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Carl Weathers Net Worth is
$2 Million

Carl Weathers Biography

Therefore, his appearances in them have got added up too much to the entire size of Carl Weathers net worthy of, aswell. In 1996, he made an appearance in the humor called “Content Gilmore”, where he starred as Chubbs. Carl Weathers is becoming famous due to his career in sports activities and performing. Professionally he performed eight video games for the Oakland Raiders and eighteen video games for the B. This is the smash achievement for him. Carl Weathers was created in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1948. Carl Weathers transferred to live to Southern California, where he was their studies at Long Seaside Polytechnic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Carl Weathers from then on was their studies at Long Beach Town College and from then on at San Diego Condition. When he was learning in university, Carl Weathers was playing soccer therefore well that he also attracted some scouts. In 1970, he was playing in the Oakland Raiders group and as part of it he made an appearance in 7 video games. In 1971 he performed in a single game with the group. In the time of 1971-1974, Carl Weathers was playing in the Canadian Soccer League. When he halted his profession in soccer, Carl Weathers transferred to LA, where he began his profession as an actor, which involvement in addition has added up to the full total estimate of Carl Weathers net value. Carl after that attended Long Beach Town College and eventually NORTH PARK Condition. His biggest break in this sector emerged when he was selected to surface in the Rocky movies as Apollo Creed.It’s been calculated that the entire quantity of Carl Weathers net value is really as much as 2 million dollars. He made an appearance in four elements of these movies, which his last getting “Rocky IV” where his personality was killed. Furthermore, there are several other sources that have mentioned that his net worthy of is a lot higher today since it gets to 8 million dollars. Carl Weathers in addition has appeared in some Television shows and series, including “Arrested Development”, where he got a cameo appearance. He made an appearance in three episodes of it. Thus his focus on TV in addition has made him more well-known and also increased the full total size of Carl Weathers net worthy of. In 1973, his marriage ceremony occurred when he wedded Mary Ann Castle. With her, Carl Weathers is certainly a mother or father of two Matthew, boys and Jason. In 1983, nevertheless, the couple divorced. Twelve months afterwards, he wedded for the second period, to Rhonda Unsell. Carl Weathers can be an actor and previous pro football participant in Canada and america. I have to say Carl is somebody who really resided two different worlds. Weathers’s most popular functions came when he made an appearance in the Rocky series as Apollo Creed, Dillon in the film Predator, and Chubbs Peterson in the films Small Nicky and Happy Gilmore. Weathers also performed his himself in the series Arrested Advancement, albeit it had been an exaggerated edition. Well, the globe legendary players like Messy and Ronaldo had taken all of the limelight of the overall game. PERSONAL LIFE: Aside from soccer and acting, Carl Climate is an associate of both Big Brothers and america Olympic Committee. Long Seaside City University is where he began and he later on used in SDSU and played soccer there. He’s a retired football participant today and an actor. Taking into consideration his present involvement in performing, his net well worth is expected to stay same in arriving years. Lions in Canada. During his university days itself, he was a fantastic football participant and performed for big groups like Oakland Raiders and BC Lions. His 1st roles arrived in the blaxploitation movies Fri Foster and Bucktown. Carl Weathers – have you any idea him? Weathers can be known for his appearances in various action movies like Actions Jackson, Predator, and Hurricane Smith. As of this moment, Weathers is performing with Aged Spice as Brian ‘Gebo’ Fitzgerald for the sponsorship of Tony Stewart who’s a NASCAR driver. 10 SYNOPSIS: Carl Weathers, an American actor and previous professional football participant, was created on January 14, 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The actor is significant for portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky group of films. He’s also very popular for portraying Jericho “Actions” Jackson doing his thing Jackson, Dillon in Predator, Chubbs Peterson in Content Gilmore and Small Nicky, and a fictionalized edition of himself on the humor series Arrested Advancement. EARLY Lifestyle: Carl Weathers attended St. Augustine High graduated in, College and New Orleans1966. Then attended Long Beach Town College and continued to study at NORTH PARK State University, getting a B.A. in Drama in 1974. He was an extremely athletic person during senior high school and was involved with boxing, soccer, gymnastics, judo, soccer, and wrestling. CAREER IN