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Chris Pontius Net Worth is
$12 Million

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Actor and stunt performer Chris Pontius is mainly known for Wildboyz and Jackass series. His crazy stunts brought him some critical cash. Pontius’ net worthy of is approximated to be amazing $12 million by 2015. And you could bet he understands how to appreciate his incredible prosperity. Espacially today when he’s one once again. Have a look at also net well worth of Steve-O, Bam Margera, and Jamie O’Brien. Chris was created July 16, 1974 in Pasadena, California. He studied at San Luis Obispo SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Obviously, the success of the and the next Jackass projects (such as for example Jackass NUMBER 2, Jackass 2. As of this age he has brought himself as an extremely effective entertainer and the viewers love his function. In 2004, Chris wedded his long-term girlfriend Claire Nolan. Right now do you wish to know how wealthy will be the other users of Jackass group? Healso got a look for 200 thousand dollars. Pontius is most probably enjoying his returned independence. As you can plainly see, his crazy stunts brought Pontius an extremely nice existence. In 2014, he made an appearance in one bout of Loiter Squad. But he was not very active professionally because the divorce. That could imply that he’s planning something big or just that he’s semi-retired and spends his considerable net well worth. We’ll see later on. He is probably the most popular & most effective entertainers and daredevil ever and his function has mesmerized viewers. His net well worth is definitely a cool $13 million US dollars by 2017 making him among the richest celebrities in Hollywood. He’s a memberof ‘Jackass’ and hosted ‘Wildboyz’ with Steve-O. Beside them, he performed also National Lampoon’s TV: The Film, What We Do Is definitely Key, and The Dudesons Film. He was created in a location called Pasadena, which is based on California of United states. He is one of the ethnicity white and nationality American. He’s not so tall as he simply has an average elevation of 5 feet 8 ins, which falls about 1.73 meters. A whole lot of details on him and his daredevil biography could be grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. He’s an enormous stat in social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. He has 78.7 thousand in Twitter which proves his stardom in the website. No girl has ever come forwards with the news headlines thatshe acquired dated or was in a romantic relationship with him, with evidences. He in addition has uploaded his shirtless images in the social media profiles of his. Some resources declare that Claire got to keep carefully the gemstone andthe Irish accounts. She filed the papers in 2011, twoyears after getting separated from her previous husband. His net worthy of is certainly $ 12 million. His affair with Claire was among the most popular topics of the city at that time. The couple got wedded in the entire year 2004 but regrettably some severe complications broke their relationship plus they had to undergo divorce. At the moment he joined the popular editor of the YOUR GOVERNMENT Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville. He’s not really gay as he was wedded to a female. In this content we will discuss Chris Pontius net well worth, which currently quantities to $12 million. This appears like a fairly impressive sum for anyone who has been operating in a comparatively narrow selection of projects and hasn’t really produced any grand achievements. Just how Chris Pontius net well worth reached its current heights? He invited them to truly have a battle with a specialist wrestler, Eddie Fatu, also known in WWE as Umaga. Chris’ way to the fame were only available in 2000, when he debuted on Television show Jackass. Chris Pontius was in the news headlines for quite a while because he previously posed nude for leading cover of Playboy. Claire under no circumstances announced that Chriswas her boyfriend, if they weredating. At greatest, their reactions were combined: frequently, the reviewers remarked that at some time the movie is completely disguising, but nonetheless, there’s something cool and appealing about any of it. Personally, I adored the explanation by Kimberly Jones, that was imprinted on The Austin Chronicle: Jackass: the Film is “”feature-size rendering of jackass the MTV display, indicating no plot, no script, just wall-to-wall structure idiocy” – Jones stated, adding that – “It’s silly, frequently stomach-churning, but also awfully addictive, inspiring the same sort of vicarious adrenaline hurry as Fight Club, using its ‘We bleed, therefore We am’; Moreover, if all of your close friends asked you whether this film is worth the amount of money for the ticked, I wager you’ll say “yes” without needing to think.” Kimberly was to explain that Jackass isn’t the type of movie you can learn from (if you don’t are searching for new methods to piss-off your parents) yet you merely can’t stop viewing it. he-man mentality. Which holds true even though you possess spent half of the film covering together with your eye out of disgust; if you still left the cinema shocked and disturbed. I am confident that majority of those who have noticed this movie through the premiere have suggested it with their friends. And the ones who did not appreciate