Daniel Ziff Net Worth

Daniel Ziff Net Worth is
$4.8 Billion

Daniel Ziff Biography

$4.9 Billion: Daniel M. Ziff (born 1973) can be an American billionaire and the youngest boy of publishing magnate William Bernard Ziff, Jr. He and his two brothers inherited the family members fortune in 1994.Ziff was created in 1973. His mom was Barbara Ingrid Beitz, an ethnic German whose parents had been declared as ‘Righteous among the Countries’ for offering refuge and risking their lives to save lots of Jews during World Battle II. His dad was the Jewish American mass media magnate William Ziff Jr. He’s the youngest boy of William Bernand Ziff, Jr. He afterwards gained a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University. In 1989, Ziff graduated from the Trinity College in NEW YORK where his dad served as trustee. 2006), who had built the Ziff-Davis magazine empire that included titles such as for example Popular Aviation, Computer Magazine, and Car and Driver.In ’09 2009, Ziff wedded Leslie, who acts on the boards of the American Ballet Theatre and Rosie’s Theater Children. The couple reside in New York Town, New York. His dad was Jewish American and constructed the Ziff-Davis magazine empire.8 billion. Daniel’s wife Leslie is normally on the boards for Rosie’s Theater Children and the American Ballet Theatre. He’s the youngest boy of publishing magnate William Ziff Jr, and among the inheritors of Ziff-Davis publishing firm., a publishing magnate. Ziff was created in 1973. (d. Daniel M. His mom was German and her parents supplied refuge and risked their lives to save lots of Jews during World Battle II. Daniel Ziff net worthy of: Daniel Ziff can be an American trader and businessman who includes a net worthy of of $4. The magazine firm contains titles such as for example Car and Driver, Computer Magazine, and Popular Aviation. Daniel graduated from the Trinity College in NEW YORK and then gained his Bachelor of Arts at Columbia University. In 1994 Daniel and his two brothers Dirk and Robert inherited the family members fortune. Their father marketed 95% of the business enterprise to Forstmann Small for $1.4 billion. The brothers produced Ziff Brothers Investments in NEW YORK. They received 10% in Och-Ziff Capital administration and the business went public in 2007. They invested their inheritances in property, commodities, debts, equities, hedge money, and private collateral. Daniel Ziff has gained his net worthy of from Ziff Brothers Investments, which really is a co-owner together with his brothers Dirk and Robert.

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Net Worth$4.8 Billion

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