Eduardo Noriega Net Worth

Eduardo Noriega Net Worth is
$5 Million

Eduardo Noriega Biography

Eduardo Noriega Net Value: Eduardo Noriega is a Spanish actor who includes a net value of $5 million. He transferred to Madrid to be an actor. Noriega provides gained awards at the Alcala de Henares Brief Film Event, Miami Film Event, Malaga Spanish Film Event, and Zapping Awards. Eduardo Noriega Gomez was created in Spain in August, Sant, er and Cantabria1973. His initial appearance emerged in the 1993 brief En casa de Diego. Eduardo wedded Trinidad Oteros in 2011. He’s scheduled to superstar as Lou in the forthcoming Television series Vade Retro. His most well-known movie functions were in movies by Alejandro Amenabar where he performed Bosco Herranz in Tesis in 1996 and Cesar in 1997’s Open up Your Eye. He starred in the 2004 film Wolf and as Enrique in the 2008 movie Vantage Stage. He in addition has starred in movies such as for example Blackthorn, The Last Stand, Lovely Vengeance, and Beauty and the Beast. Eduardo may be the youngest of seven siblings. In 2011 Noriega starred in the tv screen series Homicidios as Tomas Soller.

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Quick Facts

Full NameEduardo Noriega
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthAugust 1, 1973
Height1.8 m
EducationUniversity of Cantabria
SpouseTrinidad Oteros
ChildrenLaura Noriega, Eduardo Noriega, Esteban Noriega, Ricardo Noriega
PartnerAna Álvarez
NominationsGoya Award for Best Actor
MoviesThe Last Stand, Open Your Eyes, The Devil's Backbone, Burnt Money, Thesis, Blackthorn, Novo, Transsiberian, Vantage Point, Beauty and the Beast, Nobody Knows Anybody, The Method, For The Good Of Others, Our Lovers, The Wolf, Agnosía, Lolita's Club, Gigola, Question of Luck, Inside Love, Little Indi, Stories from the Kronen, The Yellow Fountain, Where Is Madame Catherine?, A Gun in Each Hand, Souli, Warriors, Sweetwater, Cha Cha Cha, Plunder of the Sun, Wednesday's don't exist, Hell's Island, Los Hermanos del Hierro, My Angel, The Beast of Hollow Mountain, El Paso, Island of Lost Souls, Che Guevara, David

