Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth is
$300 Million

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

1967 Mr. Universe and the seven situations Mr. Olympia champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger can be a renowned actor, model, director and maker from Austria. He also offered as the 38th Governor of California for approximately 8 years. Born simply because Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger in Thal, Styria, Austria to Gustav Schwarzenegger and Aurelia Schwarzenegger, Arnold grew up in a Roman Catholic family members. He retains the citizenship of USA and Austria and he’s of white ethnicity. Universe name at age group 20 and continued to earn the Mr. Barbara Outland can be an English teacher plus they continued this romance till 1974. In July 1977, Arnold started dating hairdresser Sue Moray. These were open in like and were totally dedicated towards one another however when he attended the Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament in August, he noticed beautiful woman Maria Shriver. He also had time to review at a business college. He wedded Maria Shriver on 26th of April 1986 and as a loving partner they welcomed their first kid in 1989. They have already been together for approximately three decades but lately information about his separation with her became open public. Since his childhood times, Arnold was athletic and he was also proficient at several sports. Nevertheless, at age 14 he made a decision to continue his existence as a bodybuilding and stop playing soccer. In 1965, he became a member of Austrian Army and there he also became the champion of Junior Mr. European countries contest. He entered in to the acting world because the early 1970s and his first acting part was in the film, Hercules in NY. However, the celebrity himself knew that he wished to become was a specialist bodybuilder, which takes its huge component of Arnold Schwarzenegger net worthy of. For his function in Terminator 3: Rise of the Devices, he earned the income of $29,250,000 and his net worthy of is certainly $300 million dollars. Schwarzenegger gained world-wide fame in 1982 when he starred in the film Conan the Barbarian alongside with

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Quick Facts

Full NameArnold Schwarzenegger
Net Worth$300 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 30, 1947
DiedJune 14, 1801, London, United Kingdom
Height1.88 m
Weight113 kg
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Politician, Film producer, Film director, Writer, Philanthropist, Actor, Bodybuilder, Businessperson, Investor, Television Director, Businessperson, Military Officer
EducationUniversity of Wisconsin–Superior, Santa Monica College
SpouseMaria Shriver, Peggy Shippen, Margaret Mansfield
ChildrenJoseph Baena, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Christopher Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, Edward Shippen Arnold, William Fitch Arnold, James Robertson Arnold, Sophia Matilda Arnold, Richard Arnold, George Arnold, Henry Arnold, Benedict Arnold
ParentsAurelia Jadrny Schwarzenegger, Gustav Schwarzenegger, Hannah Arnold, Benedict Arnold III
SiblingsMeinhard Schwarzenegger, Absolom Arnold, Elizabeth Arnold, Mary Arnold, Benedict Arnold, Hannah Arnold
AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance, Golden Globe Award for Best New Star of the Year – Actor, American Cinematheque Award, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, The Life Career Award, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series, Laureus World Sports Award for Sport for Good, Bambi - International Film, Kids' Choice Awards Hall of Fame, Empire Special Honorary Awards, Maverick Spirit Award
NominationsMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, MTV Movie Award for Best Dance Sequence, People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama, People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor
MoviesPredator, Commando, The Terminator, Total Recall, True Lies, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Conan the Barbarian, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Terminator Genisys, Jingle All the Way, Last Action Hero, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Last Stand, Eraser, Conan the Destroyer, Escape Plan, Batman & Robin, Junior, End of Days, Sabotage, Red Heat, The 6th Day, Collateral Damage, Maggie, Raw Deal, Red Sonja, The Expendables 2, The Expendables 3, Hercules in New York, The Running Man, Stay Hungry, The Villain, Around the World in 80 Days, The Jayne Mansfield Story, Why We're Killing Gunther, Christmas in Connecticut, Scavenger Hunt, The Legend of Conan, Aftermath, Happy Anniversary and Goodbye, The Kid & I, T2 3-D:Battle Across Time, Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat, Triplets, Cry Macho, Beretta's Island, Viy 2: Journey to China, The I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Special, The Comeback, Unknown Soldier
TV ShowsThe Apprentice, Years of Living Dangerously

Interesting Facts

1 Was mentioned in the song "Jump Around" by House of Payne.
2 Former family friend Sondra Locke branded Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver as cowards for refusing to publicly side with her during litigious matters with Clint Eastwood.
3 When Schwarzenegger appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962) in 1979, he had long hair. He was growing it out to prepare for his role in Conan the Barbarian (1982).
4 Induced into the International Sports Hall of Fame in 2012 (inaugural class).
5 (July 30, 2011) In his honor, the "Arnold Schwarzenegger's Birth House Museum" was officially opened in his hometown of Thal (Austria) in the actual house that had been home to him and his family. Some of the mementos on display include his childhood bed, motorcycle, replica of the desk he used as Governor of California, etc.
6 Unlike George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell, he does not regret taking the part of Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin (1997). Joel Schumacher threatened not to direct the movie, if he did not play Mr. Freeze.
7 Was considered to play Doctor Octopus in James Cameron's canceled Spider-Man movie.
8 It was revealed in 2011 that he fathered an illegitimate son with the Schwarzenegger/Shriver family's housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena. Schwarzenegger didn't know he fathered Baena's child until the child was a toddler and looked more and more like him. Joseph Baena was born only five days after Maria Shriver gave birth to her fourth child by Schwarzenegger, Christopher, therefore the children basically grew up alongside each other in the same home. Schwarzenegger revealed his illegitimate child to his wife during a marriage counseling sessions. The issue led to the couple's separation but as of 2016 they have yet to divorce.
9 Friend and Predator (1987) co-star Jesse Ventura each went on to become, coincidentally, the 38th Governors of California and Minnesota.
10 Personal favorite of his own films is Kindergarten Cop (1990).
11 WWE Hall of Famer.
12 As of the release of The Last Stand (2013), he will have a total on-screen kill count of 509.
13 He passed on lead roles in The Rock (1996), The Saint (1997) Face/Off (1997) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). He later stated he regretted passing on the former role.
14 First introduced to wife-to-be Maria Shriver by NBC's Tom Brokaw at a charity tennis tournament in 1977.
15 Release of the book, "Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger" by Laurence Leamer. [2006]
16 Running for Governor of California on the Republican ticket. [August 2003]
17 Reelected as Governor of California [November 2006]
18 (17 November 2003) Sworn in as Governor of California. [November 2003]
19 Copenhagen, Denmark: Giving out the Sustainia Award, which recognizes outstanding performance within the area of sustainability. Also attended a book signing for his new autobiography. [October 2012]
20 Refused to take the salary for Governor of California. Uses private jet at his own expense. [December 2003]
21 (around Christmas) Broke his leg when skiing with his family in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. [December 2006]
22 Sofia, Bulgaria: Filming The Expendables 2 (2012). [October 2011]
23 Is now the Republican Governor-elect of California [October 2003]
24 Inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2005 (inaugural class).
25 In 1968 Joe Weider brought Schwarzenegger to Los Angeles and gave him $100 a week to write articles for his magazines that endorsed Weider products. Weider died at age 93 in March 2013.
26 Parents feared he was gay when he was a teenager because he worshipped bodybuilders. His mother Aurelia phoned a doctor because she thought her son was 'turning south' due to all the pictures of oiled up males on his bedroom walls.
27 While in office as governor, a Burger King promotion poster for the triple whopper stated "it's so big and beefy it just might run for governor".
28 In his body building days, he once bench pressed as much as 450 pounds.
29 Trophies won as athlete: 1965 Mr. Europe Jr.. Held in Germany. 1966 Best Builed Man of Europe/Mr. Europe/International Powerlifting-Championship/. All 3 events held in Germany. 1967 NABBA Mr. Universe Amateurs. Held in London. 1968 NABBA Mr. Universe Proffesional. Held in London. 1968 National Championship Weightlifting. Held in Germany. 1968 IFBB Mr. International. Held in Mexico. 1969 IFBB Mr. Universe Amateurs. Held in New York. 1969/1970 NABBA Mr. Universe Proffesional. Both times held in London. 1970 Mr. World. Held in Columbus, Ohio. 1970-1975 5 times in a row IFBB Mr. Olympia. Held in New York 1970/1973/1974, Paris 1971, Essen 1972, Pretoria 1975. 1980 For the 6th time IFBB Mr. Olympia. Held in Sydney, Australia.