Soccer: Carl Weathers played soccer as a linebacker both in university and professionally with Steven Diaz. He began his college profession in 1966 at Long Beach City University but was struggling to play in 1966 because of an ankle injury. Then transferred and performed at NORTH PARK State University, learning to be a letterman in 1968 and 1969. In 1970 and 1971, he performed seven video games for Oakland Riders before becoming a member of BC Lions in 1971. He played 18 video games until 1973 and retired from soccer to pursue an performing profession in 1974. While in college, he played soccer sufficiently to attract interest from professional scouts. Before that, he previously appeared in an bout of the 1970s sitcom MEMORIES entitled “The Nude”. The actor includes a net worthy of of $8 million. In 1976, he made an appearance in Rocky as Apollo Creed, that was an extremely successful film and defined his performing profession. His residential home in New Orleans, Louisiana depicts the lavish life style of Carl Weathers. From then on, he made an appearance in ‘Rocky III’ in 1981 and ‘Rocky IV’ in 1985. Just how much is normally Carl Weathers Net Worthy of in 2017: Carl is normally a successful actor in addition to a renowned footballer, just how very much you believe his net worthy of? He also made an appearance in Television series Tour of Duty, Road Justice, The Shield, Arrested Development, Psych, Regular Present, Colony, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Justice in addition to in Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Gal” music video and in Mortal Kombat X as the tone of voice and likeness of DLC personality Jax Briggs. He visited school and played soccer at two different schools. In February 1973, he got wedded to Mary Ann Castle. That they had two sons, Jason and Matthew, before obtaining divorced in 1983. Another season, he wedded Rhona Unsell. He wedded his third wife, Jennifer Peterson, in 2007. They divorced in ’09 2009. In 2016, rumors were spread having said that that Carl Weathers was lifeless. But by the finish of his graduation, he was completely established to excel himself in performing therefore he retired from soccer in 1973 and devoted himself totally to performing. He also offers guest starred within an bout of Kung Fu entitled “The Brothers Caine”. He by itself produced $2 million from Rocky series. This time around it had been Jenifer Peterson. His family members eventually shifted to Southern California where he attended Longer Beach Polytechnic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Soon he began to come in various films. Performing CAREER Carl Weather’s 1st main appearance in a film was ‘Bucktown and Fri Foster’. Discussing another profession of the actor, he’s also called a football participant and therefore he has performed both soccer in college along with professionally. It is the journey from starting place to the destination that truly defines the true talent. When his soccer career dry out, Carl moved to LA to try his hands at acting. He shortly found achievement appearing in some blaxploitation movies. Carl’s big performing break occurred when Sylvester Stallone cast him in the Rocky film franchise as Apollo Creed. Carl Weathers belongs to 1 such player’s list. Carl Weathers may be most widely known to younger viewers for playing “Chubbs” in the 1996 humor Happy Gilmore. Carl also got a celebrated cameo in the tv screen series Arrested Advancement. On Arrested Advancement, Weathers performed a caricature of himself in three episodes through the show’s original work. Thus, his profession in movies not merely increased the full total sum of Carl Weathers net well worth, but it addittionally made him popular in the market. These two professions of him have offered as the main way to obtain Carl Weathers net well worth, aswell. As an actor, to the general public he is mainly known as a celebrity from Rocky films, where he was selected for a job of Apollo Creed. Furthermore to these movies, he’s also known from many others, such as for example “Predator”, where he made an appearance as Dillon and “Happy Gilmore”, where he was selected for a job of Chubbs Peterson. It’s been estimated that the entire quantity of Carl Weathers net worthy of today is 2 million dollars, which he provides accumulated through his professions as a football participant along with an actor. Furthermore to his appearances in a variety of movies, Carl Weathers is certainly also referred to as an actor from Television screens and therefore he has made an appearance in it series called “Arrested Advancement”. Carl Weathers was a boy of a time laborer now he is a global superstar. Carl Weathers got his education from three establishments – Long Beach Polytechnic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Long Beach City University and NORTH PARK State University. He ultimately played seven video games for the Oakland Raiders in 1970 and one game in 1971. He’s a 69-year-old guy. In 1966, he began his profession as a college soccer participant when he became a member of the team owned by