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Japanese television presenter Asami Konno is usually a previous television personality, Japanese pop idol and gravure model. In 2002, she starred in “Angel Hearts” and also other group users of “Morning hours Musume”. This Asian beauty offers been actively interesting her viewers since 2001. 7th Might 1987 born Asian diva Asami Konno is definitely a indigenous of Toyohira-Ku, Sapporo, Hollaido, Japan. In 2001, Asami became section of the J-pop idol group called “Morning hours Musume”. No info regarding her like affairs has been exposed. That same 12 months in September, she was place onto subgroup of “Morning Musume” entitled “Tanpopo”. At Hello! As no significant adjustments can be noticed on her behalf appearances, it’s quite sure that she has not really tried to re-form her features by going through the surgeon’s knife. Nothing at all much is well known about her personal existence. She debuted as a presenter of Television Tokyo on 1st of April 2011. She debuted on the 13th Solitary of the group, “Mr. Moonlight”, released n 31st of October 2001. Along with Ongaku Gatas, she continuing touring. We’re Alive”, “Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru”, “ikimasshoi”, “Densha no Futari”, “Honki de Atsui Theme Track”, “Suki na Senpai”, “Ren’ai Revolution” and “Nanni mo Iwazu ni I REALLY LIKE You”.”. The album to enter the market on 27th of March 2002. The album became 2nd highest offering with a complete of selling of 525,400 copies. The album featured tunes, such as “The Speed”, “li Koto Aru Kinen no Shunkan”, “Mr. Moonlight”, “Hajimete no Rock Concert”, “Otoko Tomodachi”, “Soda! She made her 1st appearance on the 4th album of the group titled “4th Ikimassho! IN-MAY Asami remarkably landed a lead part for the 2nd fifty percent of annual play of the group titled “Morning hours Town”. Third ,, she got entrance in another of the most reputed university called “Keio University” in Japan. Nonetheless it is really hard to believe that awesomely beautiful babe hasn’t dated anyone till day. The group released only one before disbanding. Asami 1st came into the attention of general public as a 5th person in the idol pop group known as ‘Morning Musume”. In 2003, after “Morning hours musume” put into 2 organizations ‘Otomegumi’ and ‘Sakuragumi’, Asami became component of ‘Sakuragumi’. That same 12 months, another group known as ‘Gatas Brilhantes H.P.’ was formed. As you of founding users, Asami remained in the machine till her graduation. In 2003, she became component of another band known as “Country Musume”. Task and Morning hours Mususme to keep her education at a university. She landed a guest part in drama known as “Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho 2” that year. in 2004, she became primary vocalist for “Namida ga Tomaranai Hokago”. As she actually is presently twenty-eight years aged and is spending so much time to determine her career, she appears to be focusing even more on her behalf career rather than engaged and getting married. Project’s sports activities festival, she came 1st at the fifteen-hundred meter competition, proving her athletic capabilities. On 23rd of July, she graduated through Hello! Three singles had been released under this group. That same 12 months, she entered “shuffle device” as an associate of Odoru 11′. In 2007, she rejoined Hello! Project and also became component of another group known as “Ongaku Gatas” and remained there mainly because a dynamic member until she graduated in early 2009. While shooting music variety display called “Utaban”, Asami hurt her leg thus cannot take component in the rest of the performances of Morning hours Musume’s nationwide tour. Though she actually is a mediocre singer, she entered the group because of her work and potential. The web well worth of Asami Konno continues to be under wrap. To learn even more about Asami Konno, check out wiki or flick through her personal websites.


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