband for Christmas 2016 TV Movie Mr. Rawlings
Less Than Perfect 2002-2005 TV Series Will Butler
Uploaded 2016/III Bobby
Break a Leg 2005 Michael Richard Lange
Santa's Boot Camp 2016 Mall Santa
Confessions of an Action Star 2005 Police Chief
Code Black 2016 TV Series Vincent Savetti / Vince Savetti
Final Approach 2005 Video Coach Davis
Sorority Slaughterhouse 2016 Dean Whitman
Border Blues 2004 Video Coyote Larry
Leaves of the Tree 2016 Patrick
The Last Shot 2004 Eric Roberts (uncredited)
Lux in Tenebris 2016 Pokerboss Dean Deus
Justice League Unlimited 2004 TV Series Mongul
Swedish Dicks 2016 TV Series Chip
Six: The Mark Unleashed 2004 Dallas
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2016 TV Series Jimmy 'The Butcher' Figgis
Miss Castaway and the Island Girls 2004 TV Movie Maximus Powers
Gender Bender 2016 Kent Skillman
Killer Weekend 2004 Jack Talbot
Enemy Within 2016/II Jack #2
L.A. Confidential 2003 TV Movie Pierce Patchett
Moments of Clarity 2016 Hal Spreadum
The Long Ride Home 2003 Sheriff Hank Bowman
Snare 2016/II Vito
National Security 2003 Nash
The Red Maple Leaf 2016 Secret Service Agent
Intoxicating 2003 Teddy
Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel 2016 Augur
Russkie v Gorode Angelov 2003 TV Series Larry 'Coyote' Maklovski
Oiled Up 2016 Short Loan Shark
Wolves of Wall Street 2002 Dyson Keller
Stalked by My Doctor: The Return 2016 TV Movie Dr. Beck
Christmas Rush 2002 TV Movie Jimmy Scalzetti
Boomer Hogs 2016 Short Ed Borats
Endangered Species 2002 Sully
Six Gun Savior 2016 The Devil
Witchblade 2002 TV Series Lupo
The Sector 2016 Senator Allen
Spun 2002 The Man
Hunting Season 2016/II William
Wrong Number 2002/II Josh Grey
'79 Parts 2016 Douglas Anderson
Roughing It 2002 TV Movie The Foreman
1959 2016 Jim Blackwell
Justice League 2002 TV Series Mongul
Evil Exhumed 2016 The Shaman (voice)
Fool Proof 2002 Boris
Joker's Wild 2016 James Jenning
Con Games 2001 Video Officer Hopkins
A Remarkable Life 2016 Jack
Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534 2001 TV Movie First Officer Mike Hogan
Non è stato mio figlio 2016 TV Series Giovanni Geraldi
Raptor 2001 Video Sheriff Jim Tanner
The Rally-LA 2016 Santiago
Strange Frequency 2001 TV Series Bob Henry
Mann and Wife 2016 TV Series Officer Wilson
Walking Shadow 2001 TV Movie Police Chief DeSpain
Beyond the Game 2016/II
The Andy Dick Show 2001 TV Series Prisoner
Compadres 2016 Dalton
The Beatnicks 2001 Mack Drake
Scorpion 2016 TV Series Mick
Fast Sofa 2001 Robinson
Prayer Never Fails 2016 Judge Bolden
Stiletto Dance 2001 TV Movie Kit Adrian
Than All Else Ever 2016 Short Captain George Sigler
Mindstorm 2001/I David Mendez
Project 12: The Bunker 2016 Henderson
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2001 TV Series Sam Winfield
The Wrong Roommate 2016 TV Movie Floyd
The King of Queens 2001 TV Series Strohmeyer
EuroClub 2016 Uncle Nicky
Strange Frequency 2001 TV Movie Bob Henry (segment "My Generation")
Euro Kings 2016 Uncle Nicky
The Flying Dutchman 2001 TV Movie Sean
JOB's Daughter 2016 Detective McQueen
Mercy Streets 2000 Rome
Paradise Club 2016 Earl Wild