30 Appeared on the cover of GQ magazine three times: July '86, May '90 and June '93.
31 Before he became a household name, Schwarzenegger appeared with bodybuilding buddies Franco Columbu and Frank Zane on the sleeve of Grand Funk Railroad's 1974 album "All the Girls in the World Beware!!!" Band member faces were cleverly superimposed on their muscle-bound bodies.
32 Lives in Los Angeles, California and Ketchum, Idaho.
33 Was considered for the role of President James Mitchell in Air Force One (1997).
34 Was considered for the role of Harry Stamper in Armageddon (1998).
35 The character "Arnold the Pitbull", featured on Tiny Toon Adventures (1990), voiced by Rob Paulsen, was a parody of him.
36 Was seriously considered for the role of "Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman" in one of the many failed attempts at adapting Alan Moore's "Watchmen" into film. Ultimately, director Zack Snyder cast Billy Crudup for the 2009 adaptation.
37 Has been crucified in two movies: Conan the Barbarian (1982) and End of Days (1999), where he was tied to a cross.
38 Other than Around the World in 80 Days (2004), in which he only appeared in a supporting role, has starred in three movies with the word "Day" in the title, and all three make a biblical reference: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), End of Days (1999) and The 6th Day (2000).
39 Was good friends with WWE Hall of Famer André the Giant.
40 Honored by the Congressional Award in Washington, DC on June 25, 2002 with the Horizon Award. The Horizon Award is a special recognition from the Joint Leadership of the United States Congress and the Congressional Award Board of Directors. The Horizon Award is presented to individuals from the private sectors who have contributed to expanding opportunities for all Americans through their own personal contributions, and who have set exceptional examples for young people through their successes in life.
41 Due to the dismal failure of Conan the Destroyer (1984), Schwarzenegger rarely ever did sequels to his own movies. He's turned down sequels to Commando (1985), Predator (1987), Total Recall (1990) and True Lies (1994), as well as the third "Conan" film which became Kull the Conqueror (1997). The only exceptions that he has made are Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), The Expendables 2 (2012), The Expendables 3 (2014) and Terminator Genisys (2015).
42 Attended the funeral of Ronald Reagan in 2004, whom he considered a great hero.
43 Was the original choice to play the title character in RoboCop (1987).
44 Considered for the main role in Strange Days (1995) but the job went to Ralph Fiennes instead.
45 Turned down the role of Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket (1987) and opted to do The Running Man (1987) instead.
46 As an environmentally conscious politician, always uses carbon credits when flying between his governor's office in Sacramento to his house in L.A., California.
47 Considered for the role of "Robert Neville" in I Am Legend (2007) back in 1996, with Ridley Scott as the director.
48 He saved a man's life while on vacation in Hawaii in 2004 by swimming into the sea to rescue him from drowning.
49 He ended his association with Planet Hollywood early in 2000, saying the investment had not had the level of success he had expected.
50 Publicly endorsed his close friend Senator John McCain's bid to win the Republican nomination for the 2008 presidential election.
51 Was attached to do another film adaptation of the pulp hero Doc Savage (after the failed 1975 film) in the late 1990s, but the project never got off the ground.
52 Late October 2007: Personally flew to Malibu, CA, to survey the damage done by wildfires before any other politician, including the President.
53 Had stitches in his hand from the taking-off-airplane-to-tarmac stunt he performed for Commando (1985).
54 Acted with another future governor, Jesse Ventura, of Minnesota, in Predator (1987) and The Running Man (1987).
55 Producer Joel Silver wanted Schwarzenegger to play "Doctor Manhattan" in a film adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen (2009) at one point.
56 In his childhood considered John Wayne his idol and role model. As Governor of California, he issued a proclamation making 26 May 2007 "John Wayne Day" in the state.
57 Was considered for the role of Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd (1995) in the early development stages. The part went to fellow Planet Hollywood founder Sylvester Stallone.
58 Early in his career he appeared as a contestant on The Dating Game (1965).
59 Related to actor George Wyner, who is also a close friend.
60 He joined President George Bush in New Hampshire and asked voters to "send a message to Pat Buchanan: Hasta la vista, baby". [1992]
61 Although German is his native language, all his movies have been dubbed into German by Thomas Danneberg for the German-speaking market because his strong Austrian accent doesn't fit with the type of roles he plays.
62 12/23/06: Broke his right femur while skiing in Sun Valley, ID.
63 He is the first member of the Kennedy family to become a state Governor.
64 11/7/06: Easily re-elected as Governor of California.
65 Is a huge fan of professional wrestling.
66 He keeps the sword he used in Conan the Barbarian (1982) in the Governor's office in California.
67 Was asked to appear in a sequel to his 1985 film Commando (1985) but declined.
68 Children - Katherine Eunice (born December 13, 1989), Christina Maria Aurelia (born July 23, 1991), Patrick Arnold (born September 18, 1993) and Christopher Sargent Shriver (September 27, 1997).
69 Was asked to reprise his "Dutch" character from the first Predator (1987) film for the sequel, but he declined because he didn't like the script. He chose to do Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) instead.
70 His performance as The Terminator in the "Terminator" films is ranked #40 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.
71 He has been nominated for a Razzie Award as Worst Actor eight times during his career, and in 2004 received a special award for being the "Worst Razzie Loser of Our First 25 Years."
72 He and his 11-year-old son Patrick were injured in a traffic accident when a car ran into Arnold's motorcycle. Patrick was in a sidecar. Arnold received 15 stitches. [February 2005]
73 Broke six ribs in a motorcycle crash. [December 2001]
74 Second actor to be elected Governor of California. The first was Ronald Reagan.
75 He was soundly defeated on all four propositions of his "special election", which cost the state of California an estimated $45 million. Schwarzenegger accepted personal responsibility for the defeat, and appointed a Democrat as his new Chief of Staff. [November 2005]
76 12/12/05: As governor, he refused to grant clemency to convicted quadruple murderer and former gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams, who had been on Death Row for 24 years.
77 The Green Party of Austria has resolved to strip Schwarzenegger of his Austrian citizenship due to his support for the death penalty.
78 Withdrew from the city of Graz the right to use his name in association with its soccer stadium and returned his "Ehrenring" (ring of honor) after some politicians in the town had started a campaign against Schwarzenegger due to his refusal to stop the execution of convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams (20 December 2005).
79 John Milius originally intended him to do the narration of Conan the Barbarian (1982) but the studio didn't trust his accent, so the narration was performed by Mako instead, who played the wizard.
80 While filming Predator (1987) he became close friends with co- star Jesse Ventura, who was also later elected a state governor (Minnesota).
81 Was considered for the title role in Flash Gordon (1980). The part eventually went to Sam J. Jones instead, because producer Dino De Laurentiis felt Schwarzenegger's German accent was ill-suited for this role. DeLaurentiis (in his heavy Italian accent) told Schwarzenegger, "You have an accent! I cannot use you for Flash Gordon! No! Flash Gordon has no accent! I cannot use you! No!" Ironically, Jones had to temporarily get rid of his own Texas accent for said role.
82 Was the spokesperson for Japanese DirecTV, a competitor to Quentin Tarantino's endorsed local satellite TV operator SkyperfecTV.
83 Grew up in a house that had no phone, no fridge and no toilet.
84 The etymology for Arnold is "Eagle Power."
85 Addressed the Republican National Convention. [2004]
86 While filming the behind the scenes documentary for the special edition DVD of Conan the Barbarian (1982), the microphone hit him in the head at the end of the interview, to which he immediately joked "You see, I can't even do an interview about Conan without getting hurt".
