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Edward Witten was created on August 26, 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s a Jewish. His parents are Lorraine Witten (nee Wollach) and Louis Witten, who in fact was a theoretical physicist as well, and basically specific in gravitation and also generally relativity. In the 1995 by dealing with the string theory, he produced his own brave recommendation that five different string theories weren’t distinct theories in actual, he stated that it had been different limits of 1 theory which he known as “M-theory”. Afterwards, he signed up for the Br and eis University. He graduated in the 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree main in history and small in linguistics. She actually is of Italian descent. –> Later on he made a decision to continue his education and attempted himself at the University of Wisconsin– Ultimately he created Seiberg– He signed up for the Princeton University in the 1973 and studied applied mathematics. Once within an interview he stated that religion is essential for him. He offers started his scientific function because the end of the 60s, when he wrote his 1st articles, which was released in such journals like “THE BRAND NEW Republic ” and “THE COUNTRY”. Level. He also was an associate of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and a Foreign Person in the Royal Culture in the 1999. Another 12 months he visited Oxford University and by the end of 70s was included as kept a fellowship at Harvard University. In the 1981, he proved the positive energy theorem generally relativity and later on was awarded for that experiment. By the end of 80s, he coined the word of topological quantum field theory for a particular kind of physical theory. He also recognized that theory which titled Chern– His net well worth is still under analyzing. He studied at the Park College of Baltimore. He also produced a contribution to physics with a case of gauge/gravity duality. It occurs in the 1997, when another scientist Juan Maldacena announced his outcomes as Advertisements/CFT correspondence. Along with Nathan Seiberg, Edward produced other results at that time he studied specific non-commutative quantum field theories that occur as limitations of string theory.Madison, but still left it after initial semester.Witten invariants. D. For his amazing contributions, in the 1990 he was awarded the Areas Medal by the International Mathematical Union, actually, he was the 1st physicist who won this prize. In the 2004 he became a Nobel Prize laureate in Physics. For the years of his effective scientific profession, he got several of awards and prizes like “Pythagoras Award (2005)”, “Nemmers Prize in Mathematics (2000)”, “Henri Poincaré Prize (2006)” and “Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)”. After Princeton he kept a fellowship at Harvard University during 1976-1977. He’s wedded to Chiara Nappi. His wife is definitely a physicist. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. The few has three beautiful kids, called Ilana, Daniela, and Rafael. His daughters are researchers too. In the 1976 he finally received a Ph.Simons theory provides a framework for understanding the mathematical theory of knots in addition to a 3-manifolds.


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