Sanctimony 2000 Lieutenant
The Last Wizard 2016 Short Andy Warhol
The King's Guard 2000 Augustus Talbert
Through a Class Darkly 2016 Professor Turner
Race Against Time 2000 TV Movie James Gabriel
Lazarus Rising 2015 James Connelly
Cecil B. DeMented 2000 Honey's Ex
Redux 2015 Short Tailored Man
Falcone 2000 TV Series Raymond 'The Madman' Ricci
The Fix 2015
The Alternate 2000 The Alternate
There IS Many Like Us 2015 Documentary LT. Rauder
Luck of the Draw 2000 Carlo
Stalked by My Doctor 2015 TV Movie Dr. Beck
No Alibi 2000 Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner
Relentless Justice 2015 Lanzetta
Tripfall 2000 Mr. Eddie
The Condemned 2 2015 Video Frank Tanner
Dirk and Betty 2000 Customer
Lost Girl 2015 TV Series Hades / Jack
The Hunger 1999 TV Series Jean
Love Me True 2015 Father Anthony
Hitman's Run 1999 Tony Lazorka / John Dugan
The Wicked Within 2015 Dr. Woods
Heaven's Fire 1999 TV Movie Dean McConnell
The Player 2015 TV Series Pauly Agostino
Facade 1999 Colin Wentworth
Golden Shoes 2015 Frank
Spawn 1999 TV Series Petey
Maul Dogs 2015 Jack
Wildflowers 1999 Jacob
Zombie Dream 2015 Eric
Restraining Order 1999 Robert Woodfield
Sicilian Vampire 2015 Detective Louis Marshall
Touched by an Angel 1999 TV Series Nick Stratton
Dead Saturday 2015 Short Pastor Malcolm
Two Shades of Blue 1999 Calvin Stasi
Suits 2014-2015 TV Series Charles Forstman
Lansky 1999 TV Movie Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel
Rock Story 2015/I Andy Granite
BitterSweet 1999 Video Mr. Venti
Rihanna: Bitch Better Have My Money 2015 Video short
Purgatory 1999 TV Movie Blackjack Britton
L.A. Slasher 2015 The Mayor
Dead End 1998/I Henry Smovinsky
Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah 2015 Dr. Mc Millan
Making Sandwiches 1998 Short Julia
The Way It Melts 2015 Short Dr. Thornwood
C-16: FBI 1997-1998 TV Series John Olansky
Hungry 2015/I Short Congressman Dennis Thicke
La Cucaracha 1998 Walter Pool
The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) 2015 Governor Hughes
The Prophecy II 1998 Video Michael
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs 2015 Trent Walker
T.N.T. 1997 Russo
The Epic of Hershey 2015 Short Ted
Most Wanted 1997 Assistant Deputy Director Spencer
The Code of Cain 2015 Parker
The Shadow Men 1997 Bob Wilson
Silver Case: Director's Cut 2015 Senator
Oz 1997 TV Series Richard L'Italien
No Deposit 2015 Gerry Gaci
The Odyssey 1997 TV Series Eurymachus
Fractured 2015/II Dr. Jason Ballard
Frasier 1997 TV Series Chet
Dark Moon Rising 2015 Henrick
In Cold Blood 1996 TV Mini-Series Perry Smith
Ktown Cowboys 2015 Al
The Drew Carey Show 1996 TV Series Steven
A Fatal Obsession 2015 Michael Ryan
Past Perfect 1996 Dylan Cooper
Skin Traffik 2015 The Executive
American Strays 1996 Martin
Las Vegas Story 2015 Walter
The Glass Cage 1996 Montrachet
Amityville Death House 2015 Video The Warlock
Dark Angel 1996 TV Movie Walter D'Arcangelo
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2013-2015 TV Series Daniel Larson Brother Daniel Larson
The Cable Guy 1996 Eric Roberts
American Sharia 2015 Officer Richardson