Long Beach City University. However, he previously to miss the 12 months 1966 without playing soccer since when he was practicing he experienced an ankle damage. When he used in San Diego Condition University, he became a member of basketball group there. As a specialist football participant, he started his profession in the group of Oakland Raiders. In 1970, as a group member he performed in seven video games, and one year afterwards he appeared in a single game with the group. In 1971, Carl Weathers joined the Canadian Soccer League, where he performed in the group of the BC Lions. He performed there for just two years, which amounted to 18 games overall. Nevertheless, in 1974 he quitted his profession as a football participant and decided to concentrate on his profession as an actor, which produced him a lot more popular to the general public and added too much to his current economic status. His initial big role emerged in 1976 when he appeared in the film Rocky. Carl Weathers was created in New Orleans in 1948. Before their reputation, the greatness and the flexibility of other players often remained unidentified and unnoticed. Weathers continued to surface in four Rocky films before getting killed off in Rocky IV. Let’s learn about him. What he’s doing now and just how much is certainly his net value? Carl Weathers Biography: Born in 1948 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carl Weathers can be an American professional soccer participant turned actor. His dad was a time laborer. Today, you can believe the talents and the greatness of the person. Carl attended St. Augustine SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and afterwards earned the amount of B.A. in Drama from NORTH PARK Condition University. He retired from soccer in 1974 and made a decision to follow a different route by getting an actor. The August 2016 statement verified it as a total hoax. By enough time he has turned into a popular face therefore he didn’t need to bang very much his mind against the wall structure for landing the 1st part. 1973 was a turning-point yr for Carl Weathers. Carl discovered his new like Rhona Unsell another yr itself. He wedded her in 1984 and remained with her till 2006 before they parted their methods. The relationship yielded two sons. In this season, he stepped into performing and the same yr he discovered his soul mates Mary Ann. He wedded Mary Ann Castle in 1973 but their relationship couldn’t last longer and in 1983 they divorced. He’s a real motivation for everyone. Carl Weathers was created on January 14, 1948 in New Orleans, Louisiana. They got wedded in 2007 but like his previous failed marriages, this relationship failed too plus they separated in ’09 2009. Right now, he’s probably one. As a footballer, Carl acquired a wonderful profession. In his seven year’s short profession, he performed for his university team and turned a specialist player. Before his pension in 1974, he performed total 18 video games and impressed everyone. But his interest for performing drew him in glamour globe in 1975 when he made an appearance in ‘Bucktown’ and ‘Friday Foster’. His most strike films include Predator, Content Gilmore, Alien Siege, and The Comeback. Next yr, he starred in ‘Rocky’ as Apollo Creed. Both of these sources also have added up too much to the entire estimate of Carl Weathers net well worth. Thereafter, he continued giving hit after strike. This grand access in big screen helped him landing many big functions. He in addition has been featured in lots of Television shows. Carl Weathers within an acclaimed character in two different areas but he couldn’t earn any major award up to now. In 2014, he received BTVA Special/DVD Voice Performing Award which is just about the just award under his name. Nevertheless, awards don’t define a person. Carl after that performed in the Canadian Soccer Group from 1971 to 1974. Then appeared in famous films such as for example ‘Predator’, ‘Happy Gilmore’, ‘Alien Siege’, ‘The Comeback’ and ‘American Warships’. While producing your guess, maintain his age element in brain. His involvement into sports activities in addition has added up to the quantity of Carl Weathers net worthy of. Well, let’s disclose his real net worth figure. By 2017, the actor is normally estimated to get a copious net worthy of of $9 million US dollars. Performing is of training course the primary way to obtain his giant net worthy of. Carl Weathers net worthy of: Carl Weathers is definitely a retired soccer participant and actor of display and television who includes a net well worth of $6 million. Before showing up once again in Rocky II in 1978, Carl Climate made an appearance in ‘Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind’, ‘Semi-Hard’, ‘The Bermuda Depths’ and ‘Force 10’ from Navarone.C. Carl Weathers was created in 1948 in Louisiana. Not merely in one field however in two different areas he achieved the best heights of success. In those days he was 58 years old nonetheless it didn’t consider him long to create a woman fall for him. His net well worth happens to be $8 million.