Interesting Facts

1 Tudela, Navarra, Spain: Member of the jury at Tudela Film Festival [November 2011]
2 Supports West Sahara cause and has attended its Film Festival many times.
3 Supporter of F.C. Barcelona.
4 Met his wife, Trinidad Oteros, while waiting for a delayed flight in Madrid-Barajas Airport.
5 The first movie he ever saw on VCR was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) in 1983.
6 Smoker.
7 Sang Bob Dylan's hit "Like a Rolling Stone" at the TV show "Buenafuente". [March 2010]
8 His favorite actor is Paul Newman.
9 Was granted the "Florián Rey Award" in Zaragoza, Spain. [May 2012]
10 Supported a demonstration to defend the "Sahara Madrid" cause. [April 2012]
11 Practises yoga.
12 Is an avid photographer.
13 Used to spend some time with his family in "El Puntal" beach, in Santander.
14 Is the only member of his family that dedicated to show business.
15 Keeps on taking English classes to improve his English pronunciation.
16 Besides being a very accomplished piano player, he also sings.
17 Usually works with Alejandro Amenábar and Mateo Gil.
18 Lives in Madrid.
19 Is a philanthropist. In Spain, collaborates with foundation "Mundo Justo".
20 When he was a child, loved watching Marilyn Monroe's films.
21 Fan of Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi.
22 Friend of Leonardo Sbaraglia.
23 Honored in Buenos Aires Film Festival and in Nantes Film Festival.
24 Loves Buenos Aires. Says that he always felt very well taken care of while staying there.
25 Big fan of Luis Buñuel.
26 Lived shortly in Los Angeles but didn't enjoy it.
27 Everytime he travels, takes a notebook with him where he writes. But doesn't share it with anyone.
28 Often works in different countries and different languages.
29 Chosen the second greatest actor of Spain and the second hottest one, according to a survey made by Glamour Magazine in Spain. [2010]
30 Considered one of the 10 hottest men by People en español magazine. [2009]
31 Won the Golden Mic (Micrófono de Oro) in Santander. Granted by the Federación de Asociaciones de Radio y TV. [2009]
32 Was considered for the lead in La paz de tus ojos tristes. [2006]
33 First Spanish actor to play Che Guevara.
34 Was cast to play Che Guevara in Josh Evans first movie, because Evan's mother Ali MacGraw saw Noriega's picture on a magazine and picked him herself. Later, he was interviewed by Evans and got the part.
35 Before playing El Lobo (2004), he interviewed the real character.
36 Learned Catalan for his part in Les mans buides (2003).
37 Named European Revelation of 2001 at Cannes Film Festival-Le Studio.
38 Worked with also Cantabrian actor Antonio Resines in El invierno de las anjanas (2000). Resines is from Torrelavega and Noriega from Santander. The movie was shot in both cities. So they felt like home.
39 Named as one of European films 'Shooting Stars' by European Film Promotion. [1999]
40 Sang a fragment of Joan Manuel Serrat's song "Lucía" in the movie Cha-cha-chá (1998).
41 His father died when he was age 14. His mother died when he was almost age 23. He took her to the Thesis (1996) premiere in Madrid.
42 Discovered by movie director Alejandro Amenábar. Began his acting career by making short films with him.Studied drama at the Spanish National Conservatory.
43 Decided to become actor almost by chance, because a friend of his was studying drama and convinced him to go to a class.
44 Arrived to Madrid at 19 with his mother.
45 Majored in the prestigious Santander University Law School, but dropped out soon after to pursue an acting career.
46 Decided to become a lawyer because enjoyed very much TV shows such as Perry Mason.
47 Attended Santander Music School to become a professional piano player because his mother wanted him to be a musician. Had so much talent that his teachers encouraged him to become a concertist, but after five years of intense work, he grew tired of it and quit.
48 When he was a child he wanted to be a priest.
49 Attended a private Catholic school for men.
50 Fluent in Spanish, English (American and British), French and Catalan.
51 Is the youngest of seven siblings.
52 Spanish citizen.
53 His surname comes from Astoria, where his family on his father side comes from.
54 His father was from Puebla, Mexico, where he spend some time in a ranch at the age of 18.
55 Father Mexican, mother Spanish.


