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Denise Crosby Net Worth is
$6 Million

Denise Crosby Biography

It’s been stated that the existing quantity of Denise Crosby net value is really as high as 6 million dollars, which also makes her among the richest actresses in the market. Not only is it an actress, she actually is a model. Denise Crosby could be remembered from her function as Protection Chief Tasha Yar, which she portrayed in the initial period of the series known as “Star Trek: ANOTHER Era”. She played the component of Commander Sela in various other seasons of the series. She performed the same function in the sequel to the film, known as “Curse of the Pink Panther”. She’s also played functions in recent well-known T. She acquired a starring function in the film, which she also produced, known as “Trekkies”. Denise Crosby can be known for her relatives as she actually is a granddaughter of the favorite entertainer Bing Crosby. Denise Crosby was created in 1957 in Hollywood, California. Her dad was an actor, Dennis Crosby.V group of the 1980s such as for example ‘ After senior high school, Denise Crosby was their studies at Cabrillo University. There, she attended theater lessons. Nevertheless, she quit college to be remembered as a model. In 1979, she made an appearance nude in Playboy. Also, she played a job of a sheriff in the creation known as “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.. Gretchen Kelly in it series known as “Lois & Clark: THE BRAND NEW Adventures of Superman”. She became more called an celebrity when she was selected to play the part of Lisa Davis in it soap opera called “Times of Our Lives”. She was wedded to Geoffrey Edwards from 1983 to 1990 and wedded Ken Sylk in 1995, both having a child August William Sylk born in 1998. With obtaining a lot more acting jobs, the full total size of Denise Crosby net well worth began to increase, aswell. In the 1990s, she was showing up in the series known as “Crucial West”, however, the creation was short-lived. She performed two different functions in it series called “Red Footwear Diaries”. Then, she made an appearance in the spin-off creation of “Melrose Place”, known as “Versions Inc.”. Denise Crosby made an appearance as a guest in a few episodes of “The X-Documents”, where she played the part of a health care provider. In 1991, she made an appearance as a health care provider once again in a single bout of the series known as “The Flash”. In 2006, the actress performed the component of Dexter’s initial victim in the series known as “Dexter”. Denise Crosby made an appearance as a recurring component in the series known as “Southland”. In 1982, she appeared in another of her initial film known as “48 Hrs. Thus, her TV function has played a significant component in increasing the entire sum of Denise Crosby net worthy of.V series, especially Superstar Trek and spanning nearly four decades till time. In the same calendar year, Denise Crosby performed a small component in the film known as “Trail of the Pink Panther”. Thus, this creation has also increased the existing estimate of Denise Crosby net worthy of. In 1986, Denise Crosby made an appearance in the music video for the music known as “No Stranger to Like” recorded by Dark Sabbath.Dexter,’ AMC’s ‘No Stranger to Like. Born on 24th November 1957, Denise’s profession entails over 30 movies and 50 T.”.”.A Law’ (1986) & most notably, ‘Celebrity Trek: ANOTHER Generation,’ season 1, she is considered probably the most influential and highest paid actresses ever. Denise Crosby, who was simply born in Hollywood, received her education, especially her performing and theatre trained in the town itself. Her profession began with the 1979 movie “10”, nevertheless, her first break was included with a significant role in the 1980 T.V series called ‘Trail Of The Pink Panther.’ This tripped her profession on an upward route, where she starred in a variety of well-known T. Her parents separated when she was youthful.My Wicked Wicked Methods: The Legend Of Errol Flynn’ (1982), ‘Malice in Wonderland’ (1985), ‘L. Popular for playing the part of Chief Tasha Yar in ‘Celebrity Trek: Generation One’ (1987) where she played the part of Chief Tasha Yar and is recognized as 1 of her most remarkable roles till day. In the 1990s she played in a number of well-known T.V series such as for example ‘Hunter’ (1991), ‘Dark Justice’ (1991), ‘ both reportedly under no circumstances met.Lois & Clark: THE BRAND NEW Adventures Of Superman’ (1995) and ‘ She made an appearance in some of Blake Edwards’ movies, including 10, Pores and skin Deep, Trail of the Pink Panther and Curse of the Pink Panther. Furthermore to her appearances in Television shows, she’s appeared in a great deal of popular movies.V series such as for example ‘ In the same year, the celebrity made an appearance in the film known as “Eliminators”.The Going for walks Dead’ and ‘Castle.’ She’s also appeared in various films through the entire 80s and 90s, such as for example Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy’s ’46 Hrs. Since she was created out of wedlock, her mom pursued a sensational, three-year-very long lawsuit against her dad, at the conclusion which he was purchased to pay kid support and legal charges.Pet Sematary’ and ‘Times of Our Lives.’ She experienced also starred in a Quentin Tarantino film named ‘Jackie Dark brown’ and co-starred with Elijah Solid wood in the 90s disaster flick ‘Deep Effect.’ She experienced also appeared in Dark Sabbath’s in the state video for the track ‘ Born in Hollywood, California to actor Dennis Crosby and Marilyn Scott out of wedlock, Denise Michelle Crosby is among the most well-known and amazing actresses in Hollywood.’ Just how much is usually Denise Crosby’s Net Well worth in 2017: Denise Crosby is definitely among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood since her profession received a increase from her early 80s film and small display career. She has a complete income of $7 million us dollars by 2017. Denise’s Crosby’s function experience spanning four years is indeed remarkable and for that reason she rightly earns the area of one of the best paid actresses. Although she’s done mostly side functions in T. Nevertheless, what actually makes her worth therefore high value, could very well be her function in the Superstar Trek Television series in the mid-80s that brought her to the limelight. The most typical element in Denise Crosby’s high making status is her continuous and decades old function experience across movies and T.V series making her probably the most remarkable veteran actresses in the us.V series and films, these were good enough to place her in a higher position in Hollywood hierarchy. She starred in and created the film Trekkies. Denise Crosby was created November 24, 1957 in Hollywood, California. She actually is most widely known for portraying Protection Chief Tasha Yar in Time of year Among Star Trek: ANOTHER Generation and also Yar’s child, the half-Romulan Commander Sela, in subsequent months. Denise Crosby Net Well worth: Denise Crosby can be an American celebrity who includes a net well worth of $6 million dollars. She actually is the paternal granddaughter of entertainer Bing Crosby and the illegitimate child of Marilyn Scott and actor Dennis Crosby.’, ‘ This deeply embarrassed Dennis Crosby and his popular singer Bing Crosby, actor and father. Bing Crosby passed away when Denise was just 19;Keywest’ (1993), ‘ When the tale of her illegitimacy surfaced throughout a drama course, Denise left the course out of humiliation rather than longer afterward posed nude for Playboy magazine (1979) within an work she called, “. After that, Denise Crosby acquired three appearances as Dr..some type of rebellion on my part, a way of saying screw you to the family image.” Denise Crosby’s initial high-profile function was as Lisa Davis on the soap opera Times of our Lives. She continued to surface in other applications such as for example three episodes of Lois & Clark: THE BRAND NEW Adventures of Superman, Versions Inc., The X-Data files and others. Crosby was wedded to Geoffrey Edwards (boy of director Blake Edwards and celebrity Julie Andrews) from 1983 to 1990.Baywatch’ (1997). Crosby happens to be wedded to Ken Sylk plus they have one boy, August William Sylk (1998).