it at all, will need to have suggested the film with their enemies (merely to make them suffer), as the movie was extremely financially successful, selling an incredible number of tickets around the globe. Jackass: The Film Grossed nearly $80 million! In 2000, he joined Jackass tv series and displays and movies out of this franchise are just about his breads and butter.5, Jackass 3D, Jackass 3. As well as the above, Pontius produced occasional forays into performing, including in Sofia Coppola’s Someplace (2010). The relationship lasted relatively long however the couple ultimately divorced in 2013. Johnny Knoxville is savoring his lifestyle with around net worth of $75 million dollars, Wee Guy -with a net worthy of of $12 million, Bam Margera – $45. Therefore Chris Pontius net worthy of is actually the tiniest one in the group! You have to check out Chris Pontius’ revenue before commenting about them. He was dating his girlfriend Claire Nolan before he made a decision to get wedded and live happily as couple. He’s a reckless entertainer and performer who was raised in their family members ranch at San Obispo in California. He enjoyed sake boating in his tender age group.Chris’s friends also don’t have a great deal of information regarding his personal lifestyle andthe separation. He was afterwards laid off because of his misconduct and continued to find various other jobs to make a living. He discovered his in the past to the magazine group once again in 2000. Info on his kids is nevertheless missing or it may be because he didn’t have any kids in his marital romantic relationship with Claire. From 2000, he has generated his profession and has remained concentrated. He is an excellent asset in the daring crew. HIs function has actually amazed many enthusiasts across America and he in addition has produced his personal series just like the Wildboyz (MTV2 between 2003 and 2006). Christopher AndrewPontius can be an American stunt performer, an actor and daredevil. He was created in the entire year 1974 on 16th of July which makes him 40 yrs . old currently. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> He got wedded toClaire Nolan, in 2004. He got divorced from his wife, after four years of separation. His divorce was finalized in 2013. He includes a net well worth of 12 million dollars, which sums up his achievement story. These were married for 8 years plus they resided separatelyfor four years. Born in Pasadena, CA, Christopher Andrew Pontius adored skateboarding. Since then, we’ve no indication that he’s in another severe relationship. He previously a prominent part to play in its spin-off, Wildboyz aswell together with his colleague, Steve-O. He has been very effective in his profession and it has provided him great income. Chris Pontius Property:: He includes a high net well worth of $13 million US dollars. Thedating background and current information on Claire are also as yet not known. The primary reason for theseparation was reported to be her aversion towards his profession. It was stated that shefound it disgusting and desired him to avoid. He wedded his long-period girlfriend Claire Nolan in 2004. He had not been recognized to have any key girlfriend, after and during the separation. It was stated that hemet Claire, when he was touring in European countries. Now when you have go through some reactions, you need to understand that most critics weren’t particularly into this film. Chris never discussed his marriage,lifestyle with her, the reason behind separation and how he coped with theseparation. Both of these were unavailable for just about any remarks on the rumors aboutthem. Chris had not been known tohave experienced a romantic relationship with any other before, after Claire and girl. Claireinitiated the separation and she didn’t have any kids with him. Though it wasrumored that the profession was the explanation for the split, Claire and Chris werenever noticed to maintain an argument in public areas and the sources close to them possess notstated about any longterm argument, fights, violence or any secret affair. Although separationsettlements weren’t concealed, there is several edition of how theassets got separated. Because the couple did not need to comment and the actualsettlement information aren’t known for certain. Despite the fact that he was a stuntman 1st, he had a like for acting. Nevertheless, his entertainment career didn’t start extremely early since he 1st worked well for the Skate Magazine before he actually switched 18. Though there have been lots of rumors about his having a romanticrelationship along with his followers and other women, non-e of those rumors had been proved,with any definite evidences. He uploads his most recent and greatest photos in Instagram to talk about them along with his followers and family members. Education : He previously his preliminary schooling at the San Luis Obispo SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Who’s Chris Pontius? Chris Pontius BUSINESS DESIGN:: He started functioning at an extremely young age group. Stuntmen are a significant section of any film. Nevertheless, he came back to the magazine together with his jackass crew in 2000. This brings stuntmen such as for example Chris Pontius in to the equation. Born on 16 July 1974, Chris Pontius isn’t only a stuntman but an actor aswell. They risk everything, also their lives to execute and entertain the