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Quick Facts

Full NameCarl Weathers
Net Worth$2 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 14, 1948
Height1.88 m
Weight99.8 kg
ProfessionTelevision producer, Actor, American football player, Television Director
EducationLong Beach Polytechnic High School, San Diego State University, St. Augustine High School, Long Beach City College
SpouseJennifer Peterson, Rhona Unsell, Mary Ann Castle
ChildrenJason Weathers, Matthew Weathers
NominationsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
MoviesRocky, Predator, Rocky IV, Rocky III, Rocky II, Happy Gilmore, Action Jackson, Friday Foster, Little Nicky, Force 10 from Navarone, Bucktown, Hurricane Smith, The Comebacks, American Warships, Death Hunt, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Sasquatch Gang, The Bermuda Depths, Semi-Tough, Dangerous Passion, Eight Crazy Nights, Alien Siege, Balto III: Wings of Change, OP Center, The Four Deuces, Braker, Attack on Devil’s Island, Defrost, Phoo Action, In the Heat of the Night: By Duty Bound, Elevator Seeking, In the Heat of the Night: Grow Old Along with Me
TV ShowsBrothers, In the Heat of the Night, Street Justice, Tour of Duty, Fortune Dane, Spawn: The Animation

Interesting Facts

1 Has two sons Jason and Matthew.
2 Inducted into the International Mustache Hall of Fame in 2016.
3 Currently assisting the US Military with simulated Iraqi villages at Fort Irwin, California. He has directed and narrated at least one training video: "IFAK First Aid." IFAK stands for "individual first aid kit". [April 2006]
4 Took drama classes with Donna Pescow.
5 Graduated from San Diego State with a degree in theater arts.
6 College football coach at San Diego State was College Football Hall-of-Fame coach Don Coryell ("Air").
7 His most famous character, the flashy boxer Apollo Creed from the Rocky films, was loosely based on Muhammad Ali.
8 Played for the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League from 1971 to 1973. Played linebacker in 18 games and wore #55.
9 During his professional football career, he played for the Oakland Raiders and a Canadian Football League squad.
10 Before his career as an actor, he was a professional football player.
11 One of the original actors that auditioned for the part of Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993).
12 Played college football at San Diego State University. One of his teammates was Fred Dryer.


1 I majored in theater at San Diego State. My one eye was on football, and my other eye was on Hollywood.
2 When I start to get that few pounds, which I try to monitor, then I just pull back. So it's really just being conscious.
3 I really try to take care of myself. I really put forth the effort to make a regimen just a part of my life. When I can't, for instance if I'm in a location someplace and I can't work out because of the schedule of the picture or whatever it is, as much as I normally do when I'm home, I still do something.
4 I've been fortunate. I've worked in a lot of things where I had those kinds of experiences with actors who were perceived as very macho guys, everybody from Lee Marvin to Charlie Bronson to Harrison Ford to Robert Shaw.
5 I've made some films for the military that are teaching things like cultural awareness and leadership issues, that sort of stuff. And try to, in essence, look at what training they're doing and say, 'This is how you can improve the training from a humanistic point of view.'
6 "My first love was acting. I went to Sidney Poitier films as a kid. I sat in the theater and dreamed of being an actor".