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Quick Facts

Full NameDenise Crosby
Net Worth$6 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 24, 1957
DiedMay 4, 1991, Novato, California, United States
Height1.73 m
ProfessionActor, Model, Actor, Singer
EducationWashington State University
NationalityAmerican, American
SpouseKen Sylk (m. 1995), Geoffrey Edwards (m. 1983–1990), Arleen Newman, Pat Sheehan
ChildrenAugust Sylk, Denise Crosby, Gregory Crosby, Patrick Anthony Crosby, Erin Colleen Crosby, Kelly Lee Crosby, Dennis Crosby Jr., Catherine Denise Crosby
ParentsDennis Crosby, Marilyn Miller Scott, Bing Crosby, Dixie Lee
SiblingsGregory Crosby, Patrick Anthony Crosby, Catherine Denise Crosby, Dennis Crosby Jr., Erin Colleen Crosby, Kelly Lee Crosby, Phillip Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, Gary Crosby, Harry Crosby, Mary Crosby, Nathaniel Crosby
MoviesPet Sematary, Trekkies, 48 Hrs., Dolly Dearest, Eliminators, Deep Impact, Trail of the Pink Panther, Curse of the Pink Panther, Desert Hearts, Dream Man, Mutant Species, Skin Deep, Legend of the Phantom Rider, Miracle Mile, The Man Who Loved Women, Relative Fear, Executive Power, Mortuary, Invasion Roswell, Mafia Docks, High Strung, Tennessee Waltz, Don't Wake Mommy, Born, Arizona Heat, Pumpkin Man, Sergeants 3, Out of This World
TV ShowsStar Trek: The Next Generation, Key West

Interesting Facts

1 The part of Sela, the alternate Tasha Yar's daughter who appears in Redemption, Star Trek TNG was conceived by Crosby who originally was to have had a daughter with Castillo on Romulus in the prison. The writers reworked it to be a Romulan daughter.
2 Distant cousin of Milo Ventimiglia. Milo Ventimiglia's mother Carol Wilson's paternal grandmother was first cousin to Dixie Lee's mother (Dixie was Denise Crosby's grandmother).
3 Was 19 years old when her famous grandfather died, but never met him.
4 Her family has worked with two generations of Clooneys. Her grandfather, Bing Crosby, appeared in White Christmas (1954) with Rosemary Clooney, and later toured with her in concert. Denise has appeared on Crossing Jordan (2001) with Clooney's son, Miguel Ferrer, who actually started his career as a drummer for Bing and Rosemary. Ferrer also appeared briefly in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), while Denise appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).
5 Distant cousin of Family Guy (1999) creator/star Seth MacFarlane.
6 Half-sister of Gregory Crosby, Patrick Anthony Crosby and Dennis Michael Crosby Jr.
7 Though her final appearance during the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) was Star Trek: The Next Generation: Skin of Evil (1988), the last episode she had filmed was Star Trek: The Next Generation: Symbiosis (1988), which aired the week before "Skin of Evil". At the conclusion of "Symbiosis", as Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden exit the Enterprise cargo bay, Crosby can be seen briefly in the distance waving goodbye to the camera before the doors close.
8 Stepdaughter of Pat Sheehan.
9 Great-niece of Bob Crosby
10 Cousin of L. Chip Crosby Jr. and second cousin of Chris Crosby and Cathy Crosby.
11 Niece of Gary Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, Phillip Crosby, Nathaniel Crosby, Mary Crosby and Harry Crosby
12 Originally auditioned for the role of Counselor Deanna Troi, on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), but was hired as Lieutenant Tasha Yar instead.
13 Quit Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) during its first season due to the fact that there were not enough "action" scenes for her character, Lieutenant Tasha Yar.
14 Born out of wedlock, her mother, Marilyn Miller Scott, sued her father, Dennis Crosby, for paternity in a highly publicized trial. The suit was filed only days after Crosby married a Las Vegas showgirl.
15 Former daughter-in-law of Blake Edwards
16 Daughter of Dennis Crosby and Marilyn Miller Scott.
17 Granddaughter of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee
18 Son, with Ken Sylk, named August Sylk (born 17 June 1998).


