Diana Muldaur Net Worth

Diana Muldaur Net Worth is
$3 Million

Diana Muldaur Biography

Muldaur began performing in senior high school and continuing on through university, graduating from Lovely Briar University in Virginia in 1960. Born August 19, 1939 in NEW YORK, New York, she actually is best known on her behalf functions in L.A. Sadly, the soap was canceled early in to the 1970 television period after simply 15 episodes. Katherine Pulaski in the next season of Superstar Trek: The Next Era.Diana Muldaur Net Worthy of: Diana Muldaur can be an American celebrity who includes a net worthy of of $3 million dollars. She studied performing under Stella Adler and produced a name for herself on the brand new York stage. In 1965, Muldaur landed the function of Ann Wicker in the CBS daytime soap opera THE TRICK Storm, and she got a five-episode agreement as Jeannie Orloff in the ultimate period of Richard Chamberlain’s NBC medical drama Dr. Muldaur’s initial big break emerged in Harold Robbins’ The Survivors when she landed the function of Belle in the high-profile brand-new ABC primetime serial (1969). She after that appeared on various tv shows including Bonanza, I Spy, The Courtship of Eddie’s Dad, Mod Squad, Hawaii 5-0, The F.B.I actually., The Virginian and a two-episode arc on the Ben Gazzarra drama Work for YOUR DAILY LIFE.I.B. The start of multiple collaborative initiatives between Muldaur and Burt Reynolds started when they fulfilled while guest-starring on the 3rd season The F. jointly. Muldaur made unforgettable guest performances on Hawk (1966) and Dan August (1971), both weekly displays with Burt Reynolds in the business lead role. Kildare. Law simply because Rosalind Shays and simply because Dr. Muldaur continuing performances in television films, episodic guest appearances and as a string regular in lots of other memorable projects.

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Quick Facts

Full NameDiana Muldaur
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthAugust 19, 1938
Height1.66 m
ProfessionVoice Actor, Breeder
EducationSweet Briar College
SpouseRobert Dozier, James Vickery
ParentsCharles Edward Arrowsmith Muldaur, Alice Patricia Muldaur
SiblingsGeoff Muldaur
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
MoviesMcQ, One More Train to Rob, The Other, The Lawyer, Planet Earth, Chosen Survivors, Murder in Three Acts, The Swimmer, Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion, Beyond Reason, Number One, Maneaters Are Loose!, The Miracle Worker, The Return of Frank Cannon
TV ShowsStar Trek: The Next Generation, L.A. Law, The Tony Randall Show, McCloud, Born Free, The Secret Storm, Harold Robbins' The Survivors, Hizzonner, Fitz and Bones, The Word (US)

Interesting Facts

1 Had played several doctors on Star Trek before being called in to play Dr. Pulaski. She agreed to take the role on one condition: that the character's first name be changed to Catherine. Gates McFadden, during her time off, played another doctor, Caroline Ryan, in The Hunt for Red October (1990). When McFadden returned to Star Trek, she was unable to appear in Patriot Games (1992), and her role was given to Anne Archer, and renamed Catherine.
2 Martha's Vineyard, MA, USA: Looking for a suitable role to restart her career, after being a caregiver to her husband for many years. [January 2013]
3 Now living with her husband in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She has enjoyed time away from Hollywood, and is now looking for a suitable role to restart her career. [January 2000]
4 Her cousin was the father of actress Kathy Baker.
5 Aunt of Jenni Muldaur and Clare Manchon.
6 Said in an interview in People Magazine in 2000, that the L.A. Law (1986) actors were like family to her, but that she didn't have fond memories of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).
7 According to director Paul Lynch, Diana had trouble remembering her lines on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987). To help her out, her lines were put on cue cards for her to look at. (Star Trek magazine, Sept/Oct 2007).
8 Worked together with L.A. Law (1986) co-star Richard Dysart at New York's legendary "Circle in the Square Theatre" in the 1960s.
9 Ex-sister-in-law of Maria Muldaur.
10 Diana's younger brother is singer/songwriter Geoff Muldaur.
11 The scene where her L.A. Law (1986) character Rosalind Shays is discovered in bed with her enemy Leland McKenzie, played by Richard Dysart, was ranked as the 38th greatest moment in television (the list originally appeared in the March 1991 issue of EGG magazine).
12 Often plays physician roles. Her most noted ones in Trek lore were, respectively: "Dr. Ann Mullhall" (original series episode: Star Trek: Return to Tomorrow (1968)), "Dr. Miranda Jones" (original series episode: Star Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1968)) and "Dr. Katherine Pulaski" (season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)). Each having an open-minded view of the Universe.
13 In celebration of the Star Trek (1966) 40th Aniversary, several conventions were held in its honor. Diana hadn't done a Star Trek convention in 10 years. She participated in one in Las Vegas on Sept. 15, 2006, along with several other Star Trek veterans.
14 Playmates Toys released an action figure in her likeness as the character "Dr. Pulaski" from Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).
15 Appeared in the 1967 Gunsmoke (1955) episode Gunsmoke: Fandango (1967). A portion of this episode can be heard on the album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, during the intro to the song "Is There Anybody Out There".
16 Was the graduation speaker for Sweet Briar College (her alma mater) on 7 May 2000.
17 A former Screen Actors Guild board member, she later went on to become president of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
18 Former president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
19 Graduate of Sweet Briar College (1960).
20 Fairly well-known breeder, owner, and judge of Airedale Terriers.


