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Chaz Bono net well worth: Chaz Bono can be an American advocate, article writer and musician who includes a net well worth of $500 thousand. Chaz Bono might not be among the wealthiest superstars around, but he’s completed lots of valuable function in a field that delivers more than only a net worthy of. Born Chastity Bono to well-known parents Sonny Bono and Cher, Bono was called following the film Chastity, that was made by Sonny for Cher to superstar in. Chaz Salvatore Bono was created as Chastity Sunlight Bono, who’s an American advocate, article writer in addition to a musician. At age group 18, she arrived to her parents as a lesbian, and was publicly outed by the tabloids in 1995. A year or two before that, Chaz (who was simply still heading by his female identification of Chastity), was in a band known as Ceremony. Their first and just album, GO OUT Your Poetry, was seen as a its “stripped down” audio, featuring no synthesizers no digital manipulation of any sort. Chaz Bono Net Worthy of 14 Chaz Bono was created as Chastity Sunlight Bono on March 4, 1969. He in addition has created multiple books that chronicle his lifestyle. He’s the only kid of American entertainers and his parents got been in the entertainment sector. Chaz Bono can be an LGBT privileges advocate, three time writer, and speaker. He’s a Gay satisfaction activist. Bono can be a transgender guy. It’s been stated that the full total sum of Chaz Bono net worthy of is usually 500 thousand dollars, making him among the richest popular people. In ’09 2009, the display called “Entertainment Tonight” presented this transition. Bono arrived to both parents as lesbian at age group 18. –> In an exceedingly small age group, Chastity was casted in a film along with her mom who played the part of a bisexual female. He says “I usually felt there was different things about me. I’d appearance at other ladies my age and experience confused by their comparable interest in the most recent style, which boy in course was the cutest and might be found”. You can even stay near his regular improvements and activities, by pursuing him in his cultural site accounts like Twitter and in addition check his images out in his established Instagram page. I noticed I was gay.” After his parents divorced in 1975, Bono split his time taken between his father’s and mother’s houses. He visited NEW YORK as a teenager to wait the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for Performing Arts. Celebrity Jennifer Anniston was among his classmates. She „emerged out of closet” in 1995, while offering an interview for an influential lgbt magazine The Advocate. Chaz Bono can be an American advocate, article writer and musician who’ve got a net well worth of $500 thousand. Chaz Bono might not be among the wealthiest superstars around, but he’s carried out lots of valuable function in a field that delivers more than only a net well worth. With a bodyweight of 250 pounds, excess weight loss hasn’t been possible for Bono, who announced in November that he wished to lose between 50 and 80 pounds. Bono is 5-feet-5 . 5 inches high and has been training frequently. Chaz Bono announced that he’d dropped 43 pounds, and recently has already been down another 17 pounds and, he stated “I am still gradually losing”. Having not really had a pastime in women, he nevertheless dated some. But, he hardly ever was wedded to any one of these and so hasn’t includes a wife or kids. Chaz Bono began his carrier in 1972 after he started a short music profession with the band Ceremony which released one album GO OUT Your Poetry, in 1993. The band highlighted Bono on vocals, classical guitar, and percussion. Additional users had been Steve March Torm (back-up vocals), Heidi Shink a. Luckily, in 2004, he overcame the addiction and obtained sobriety.a. Chaz Bono is definitely also called a musician. IN-MAY 2010, he legally transformed his gender and name. The tunes could’ve been Like and Ready for Like premiered as singles from the album. Sonny and Cher also documented backing vocals for the monitor Living It Upon the album In 2002, Bono released a memoir entitled THE FINISH of Innocence. In this band, Chaz Bono offered as a singer, guitarist and percussionist. We’ve noticed the transformation of several people but none just like the one this person experienced. Chaz Bono a article writer, musician and an actor most widely known to be the only kid of the music queen Cher and Sonny Bono amazed the world after determining to become a guy. Yes, his birth certificate says he was created a woman which he stayed for several years physically, although not really mentally. He’s an writer of the book THE FINISH of Innocence: A Memoir. Profession and Progression: At the start of his profession, he attempted singing and created a band Ceremony with which he released an album GO OUT Your Poetry. It received lukewarm evaluations from critics and viewers but didn’t do more than enough to allow them to try for another collection. Then worked as the article writer most importantly for the magazine, The Advocate. He’s also a spokesperson for the Individual Rights Advertising campaign. As a transgender guy himself, he also promoted the National DEVELOPING Day. He offered as the Entertainment Mass media Director for the Lgbt Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). His last recorded bodyweight was 80 kg but before he was a lot more than 130 kg. Brief Bio: Chaz Bono presently aged 48 was created on 4th March 1969 in LA, California, U. He’s an American advocate, article writer and musician. Chaz’s