1 Works with directors from different countries, in different countries and in different languages


1 When we made Thesis (1996) and Open Your Eyes (1997) guessed Amenábar's talent.
2 My character in Open Your Eyes (1997) is an egocentric guy whose life's gonna change and will end up signing a contract with the Devil.
3 You have to be aware of what might happen, but sometimes you need to forget it because you have to live and things to do. When you're 20, you think that nothing bad can happen to you, until it happens to someone close to you, then you realize.
4 [on Open Your Eyes (1997)] The movie shows how your looks can determinate a temper.
5 [on Open Your Eyes (1997)] Someone told me once: If there weren't challenges, life would be boring", that's why I decided to take the chance and play this very important role.
6 When the Open Your Eyes (1997) script got to my hands, I was shocked by its complexity, but I couldn't stop reading it.
7 I'm very grateful for having started my career with Amenábar.
8 I've got the feeling that we always remember that thing that shocked us. A memory always hides an emotion.
9 Actors always work with our memory, and it shows. That's why we must work it out very often.
10 Ethics set boundaries that must never be crossed. Ethics must be poured in everything we do in our life.
11 Beauty sells, even if it's something subjective, and so does youth. But youth has not value alone.
12 It will be very difficult for Barcelona FC to win any cup this year, but Gosh! It's wonderful to see them play! (17 March, 2012)
13 Every time it's said that Messi is in crisis, he lands four goals. (20 Feb. 2012)
14 I'd love to make a biographical movie of Chopin. That would be a wonderful excuse to play piano again.
15 [after being asked what he'd like to be asked] Exactly that! Thank you.
16 [on working with him in The Last Stand (2013)] One of the good things about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger is that I'll be able to pronounce and spell his name correctly at last.
17 [when asked about being referred to as the Spanish ambassador for Argentinian actors] I don't consider myself ambassador of anything, Leo (Sbaraglia) says that because he's my friend and loves me, but I'm just a Spanish actor who can recognize talent when I see it and here (Argentina) there's a lot of it. [La Nación magazine, March, 2006]
18 [when asked about his upcoming TV series "Homicidios"] If I had to be a serial killer, I'd be the one from A Clockwork Orange (1971).
19 [on playing Che Guevara] If I was nervous about playing el "Lobo", imagine how I felt to play Che Guevara. He is known worldwide. He's a myth. Many people think that they know a lot about him, but most times they don't. Many things about him were said, but many of them untrue. Only few people know the real story.
20 [regarding his part in El Lobo] I didn't want to play the hero. I wanted to play a simple guy who is manipulated, who didn't know how far he was going to go; a guy who is trapped as an animal between two dangerous worlds much bigger than him. His story's really tragic. He spent two years inside ETA feeling fear. He had to act all the time, control his behavior the whole time. And it's based on a subject really important to us in Spain.
21 I'm so lucky because I've been in Africa, in Madagascar. I've been in Europe, in France, Spain. I've been in Switzerland. I've been in the United States shooting a movie in California. I've been in Mexico City shooting 'Vantage Point.' I've been in Argentina, Chile. I want to travel all around the world and visit different cultures. Hopefully, I can do different stories of different cultures. That's going to be rewarding for me personally, as a person, as a man, not only as an actor.
22 I wanna keep on shooting in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, USA, France, Spain. I hope I can keep on doing what I've been doing so far: Movies in different languages and genres.
23 [when asked about his upcoming TV series "Homicidios"] If I had to be a serial killer, I'd be the one from A Clockwork Orange (1971)
24 When I was a little boy, I loved watching Marilyn Monroe's and Paul Newman's films, but today, I'm amazed by Javier Bardem's talent.
25 [on other people using his name on twitter] I had to get out of the twitter closet due to impersonation problems.
26 I wouldn't change Cantabria for any other place in the world.
27 I've always felt very well taken care of in Buenos Aires. Every time I went there. So, I'll probably go again on vacation or to promote a movie.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2013 Grand Jury Prize Miami Film Festival Best Performance Una pistola en cada mano (2012) Javier Cámara

Ricardo Darín

Eduard Fernández

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

Jordi Mollà

Candela Peña

Alberto San Juan

Leonardo Sbaraglia

Luis Tosar
2012 Zapping Award Zapping Awards Best Actor (Millor actor) Homicidios (2011)
1999 EFP Shooting Star Berlin International Film Festival Spain.
1999 Special Mention Málaga Spanish Film Festival Short Films (Cortometrajes) Allanamiento de morada (1998) Pepón Nieto

Petra Martínez
1995 'Caja de Madrid' Award Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival Best Actor (Mejor Interpretación Masculina) Luna (1995)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2009 Award of the Spanish Actors Union Spanish Actors Union Film: Supporting Performance, Male (Secundario Cine - Categoría Masculina) Transsiberian (2008)
2005 Barcelona Film Award Barcelona Film Awards Best Actor (Millor Actor) El Lobo (2004)
2005 Fotogramas de Plata Fotogramas de Plata Best Movie Actor (Mejor Actor de Cine) El Lobo (2004)
2005 Goya Goya Awards Best Actor (Mejor Actor Principal) El Lobo (2004)
2002 Fotogramas de Plata Fotogramas de Plata Best Movie Actor (Mejor Actor de Cine) El espinazo del diablo (2001)
2001 Fotogramas de Plata Fotogramas de Plata Best Movie Actor (Mejor Actor de Cine) Plata quemada (2000)
1999 Fotogramas de Plata Fotogramas de Plata Best Movie Actor (Mejor Actor de Cine) Cha-cha-chá (1998)
1999 Goya Goya Awards Best Lead Actor (Mejor Actor Protagonista) Abre los ojos (1997)