1 Rosalind Shays in "L.A. Law" (season 4 and 5).
2 Piercing eyes
3 Dr. Pulaski on "Star Trek: the next generation" (season 2).


1 A lot of people ask me why I did Star Trek for a year and I said, "because it sounded wonderful and creative, fun and children's theater." It wasn't any of those things... that was a mistake of mine.
2 I just fell in love with it, in love with the history of it, with all of it. I didn't discover film until much later. Beneath my dignity, film was. I was one of those repulsive creatures. (on her early days acting in school plays)
3 I worked with him in the mid-'60s on Broadway in New York, and I was just a kid starting out and he was a big star and a character star, and the joy was that because he looked older he was playing wonderful older character roles which made him, I think, the great actor that he is today...he's wonderful! - about her L.A. Law (1986) co-star Richard Dysart.
4 About Gene Roddenberry: "The qualities that I admired so in him were his creativity, because in Hollywood they buy you because you're creative and then they try to take it all out of you, to make you commercial, and he never ever gave in." (2006)
5 "Most of my career I have played interesting - particularly in my day which was a long time ago - interesting roles that were women doing something other than just motherhood. Sometimes it was just motherhood, which was also just as important. But also it was doctors, lawyers... Certainly that's how Gene always saw me, as a human being on the face of this Earth with some dignity, which is what I have tried to portray in all of my roles ... I think we tend as people to denigrate ourselves often, and the joy of trying to bring whatever that basic wonderful dignified thing is, that is in each and every human being, is very important to me." (2006)
6 On doing a "Star Trek" convention after 10 years: "One of the main reasons I'm here, if not the entire reason I'm here, is to celebrate Gene Roddenberry. He discovered me, in many ways, when I was a kid in Hollywood, and he put me in two different segments of the original Star Trek (1966), which were a total joy to do. I cannot tell you how inventive and how creative everybody was who worked on that show, from the actors, the makeup, the hair, the camera ... I will never forget it as long as I live" (2006).


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1991 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series L.A. Law (1986)
1991 Q Award Viewers for Quality Television Awards Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Drama Series L.A. Law (1986)
1990 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series L.A. Law (1986)
1990 Q Award Viewers for Quality Television Awards Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Drama Series L.A. Law (1986)