Life-Changing Changeover: The advocate was unlike any additional kids who had been around him. Her journey of changeover was documented in a 16 month period, from enough time she began her changeover and it had been documented in the film called as, “Getting Chaz”. He could after that no more stay on your body that he didn’t believe belonged to him. In 2008, the procedure of transition from woman to man began, both actually and socially. After incredible support from several people and organization together with the California court’s decision to grant a gender and name transformation, he legally became a guy on, may 6, 2010. Rumor: He was rumored to obtain engaged. A long time before the changeover, he was in a romantic relationship with a female named, Jennifer Elia, an exclusive tutor. Beginning from 1999, the few was living jointly as partners, plus they engaged in ’09 2009 at Seattle that they revealed just after 2 yrs in 2011 and shared the info about his potential wife. served simply because the backing vocalist of the band. The engagement didn’t end well, and the plans to obtain wedded failed after he announced the separation along with his fiancé in the same calendar year in December. He also uncovered simultaneously that they both decided to part methods on good conditions and had great like, respect, and affection towards each other. As of now, he’s probably single, and there is no confirmed information of him having a girlfriend. He gets the net well worth of $500,000 from different career options.S. He was created as a woman to entertainers Sonny Bono and Cher and was called Chastity Sunlight Bono. He struggled with weight problems previously but stated that it had been for him along the way of weight loss following the transition. But actually after achieving sobriety, Chaz had obtained excessive weight and actually featured on Celebrity Match Club because of his weight-related problems. Chaz Bono can be a Los Angeles-born artist and activist whose exact birth date can be March 4th 1969. Chaz’s parents will be the renowned Television performers along with singers Sonny and Cher. Bono, however, was created feminine but his admiration for his dad produced him embrace a male character. Being the kid of celebrity parents he was, Chaz produced numerous appearances while still youthful on his parents’ display. His reputation was exposed in the magazine known as “The Advocate”. Personal Existence From Chaz Bono ‘s biography, his birth place is usually LA, California. His parents, Sonny and Cher, just had one young child and therefore, Bono does not have any siblings. Nevertheless, being the only kid, Bono’s parents paid very much focus on him to the level of increasing him up in the limelight. He received the spotlight while youthful because of showing up on The Sonny and Cher Humor Hour, his parent’s present. At a age, Chaz often admired being another edition of his dad. Born on March 4, 1969 in LA, California, U. The reason being after his parents divorced for the reason that season they changed localities. Nevertheless, many folks are convinced that Chaz will not actually are worthy of the fortune he offers today. As an adolescent, Bono was Jenifer Anniston’s classmate. At that time Bono was experiencing endometriosis, he was dependent on painkillers and battled the misuse problem for a long time.k. The article writer and an advocate presently live the life span he desired all along. 2 yrs after featuring on Superstar Fit Club, Bono mentioned his transitioning journey in to the male gender. In the entire year 1995, he worked well for the magazine and got linked to the Human Rights Marketing campaign and the Lgbt Alliance Against Defamation. Of most cultural sites, Bono is keen on Instagram and Twitter. Profession Lifestyle Chaz Bono was students at the brand new York University. However, because of his music profession aspirations, Chaz’s university lifestyle was short-resided. He became a business lead vocalist and guitarist for Ceremony, his band. He first arrived to limelight when he produced the news headlines about weight reduction. Chaz Bono has mentioned that he noticed that he was a gay when he was 13 years outdated. The album, that was seriously marked by a pop sound, highlighted Jerry Garcia. He’s a transgender guy and he legally transformed his gender and name this year 2010. Aside from music, Chaz can be an activist. It had been the name of the film that acted as an motivation and he was called after the film. During this time period, Bono utilized The Advocate as the methods to raise recognition on homosexuality. Having involved in a Human Privileges Advertising campaign, Chaz became the Gay & Lesbian Against Defamation (GLAAD) entertainment director. In 1998, Chaz parted methods with GLAAD. Presently, Bono’s net worthy of is certainly $0.5 million. The Transition: The Tale of How I became a guy is Chaz’s reserve that narrates even more on his transition encounters through the entire years. From a age group, Chastity knew there is a thing that separated her from additional girls. He was created on the 4th of March, 1969 and in 2015, his current age group is 46 years aged. He was created in LA, California, United states as the only kid to actor parents Cher and Sonny Bono, who was simply the onscreen couple aswell on the display Sonny & Cher. He was casted in a film named Chastity in an exceedingly young age group where his mom had performed as a bisexual female. It had been from that film that he was called Chastity Sunlight Bono. Born to such entertainer parents, it really is obvious that he’d select to walk down the