87 Initially refused to star in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) because James Cameron, who created the character and directed the first two films, would not be directing the third installment. Arnold tried to persuade Cameron to do the third film but Cameron declined and, feeling that the Terminator character was as much Arnold's as it was his own, Cameron advised Arnold to just do the third film and ask for a lot of money.
88 His famous line "I'll be back", which originated from The Terminator (1984), was originally written as "I'll come back".
89 Performed many of his own stunts in his films, owing largely to the fact that it was hard to find stunt doubles who matched his size. Billy D. Lucas, Joel Kramer and Peter Kent eventually became his personal stunt doubles and close friends.
90 His life strangely mirrors the life of Conan from Conan the Barbarian (1982). Conan was born in a small village and grew up to be a physically powerful man, due to years of slavery. After winning great fame as a gladiator, he is given to wine and women, but later rejects this hedonistic lifestyle and goes on to perform great heroic feats and eventually is crowned king. Arnold was born in a small Austrian town and took up weightlifting as he got older. After achieving success as a bodybuilder, he indulged in drug abuse and womanizing, but he later rejected this and went on to become a vocal supporter of social causes, and was eventually elected governor of California.
91 Is the only person to receive Razzie nominations for Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple (with himself cloned) in the same year. All for the same movie, The 6th Day (2000).
92 Turned down a request to reprise his Conan character in Kull the Conqueror (1997) (originally titled "Conan the Conqueror"). Also, he was supposed to play Conan in Red Sonja (1985), though ultimately, a new character was created who was essentially Conan in everything but name.
93 Is good friends with fellow bodybuilder Sven-Ole Thorsen who, ironically, portrayed "Thorgrim," one of his leading foes, in Conan the Barbarian (1982).
94 Had his first romantic scene in a movie with actress Sandahl Bergman, in Conan the Barbarian (1982).
95 Was considered for the role of the gentle giant Fezzik in the 1970s when William Goldman's book "The Princess Bride" was first proposed to be made into a film (The Princess Bride (1987)).
96 Has played a character who died in only five of his films: The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), End of Days (1999) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) and _Terminator: Genisys (2015)_ (the original T-800 who's chip was used to time travel to 2018. Arnold's primary T800 character, however, survived, being "upgraded" to T1000 status).
97 He was voted the 53rd Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
98 Stumped for President George W. Bush the weekend before his re-election in Ohio, as Schwarzenegger has always had a strong relationship with Ohio.
99 Went AWOL from the Austrian army to enter his first bodybuilding contest.
100 Has his look-alike puppet in the French show Les guignols de l'info (1988).
101 Only the second governor in California's history to be born in a foreign country. John Downey, the 7th Governor of California, was born in Ireland and served from 1860-1862.
102 His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, nicknamed him "Cinderella" as a child and his older brother, Meinhard, constantly picked on him growing up. Both men were killed while driving under the influence.
103 After he had started lifting weights as a teenager, he noticed that his body was becoming disproportionate. His arms, shoulders and chest were developing nicely, but his calves and lower legs weren't coming along as he wanted. To motivate himself to work harder on his calves, he cut off all of his pants (trousers) at the knee. Walking around like that, people would look at (and maybe even laugh at) the big man with 'chicken' legs. It worked.
104 Has the record for winning the most major bodybuilding events in history, 13 (1 Mr. Junior Western Europe, 7 Mr. Olympias, and 5 Mr. Universes).
105 Said that filming the climatic fight at the end of Predator (1987) was made difficult by the fact that the late Kevin Peter Hall, who played the Predator, couldn't see through his mask.
106 TV Guide selected Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) to run for Governor of California as the greatest TV moment of 2003.
107 Turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard (1988). The role went to Bruce Willis instead. Ironically, Willis has a line in the film where he says that the terrorists "have enough explosives to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger".
108 10/7/03: Was elected Governor of California as a Republican.
109 His mother was Aurelia Jadrny (2 July 1922 - 2 August 1998) and his father was Gustav Schwarzenegger (Graz, 17 August 1907 - 1 December 1972), married in Murzsteg, 20 October 1945. His mother's surname is Czech.
110 Had one elder brother, Meinhard (1946-1971).
111 In Demolition Man (1993), Sandra Bullock's character Lenina Huxley is telling Sylvester Stallone's character John Spartan about the Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Library, explaining that, based on the sheer popularity of Schwarzenegger's movies, a Constitutional amendment was passed in order for Schwarzenegger to run for President, which, according to Huxley, he did. In 2003, ten years after this film's release, Schwarzenegger ran for the office of Governor of California, and won the election on 7 October 2003. While Schwarzenegger is not eligible to run for the presidency by present laws (as a naturalized citizen, not a native-born citizen as required by the Constitution), most past presidents have been governors of their respective home states. Some members of Congress are currently considering an amendment to the Constitution to allow foreign-born US citizens to be allowed to run for the Presidency, specifically with Schwarzenegger in mind, although other members of Congress are strongly opposed to the idea.
112 Suffered a back injury (among other various assorted injuries) while filming Conan the Barbarian (1982) when the dogs who were chasing him jumped him from behind and he fell down the rock he was climbing to escape them.
113 8/6/03: Announced his candidacy for the Governorship of California on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992).
114 James Cameron originally wanted him for the role of Kyle Reese in The Terminator (1984), but after reading the script, Arnold asked Cameron to let him play the part of the Machine. Cameron replied "No, no! Reese is the star! He's the big hero! And the Terminator hardly has any lines!" but Arnold asked him to "trust me".
115 Won Mr. Olympia title seven times (1970-1975, 1980).
116 The character Rainier Wolfecastle in The Simpsons (1989) is based on him.
117 Ranked #9 in Star TV's Top 10 Box Office Stars of the 1990s. [2003]
118 1/29/03: Underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff as a result of an injury on the set of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). Was in a sling for three to four weeks, but it was not expected to delay the completion of the movie.
119 Franco Columbu was best man at Arnold's wedding.
120 Received an honorary doctorate from Chapman University in Orange, CA. [June 2002]
121 Lobbied to promote anti-juvenile delinquency initiative on California ballot that would commit the state to allocate $400 million for extracurricular activities and tutoring for students, kindergarten through ninth grade. [May 2002]
122 Was the first private citizen in the U.S. to own a Humvee (High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle).
123 Underwent a genioplasty -- a procedure in which his jaw has been moved back so that it no longer juts out.
124 Childhood friends stated that he often said his goals in life were to move to America, become an actor, and marry a Kennedy. He accomplished all three.
125 9/7/01: Sues International Game Technology for the unauthorized use of his voice and likeness in slot machine games. His lawyer told the press he was seeking $20 million in damages, which is the amount he believes he would have received had he approved the use.
126 He and Warner Bros. agreed to postpone the release of Collateral Damage (2002) indefinitely in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America. The plot centers around a firefighter who lost his family in a terrorist bomb attack. [September 2001]
127 At his bodybuilding peak his chest was 57", waist 34", biceps 22", thighs 28½", calves 20", and his competition weight was 235 lbs (260 lbs off-season).
128 Son-in-law of Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
129 Received an Honorary Doctorate from his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, in recognition of his charitable works. [1996]
130 After leaving Austria for the first time, he came to England to work, earning under £30 a week.
131 Was considered for the title role in the 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk (1978), but was reportedly deemed not tall enough. His former bodybuilding competitor, Lou Ferrigno, ultimately won the part.
132 The soccer stadium in Graz, Austria (his home town) is named after him.
133 Sold off his Planet Hollywood stock and is no longer a part owner of the chain. [2000]
134 Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Superior with a major in international marketing of fitness and business administration. [1979]
135 His wife Maria Shriver is a niece of the late President John F. Kennedy and Senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.
136 1983: Became a US citizen.
137 His production company is Oak Productions.
138 He reprised his Terminator character for the theme park attraction T2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1996), a short film which uses an enhanced 3-D process that makes the film really appear to jump out at the audience.
