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Accomplishment: He was honored as Professional photographer of the entire year by Gay. Idea he’s an American he also retains the citizenship of Greece. He previously spent the majority of his childhood times in Greece and the uk. Interesting Facts: Theocharis can be a successful man model and has preserved substantial body physique. He had taken the knowledge of picture taking and digital arts at the University of Westminster and Artwork at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): Theocharis was created on October 15, 1977 in San Jose, California. Personal Lifestyle: Theocharis is even more attracted towards men instead of his opposite sex. Following the honored by seeing that the professional photographer of the entire year, he was described to become a gay.Who’s Dimitris Theocharis: Dimitris Theocharis is a famous American Professional photographer and video director known for his functions in the areas of fashion, marketing, and artwork and offers been nominated in a number of prestigious awards. He was also honored as the very best 50 international male versions.


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