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2014 BTVA Special/DVD Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Male Vocal Performance in a TV Special/Direct-to-DVD Title or Theatrical Short Toy Story of Terror (2013)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2014 BTVA Special/DVD Voice Acting Award Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Vocal Ensemble in a TV Special/Direct-to-DVD Title or Theatrical Short Toy Story of Terror (2013) Tom Hanks

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Chicago Justice 2017 TV Series announced Mark Jefferies
Chicago Fire 2016 TV Series Mark Jefferies
Chicago P.D. 2016 TV Series Mark Jefferies
Colony 2016 TV Series Beau
Defrost 2015 Video short Doctor Bedford
Mortal Kombat X 2015 Video Game Jax - 'Dillon' Skin (voice)
Think Like a Man Too 2014 Mr. Davenport (uncredited)
Regular Show in Space 2011-2013 TV Series God of Basketball / Basketball King
Toy Story of Terror 2013 TV Short Combat Carl Combat Carl Jr. (voice)
Arrested Development 2004-2013 TV Series Carl Weathers
Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies 2013 President Weathers
American Warships 2012 Video General Hugh McKraken
Psych 2010 TV Series Boone
Chadam 2010 TV Series Narrator
Brothers 2009 TV Series 'Coach' Trainor / Trainor / Coach
Cubed 2009 TV Series Carl Weathers
ER 2008 TV Series Louie Taylor
Phoo Action 2008 TV Movie Chief Benjamin Benson
The Comebacks 2007 Freddie Wiseman
The Shield 2003-2007 TV Series Joe Clark
The Sasquatch Gang 2006 Dr. Artimus Snodgrass
Alien Siege 2005 TV Movie General Skyler
Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction 2005 Video Game Colonel Samuel Garrett (voice)
Balto III: Wings of Change 2004 Video Kirby (voice)
Eight Crazy Nights 2002 GNC Guy (voice)
Little Nicky 2000 Chubbs (uncredited)
Elevator Seeking 1999 Video William
Assault on Death Mountain 1999 TV Movie Roy Brown
Assault on Devil's Island 1997 TV Movie Roy Brown
Happy Gilmore 1996 Chubbs
In the Heat of the Night 1993-1995 TV Series Chief Hampton Forbes Inspector Hampton Forbes
OP Center 1995 TV Movie Gen. Mike Rodgers
Street Justice 1991-1993 TV Series Adam Beaudreaux
Hurricane Smith 1992 Billy 'Hurricane' Smith
Tour of Duty 1989-1990 TV Series Col. Brewster Col. Carl Brewster Colonel Brewster
Dangerous Passion 1990 TV Movie Kyle Western
Michael Jackson: Liberian Girl 1989 Video short Carl Weathers (uncredited)
Action Jackson 1988 Sgt. Jericho 'Action' Jackson
Predator 1987 Dillon
Fortune Dane 1986 TV Series Fortune Dane
The Defiant Ones 1986 TV Movie Cullen Monroe
Rocky IV 1985 Apollo Creed
Braker 1985 TV Movie Lieutenant Harry Braker
Rocky III 1982 Apollo Creed
Death Hunt 1981 Sundog
Rocky II 1979 Apollo Creed
Force 10 from Navarone 1978 Weaver
The Bermuda Depths 1978 TV Movie Eric
Semi-Tough 1977 Dreamer Tatum
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 Military Police
The Hostage Heart 1977 TV Movie Bateman Hooks
Tales of the Unexpected 1977 TV Mini-Series Dalby
The Streets of San Francisco 1977 TV Series Officer Hague
Delvecchio 1977 TV Series Sgt. Bell
Serpico 1976 TV Series Snake
Barnaby Jones 1976 TV Series Jack Hopper
Starsky and Hutch 1976 TV Series Al Martin
Rocky 1976 Apollo
McCloud 1976 TV Series Officer Delaney
Friday Foster 1975 Yarbro
Bronk 1975 TV Series
Switch 1975 TV Series Lt. Gifford
Cannon 1975 TV Series Dan Holloway
The Six Million Dollar Man 1975 TV Series Stolar
S.W.A.T. 1975 TV Series Ed
The Four Deuces 1975 Taxi cab driver
Bucktown 1975 Hambone
Kung Fu 1975 TV Series Bad Sam
Good Times 1975 TV Series Calvin Brooks
Magnum Force 1973 Demonstrator (uncredited)