139 Advocate for the Republican party.
140 Was part-owner of Planet Hollywood and Schatzi restaurants.
141 His voice in Hercules in New York (1970) was dubbed.
142 Noted fan of cigar smoking.
143 Called by the Guinness Book of World Records, "the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world."
144 Underwent heart surgery to correct a congenital heart valve condition. [April 1997]
145 Children with Maria Shriver: Katherine Schwarzenegger (b. December 13, 1989), Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger (b. July 23, 1991), Patrick Schwarzenegger (b. September 18, 1993) and Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger (b. September 27, 1997). He is also the father of Joseph Baena (b. October 2, 1997) with Mildred Patricia Baena who was housekeeper in the family until 2011.
146 Ranked #20 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]

Net Worth & Salary

The Last Stand (2013) $5,000,000 +25% of first dollar
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) $29,250,000
Collateral Damage (2002) $25,000,000
The 6th Day (2000) $25,000,000
End of Days (1999) $22,000,000
Batman & Robin (1997) $25,000,000
Jingle All the Way (1996) $20,000,000
Eraser (1996) $20,000,000
Junior (1994) $15,000,000
True Lies (1994) $15,000,000
Last Action Hero (1993) $15,000,000
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) $15,000,000
Kindergarten Cop (1990) $12,000,000
Total Recall (1990) $10,000,000
Red Heat (1988) $8,000,000
The Running Man (1987) $5,000,000
Predator (1987) $3,000,000
Commando (1985) $1,500,000
The Terminator (1984) $750,000
Conan the Destroyer (1984) $1,000,000
Conan the Barbarian (1982) $250,000
Hercules in New York (1970) $12,000


1 Very muscular physique
2 Deep resonant voice
3 Heavy Austrian accent
4 His characters are often family men who are protecting their children and his other characters often smoke cigars.
5 Films often have a chase sequence or action scene in a shopping mall. (Commando (1985), Kindergarten Cop (1990), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), True Lies (1994) and Jingle All the Way (1996)).
6 Frequently has some type of action scene in bathrooms. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), True Lies (1994) and Kindergarten Cop (1990).
7 Many of his films have his characters doing feats of strength to match his muscular look, e.g. Commando (1985) where he is first seen in the film carrying a whole tree trunk on his shoulder.
8 Often has his character say comedic one-liners that punctuate the action
9 Frequent movie line: "I'll be back."


1 [on becoming President of the United States]If I'd been born in America, I would've run.[October 2016]
2 [James] Cameron has really stretched it beyond belief with visual effects in Judgment Day.
3 [California] The seventh largest economy in the world.
4 [James Cameron's movies] Extraordinary inspiration because it makes other directors online.
5 [being Governor of California] I had my hands full.
6 Most people are not comfortable with guns.
7 [the storm drain chase in Terminator 2] That's a fantastic scene.
8 [The Terminator] It was a small movie. We really had to cut costs all the time. We shot it very quickly. We felt we had a good story and it would be successful. But we thought it would be for certain audiences only. No-one suspected it would be in Time magazine's top 10 movies of the year and that successful at the box-office and that people demanded a sequel that would be the highest grossing movie of that year.
9 [The Terminator] James Cameron did an extraordinary job creating that character and whole phenomenon. I never thought we would do a sequel, catchphrases like "I'll be back" or "Hasta la vista, baby" would catch on and be repeated or think that 30yrs later I would be asked to come back to a franchise like this playing The Terminator, unlike Batman or James Bond.
10 I'm so happy I've been a part of some of the biggest and best action sequences.
11 95% of the time you never know if a movie will be a huge success or that it will even be a sequel.
12 (2012) I didn't get it at first. I'll be back. What the fuck is I'll? I will be back sounded much stronger in my mind. So I argued with Jim Cameron. And he said, "Look, Arnold, I don't tell you how to act. Please don't tell me how to write." After I saw it in the movie, I was so thankful to Cameron. That was a good lesson to learn. If someone is a good writer, stick to the script.
13 (2012) It was one of my early goals to be a millionaire. In the beginning, I wanted to have a gold Rolex, a Rolls-Royce, a cheetah - just stupid things that you think of when you're a kid. Then time goes by. The Rolls-Royce thing went out the window, because when you get to the level where you can afford one, all of a sudden you say, "It's a little bit over the top." A cheetah? I think in California they got rid of the law that says you can have wild animals. Having a cheetah is a stupid idea.
14 (2012) The power of influence is one of the most unique powers that you can have. It's not the power of controlling people. It's developing a certain skill of communicating what you want to accomplish so that people will follow you.
15 (2012) I would always write down my New Year's resolutions and mark them off the way I mark off sets and reps... On New Year's Eve, you can just blabber out: I want to lose twenty pounds and I'm gonna read more. But what does that mean? There's too many variables there. If you're really serious about it, then write down when you're gonna lose the twenty pounds by. Is it March 1? Is it June 1? Make a commitment.
16 (2012) The day is twenty-four hours. I sleep six hours. That leaves eighteen hours to do something.
17 The writing is important, but the way you say the line and the pause you give it, the facial expression - all of that is very important.
18 I'm not looking for sympathy at all.
19 I speak directly to the people, and I know that the people of California want to have better leadership. They want to have great leadership. They want to have somebody that will represent them. And it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican, young or old.
20 I told Warren if he mentions Prop. 13 one more time, he has to do 500 push-ups.
21 Teddy Roosevelt is still a hero among environmentalists for his conservationist policies.
22 It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat.
23 For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.
24 I knew I was a winner back in the late sixties. I knew I was destined for great things. People will say that kind of thinking is totally immodest. I agree. Modesty is not a word that applies to me in any way - I hope it never will.
25 I have inhaled, exhaled everything.
26 I think Americans are very patriotic.
27 I'll be back.
28 What's fascinating is, people in Washington would rather spend time in Hollywood, and people in Hollywood would rather spend time in Washington.
29 If it's hard to remember, it'll be difficult to forget.
30 I didn't leave bodybuilding until I felt that I had gone as far as I could go. It will be the same with my film career. When I feel the time is right, I will then consider public service. I feel that the highest honor comes from serving people and your country.
31 'I'll be back' always sounded a little girly to me.
32 As long as I live, I will never forget that day 21 years ago when I raised my hand and took the oath of citizenship. Do you know how proud I was? I was so proud that I walked around with an American flag around my shoulders all day long.
33 We are a forward-looking people, and we must have a forward-looking government.
34 The success I have achieved in bodybuilding, motion pictures, and business would not have been possible without the generosity of the American people and the freedom here to pursue your dreams.
35 And now, of course this is another thing I didn't count on, that now as the governor of the state of California, I am selling California worldwide. You see that? Selling.
36 My body is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't think about it, I just have it.
37 I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it. I said, Thyroid problem?
38 People should make up their own mind about what they think of me.
39 It's time to stop thinking of the Republican Party as an exclusive club where your ideological card is checked at the door, and start thinking about how we can attract more solution-based leaders like Nathan Fletcher and Anthony Adams.
40 Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction, the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do doesn't matter.
41 I can promise you that when I go to Sacramento, I will pump up Sacramento.
42 [on if he feels protective of The Terminator franchise] Oh, no, we had very open discussions. After I got the first script, I had a lot of questions. Some of the things didn't make sense. They were tweaked; they didn't make sense to other people either. So it was fine-tuned. It was a process. There was a period of I think a few months. There were very talented people who went off and - and the great thing is that everyone was in sync. It wasn't like I was going off in one direction and David Ellison was thinking differently and then Alan was thinking differently. There was none of that. I think this is a very unique project because I think everyone is very protective - not just because of the art's sake, but I think also because of the business' sake. The studio sees this as, "If we do well here, we can go with another few. We can entertain people. We can make money. We've done a good job bringing back the franchise." So everyone is in sync with that. That's why everyone is working around the clock here to make this a great movie.
43 The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.
44 Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.