1 Husky voice
2 Short blonde hair and blue eyes


1 On why she left Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987): "I wasn't looking to be the star of the show, but I needed more to do than just answering to the captain".
2 About leaving the show Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987): "Leaving the show was a really difficult decision to make. It was purely an artistic one. I was very, very frustrated as an actor on the show and I felt straight jacketed. I always kind of use the comparison of being drafted by the major leagues and then being benched so I just felt like I needed to keep going you know, keep running, but I had no idea that I would still have this continuous involvement (with Star Trek) you know".
3 "Well I just think its ironic that Star Trek: The Next Generation: Yesterday's Enterprise (1990) was, to me, my favorite episode that I did and was one of the fans' favorites of the series and that I had to die to actually get that episode written".


All Denise Crosby pictures



48 Hrs. 1982 Sally
Trail of the Pink Panther 1982 Denise, Bruno's moll
10 1979 Party Guest (uncredited)
Days of Our Lives 1965 TV Series Lisa Davis (1980)
Itsy Bitsy 2018 post-production Sheriff Jane
The Doctor's Case 2017 Short filming Captain Norton
The Watcher 2016/II Jeanne
Ray Donovan 2013-2016 TV Series Deb
Castle 2016 TV Series Dr. Marion Baker
The Magicians 2016 TV Series Genji
Dark Intentions 2015 Beth's Mother
Scandal 2015 TV Series Janet Holland
The Walking Dead 2014 TV Series Mary
Invasion Roswell 2013 TV Movie Linda
Birth Mother 2012 Short Detective Johnson
Law & Order: LA 2011 TV Series Diana Burt
Southland 2009-2010 TV Series Susan Salinger
Star Trek Online 2010 Video Game Tasha Yar Sela (voice, uncredited)
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II 2009 TV Series Dr. Jenna Yar
Prison Break 2008 TV Series Doctor
Mad Men 2008 TV Series Gertie
Bones 2007 TV Series Margie Curtis
Born 2007/I Catherine
Ripple Effect 2007 Ronald's Wife (uncredited)
Dexter 2006 TV Series Nurse Mary
Best of Chris Isaak 2006 Video segment "Dancin'" uncredited
Mortuary 2005/I Leslie
Eyes 2005 TV Series Justine Canning
Crossing Jordan 2004 TV Series Carla Moran
Threat Matrix 2003 TV Series Gillian Sadler
The Bus Stops Here 2003 Short Chatty Woman at Bus Stop
Legend of the Phantom Rider 2002 Sarah Jenkins
The Agency 2002 TV Series Det. Reidy
The Division 2002 TV Series Alison Tisdale
JAG 2002 TV Series Mrs. Dietz
Judging Amy 2001 TV Series Ms. Nasretian
The X-Files 2001 TV Series Dr. Mary Speake
NYPD Blue 2001 TV Series Lt. Susan Dalto
The Drew Carey Show 2001 TV Series Officer Hayes
Family Law 2000 TV Series Doris Collins
Star Trek: Armada 2000 Video Game Sela (voice)
Snoops 2000 TV Series Evelyn Houtch
The Rockford Files: If It Bleeds... It Leads 1999 TV Movie Mrs. Muller
Divorce: A Contemporary Western 1998 Kay
Deep Impact 1998 Vicky Hotchner
Chance of a Lifetime 1998 TV Movie Katie
Pumpkin Man 1998 TV Short Laurel Hollway
Spy Game 1998 TV Series Chrysalis
Jackie Brown 1997 Public Defender (uncredited)
Executive Power 1997 Video Christine Rolands
Baywatch 1997 TV Series Emily Morgan
Red Shoe Diaries 13: Four on the Floor 1996 Video The Psychiatrist ("The Psychiatrist")
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 1996 TV Series Isabelle Maynard
Diagnosis Murder 1995-1996 TV Series Didi Harris / Cynthia Holling
Dream Man 1995 Video Barbara
Sisters 1995 TV Series Cynthia Albright
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 1994-1995 TV Series Dr. Gretchen Kelly
Relative Fear 1994 Connie Madison
Max 1994/I Jayne Blake
Mutant Species 1994 Carol-Anne
Models Inc. 1994 TV Series Ursula Edwards
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987-1994 TV Series Lieutenant Tasha Yar Sela
Red Shoe Diaries 1992-1994 TV Series The Psychiatrist / Officer Lynn 'Mona' McCabe
Desperate Crimes 1993 Bella Blu
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. 1993 TV Series Sheriff Jenny Taylor
Johnny Bago 1993 TV Series Dr. Candace David
Key West 1993 TV Series Chaucy Caldwell
Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare 1993 Video Officer Lynn "Mona" McCabe ("You Have The Right To Remain Silent")
Civil Wars 1993 TV Series Gwen Leary
Jack's Place 1992 TV Series Lindsay
Dark Justice 1991 TV Series Christina Forbes
Dolly Dearest 1991 Marilyn Wade
The Flash 1991 TV Series Rebecca Frost
Hunter 1991 TV Series Pam Sutton
WIOU 1991 TV Series
High Strung 1991 Melanie
Mancuso, FBI 1989 TV Series Toni Simmons
Tennessee Waltz 1989 Sally Lomas
Pet Sematary 1989 Rachel Creed
Skin Deep 1989 Angie
Miracle Mile 1988 Landa
Arizona Heat 1988 Jill Andrews
Greasy Lake 1988 Video Bad Girl #2
Ohara 1987 TV Series Rachel Winters
L.A. Law 1986 TV Series Joan Turtletaub
Eliminators 1986 Nora Hunter
The Family Martinez 1986 TV Movie Rachael McCann
Desert Hearts 1985 Pat
Malice in Wonderland 1985 TV Movie Carole Lombard
Stark 1985 TV Movie Kim Parker
My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn 1985 TV Movie Diana Dyrenforth
Chris Isaak: Dancin' 1985 Video short Woman
The Man Who Loved Women 1983 Enid
Curse of the Pink Panther 1983 Denise
Cocaine: One Man's Seduction 1983 TV Movie Teller