viewers. They announced their separation in2009 and Claire mentioned that the explanation for the separation was irreconcilabledifferences. Chris Pontius loves to exist the fast method. He includes a unique design of dressing. He loves to decorate as “Party Boy” in a bow tie and thong. Therefore, this nickname, party Boy trapped to him. This produced him decide to turn into a stuntman in films. Chris was secured by the prenup and he got all his bankbalance, investments, the gemstone, his car, royalties and assets. You can observe him frequently skateboarding at his family members ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. He and Steve-O attended WWE Natural at one time to market their series Jackass. He’s a daring personality with the capacity of holding off any stunt with significant amounts of ease. People like his trademark smile and love of life a lot. This produced him the darling of the cast of Jackass. He’s an able writer aswell, having created the script of Jackass, Jackass II, and Wildboyz. He comes with an hearing for music aswell. He takes on in a rock-n-roll band. He has great writing skills too. That is obvious from his books offering his short tales, magazine writings, and artwork. However, Chris was adament abouthis career and didn’t want to improve his design of walking with nothing at all by abow tie and a thong. The few separated in 2013. They don’t have any children. Hence, it isconsidered that he’s single and isn’t dating, even following a calendar year of separationfrom his ex-partner. His trademark beaming smile and off-handed joking methods produced him the most famous among Jackass superstars, which ultimately resulted in his very own series, Wildboyz (MTV/MTV2, 2003-06). Nevertheless, also during his schooling times, he was a devoted skateboarder. He previously this adventurous streak during his childhood. He provides other aliases aswell such as for example Chief Roberts, Roller Bobby, Garbage guy, Strongman, and Bunny the Lifeguard. Chris Pontius Net Worthy of: Who says stuntmen usually do not earn very much? Chris Pontius can be an American daredevil in addition to entertainer. He is non-e apart from Chris Pontius. His primary source of income is normally from the stunts he performs in movies and from the proceeds of the jackass displays. It is also stated that Chris paid her 133 thousand pounds. He has two homes in his name, one in LA, CA and the various other in Tampa, Florida. Among the highest paid actors, he owns a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Needless to say, we do not are the ranch at San Luis. It really is an ancestral real estate. What is net worthy of of Chris Pontius? At 18, he became a member of the skate magazine, YOUR GOVERNMENT. An work of indiscipline price him his work in 1999. You cannot expect a full-fledged hero to risk his existence doing harmful stunts. His main part to fame offers been the appearances in the Jackass series. He also performed a component in the spin-off, Wildboyz. Claire in addition has nottalked about her personal existence, her romantic relationship with Chris before and afterthe separation and the rumors about the profession being the reason behind the split. He produced a few forays in to the acting globe such as for example in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Someplace’. He in addition has played roles in several tv serials such as for example Totally Busted, Raising Wish, and Loiter Squad, etc. He includes a handful of DVD’s in his name aswell. He has provided the voiceover for the gaming, Jackass aswell. It could surprise many individuals who he had not been on talking terms along with his colleague Steve-O through the initial period within their partnership. Subsequently, they truly became good friends. probably he developed the experience streak while skateboarding. Armando Alejandro Estrada, a specialist wrestler attempted to provoke them stating that their stunts in the serial Jackass had been just promotional acts rather than at all real. To be able to answer this issue we need to go back again to the first 2000s. They dropped the combat miserably. He got a lot more popular in 2002, when Jackass: The Film reached the cinemas. Stuntmen perform have a great function to play in movies. He was a dynamic person in the cast of Jackass. It really is to the credit of Hollywood film Sector that they consider cognizance of this reality and spend handsomely. The $13 million worthy of Chris Pontius can be one fine exemplory case of this truth. Chris Pontius net well worth: Chris Pontius can be an American entertainer and daredevil who includes a net well worth of $12 million. The reckless performer was raised skateboarding at his family’s ranch in San Luis Obispo, California. Before he switched 18, Pontius started doing work for the skate magazine YOUR GOVERNMENT, where he remained until 1999 when he was release for not turning up for a tour with no warning. But after several small jobs, he returned to the magazine ultimately joining YOUR GOVERNMENT editor Jeff Tremaine and contributor Johnny Knoxville with the Jackass crew in 2000. Since, he has generated himself as a madcap person in the daring crew who happily place himself in harm’s method to the delight of his legion of enthusiasts. Not much is obtainable about his educational credentials anywhere on the web.5 ,has) sent Chris Pontius net worthy of into impressive heights.