45 The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.
46 If it bleeds, we can kill it.
47 For 20 years, Simon & Schuster asked me, 'Why don't you write your autobiography?'
48 Maria is the best reason to come home.
49 My own dreams fortunately came true in this great state. I became Mr. Universe; I became a successful businessman. And even though some people say I still speak with a slight accent, I have reached the top of the acting profession.
50 Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.
51 I do the same exercises I did 50 years ago and they still work. I eat the same food I ate 50 years ago and it still works.
52 I feel good because I believe I have made progress in rebuilding the people's trust in their government.
53 Government's first duty and highest obligation is public safety.
54 I came to Hollywood and within a decade I was one of the biggest action stars of all time.
55 Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.
56 Women are the engine driving the growth in California's economy. Women make California's economy unique.
57 [He was being asked how long it takes to put on the prosthetics for Terminator Genisys (2015)] I think it was two and a half hours. But it's not every day. It depends which stage we're in the story. So this is getting now towards the end. It gets more and more severe.
58 I am the most helpful and open up doors for everyone and I like to share.
59 I was born in Europe... and I've traveled all over the world. I can tell you that there is no place, no country, that is more compassionate, more generous, more accepting, and more welcoming than the United States of America.
60 You can scream at me, call me for a shoot at midnight, keep me waiting for hours - as long as what ends up on the screen is perfect.
61 My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.
62 If you work hard and play by the rules, this country is truly open to you. You can achieve anything.
63 I believe with all my heart that America remains 'the great idea' that inspires the world. It is a privilege to be born here. It is an honor to become a citizen here. It is a gift to raise your family here, to vote here, and to live here.
64 I'm not perfect.
65 I welcome and seek your ideas, but do not bring me small ideas; bring me big ideas to match our future.
66 What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn't think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.
67 Gray Davis can run a dirty campaign better than anyone, but he can't run a state.
68 Well, I think that California has had a history of always spending more money than it takes in.
69 [on what is like getting back into The Terminator character for Terminator Genisys (2015)] It's like you've been doing it your whole life, because I'm very passionate about the character. I think it's a great, interesting character. I think it's a great story. The whole concept that Cameron had way back in the early '80s, of creating a world where machines take over and things becoming a reality that no one could even think of in those days. It's really been great, because the whole team is really into going all out. It is fun to be in a movie like that. The studio is very enthusiastic about the Terminator movie - the producers, the director, they're very talented and great visionaries. You can tell, the stages - everything is really big and exciting. It's been a great experience.
70 The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.
71 As president, Reagan worked very well with Democrats to do big things. It is true that he worked to reduce the size of government and cut federal taxes and he eliminated many regulations, but he also raised taxes when necessary.
72 I have plenty of money, unlike other Hollywood celebrities or athletes that have not invested well.
73 Well, you know, I'm the forever optimist.
74 As you know, I'm an immigrant. I came over here as an immigrant, and what gave me the opportunities, what made me to be here today, is the open arms of Americans. I have been received. I have been adopted by America.
75 Freedom is a right ultimately defended by the sacrifice of America's servicemen and women.
76 The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens.
77 [He was being asked on what kind of Terminator he will be playing in Terminator Genisys (2015)] It's a character that has been programmed to protect them, to protect Sarah Connor, but I'm basically the same Terminator. I will destroy anything that's in front of me in order to save her.
78 One of my movies was called True Lies (1994). It's what the Democrats should have called their convention.
79 Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.
80 I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.
81 When the people become involved in their government, government becomes more accountable, and our society is stronger, more compassionate, and better prepared for the challenges of the future.
82 Everything I have, my career, my success, my family, I owe to America.
83 Start wide, expand further, and never look back.
84 Politically there were failures. And also on the personal level, there were tremendous failures.
85 In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.
86 I made my fair share of mistakes.
87 Political courage is not political suicide.
88 I'm addicted to exercising and I have to do something every day.
89 The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.
90 To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates.
91 The biggest problem that we have is that California is being run now by special interests. All of the politicians are not anymore making the moves for the people, but for special interests and we have to stop that.
92 People need to be insured so when you have an accident out there, or when something catastrophic happens to you, that you're covered and there's not someone else has to pay for you. That is as simple as that.
93 Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
94 There is no place, no country, more compassionate more generous more accepting and more welcoming than the United States of America.
95 My friend James Cameron and I made three films together - True Lies (1994), The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.
96 I have a private plane. But I fly commercial when I go to environmental conferences.
97 You know, nothing is more important than education, because nowhere are our stakes higher; our future depends on the quality of education of our children today.
98 I think that people are interested seeing me on the screen.
99 I don't suffer of anything that I've lost.
100 Even with my divorce and with everything, I don't need money.
101 I am a big believer in education, because when I grew up in Austria - when I grew up in Austria I had a great education. I had great teachers.
102 Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.
103 I was striving to be the most muscular man, and it got me into the movies. It got me everything that I have.
104 I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street.
105 I know a lot of athletes and models are written off as just bodies. I never felt used for my body.
106 I went from being the Terminator to being the governator.
107 No matter the nationality, no matter the religion, no matter the ethnic background, America brings out the best in people.
108 If my life was a movie, no one would believe it.
109 I would never exchange my life with anybody else's.
110 I have a love interest in every one of my films: a gun.
111 [on his eighties rivalry with Sylvester Stallone] We had a competition. And here's a perfect example of how competition is healthy, because he was trying to out-do me. But I was also trying to out-do him. So who benefited? The fans. I was training harder, he was training harder. It was a competition of who has more muscles, who has more cuts, who has the lower body fat, who uses the biggest guns, who kills the most people, who has the most creative killings, and this went on and on and on. So the movies became better and better because of it. And eventually, we grew up, right?" he said. We were doing Planet Hollywood together and we were laughing about it on the plane when we flew around. We've become very good friends, and I'm a big supporter of Sly, because I really always thought I admired him, even though there was competition. He's a great director, he's a great writer, a great actor, a great producer and also a fantastic artist. His paintings are great. And he's a great family man. He has it all.
112 [on Terminator Genisys (2015)] It will be challenging because it will be a new director, and it will be a really action-packed movie. And sometimes it does get more difficult when you're 66 years old and doing this kind of action, versus when you're in your 30s or 40s!
113 A few months ago, I got rear-ended by this guy. He took off, and I chased him. I will admit I drove at a slightly excessive speed. I cut him off, and two guys jumped out of the car looking tough. But when they saw me, they just said, 'Oh shit! The Terminator!' They were nice, and gave me their information.
114 It was very difficult for me in the beginning - I was told by agents and casting people that my body was 'too weird', that I had a funny accent, and that my name was too long. You name it, and they told me I had to change it. Basically, everywhere I turned, I was told that I had no chance.
115 When you're not on camera, stay in character, act your part, giving it everything you have in order to draw the best out of the actor who is being filmed.
116 You're not supposed to laugh on the (film) set.
117 There is no such thing as an Austrian Shakespearean actor. It doesn't exist.
118 If I accomplished and solidified my position in the bodybuilding world, from then on, I would be on a roll. Nobody would stop me.
119 [on his autobiography, Total Recall] Digging up and piecing together memories proved to be as difficult as I imagined, and yet what made the work unexpectedly enjoyable was the help I got from others. I found myself swapping stories with old friends from the worlds of bodybuilding, business, sports, Hollywood and politics - a large cast of characters. I'm grateful to all of them for helping me recreate the past and for making it immediate and friendly. Finally, I thank my family. They were generous in helping me make sure this memoir delivers on its name. And thanks especially to Maria (Shriver), for her patience with the project and for remaining as always the person I could go to whenever I got stuck.
120 Memoirs are about looking back, but I've lived my life by the opposite principle. At home I have a hundred photo albums starting with my childhood in Austria, and I never look at them. I'd rather do another project or make another movie and learn from looking forward!