Heaven's Prisoners 1996 Bubba Rocque
Dead Ringer 2015 Peter Bengtson
Power 98 1996 Karlin Pickett
The Wrath 2015/I The Mayor
Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie The Master Bruce
Story of Eva 2015 Detective Wood
Public Enemies 1996 Video Arthur Dunlop
Hawaii Five-0 2015 TV Series Richard Sheridan
It's My Party 1996 Nick Stark
Chris Cornell: Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart 2015 Video short Prisoner
The Grave 1996 Cass
Halloween Hell 2014 Dracula
Saved by the Light 1995 TV Movie Dannion Brinkley
Rogue Strike 2014 Captain Novakov
The Immortals 1995 Jack
Minutes with Max Amini 2014 TV Series 2014
The Nature of the Beast 1995 Adrian (Dusty)
West End 2014 Victor Trevi
End of the Icon 1995 Short Jack Spain
Mile Marker Seven 2014
Love Is a Gun 1994 Jack Hart
The Opposite Sex 2014 Mr. Campbell
The Specialist 1994 Tomas Leon
Janie Charismanic 2014 Max
Sensation 1994 Dr. Ian Burton
Inherent Vice 2014 Michael Z. Wolfmann
The Hard Truth 1994 Dr. Chandler Etheridge
Starcrossed 2014 Rommel Lazarus
Freefall 1994 Grant Orion
Jake's Road 2014 Keith
Babyfever 1994 Anthony
Pen of Mirrors 2014 Short Old Man
Love, Cheat & Steal 1993 Reno Adams
Let the Lion Roar 2014 Augustine of Hippo
Voyage 1993 TV Movie Gil Freeland
2 Bedroom 1 Bath 2014 Dr. Philip Tenenbaum
Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage 1993 TV Movie Bill Bonanno
It's Not a Date 2014 Dad
Best of the Best II 1993 Alex Grady
Powdered Donuts 2014 Short Steve
Final Analysis 1992 Jimmy Evans
Sector 4: Extraction 2014 Black Knight CEO
Fugitive Among Us 1992 TV Movie Cal Harper
Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper 2014 Older Bernie (voice)
By the Sword 1991 Alexander Villard
Scavenger Killers 2014 Agent Guthro
Lonely Hearts 1991 Frank
Scenes from Powned 2014 Short Gary Weist
Descending Angel 1990 TV Movie Michael Rossi
Trust Me 2014/II Short Jeff
The Lost Capone 1990 TV Movie Al Capone
Doc Holliday's Revenge 2014/II William
The Ambulance 1990 Josh Baker
Rumors of Wars 2014 Zurn
Vendetta: Secrets of a Mafia Bride 1990 TV Mini-Series Sean McLeary
Glee 2014 TV Series Fundraiser Coordinator
Best of the Best 1989 Alex Grady
Camp Dread 2014 Julian
Blood Red 1989 Marco Collogero
Deadly Famous 2014 Eric Roberts
Rude Awakening 1989 Fred Wook
A Cry from Within 2014 Jonathan
Options 1989 Donald Anderson (in telefilm epilogue)
Road to the Open 2014 Tim Gollant
To Heal a Nation 1988 TV Movie Jan Scruggs
Justified 2014 TV Series Agent Miller
Nobody's Fool 1986 Riley
Eternity: The Movie 2014 Gene Weiner
Slow Burn 1986 TV Movie Jacob Asch
SEAL Patrol 2014 Mr. Cromwell
Runaway Train 1985 Buck McGeehy
Headshots & Handcuffs 2014 TV Series short
The Coca-Cola Kid 1985 Becker
Chicks Dig Gay Guys 2014 Mr. Wagner
The Pope of Greenwich Village 1984 Paulie
Family on Board 2014 Short Prosecutor
Star 80 1983 Paul Snider
Good Mourning, Lucille 2014 Ristori
American Playhouse 1983 TV Series Miss Lonelyhearts
Lose-Lose 2014 Short Charles
Raggedy Man 1981 Teddy
The Accidental President 2014 TV Series Vice President Barker
Paul's Case 1980 TV Movie Paul