same street. Not much is well known about his childhood and educational former although he studied laws at the brand new York University. A Christian by religious beliefs, he’s an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Chaz isn’t a very tall guy, and his elevation is approximately 168 cm. He produced his tv debut on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. With the band Ceremony, he released the album titled “GO OUT Your Poetry”. Concerning his personal life, very little information will there be with the press. While her parents had been running their well-known variety Television show, Chastity has frequently featured on it. You can view his tattoos on those images, and he includes a holy cross on his correct arm and a flower around his elbow. He initial revealed his slender looks in ’09 2009, and it wasn’t surprising that lots of people didn’t acknowledge him. He had to endure some really complicated medical procedures to remove his surplus fat, and from a bodyweight of 250 pounds, he came right down to a 190. When asked about any of it, he said “I must say i feel very happy and comfortable with just how I eat right now, which is definitely amazing, and for me personally, sort of a miracle.” He expressed his sense to rejoin the Dance with the Celebrities, and that he’d perform it much better this time around. He also exposed that he is continuing to grow more confidence right now and that it had been who he’d wished to become, constantly., he has dropped a lot of body weight, simply because he used to become more than 130 kg. He was not wedded or divorced for example, and there isn’t much known relating to his girlfriend/s from days gone by. It appears like his dating background isn’t particularly amazing despite some rumors that falsely accused him to have already been romantically associated with some females. He does not have a wife or any kids mainly because that he’s sexually gay. He emerged openly out and discussed it with his family members when he was 18, but understood what he was when he was 13. Within an interview, he stated “as a kid, I generally felt there was different things about me. As her profession in music provides failed, it is probably that eventually everyone could have forgotten about the chubby girl of Sonny & Cher, if it had been not on her behalf LGBT privileges activism. When I was 13, I finally discovered a name for just how I was different. At age 18, Chaz found out his inclination for the same gender and began dating ladies and later on he formed an organization along with his girlfriend.” He has just had on display romance along with his dance partner Jennifer Elias. To be able to learn about him, you can examine his biography that’s available in sites like IMDB and Wikipedia. When I was 13, I finally discovered a name for just how I was different.A Chaz Bono is well-known for taking a major stage and transforming herself in to the transgender man. Hence, furthermore to his personal lifestyle, his career into present business can be known to the general public. He is a article writer, a musician, and generally an American advocate. For your day, Chaz Bono net worthy of is approximated at $500 thousand. So yes, he’s by far not really the wealthiest superstar around. For his education, Chaz joined the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for Performing in NY. Relating to them, his just state to the fame and fortune can be that he was created in a family group of two legends, Cher and Bono and underwent a gender changeover – through the period 2008-2010 Chaz (previous Chastity) became a guy. Meanwhile the spouse of the population can be convinced that Chaz Bono net worthy of can be inadequate and too little for his achievements, because he did a significant job defending the privileges of LGBT. I believe that in actuality, both these groups involve some good arguments on the side. So in all of those other article I will discuss his Chez’ existence and profession in a larger detail. Chastity was created as a girl to legendary singing duo Sonny & Cher. Warren offers a few shirtless images from his past times that are offered in the mass media where he has uncovered himself. The lady was named following the leading personality of the movie made by her father. They wish Mary Bono Mack, Sonny’s widow, can preside over their nuptials. This appears pretty ironic, having at heart that the girl is continuing to grow up to end up being transsexual herself plus some people even declare that there could be a causal romantic relationship underlying her early contact with different types of sexuality and your choice to change gender later on. But this is simply not a location to focus on this issue… Born in a family group of two skilled musicians, Chastity has began to build a profession in music herself. Together with the band Ceremony, she’s released an album titled GO OUT Your Poetry, nonetheless it didn’t attract much interest and produced an unsignificant contribution to Chaz Bono net well worth. I’d look at additional girls my age group and experience perplexed by their apparent interest in the most recent style, which boy in course was the cutest, and who appeared the possib cover lady Christie Brinkley. Chaz can be an American by nationality and belongs to combined ethnicity. Although Cher, her mother, always appeared to be extremely liberal, these news didn’t make her particularly content. It took a season until she finaly produced peace with the actual fact that her child is a lesbian. In the mean time the LGBT community offers supported Chasity straight right away. The support