121 Be hungry for success, hungry to make your mark, hungry to be seen and to be heard and to have an effect. And as you move up and become successful, make sure also to be hungry for helping others. Don't rest on your laurels. Too many former athletes spend their lives talking about how great they were 20 years ago. So many accomplished people just coast. They wish they could still be somebody and not just talk about the past. There is much more to life than being the greatest at one thing. We learn so much when we're successful, so why not use what you've learned, use your connections and do more with them? If you have a talent or skill that makes you happy, use it to improve your neighborhood. And if you feel a desire to do more, then go all out. You'll have plenty of time to rest when you're in the grave. Live a risky and spicy life and like Eleanor Roosevelt said, "every day do something that scares you." We should all stay hungry!
122 [on Pope John Paul II balancing his duties with an exercise regime] If that guy can do it, I've got to get up even earlier!
123 [Gorbachev dismantling the USSR] I'm amazed by the courage it took to not go for immediate gratification but to look for the best direction for the country in the long run. To me Gorbachev is a hero, at the same level as Nelson Mandela, who overcame the anger and despair of 27 years in prison. When given the power to shake the world, both of them chose to build rather than destroy.
124 Take care of your body and your mind. Focusing on the body was no problem for me. I realized that the mind is a muscle and we should train it too. If world leaders have time to work out, so do you.
125 [on Mr. Universe] I wanted to win it so decisively that people would forget I'd ever lost.
126 Bodybuilders who are blind to themselves or deaf to others usually fall behind.
127 Secrecy is just part of me. I keep things to myself no matter what. I'm not a person who was brought up to talk.
128 [on his infidelity] It was one of those stupid things that I promised myself never to do. A lot of people, no matter how successful or unsuccessful in life, make stupid choices involving sex.
129 There are a thousand keys to success.
130 Don't blame your parents. They've done their best for you, and if they've left you with problems, those problems are now yours to solve. I could channel my upbringing in a positive way rather than complain. I could use it to have a vision, set goals, find joy. I don't have to lick my wounds. Sometimes you have to appreciate the very people and circumstances that traumatized you. Today I hail the strictness of my upbringing, and the fact I didn't have anything I wanted in Austria, because those were the very factors that made me hungry; it put fuel on the fire in my belly. It drove and motivated me.
131 I have come to feel great affection for the peoples of the world, because they have always been so welcoming to me, whether as a bodybuilder, a movie star, a private citizen, or as governor of the great state of California.
132 Writing out my goals became second nature, and so did the conviction that there are no shortcuts. It took hundreds and even thousands of repetitions for me to learn to hit a great three-quarter back pose, deliver a punchline, dance the tango in True Lies (1994), paint a beautiful birthday card, and say "I'll be back" just the right way.
133 If government is not taking in enough revenue because of an economic slowdown, then everyone should chip in and sacrifice.
134 What are the odds for an Austrian farm boy to come to America and become the greatest bodybuilding champion of all time, to get in the movie business, marry a Kennedy, and then get elected governor of the biggest state in the United States?
135 You can use outrageous humour to settle a score.
136 To test yourself and grow, you have to operate without a safety net. Forget Plan B. If there is no Plan B, then Plan A has to work.
137 Many movie deals are made under pressure, and if you freeze, you lose.
138 Don't overthink. If you think all the time, the mind cannot relax. Part of us needs to go through life instinctively. Turning off your mind is an art. Knowledge is extremely important for making decisions. The more knowledge you have, the more you're free to rely on your instincts. The more you know, the more you hesitate. When you are not confident of your decision-making process, it will slow you down. Overthinking is why people can't sleep at night: it cripples you.
139 [on Muhammad Ali] I always admired him because he was a champion, had a great personality, and he was generous and always thoughtful toward others. If all athletes could be like him, the world would be better off.
140 You can do the finest work and if people don't know, you have nothing! The most important thing is to make people aware.
141 No matter what you do in life, selling is part of it.
142 Never follow the crowd. Go where it's empty. It's easier to stand out when you aim straight for the top.
143 Impossible was a word I loved to ignore when I was governor. The only way to make the possible possible is to try the impossible. If you fail, so what? That's what everybody expects. But if you succeed, you make the world a much better place.
144 Life is richer when we embrace the multitudes we all contain.
145 I prefer being way out there, shocking people. Rebelliousness is part of what drove me from Austria. Being outrageous is a way to succeed. No one could put me in a mold. Being different was right up my alley.
146 I don't believe that violence on-screen creates violence on the street or in the home. Otherwise there would have been no murders before movies were invented, and the Bible is full of them.
147 I always wanted to be an inspiration for people, but I never set out to be a role model in everything. It's never been my goal to set an example in everything I do.
148 The great leaders always talk about things that are much bigger than themselves. They say working for a cause that will outlive us is what brings meaning and joy. The more I'm able to accomplish in the world, the more I agree.
149 [University of Southern California] It prides itself on being neither conservative nor liberal but open minded. It operates by promoting discussion to draw the best ideas from the brightest minds across the political spectrum.
150 There's a difference between being 35 and almost 65.
151 Normally an action star keeps to himself on the set.
152 You start reading scripts and visualizing the scene and how to direct it, how to choreograph the stunt, and then you get into it and then you look forward to doing it.
153 A green global economy is desirable, necessary, and within reach.
154 What had made my career fun for more than 30 years was sharing it with Maria (Shriver). We'd done everything together and now there was no one to come home to.
155 Although Maria (Shriver) and I remain separated, I still try to treat everyone as if we are together. Maria has a right to be bitterly disappointed and never look at me the same way again.
156 [on his illegitimate son] Politically, I didn't feel it was anybody's business because I hadn't campaigned on family values. If I was going to talk about bad behavior, I wanted to do it on my own timetable.
157 [lying to Maria Shriver about his infidelity] Instead of doing the right thing, I'd just put the truth in a mental compartment and locked it up where I didn't deal with it every day.
158 Fitness promotes health and enhances the quality of life.
159 I've always idolized (Mikhail) Gorbachev because of the courage it took to dismantle the political system that he grew up under. For Gorbachev to have the guts to embrace change rather than further oppress his people or pick fights with the West has always amazed me.
160 Change takes big balls.
161 Being governor was more complex and challenging than I had imagined. That's the problem of presenting yourself as the Governator. You can do miracles but not the kind that require wearing a cape and being able to fly. As governor, you're neither a solitary champion nor a star. Compared to making a movie, when you accomplish something in government, the satisfaction is so much larger and long lasting. In a movie, you are entertaining people for a few hours in a dark theatre. In government, you are affecting entire lives; generations even.
162 Of all the things I've done with my life, nothing is seared in my memory more than looking into the eyes of someone who has just lost everything he loved in the world.
163 The key to real permanent reform is being in sync with the hearts and minds of the people. We had rattled so many cages on the left and the right with our reforms.
164 Six years of ups and downs forged me as a governor. I had more forward momentum than ever before. I felt more like a hungry eagle rather than a lame duck.
165 Unlike regular politicians, I had nothing to lose.
166 When I stepped up to the podium, I was overwhelmed to realize I was standing where John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev had all addressed the UN before me.
167 Budget negotiations are no different than grueling five hour weight lifting sessions in the gym. The joy of working out is that with each painful rep you get a step closer to achieving your goal. I was deeply frustrated with party leaders and the press for not making plain the budget history.
168 I'm proud to say I found a way to cram 36 hours of work into a single day.
169 All great movements in history start out on a grassroots level, not in places like Washington or Paris or Moscow or Beijing.
170 I believe in sprinting through to the finish line.
171 [on his children] The drama of the presidential election interested them more than my job.
172 It's painful to have just endorsed things that you now have no money for. I felt like a schmuck backing out on commitments I wanted to make but could no longer afford. The consequences of cuts are not just dollars, but people. We're all getting screwed. I was forced to make unpopular decisions that nobody, least of all me, was happy about.