Trekkies 2 2004 Documentary executive producer
Trekkies 1997 Documentary co-executive producer


Chaos on the Bridge 2014 TV Movie documentary thanks


Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures Documentary post-production Herself
Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary 2017 Documentary Denise Crosby
Home & Family 2016 TV Series Herself
From the Mouths of Babes 2013-2016 TV Series documentary Herself
Mother's & Others 2015 Short Herself
Captain Kyle's Cosplay Spotlight 2015 TV Series Herself
Fanarchy 2015 Documentary Herself
Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making All Good Things... 2014 Documentary short Herself
Chaos on the Bridge 2014 TV Movie documentary Herself
Star Trek: From One Generation to the Next 2013 Video short Herself
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Survive and Suceed: An Empire at War 2013 Documentary Herself
Sidewalks Entertainment 2013 TV Series Herself - Guest
Resistance Is Futile: Assimilating Star Trek -The Next Generation 2013 Documentary Herself
Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek - The Next Generation 2012 Documentary Herself
Biography 2010 TV Series documentary Herself
Family Guy 2009 TV Series Herself
E! True Hollywood Story 2004 TV Series documentary Herself
Trekkies 2 2004 Documentary Herself (as many many others)
Weakest Link 2001 TV Series Herself
Trekkies 1997 Documentary Herself
Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond 1996 TV Special documentary Herself - In Audience (uncredited)
Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek - The Next Generation 1994 TV Movie documentary Herself
The Black Sabbath Story Vol. 2 1992 Video documentary short Herself
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special 1991 TV Movie documentary Herself
Reading Rainbow 1988 TV Series Herself

Archive Footage

Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary': Stephen King Territory 2006 Video short Herself
Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion 1999 Video Game Lt. Tasha Yar
Flash III: Deadly Nightshade 1992 Video Rebecca Frost
Star Trek: The Next Generation 1989-1990 TV Series Lieutenant Tasha Yar Lt. Tasha Yar

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