continuing in 2008, as she made a decision to become Chaz. Nevertheless, his parents surely got to find out about this when he was 18 years old. It has led many visitors to conclude that the celebrity has in fact exploited her homosexuality and later on transsexuality to be rich. Would you concur that this is the actual way to obtain Chaz Bono net worthy of? American transgender advocate, article writer, actor, and musician,Chaz Salvatore Bono comes with an estimated net worthy of of $500 thousand. Having completely transformed in a man, Chaz Bono now really wants to convert his interest on something equally essential: strolling down the aisle with partner Jennifer Elia. The few has been jointly for pretty much six years and will legally wed because Chaz is currently considered a guy. This leading personality was a bisexual female, portrayed by Cher. Elia identifies herself as bisexual and says she discovers Bono ‘more appealing as a guy. Born Chastity Sunlight Bono March 4, 1969 in LA, California,the only kid collectively of Cher and Sonny Bono of the well-known pop duo Sonny & Cher, who acquired a top-ranked television variety show which the young child frequently appeared. In the time of 2008-2010, Chaz Bono underwent a medical procedures which produced him from being truly a female to being truly a man. Graduate of SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for Performing Arts, Chaz Bono can be an advocate and a article writer from USA. Bono can be an actor and a musician. However, the album didn’t accrue the anticipated achievement. He is regarded as a transgender guy. Both of his parents are entertainer and he’s the only kid of his parents. Accomplishment: He was awarded with GLAAD Mass media Stephen F. Bono provides been pursuing his profession in the entertainment sector since 1972. Kolzak Award in 2012. Bono became the person in the band Ceremony and their just album GO OUT Your Poetry premiered in 1993. Bono offered as the vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and in the percussion. The band released one album titled “GO OUT Your Poetry”. Elia backed and was with him through the entire procedure for transition. In ’09 2009, he underwent a surgery to become guy and he legally transformed his gender and name in-may 2010. Chaz on the other hand got the wave of the news headlines towards her when she declared that she was turning out to be a guy and in the entire year 2010, she actually and legally switched herself into a guy. His nationality is definitely American and he’s of white ethnicity. There is absolutely no any information regarding his partner. His net worthy of is $500,000. However, in 1975, Bono was pressured to live without viewing his parents live beneath the same roofing as he utilized to.S. Having made an appearance in many different films, and toured around the united states, his enthusiast following is pretty large. He was created to the parents, Sonny and Cher, who had been well-known entertainers of the entertainment sector. The real name of Bono was held Chastity Sunlight Bono when he was a woman and was transformed after he switched herself right into a man. There are also his interviews on YouTube, and read his quotations in lots of websites too. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. In his publication, Family members Outing Bono wrote that, estimate which he sensed as a kid. His activism commenced at that time he was purported to be a lesbian. Getting born to such parents, it had been apparent for him to consider exactly like his career. He studied Rules in the brand new York University. I noticed I was gay. He got a significant label offer and was declared as a lesbian by the well-known sensation in the entire year 1990. In 1995, many years after becoming outed as lesbian by the tabloid press, he publicly self-recognized as such in a cover tale in a respected American gay regular monthly magazine, The Advocate, ultimately going to discuss the procedure of developing to oneself also to others in two books. This changeover entailed both physical and cultural transitioning which led him to changing both his gender and name. Because of Bono’s parents’ initiatives, Ceremony was provided a agreement by Geffen Information. He previously recorded weight of someplace 130 kg and he found 80 kgs. He initial revealed his slender looks in the entire year 2009, creating a sensational information actually for his closed types. It has been stated that he also experienced to proceed under some surgeries to eliminate the extra excess fat from his body. Within an interview he stated,” I must say i feel extremely satisfied and more comfortable with just how I eat right now, which is usually amazing, and for me personally, sort of a miracle. Who’s Chaz Bono: Chaz Bono can be an American advocate, musician, article writer along with actor. He transformed his name to Chaz Bono from Chastity Sunlight Bono. By age 13, he had noticed that he was gay and upon achieving the age of 18 exposed with the parents that they accepted. Bono provides been an writer of many books, “Tranition: The Tale of How I Became a guy”, “THE FINISH of Innocence”, and “Family members Outing: HELPFUL INFORMATION to the Arriving Ou Procedure for Gys, Lesbains and THEIR OWN FAMILIES”. He also offers a very short profession as a singer and he sang along with his band ceremony and highlighted in the video “Could’ve Been Love”. Afterwards, this documentary film was also proven on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Chaz lately made the news headlines when he announced that he’s involved with the Courtney Action celebrity