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Quick Facts

Full NameChris Pontius
Net Worth$12 Million
Salary155,000 USD
Date Of BirthJuly 16, 1974
Height1.73 m
ProfessionWriter, Entertainer, Stunt Performer
EducationSan Luis Obispo High School
SpouseClaire Nolan
NominationsMTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo
MoviesSomewhere, What We Do Is Secret, National Lampoon's TV: The Movie, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Jackass: The Movie
TV ShowsJackass, Wildboyz, Rally On

Interesting Facts

1 According to an episode of MTV Cribs, he lived in his truck for a while.
2 He is friends with fellow Jackass and Wildboyz co-star Steve-O. Back when he and the Jackass crew met Steve-O at his circus job, he actually disliked Steve-O for a while but later worked out their differences.
3 He posed nude for the front cover of Playgirl magazine.
4 Filming What we do is Secret [February 2007]
5 Shares the same home town with One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush.
6 Pontius has compiled a book (at present, unreleased) featuring his magazine writings, short stories, artwork, and police reports.
7 On October 15, 2006 Steve-O and Pontius attended WWE RAW and were allowed in to the wrestling ring. While in the ring the two promoted their new movie, Jackass Number Two (2006). They were interrupted by 'Armando Alejandro Estrada', who attempted to provoke them, saying all of their stunts were just an act. To prove themselves Steve-O and Chris fought Eddie Fatu, but lost.
8 Chris plays in a rock n' roll band, whose first single is, "Karazy".
9 Chris grew up skating on his family's ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA.
10 Worked for "Big Brother" (Skateboard magazine).
11 Was "Bunny, the Lifeguard" on "Jackass".
12 Vegetarian.


1 Often dresses up as "Party Boy" in a bow tie and thong


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Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2003 MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Awards Best On-Screen Team Jackass: The Movie (2002) Johnny Knoxville

Bam Margera




Raising Hope 2012 TV Series Albert
Rally On 2012 TV Series
Somewhere 2010 Sammy
What We Do Is Secret 2007 Black Randy
TV: The Movie 2006 Jesus
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003 Irish Henchman
CKY 3 2001 Video Party Boy (uncredited)


Wildboyz 2003-2006 TV Series documentary creator - 2 episodes
Jackass: The Movie 2002 Documentary concepts by


Jackass Number Two 2006 Documentary "Karazy" / performer: "Karazy"


America's Next Top Model 2005 TV Series special thanks - 1 episode


Party Legends 2016 TV Series Himself
Tanked 2013-2014 TV Series Himself / Himself - Jackass
Loiter Squad 2013 TV Series Himself
Cribs 2002-2013 TV Series Himself
A Tribute to Ryan Dunn 2011 Documentary Himself
Jackass 3.5 2011 Video documentary Himself
Good News Week 2011 TV Series Himself
Pânico na TV 2011 TV Series Himself
Made in Hollywood 2010 TV Series Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2010 TV Series Himself
Jackass 3D 2010 Documentary Himself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2004-2010 TV Series Himself
MTV Video Music Awards 2010 2010 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Steve-O: Demise and Rise 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Nitro Circus 2009 TV Series Himself
The Heyman Hustle 2009 TV Series Himself 24 Hour Takeover 2008 TV Movie Himself
Hardly Working 2008 TV Series short Himself
JackassWorld: Road Trip - Fall, 2008 2008 Documentary short Himself
Jackass 2.5 2007 Video documentary Himself
The Podge and Rodge Show 2007 TV Series Himself
Jackass the Game 2007 Video Game Himself (voice)
WWE Draft Special 2007 TV Special Himself
The Making of 'Jackass Number Two' 2006 Video documentary short Himself
WWE Raw 2006 TV Series Himself
Jackass Number Two 2006 Documentary Himself
Ultimate Predator 2006 Video documentary Himself
MTV Video Music Awards 2006 2006 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Wildboyz 2003-2006 TV Series documentary Himself
Jackass: Gumball 3000 Rally Special 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
America's Next Top Model 2005 TV Series Himself
101 Craziest TV Moments 2005 TV Movie documentary Himself
Car Cruzin' 2005 TV Series documentary Himself
Jackass: Volume Two 2004 Video
VH1 Big in 04 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself
Steve-O: The Early Years 2004 Video documentary short Himself
52 Most Irresistible Women 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself
I Love the '90s 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
Howard Stern 2004 TV Series Himself
Spike TV VGA Video Game Awards 2003 TV Movie documentary Himself
MTV Europe Music Awards 2003 2003 TV Special Himself
The Steve-O Video: Vol. II - The Tour Video 2002 Video Himself
Jackass: The Movie 2002 Documentary Himself
The Making of 'Jackass: The Movie' 2002 TV Special short documentary Himself
Jackass 2000-2002 TV Series Himself / Night Monkey
Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video 2001 Video short Himself

Archive Footage

Jackass: The Lost Tapes 2009 Video Himself
WWE Raw 2006 TV Series Himself
Video on Trial 2006 TV Series Himself

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