Perfectos desconocidos 2017 post-production Eduardo
Vade Retro TV Series announced Lou
La sonata del silencio 2016 TV Series Rafael
Nuestros amantes 2016 Carlos
¿Qué fue de Jorge Sanz? 5 años después 2016 TV Movie Eduardo Noriega
Wednesdays don't exist 2015 Pablo
Cites 2015 TV Series Ricardo
La belle et la bête 2014 Perducas
Presentimientos 2013 Félix
Sweetwater 2013 Miguel
The Last Stand 2013 Gabriel Cortez
Una pistola en cada mano 2012 P.
#Stop 2012 Short Spanish Man
Homicidios 2011 TV Series Tomás Sóller
Blackthorn 2011 Ing. Eduardo Apodaca
Gigola 2010 Tony
Agnosia 2010 Carles
El mal ajeno 2010 Dr. Diego Sanz
Petit indi 2009 Sergi
Vantage Point 2008 Enrique
Transsiberian 2008 Carlos Ximénez
Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club 2007 Raúl Fuentes / Valentín Fuentes
Alatriste 2006 Conde de Guadalmedina
Películas para no dormir: Regreso a Moira 2006 TV Movie Man looking at statue (uncredited)
Che Guevara 2005 Ernesto 'Che' Guevara
The Method 2005 Carlos de Aristegui Santos
Mon ange 2004 Romain
Souli 2004 Carlos
El Lobo 2004 José María 'Txema' Loigorry / El Lobo
Les mans buides 2003 Gerard
Novo 2002 Graham / Pablo
Guerreros 2002 Teniente Alonso
Visionarios 2001 Joshe González Machinbarrena
The Devil's Backbone 2001 Jacinto
Burnt Money 2000 Ángel / Narrator
El invierno de las anjanas 2000 Eusebio Sánchez Arguello / Andrés Echarri
Carretera y manta 2000 Luis
Nadie conoce a nadie 1999 Simón Cárdenas
La fuente amarilla 1999 Sergio
Allanamiento de morada 1998 Short Simón Romero
Cha-cha-chá 1998 Antonio
Open Your Eyes 1997 César
Cita 1996 Short Alberto
David 1996 Short
Question of Luck 1996 Julio Muñoz
Más allá del jardín 1996 Ignacio
Colegio mayor 1996 TV Series Sergio
Thesis 1996 Bosco Herranz
Luna 1995 Short Alberto
Historias del Kronen 1995 Joven pelea 1.
Soñé que te mataba 1994 Short
Una historia más 1994 Short
En casa de Diego 1993 Short


Presentimientos 2013 screenplay


Los Goya 29 edición 2015 TV Movie performer: "Acompáñame"