Hide in the Light 2016 executive producer
Vegan 101 2009 TV Series executive producer


In Cold Blood 1996 TV Mini-Series performer: "Parrots", "Race of Men", "Flowers"


Changelings 2017 TV Series the producers wish to thank - 1 episode
The Devil's Dozen 2013 special thanks
The Legends of Nethiah 2012 special thanks
Guns, Drugs and Dirty Money 2010 very special thanks
Making Witless: The Cast on the Cast 2008 Video short special thanks
One Way 2006/II special thanks


Corsi: The World's First Super Model 2018 Documentary post-production Norman Rockwell
American Kickboxer TV Movie pre-production Himself - Host
King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen Documentary post-production Himself
Untitled Geraldine Page Documentary Documentary post-production Himself
My Cat from Hell 2017 TV Series Himself - Guest
LeagueOne: In the Spotlight! 2017 TV Series Himself
Hollywood Health Report 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
Cinerockom 2015 TV Series Himself - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Reef Madness 2015/II TV Series Himself - Panelist
Oprah: Where Are They Now? 2014 TV Series Himself
Mystical Traveler 2014 Documentary Himself
Celebrity Wife Swap 2014 TV Series Himself
Battling Darkness 2013 Documentary Himself
Teens Wanna Know 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Studio 3 Hollywood Up Close 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Making of 'Das Kind' 2013 Video documentary short Himself / Robert Stern
Marie 2013 TV Series documentary Himself
Out in the Open 2013 Documentary Himself
The Jeff Probst Show 2012 TV Series Himself
Actor's Day in LA 2012 TV Series Himself
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew 2010-2011 TV Series Himself - Patient
Icon News 2011 TV Series Himself - Celebrity Red Carpet Guest / Himself - Celebrity Guest
15th Annual Prism Awards 2011 TV Special Himself
The Truth Is Out There 2011 Documentary Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2000-2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Before the Battle: The Making of' 'The Expendables' 2010 Video documentary short Himself
MKP Celebrity Talk 2010 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Wendy Williams Show 2010 TV Series Himself - Guest
Biography 2010 TV Series documentary Himself
Inferno: The Making of 'The Expendables' 2010 TV Movie documentary Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2010 TV Series Himself
Behind the Scenes with Interviews of Ninja's Creed 2010 Video short Himself
Rock Slyde: Behind the Scenes 2010 Video short Himself
The Brian McKnight Show 2010 TV Series Himself
Munchie the Agent 2010 TV Series Himself
Celebrity Shock List 2009 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Joy Behar Show 2009 TV Series Himself - Guest
Fox Reality Really Awards 2009 TV Special Himself
Celebrity Ghost Stories 2009 TV Series documentary Himself
Starz Inside: Unforgettably Evil 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Secrets of Life 2009 Documentary Himself
The 2009 Independent Spirit Awards 2009 TV Special Himself
The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan 2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Making Witless: The Cast on the Cast 2008 Video short Himself
The 2007 World Magic Awards 2007 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Heroes Unmasked 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
Loose Women 2007 TV Series Himself
Howard Stern on Demand 2007 TV Series Himself
Premiya Muz-TV 2007 2007 TV Special Himself - Special Guest Presenter
The Bronx Bunny Show 2007 TV Series Himself
Last Call with Carson Daly 2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
The John Kerwin Show 2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
Corazón de... 2005-2006 TV Series Himself
The 2005 World Music Awards 2005 TV Special Himself - Presenter
2005 MTV Video Music Awards 2005 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Ballbreakers 2005 TV Series Himself
Only in LA 2005 TV Series Himself
Hollywood Beat 2005 TV Series Himself
Forever in Our Hearts: The Making of Documentary 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
ALF's Hit Talk Show 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Making of 'Six' 2004 Video short Himself
Hollywood Squares 2002-2004 TV Series Himself - Panelist
SoapTalk 2003-2004 TV Series Himself
My Date with Drew 2004 Documentary Himself
Pyramid 2004 TV Series Himself - Celebrity Contestant
The Great American Celebrity Spelling Bee 2004 TV Mini-Series Himself
The Sharon Osbourne Show 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
Bruce W. Cook: Interviews 2004 TV Series Himself
The 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2003 TV Special Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2003 TV Series Himself - Guest
Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade 2002 TV Special Himself
Dark Realm 2000-2001 TV Series Himself - Host
The Test 2001 TV Series Himself - Panelist
The Andy Dick Show 2001 TV Series Himself
The Howard Stern Radio Show 2001 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Making of 'Mercy Streets' 2001 Video documentary short Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2000 TV Series Himself - Guest
Walking After Midnight 1999 TV Series
Tonight at the House of Blues 1998 TV Movie Himself
1998 VH1 Fashion Awards 1998 TV Special Himself
Howard Stern 1994-1997 TV Series Himself - Guest
Showbiz Today 1996 TV Series Himself
Legends in Light: The Photography of George Hurrell 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself - Interviewee
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1993 TV Series Himself - Guest
Night of 100 Stars III 1990 TV Movie Himself
The 46th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1989 TV Special Himself - Presenter
The Arsenio Hall Show 1989 TV Series Himself - Guest
The 1988 MTV Video Music Awards 1988 TV Special Himself - presenter
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam 1987 TV Movie documentary voice
The 58th Annual Academy Awards 1986 TV Special Himself - Nominee (uncredited)
The 43rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 1986 TV Special Himself - Nominee
The 41st Annual Golden Globe Awards 1984 TV Special Himself - Nominee

Archive Footage

But Deliver Us from Evil: The Making 2017 TV Movie documentary
Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films 2014 Documentary Buck McGeehy (uncredited)
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 2013 TV Mini-Series documentary Bruce / The Master
Doctor Who: Season 26B 2009 TV Series The Master
Doctor Who Confidential 2005-2009 TV Series documentary Himself / The Master
Heroes Unmasked 2007-2008 TV Series documentary Thompson
The Ties That Bind Us 2008 Video documentary short The Master
Biography 1999-2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Video on Trial 2005-2006 TV Series Detective / Himself
Femmes Fatales: Sharon Stone 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)

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