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Charles Van Zant was created in the entire year 1943 and he’s American Southern Baptist Minister and architect who are Republican member for Florida Home of Representatives. Besides becoming architect, he also worked well just like a pastor for different churches which included First Baptist Church of Keystone Heights and of Trinity Baptist Church. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. He also attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and he got a Expert of Divinity Level and in addition got a Doctorate of Theology level from Western Baptist Theological Seminary. Following the graduation, he opened up an architecture firm beneath the name of Van Zant Associates and he’s still its owner. –> From his biography, Charles Van Zant was created in Jacksonville, visited Stetson University and graduated in the University of Florida where he got a level in the architecture in the entire year 1968. He represents 19th District which contains Union County, Clay County, Putnam County and Bradford County since 2012 and he presented the 21st District starting 2008 until 2012. He’s an associate for Clay County College Panel since 2007 and was appointed by Charlie Crist while he’s serving just like the Vice-Chairman. Putnam County, Southern Clay County, Northern Lake County, Southern Bardford County and Marion County. When the incumbent Condition Representative Joe Pickens had not been able to obtain the re-election due to term limitations, Charles Van Zant ran in order that he can be successful him for 21st District which included part of North Florida; In Republican major, he could emerge victorious narrowly over Patricia Freeman and Christopher France. Katherine can be an engineer and she actually is 55 years older. He earned the election with just 2000 votes over that of element. When the legislative about the districts got redrawn in the entire year 2012, he was moved in to the 19th District that continuing with Putnam County and Clay County but also added some portion of the Bradford County and of Union County. He was elected unopposed for his third, also last term, 4th and second. For the applicants who wish to take his chair consist of his wife, Katherine Van Zant. Nevertheless, the opponents assault his wife stating that she’d continue in the political footprints of her spouse and she’ll not bring real modification. His child Charlie Van Zant can be interested in the chair and he is a superintendent of Clay County’s universities for over 30 years. Charles Van Zant confronted Linda Myers, who was simply a commissioner for Putnam County and was nominated by Democrats. Along with his wife, they paid 8,716 dollars as unpaid taxes with curiosity stemming that originated from the homestead exemption that they shouldn’t have claimed. It isn’t clear when he wedded, his wife however they have 8 kids jointly; Michael, Charles Jr, Scott, Kimberly, Katie, Lydia, Daniel and Joshua. His net worth is not recorded anywhere. She actually is known never to be too content when opponents wish to tie her with the legislative profession of her husband.


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