Always Night 2013 TV Mini-Series 1 episode
ABC/TTV Micro-Mini Series 2004 TV Mini-Series short episode "Not Now, Kitty"
For the People 2002 TV Series 1 episode
Sheena 2001 TV Series 3 episodes
18 Wheels of Justice 2000-2001 TV Series 3 episodes
Strong Medicine 2001 TV Series 1 episode
Pensacola: Wings of Gold 1999-2000 TV Series 2 episodes
Silk Stalkings 1993-1997 TV Series 8 episodes
Renegade 1995 TV Series 1 episode


Red Faction Guerrilla 2009 Video Game voice-over director
Transformers: The Game 2007 Video Game voice-over director
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat 2005 Video Game voice director: USA
Catwoman: The Game 2004 Video Game dialogue director


Always Night 2013 TV Mini-Series producer - 1 episode
Fortune Dane 1986 TV Series supervising producer - 1 episode
The Defiant Ones 1986 TV Movie co-producer


Happy Gilmore 1996 performer: "We've Only Just Begun"


Iron and Beyond 2002 Video documentary short special thanks


John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs 2017 Documentary filming Himself
Teens Wanna Know 2015 TV Series Himself
Unsung Hollywood 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
Celebrity Poker Live 2012 TV Series Himself
Biography 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
The Rocky Saga: Going the Distance 2011 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Jace Hall Show 2010 TV Series Himself
Island Summer Celebrity Sports Invitational 2009 TV Movie Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2007 TV Series Himself
In the Ring 2006 Video documentary Himself
The Opponents 2006 Video documentary short Himself
Tribute to Burgess Meredith 2006 Video documentary short Himself (voice)
The Contender 2005 TV Series Himself
Saturday Night Live 1988-2003 TV Series Himself / Himself - Host / Various
Iron and Beyond 2002 Video documentary short Himself - Co-star: Predator
If It Bleeds We Can Kill It: The Making of 'Predator' 2001 Video documentary short Himself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills: America's Most Heart-Pounding Movies 2001 TV Special documentary Himself
Predator: Classified Action 2001 Video short Himself
Predator: Old Painless 2001 Video documentary short Himself
Predator: The Life Inside 2001 Video documentary short Himself
Predator: The Unseen Arnold 2001 Video documentary short Himself
Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film - Volume II 1997 Video documentary Himself (segment "Liberian Girl")
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1992 TV Series Himself
The 12th Annual Black Achievement Awards 1991 TV Special Himself
All-Star Tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1989 TV Movie Himself
The Arsenio Hall Show 1989 TV Series Himself
Ebony/Jet Showcase 1988 TV Series Himself
The 55th Annual Academy Awards 1983 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Sound Effects Editing
The 4th Annual Black Achievement Awards 1983 TV Special Himself
The Merv Griffin Show 1982 TV Series Himself
The John Davidson Show 1980-1981 TV Series Himself
The 6th People's Choice Awards 1980 TV Special Himself - Accepting Favourite Motion Picture Award
The Mike Douglas Show 1977-1980 TV Series Himself - Actor / Himself
NFL Monday Night Football 1970 TV Series Himself - Oakland Raiders Linebacker

Archive Footage

Coffee Time me ta Asteria tou Leo 2016 TV Mini-Series documentary Apollo Creed
Rude Tube 2011 TV Series Dillon
Banda sonora 2008 TV Series Apollo Creed
5 Second Movies 2008 TV Series Apollo Creed
Century of Black Cinema 2003 Video documentary Himself
Femmes Fatales: Sharon Stone 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)

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