¡Atención obras! 2015 TV Series Himself
Los Goya 29 edición 2015 TV Movie Himself - Performer & Presenter: Best Cinematography
Il était une fois la Belle et la Bête 2014 Video documentary Himself
Los Goya 28 edición 2014 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Lead Actress
El hormiguero 2007-2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Gente 2012 TV Series Himself
Los Goya 26 edición 2012 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best New Director
Telediario 2011 TV Series Himself
¡Qué tiempo tan feliz! 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
Palabras a medianoche 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Una historia de Zinemaldia 2011 TV Series documentary Himself - Host
Los Goya 25 años 2011 TV Special Himself (video) (uncredited)
Actrices 2011 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Premios Ondas 2010 2010 TV Movie Himself
Página 2 2010 TV Series Himself
Humanos y divinos 2010 TV Series Himself - Guest
Continuarà... 1999-2010 TV Series Himself
Tvist 2010 TV Series Himself
Miradas 2 2008-2010 TV Series documentary Himself
Sala 33 2010 TV Series Himself - Guest
Ceremonia de inauguración - 58º festival internacional de cine de San Sebastián 2010 TV Movie Himself - Host
El premio 2010/I Short Himself
Gala 20 aniversario 2010 TV Movie Himself - Video
Buenafuente 2005-2010 TV Series Himself - Guest
XXIV Premios Anuales de la Academia 2010 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Short Films
Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2008 2009 TV Movie Himself - Presenter: Best Actress in a Film
Gala FAO ¡Mira quién baila! 2008 2008 TV Special Himself (video)
Cartelera 2007-2008 TV Series Himself
Èxit 2008 TV Series Himself
Premio Donostia a Meryl Streep 2008 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Vantage Point: An Inside Perspective 2008 Video documentary short Himself
Vantage Point: Plotting an Assassination 2008 Video documentary short Himself
Taller Canal+ 2008 TV Series Himself - Guest
El intermedio 2008 TV Series Himself
De par en par 2008 TV Series Himself
Corazón de... 2005-2008 TV Series Himself
No disparen al pianista 2007 TV Series Himself
El club 2005-2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
La tarda 2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
Ceremonia de clausura - 55º festival internacional de cine de San Sebastián 2007 TV Movie Himself
El blog de Cayetana 2007 TV Series Himself
Channel nº 4 2006-2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
Ceremonia de apertura - 55º Festival internacional de cine de San Sebastián 2007 TV Movie Himself
Penélope, camino a los Oscar 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
XXI Premios Anuales de la Academia 2007 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Supporting Actress
El reservado 2007 TV Series Himself
Carta blanca 2006 TV Series Himself - Guest
Fuga a la Medianoche 2006 TV Series Himself - Guest (2006)
XX premios Goya 2006 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Supporting Actress
Caiga quien caiga 2006 TV Series Himself
Valor afegit 2005 TV Series Himself - Guest
El Magacine 2005 TV Series Himself
Ahora 2003-2005 TV Series Himself
Las cerezas 2004-2005 TV Series Himself - Guest
La mirada crítica 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
Dos rombos 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
Lo + plus 2002-2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
XVI premios Goya 2002 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best New Actress
La gran ilusión 2000 TV Series Himself
Vértigo 2000 TV Series Himself - Guest
XIV premios Goya 2000 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Lead Actress
La cosa nostra 1999 TV Series Himself - Guest
XIII premios Goya 1999 TV Special Himself - Nominee: Best Lead Actor
La noche abierta 1998 TV Series Himself - Guest
XI premios Goya 1997 TV Special Himself - Audience Member
El acomodador 1997 TV Series Himself - Guest (2000)
Cómo se hizo 'Tesis' 1996 TV Movie documentary Himself
Historia de nuestro cine 2016 TV Series Himself - Panelist
Miguel Picazo, un cineasta extramuros 2016 Documentary Himself
Días de cine 2009-2016 TV Series Himself
Cinema 3 2003-2016 TV Series Himself
Àrtic 2016 TV Series Himself
Madrid, contigo 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
Versión española 2001-2015 TV Series Himself - Guest

Archive Footage

Memòries de la tele 2010 TV Series Himself
España, plató de cine 2009 TV Movie documentary César (uncredited)
Premis Gaudí de l'Acadèmia del Cinema Català 2009 TV Special Carlos
Catalunya.cat 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
El último truco 2008 Documentary Simón Cárdenas (uncredited)
Maquillando entre monstruos 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself / César
Cartelera 2007 TV Series Himself
Televisión registrada 2007 TV Series Himself
La tele de tu vida 2007 TV Series Himself
Tvist 2005 TV Series Himself
Cinema mil 2005 TV Series Himself

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