The Invaders 1968 TV Series Claire
I Spy 1968 TV Series Sally
Run for Your Life 1967 TV Series Dr. Jean Winters
Judd for the Defense 1967 TV Series Gloria Morton
Gunsmoke 1967 TV Series Laurel Tyson
New York Television Theatre 1966 TV Series segment: "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets"
- Augustus Does His Bit/The Dark Lady of the Sonnets 1966 ... segment: "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets"
T.H.E. Cat 1966 TV Series Lilah Hadis
Hawk 1966 TV Series Laura Case
Dr. Kildare 1966 TV Series Jeannie Orloff
For the People 1965 TV Series The Woman
Mr. Broadway 1964 TV Series Receptionist
The DuPont Show of the Week 1964 TV Series Dorothy
The Secret Storm 1954 TV Series Ann Wicker (1965)
Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1993 TV Series Dr. Leslie Thompkins
The Legend of Prince Valiant 1993 TV Series Lady Morgana
Empty Nest 1992 TV Series Sonya Phillips
Hearts Are Wild 1992 TV Series
Locked Up: A Mother's Rage 1991 TV Movie Frances
Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion 1991 TV Movie Lauren Jeffreys
L.A. Law 1989-1991 TV Series Rosalind Shays
Matlock 1991 TV Series Judge Diana Levin
The Return of Sam McCloud 1989 TV Movie Chris Coughlin
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1988-1989 TV Series Doctor Pulaski
A Year in the Life 1987-1988 TV Series Dr. Alice Foley
A Year in the Life 1986 TV Mini-Series Dr. Alice Foley / Alice
Murder in Three Acts 1986 TV Movie Angela Stafford
Beyond Reason 1985 Elaine
Murder, She Wrote 1985 TV Series Alexis Post
The Master 1984 TV Series Maggie Sinclair
Hart to Hart 1983-1984 TV Series Janet / Claire Beaumond
Terror at Alcatraz 1982 TV Movie Terri Seymour
Quincy M.E. 1980-1981 TV Series Dr. Janet Carlyle
Fitz and Bones 1981 TV Series Terri Seymour
The Incredible Hulk 1979-1981 TV Series Sister Anita / Helen Banner
The Return of Frank Cannon 1980 TV Movie Sally Bingham
B.J. and the Bear 1980 TV Series Dr. Nivens
Dan August: The Jealousy Factor 1980 TV Movie Elizabeth
The Miracle Worker 1979 TV Movie Kate Keller
Hizzonner 1979 TV Series Ginny
Police Story 1977-1979 TV Series Jessica Bentley / Margaret Wilson
The Love Boat 1979 TV Series Laura Akers
$weepstake$ 1979 TV Series Melinda
Fantasy Island 1979 TV Series Mrs. Castle
Insight 1968-1978 TV Series Julie Sears / Mrs. Gleason / Stella
The Word 1978 TV Mini-Series Claire Randall
Maneaters Are Loose! 1978 TV Movie May Purcell
To Kill a Cop 1978 TV Movie Agnes Cusack
Carter Country 1978 TV Series Ms. Barrington
Black Beauty 1978 TV Mini-Series Elizabeth Sutton
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 1978 TV Series Leta Manheim
The Tony Randall Show 1976-1978 TV Series Judge Eleanor Hooper
Lucan 1978 TV Series Carol Demaree
Rosetti and Ryan 1977 TV Series Elaine
The Deadly Triangle 1977 TV Movie Edith Cole
Pine Canyon Is Burning 1977 TV Movie Sandra
The Streets of San Francisco 1977 TV Series Judith Winters
McCloud 1970-1977 TV Series Chris Coughlin
Kingston: Confidential 1977 TV Series Eileen Muldaur
Hunter 1977 TV Series Frieda Scott
Police Woman 1977 TV Series Helen Murphy
Charlie's Angels 1976 TV Series Rachel LeMaire
Ellery Queen 1976 TV Series Paulette Sherman
S.W.A.T. 1975 TV Series Kate Darby
Caribe 1975 TV Series Laura Springman
The Rockford Files 1975 TV Series Linda Bannister
Born Free 1974 TV Series Joy Adamson
Chosen Survivors 1974 Alana Fitzgerald
Planet Earth 1974 TV Movie Marg
Cannon 1974 TV Series Ava Brannigan
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 1974 TV Series Martha Melborne
Hog Wild 1974 TV Movie Martha Melborne
McQ 1974 Lois
Kung Fu 1973 TV Series Theodora
Mannix 1967-1973 TV Series Jan Holloway / Leslie Carlson / Fran Webber
The ABC Afternoon Playbreak 1973 TV Series
Ordeal 1973 TV Movie Kay Damian
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law 1972-1973 TV Series Janet / Gloria Shields
Search 1973 TV Series Sheila
Call to Danger 1973 TV Movie Carrie Donovan
Hec Ramsey 1973 TV Series Rose Ryan / Miss Savannah
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 1972 TV Series Ann Dahms
Banyon 1972 TV Series Paula Vander
Medical Center 1972 TV Series Dr. Harper
Hawaii Five-O 1970-1972 TV Series Angela / Cathy Wallis
The Other 1972 Alexandra
The F.B.I. 1968-1972 TV Series Irene Davis / Irene Devers
The Last of the Powerseekers 1971 TV Movie Belle Wheeler
Ironside 1971 TV Series Capt. Pauline Daniels
Marcus Welby, M.D. 1971 TV Series Ann Rolf
The Name of the Game 1971 TV Series Terry Lanson
Alias Smith and Jones 1971 TV Series Grace Turner
One More Train to Rob 1971 Katy
The Virginian 1967-1971 TV Series Rachel Bonham / Laura Messinger
Dan August 1970 TV Series Elizabeth
Mod Squad 1970 TV Series Claire Tragis
The Lawyer 1970 Ruth Petrocelli
The Survivors 1969 TV Series Belle
The Courtship of Eddie's Father 1969 TV Series Lynn Bardman
Number One 1969 Ann Marley
The Felony Squad 1968 TV Series Margaret Collins
Star Trek 1968 TV Series Dr. Miranda Jones Ann Mulhall
Bonanza 1968 TV Series Mary Roman
The Outcasts 1968 TV Series Peg Skinner
The Swimmer 1968 Cynthia


Chaos on the Bridge 2014 TV Movie documentary Herself
Making It So: Continuing Star Trek - The Next Generation 2012 Video documentary Herself
The 43rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 1991 TV Special Herself - Nominated: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Donahue 1991 TV Series Herself - Guest
L.A. Law 100th Episode Celebration 1991 TV Movie Herself / Rosalind Shays
The 42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 1990 TV Special Herself - Nominee: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Hour Magazine 1988 TV Series Herself
The 37th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 1985 TV Special Herself - Presenter: Governor's Award
The 36th Primetime Emmy Awards 1984 TV Special Herself - Presenter: Governor's Award
The Alan Hamel Show 1978 TV Series Herself - Guest

Archive Footage

Imps* 2009 Missus Toni (segment "Hola")
Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion 1999 Video Game Dr. Katherine Pulaski
Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments 1999 TV Short Doctor Pulaski

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