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19 The American professional wrestler and wrestling maker Peter Alan Gruner,Jr. Billy happens to be dealing with WWE as a wrestling maker. Billy dropped the inaugural True Quality Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against Robbie Brookside. Billy experienced a damaged orbital bone in 2005 which triggered his to remain away the band for about three months. Billy is an associate of the WCW/ECW and WWE alliance. Billy is normally famous for ready the WWE Tag Group Championship with Paul London. alias Billy Kidman established fact for functioning with WWF, WCW and WWE. Pater Alan Gruner, Jr., a Jewish was created on 11 th Might 1974 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Gruner attended Parkland SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Gruner proved helpful as a banker before engaging in the wrestling arena. Billy teamed up with real-lifestyle girlfriend Torrie Wilson at WWE Rebellion and defeated John Cena and Dawn Marie. After being educated, Gruner made his initial debut in the band on September 11, 1994 as Child Flash in Hellertown, Pennsylvania against “Crazy Thing” Dan Kallis independent circuit. While at the Crazy Samoan training center located in Pennsylvania, Gruner became friends with professional wrestler Chris Kanyon. Later, Gruner continued to build up a tag group with Ace Darling contacting themselves “The Shooting Superstars”. The two continued to earn the ECWA Tag Group Championship as well as the USWA Globe Tag Team Championship effectively. In the mid 1996, Gruner began wrestling as Billy Kidman or Kidman for the Globe Championship Wrestling (WCW). Billy continued to really have the biggest feud of his profession fighting against Hulk Hogan defeating him in three consecutive fits. Billy offered himself the gimmick of a heroin addict where he persistently scratched his hands and therefore named his shooting celebrity press the Seven Yr Itch. Later on after a feud, the group was terminated. Billy after that began carrying out as a well-groomed face and later continued to win his 1st Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Juventud Guerrera. Billy continued to win his second Cruiserweight Championship but from Prince Laukea at a residence show. Recently in 2014, a publication regarding Billy’s wrestling profession called Billy Kidman: The Capturing Star was released. After that, Billy got a faceoff with Mysterio in the Cruiserweight Championship at Springtime Stampede which he dropped. Billy dropped his second match on an bout of Nitro to Rey Mysterio, Jr. Billy simultaneously defeated Psicosis and arrived close to defeating Jeff Jarrett for america Heavyweight Championship. Billy continued to become listed on the Filthy Pets but later on he left the steady when its people turned their heels. On the other hand he joined the Pets over the last left weeks of WCW’s continuation. Billy changed his steady to New Bloodstream and was presented with the gimmick as a hotshot. Billy after that became a member of Raven’s Flock in 1997. Billy after that entered the feud with Shane Douglas because of the affection of his on-display girlfriend Torrie Wilson. Billy later on teamed with Mysterio once again and entered the Cruiserweight Tag Group Championship tournament however the two dropped it against Elix Skipper and Child Romeo. However in the final bout of the Nitro, Both won the name from Romeo and Skipper. After four years of affair with previous WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, Billy wedded her on July 11 2003. In July 8 2004 2004, Billy teamed up with Paul London and gained the Tag Group championship type the Dudley Males in the bout of SmackDown! Billy continued to win the Cruiserweight Championship in July 2001. Through the Invasion thus didn, position and Billy suffered a personal injury’t possess a big effect on WCW wrestlers. Billy switched his back again on London and the rematch of the championship found an abrupt end.. Billy continued to win his 6th Cruiserweight championship after defeating Tajiri. Gruner got educated by Afa Anoa’i. Lately in November 2013, Kidman made an appearance as Paul Heyman’s Doctor beneath the name “Dr. Immediately after the buy, Billy made an appearance on WWF tv as a tweener for The Alliance (professional wrestling).. Billy continued to win his record-tying 5th Cruiserweight Championship after defeating X-Pac on the bout of SmackDown! On August 24 2004 Billy’s shooting superstar press inadvertently triggered Chavo Guerrero to endure a concussion. Afterwards London and Billy continued to face each other at No Mercy and Billy defeated London after his shooting superstar press was performed on London. Billy was after the member of Raven’s The New Bloodstream, Flock and Filthy Pets. After Billy premiered from the WWE agreement on July 6 2005, he started touring the united kingdom. While in UK, Billy continued to compete for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance in a three-method match. In the 1990s and 2000s, Billy provides won many Cruiserweight Championship and Tag Group Championships. Billy continued to combat in his first International Wrestling Association match for the IWA Globe Heavyweight Championship which he dropped against Ray Gonzalez. Billy irregularly made an appearance on The JBL & Cole Present. Billy teamed up with Sean Waltman on July 8 2007 as part of triple risk match in Texas. Third , success, this year 2010 Billy was rehired by Globe Wrestling Entertainment as a maker/street agent as he helped teach forthcoming wrestlers in Florida Championship Wrestling in 2007 and 2008. A tale about Gruner’s function as a maker was operate by WWE on the website on 21 st September 2011. On the other hand Billy gained his seventh Cruiserweight at Survivor Series. Weisenburg” on WWE’s European tour. Billy won the WSW Globe Heavyweight Championship by defeating Bryan Danielson. It had been the night time that WWF bought WCW which resulted in Billy’s contract being found by WWF. The ongoing to live jointly in Tampa, Florida however they separated in 2006. Their divorce was finalized in 2008. Afterwards Kidman and Mysterio proved helpful as a tag group in a match for the Globe Tag Group Championship where they earned against Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.


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