173 I'm not really the crying type.
174 Ad-libbing can backfire when you're running for governor.
175 When you're spending more money than you're taking in, you cut spending. Simple.
176 When the federal government meddles in markets, the states pay the price.
177 The statistics in the wake of a disaster are always tragic.
178 Never bullshit.
179 If you need to do something that's not in the manual, throw the manual out.
180 President Bush (Jr) was always available to talk. If I raised only one issue at a time, I would get a fair hearing.
181 Even when acting in a movie, I would not shoot a stunt if I hadn't rehearsed it a minimum of ten times.
182 The California Republican Party should be a right of center party that occupies the broad middle of California.
183 I am of the Reagan view that we should not go off the cliff with flags flying.
184 All the great ideas come from local governments.
185 Trying to reform health care had almost destroyed Bill Clinton's presidency. I'd always thought it was a disgrace that the greatest country in the world didn't provide a health care system for all of its people, as many European countries do. Our health care reform became America's, and California led the way.
186 [politics] You get so immersed in the job there are side effects on the people you love. Even if you succeed in protecting your wife and kids from the public spotlight, they feel they're sharing and losing you.
187 We are not waiting for politics, for our problems to get worse, or for the federal government. Because the future does not wait. Not only can we lead California into the future, we can show the nation and the world how to get there.
188 California politics was this big centrifuge that forced voters, policies and parties away from the center. I challenged Californians to stop yielding to the far left and the far right and return to the center. Centrist does not mean weak, or watered down or warmed over. It means well balanced and well grounded. The American people are instinctively centrist. So should be our government. America's political parties should return to the center, where the people are. The left and the right don't have a monopoly on conscience.
189 For me, talking convincingly about the future was easy: all I had to do was point to what we'd achieved since I came into office.
190 There is no contradiction in being both a Republican and an environmentalist
191 [being governor of California] This was the best job I ever had.
192 I always paid close attention to focus groups and surveys and in politics, opinion research plays an even bigger role.
193 Leave no stone unturned.
194 I took pride in my financial independence.
195 I remember marvelling at how ordinary citizens could limit the state's power.
196 I wanted to know what it really took to run for office, given that I wasn't a typical candidate.
197 Republicans and unions usually don't mix.
198 Elected officials usually hate ballot initiatives because they reduce their power and make the state harder to govern.
199 Is firefighting a macho enough profession for an action hero? The real life heroism at Ground Zero laid that question to rest.
200 California is more important than everyone's career.
201 Declaring a candidacy was so loaded.
202 Making a career decision had always been an incredible high. Making a career decision as a husband and a father was a whole different deal.
203 One side of Maria [Shriver] was ballsy and brave and wanted to be a strong partner.
204 Whatever she [Maria Shriver] wanted to do, I would help her get there.
205 When I met Maria [Shriver], she was full of life, excitement, and hunger for the world. She wanted to be a rebel, not have a job on Capitol Hill.
206 In politics everybody knows everything. You're totally exposed.
207 [why he wanted to become governor of California] I'm tired of this acting stuff. I need a new challenge.
208 When I came here, California was a beacon.
209 As every spouse knows, you have to pick the right moment to bring up a loaded subject.
210 I was not the least bit intimidated by the thought of a campaign. It was like every other major decision I'd faced. I thought about winning. I knew it would happen. I was locked in automatic pilot.
211 [Baghdad] The wild driving, the poverty, no money and a leadership vacuum - like California right now.
212 There is a disconnect between the people of California and the politicians of California. We the people are doing our job: work hard, pay taxes, raise our families. The politicians are not doing their job. They fiddle, they fumble, and they fail. These words resonated more strongly than any movie script I'd read.
213 [California] It is the place in the world where everyone wants to go. It was wrapped in problems, but it was also heaven.
214 Its hard for any governor to make the changes that were needed. I loved it when people say that something can't be done. That's when I really get motivated; I like to prove them wrong. And I liked the idea of working on something bigger than me.
215 Spend no more than the state is taking in.
216 Californians love their cars.
217 [governorship] I would give up my movie career for that.
218 Our elected leaders will either act decisively, or we will act in their place.
219 I never argued with people who underestimated me. If the accent and the muscles and the movies made people think I was stupid, it worked to my advantage.
220 I'd assumed that a recall would be just like a normal election.
221 I had a track record of organizing summits across fifty states. I loved seeing wounded veterans and entertaining them and thanking them for their great work.
222 Raising cash from the set of a movie was a huge advantage.
223 The reason I wanted to be healthy was that I never wanted to ask anyone for money. It was so against my grain.
224 Los Angeles stood out because it was the only big city that had after-school programs in every one of its 90 elementary schools. State officials and lawmakers just didn't see after-school programs as important. After-school programs not only help the kids but also reduce the strain on the teachers. Young kids relate better to young people, especially after a whole day of teachers and school. They want counsellors in jeans and with spiky hair, who can serve as parent figures but who don't look like them - not that many retired teachers want to go back to work.
225 [winning the title of Mr Universe] It is my lifetime realized. I am very happy to be Mr Universe. I say it again, it sounds so good. I am very happy to be Mr Universe. My thanks to everyone in England who have helped me. They have been very kind to me. Thank you all.
226 I thought I would never die.
227 If you don't get killed, you win.
228 I would not go into a competition with a disadvantage.
229 Most juvenile crime is committed between 3 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon.
230 I pride myself on being able to juggle many tasks. I got a college education while bodybuilding, married Maria (Shriver) in the middle of filming Predator, and made Kindergarten Cop and Terminator 2 while launching Planet Hollywood.
231 We needed to avoid trying to win over the press and instead play to the people. I was all about leadership and major projects and reforms that could attract massive public support.
232 I was fiscally conservative, pro-business, against raising taxes, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-lesbian, pro-environment, pro-reasonable gun control, pro-reasonable social safety net.
233 The more I read up on California, the more it was like bad news piled on top of bad news. We can't continue this way. We need change.
234 [on being governor] He can bring a vision to the state; you get blamed for everything and you get credit for everything. It's high risk, high reward. I felt tremendous loyalty and pride about California. I wanted America to stay the bastion of free enterprise and protect it from following Europe in the direction of bureaucracy and stagnation. You make a big mistake to lock in programs that require you to keep spending at boom-time levels.
235 [on heart surgery] It gave me energy beyond belief. I feel like a totally new person. And I no longer had to convince people that I still had a pulse.
236 I love shooting at night because I have a lot of energy at night and I get lots of inspiration.
237 Independent producers are the saviours in Hollywood because they'll take risks that the big studios won't.
238 Big cats have always fascinated me.
239 I wasn't interested in symbols. I was interested in action.
240 America is my true home.
241 [on California] America's golden state.
242 Promotion and merchandising were realms I truly understood.
243 Big-time celebrities don't like flying commercial.
244 You're just one person, and the country is much bigger, and it's what will live forever.
245 After I came to America, I learned to think a bit more about my family rather than just myself. With my mother I built a good relationship where she and I really communicated. I loved doing things for my mother. She deserved to be treated like a queen. She was buried next to my father because they were so connected.
246 Talking to kids in your second language is never easy to do.
247 Holidays become more meaningful when you have a family.
248 She (Maria Shriver) is a very good writer, with an unbelievable vocabulary and grace with words.
249 on [Planet Hollywood] I'd love to do it again, only to have it managed better. Whoopi (Goldberg), Bruce (Willis), Sly (Stallone) and all the other big-name participants would tell you that Planet Hollywood was fun. With the huge parties, openings, premieres, we met people all over the world and had the time of our lives.
250 [after heart surgery] I got a second or third lease on life.
251 There's a moment going into surgery that I really hate. The moment when the anesthesia takes hold, when you know you're going out, losing consciousness and don't know if you'll ever wake up from it.
252 [on Maria Shriver] She had a tendency to blow things up into high drama, even things that weren't life and death, whereas I would play everything down. I'm a person who does not like to talk about things over and over. I make quick decisions, I don't ask opinions, and I don't think over the same things. I want to move on. She's an outward processor, while I keep things bottled up.
253 [on heart surgery] Big risk, big reward.