Shan Jenek, better referred to as Drag Queen and likely to get wedded to her soon. Along with his fame, he’s now able to increase a net well worth of $13 million USD. $500 Thousand: Chaz Salvatore Bono (born Chastity Sunlight Bono, March 4, 1969) can be an American advocate, article writer, musician and actor. He’s the only kid of American entertainers Sonny and Cher. Bono is certainly a transgender guy. He further sought the methods to activism locally of GLBT. Family members Outing: HELPFUL INFORMATION to the DEVELOPING Procedure for Gays, Lesbians, and THEIR OWN FAMILIES (1998) contains his coming-out accounts. The memoir THE FINISH of Innocence (2003) discusses his outing, music profession, and partner Joan’s loss of life from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Between 2008 and 2010, Bono underwent female-to-male gender changeover. A two-component Entertainment Tonight feature in June 2009 described that his changeover had started a season before. Among the music was co-created by Bono, and also other associates. A documentary on Bono’s knowledge, Getting Chaz, was screened at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and afterwards made its tv debut on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.” Then rejoined “Dance with the Superstars” where he previously was an integral part of. Chaz’s decision to turn out as a Lesbian in 1995 prompted his open public work to get LGBT rights and sociable justice. With a final recorded body weight around 80 kg. That’s 5 feet and 6 inches high, which can be an average height for just about any person. Early Existence (Childhood): He was created in LA, California to Cher and Sonny Bono. They both will be the pop duo Sonny & Cher. He’s the only kid of his parents. When he was 18 years old, he arrived to both parents as lesbian. Interesting Information: His birth name is definitely Chastity Sun Bono. He’s also referred to as Chaz Salvatore Bono. His net worthy of is approximated to end up being 13 million US dollars. He is a major impact for the thousands of people who haven’t had the opportunity to recognize themselves as just how they are. Personal Lifestyle: He was not married however. There is absolutely no any information regarding his girlfriends or boyfriends. There have been news about his romantic relationship with some women. He’s sexually gay therefore he does not have a wife or any kids. At age 18, Bono exposed to be always a lesbian to his parents. Bono also started musical profession in the late 1980s. In 2011 he gained nomination of Primetime Emmy Award in category Excellent Nonfiction Special for Getting Chaz. He also offers large number of enthusiast following. Is normally Chaz Dating Anyone? The Advocate, ultimately going to discuss the procedure of developing to oneself also to others in two books Family members Outing: HELPFUL INFORMATION to the DEVELOPING Procedure for Gays, Lesbians, and THEIR OWN FAMILIES (1998) includes his developing accounts. Chaz Bono is actually a article writer, advocate and musician, which add up to the full total estimate of Chaz Bono net well worth, aswell. Chaz Bono can be popular for his relatives. From the talked about album, two music as singles had been released, that have been called “Ready for Like” and “MIGHT HAVE BEEN Love”. Chaz Bono in addition has become well-known for his sex. Chaz Bono was created as Chastity Sunlight Bono in the past due 1960s in LA, California, United states to Cher and Sonny Bono. This early introduction in to the filming industry could very well be why Bono comes with an excellent mastery of his artwork. He also referred to his existence in two books, such as for example “Family Outing: HELPFUL INFORMATION to the DEVELOPING Procedure for Gays, Lesbians, and THEIR OWN FAMILIES”, that was released in 1998. In 2003, another publication of his premiered called “THE FINISH of Innocence”. The product sales of both these books possess added up too much to the overall quantity of Chaz Bono net well worth, too. Bono was called Chastity Sun Bono following the film Chastity, that was made by Sonny, and where Cher—in her initial feature film—has a bisexual girl. His second book, THE FINISH of Innocence (2003) is certainly similar to a memoir which discusses his outing, music profession, and partner Joan’s loss of life from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This year 2010, it was mentioned that Chaz Bono legally transformed not merely his gender, but also his name. In 2011, a documentary movie concerning this event was proven in the Sundance Film Event, that was titled “Getting Chaz”. In 2015 he loose pounds and produced a sculpting physique. Chaz Bono genuine name may be Chastity Sunlight Bono. Having gained motivation from rock music, Ceremony released Go out Your Poetry, its just album. The books and series that discussed her encounters and documented her changeover where quite effective commerically. Opportunity & Pete McRae, Steve Bauman, Louis Ruiz, and Bryn Mathieu. As such, he started his profession when he was selected to participate the band known as “Ceremony”. An American singer and songwriter Steve March-Tormé The book has an inside appear at his amount of time in the music business and his romantic relationship with a mature woman. Furthermore, he also wrote many tunes for the band. Consequently, his musical career in addition has been one of many resources of his fame along with Chaz Bono net worthy of. He’s the only child to Cher and Sonny, who are also popular people in present business. By 2015, his estimated net well worth is approximately $13 million US dollars.

