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Bernard is the person in National Assembly of Quebec to trip aside Marie Victorin at Longueuil. He started his profession as a journalist and obtained many prestigious awards and honors. He was created in the entire year 1963 in the month of June 6.Bernard Drainville – Biography SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. Personal Existence and educational history Drainville do his graduation at the University of Ottawa and got his Bachelor Level in political Sciences. Further he do his Master’s at London College of Economics in International Relations. Bernard is wedded and he’s responsible father of 3 kids. Bernard worked well as a journalist at Radio Canada and Windsor in the entire year 1989 till 1991 and he worked well for Montreal ce soir during 1994 – Later on in the entire year 2001, Drainville switched as the Correspondent of Latin America and he got arrested at Mexico once and additional confined the Revolutionary MILITARY of Columbia. 94. Multifaceted character Pursuing his education in political technology at Ottawa, Bernard starred as a multifaceted iconic character with bundle of talents in him. Through the 12 months 2007 election marketing campaign, Drainville became a member of the provincial politics at Marie Victorian and captioned it as PQ’s Critic in Wellness. Further in the entire year 2008 and 2012 election marketing campaign, Drainville was re-elected. In the entire year 2012, September 19 Mr. Bernard became the Minister of Democratic Organizations & Dynamic Citizenship. He was the only real anchor in the debate among Gerald Tremblay and Pierre Bourque in the entire year 2005 election time of year. He is not really a journalist, while he required multiple roles and obligations such as an anchor, reporter, interviewer, Bureau Chief, a lot more, correspondent and Parliamentary Correspondent. –> Bernard Drainville can be an esteemed and most-famous Quebec Politician, journalist and tv anchor. During the 12 months 2002, this iconic person received the Amnesty International Press Award for two series reviews on Bojaya Massacre at Columbia. Professional involvement He was the moderator through the debate at Montreal Municipal Election Marketing campaign through the year 2005. Third ,, he also got the Commonwealth Scholarship Award in the entire year 1988. Also in the entire year 1997, Bernard received the Prix Judith Jasmin Award to make his close and practical investigation on Pierre Bourque et le financement Montreal. Bernard was the anchor of Radio Canada and RDI’s La Component des choses through the 12 months 2003 to 2006. In the entire year 2001 and 2003, he offered as the news headlines correspondent for Radio Canada and Latin America. Profession Through the period 1989, Bernard became part of Radio Canada and he offered as a journalist there. 96 and Les affaires et la vie in the entire year 1991 – In the entire year 2007, Bernad Drainville worked well as it Anchor to the RDI network channel and in addition he was the correspondent of the National Assembly and the as the correspondent of The Canadian Home of Commons through the 12 months 1998 to 2001. Political actions His political involvement is merely amazing while he was an integral part of Canadian Federation of College students Ontario during the 12 months 1985 – 86. He was an associate of Parliamentary Intern and Home of Commons through the year 1987 – 88.

Quick Facts

Full NameBernard Drainville
EducationLondon School of Economics and Political Science, University of Ottawa
SpouseMartine Forand
ChildrenRosalie Drainville, Matisse Drainville


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