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Quick Facts

Full NameChaz Bono
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Date Of BirthMarch 4, 1969
Height1.68 m
ProfessionMusician, Activist, Author, Advocate
EducationNew York University, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School
ParentsCher, Sonny Bono
SiblingsElijah Blue Allman, Chesare Elan Bono, Chianna Maria Bono, Christine Bono, Sean Bono
AwardsGLAAD Media Stephen F. Kolzak Award
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special
TV ShowsCelebrity Fit Club, Cher, Dancing with the Stars

Interesting Facts

1 Grandson of Georgia Holt.
2 Born as Chastity Sun Bono, Chaz legally changed his name to Chaz Salvatore Bono. Salvatore was Sonny Bono's real first name. [April 2010]
3 Mother Cher's younger half-sister, Georganne LaPiere, was once married to Michael Madsen.
4 Announced plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a man on June 11, 2009.
5 Prior to becoming a man, he had breast reduction surgery to relieve back pain and discomfort related to his large bust-size.
6 According to his publicist, Howard Bragman, Chastity is undergoing surgery to become a man. He is now known as Chaz [June 11, 2009].
7 He is named after the movie Chastity (1969) starring his mother Cher and written by her father Sonny Bono.
8 Graduated from the High School for Performing Arts in New York.
9 Half-nephew of Georganne LaPiere.
10 Older half-brother, on his mother's side, of Elijah Allman.
11 High school friend of Jennifer Aniston.
12 Spokesperson for GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
13 Son of Sonny Bono and Cher.


1 I was never a lesbian.
2 It really bothers me when I see people doing my mother in drag. I mean, just imagine if you saw people doing that with your mother.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2012 Stephen F. Kolzak Award GLAAD Media Awards

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Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2011 Primetime Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Nonfiction Special Becoming Chaz (2011) Fenton Bailey (produced by)

Randy Barbato (produced by)



Adi Shankar's Gods and Secrets 2017 post-production
American Horror Story 2016 TV Series Lot Polk / Brian Wells
Where the Bears Are 2016 TV Series Gavin Kelly
Dirty 2016/I Jerry the Hoarder
The Bold and the Beautiful 2016 TV Series Reverend Rydale
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 2013 TV Series Chaz
Degrassi: The Next Generation 2012 TV Series Chaz
Fronterz 2004 as Chastity Bono
Ellen 1997 TV Series The Moderator
Bar Girls 1994 Scorp' (as Chastity Bono)
The Sonny and Cher Show 1976-1977 TV Series Regular Performer


Rockin' the Night Away 1988 TV Movie performer: "I Got You Babe" - as Chastity Bono
The Sonny and Cher Show 1976 TV Series performer - 4 episodes
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour 1974 TV Series performer - 1 episode


Oprah: Where Are They Now? 2016 TV Series Himself
I Am Cait 2015 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2009-2015 TV Series Herself / Himself
RuPaul's Drag Race 2011-2014 TV Series Himself - Guest Judge / Himself - Audience Member / Himself
RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! 2013-2014 TV Series Himself - Guest Judge
The Doctors 2013 TV Series Himself
Good Day L.A. 2013 TV Series Himself
Dear Mom, Love Cher 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself
Piers Morgan Tonight 2011-2012 TV Series Himself
Being Chaz 2011 Documentary Himself
The Rosie Show 2011 TV Series Himself
The Wendy Williams Show 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest / Himself
Anderson Live 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
Dancing with the Stars 2011 TV Series Himself - Contestant
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2011 TV Series Himself
The Talk 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
Real Time with Bill Maher 2011 TV Series Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 2011 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 2011 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Oprah Winfrey Show 1998-2011 TV Series Himself / Herself
Becoming Chaz 2011 Documentary Himself
Oprah's Guide to OWN 2011 TV Movie Himself
The Big Gay Sketch Show 2008 TV Series Herself
Sell This House 2006 TV Series Herself - Homeowner
20 Greatest Celebreality Moments 2006 TV Movie Herself (as Chastity Bono)
Celebrity Fit Club 2006 TV Series Herself
The View 2006 TV Series Herself
The Tyra Banks Show 2006 TV Series Herself
The Rosie O'Donnell Show 2002 TV Series Herself
Still Cher 2002 TV Movie documentary Herself (as Chastity Bono)
Behind the Music 1999 TV Series documentary Herself
The Roseanne Show 1998 TV Series Herself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1998 TV Series Herself
Rockin' the Night Away 1988 TV Movie Herself (as Chastity Bono)
The 41st Annual Golden Globe Awards 1984 TV Special Himself - Audience Member
The Mike Douglas Show 1979 TV Series Himself
The Sonny and Cher Show 1976 TV Series Herself
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour 1972-1973 TV Series Herself
The David Frost Show 1970 TV Series Herself

Archive Footage

Dragged 2016 Documentary Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2015 TV Series Himself
Muppets 201: Rarities from the Henson Vault 2009 Documentary Herself (as Chastity Bono)
E! True Hollywood Story 2003 TV Series documentary Herself
Family Fundamentals 2002 Documentary Herself - Out at last (as Chastity Bono)
Sonny & Me: Cher Remembers 1998 TV Special Herself (as Chastity Bono)

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