254 God is the one who made the science possible.
255 I'd hear guys bragging about their new Gulfstream IV or IV-SP and I'd get to say, "That's great guys. Let me talk about my 747..." It was a great conversation stopper.
256 Sometimes when you look at a deal, you see less danger and you're too willing to take the plunge. The more risky things are, the more upside there is.
257 Planet Hollywood opened in Moscow, Sydney, Helsinki, London, San Antonio Texas (drawing 100,000 spectators) and Paris. Planet Hollywood was like The Beatles.
258 [after heart surgery] I felt as vigorous as Hercules.
259 The more you promote yourself as the ultimate action hero, the more people form a larger than life perception of you.
260 Stan Winston's special effects studio was torture; on The Terminator, it took 30 minutes for the cement to dry when designing the prosthetics to cover my face. The first time I went through it I got very anxious and thought of pleasant memories to endure it. My heart surgery reminded me of all that.
261 Singapore Airlines had the best reputation in the airline business. The Boeing 747 was the ballsiest airliner.
262 I wanted big investments that were interesting, creative and different. Conservative bets didn't interest me. I was proud to pay taxes on the money I earned. I could tolerate big risks in exchange for big returns, but I'm always open to new ideas.
263 [his personal motto] Take one dollar and turn it into two.
264 I never like business relationships that are purely work.
265 The most important thing was not how much you make, but how much you invest, how much you keep. I never wanted to join the long list of famous entertainers and athletes who wiped out financially. My goal was to get rich and stay rich.
266 In the mid-1990s the Internet was just an odd new idea.
267 I thought I was the poster boy for the American dream. I came to the US virtually broke, worked hard, kept focused on my goal, and made it. This really was the land of opportunity. If a kid like me could do it, anybody could. I had a fire inside of me to succeed. Anything is possible, but you have to do your end of the work. Making money was never my only goal, but money opened the door to interesting investments.
268 I'm like a little kid who loves to show off and share things that I have experienced.
269 When you feel good about someone and you know specifically why, it's not difficult at all to speak from the heart.
270 No-one expects you to blow people up in a comedy.
271 I always like to be called up for a speech without any prior notice.
272 Cubans are geniuses. They have the best climate, they have the best soil, and they have the tradition: generations of people who are passionate about rolling cigars and who are always looking for ways to make the cigars ever more perfect. When you look at a cigar and it has those thick veins in it, it's either a cheaper cigar or someone wasn't paying attention. As with everything, it's important to have a great-looking label. Cuban cigars truly are as good as people say. You can sniff out the fakes ones within seconds.
273 I love factories, and whenever I'm passionate about a product, I want to see it being made.
274 I figured that the idea of eventually ending up in politics was not that far fetched when someone like (Richard) Nixon suggested it.
275 America can be powerful only if you have a strong military.
276 Nobody in Hollywood wins all the time. At some point, you're bound to get a beating.
277 (Richard) Nixon was very good at paying attention to you. We need more leaders like him.
278 Clint (Eastwood) was one of the few Hollywood personalities who had his head screwed on straight.
279 I loved the idea of new challenges, along with new dangers of failure.
280 If I heard an idea or saw a script that was exceptionally good and triggered something in me, I wanted to make that movie.
281 [during Conan the Destroyer (1984)] I'm finally getting paid a million dollars for a movie, but now Sylvester Stallone's making 3 million, I feel like I'm standing still.
282 I've always felt appreciative of the armed forces because I've benefited from the American dream, and their courage and determination is what safeguards it.
283 I came to America because it's the greatest place in the world, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep it the greatest place.
284 [on Planet Hollywood] A glitzy new moneymaking machine. It was not just an event; it was the beginning of an empire.
285 1991 was golden for me.
286 America wouldn't be the land of the free if it wasn't the home of the brave. When you see the work they do and the risks they take, you realize what we owe our military.
287 A person's muscles don't care where the resistance comes from.
288 [on George Bush] If you had talent and did him a favour or he liked you, he would push you forward whether it made sense or not. He was a different breed, a sweetheart of a guy. The fact he put such trust in me had a powerful effect. I felt there would never, ever be a time, no matter what happened, when I would violate that trust or let the man down.
289 When you feel embarrassed, you assume the whole world is focused on your failure.
290 Its embarrassing to fail at the box office.
291 You can't have people just like your movie, you need them to be passionate. Word of mouth is what makes movies big, because while you can put in millions to promote the movie on the first weekend, you can't afford to do that every week.
292 My talent is fitness and this is something I can give back.
293 After being the fitness czar, running for Governor of California felt like deja vu.
294 [on the Gulfstream III jet] The perfect vehicle for visiting the States.
295 My friendship with the President (George Bush Sr) quickly became a very big part of my life. It was warm from the time we first met during the Reagan years.
296 [on Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)] It was typical James Cameron genius to have character development in a machine.
297 [on James Cameron] [He] is a big believer in surprising the audience. His knowledge of science and the world of the future went way beyond the ordinary.
298 Hiking in the Alps I'd sometimes wear loud obnoxious Hawaiian shorts just to get a rise out of the Lederhosen traditionalists.
299 When in Austria, I often put on traditional clothes and do as the Austrians do.
300 The Great American Workout was from 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning.
301 I love being on the road and meeting people. That's what I do best.
302 Fitness is fun. I felt very strongly that I had to carry to all 50 states the message that fitness was a national priority.
303 If the press sees you coming out of the Oval Office with the President, you'll win respect.
304 [on The Terminator (1984), Commando (1985), Predator (1987) and Total Recall (1990)] They all focused on the universal theme of good vs evil.
305 Humour was what made me stand out from other action leads. It opened up the (action) movie and made it appealing to more people.
306 I was addicted to public service.
307 [when his first child was born] Fuck! This is my first baby. You can be so overwhelmed by something that billions of people in history have done. And from that moment on, your life as a couple has changed. But as long as you love the baby, you'll figure it out, just like with everything you love doing. Caring for babies is hardwired into the brain.
308 I'd always felt we lacked real men in movies.
309 Governments don't want to be told they're doing something wrong.
310 I was on a crusade around the world to promote health and fitness to young people.
311 I'd never seen a director fine-tune a movie as methodically as Ivan Reitman.
312 Fitness is important for all Americans, not just athletes. A lot of schools have great athletic programs but not great fitness programs.
313 Eisenhower and Kennedy championed fitness as a way for America to stand strong against the Soviets.
314 I am a patriotic American. I saw Ronald Reagan and George Bush take an economy that looked like Pee-wee Herman and make it look like Superman.
315 I belonged to the NRA because I believed in the constitutional right to bear arms.
316 [on George Bush] He had tremendous strength of character and will. This was our next President, the real American hero. He had a casual approach to campaigning; not everything had to be perfect.
317 [his singing ability] I'm no Frank Sinatra. The only time I sing in real life is at the end of a party when I want the guests to leave.
318 Compared to an action hero, it was easier being a comic star.
319 [on Danny DeVito] He's the opposite of a crazy Hollywood personality and the Milton Berle of comic acting.
320 Every director wants to pee on the script and make his mark.
321 [his first impression of Paul Verhoeven on Total Recall (1990)] A skinny, intense-looking Dutch guy.
322 [on The Running Man (1987)] It was totally screwed up by hiring a first-time director and not giving him time to prepare.
323 Once you pick a director, you have to have total faith in him and go with his judgment.
324 A change in studio management can sink a movie.
325 It wouldn't matter if you watched Total Recall (1990) 20 years from now, you could still enjoy it. There's just something very appealing about futuristic movies if they have great action and believable characters.
326 [on Total Recall (1990)] For me, it connected with the sense I had sometimes that my life was too good to be true.
327 Starting with something disarming and funny is a good way to stand out. You become more likable, and people receive your information much better. Whenever I watched a comedy, I always thought "I could have done that!" But if I was going to branch into comedies, I would need someone to be my cheerleader.
328 When I see a great performer, I always start to dream. Maybe its the Leo in me, the perpetual performer who always wants to be the center of attention.
329 I grew up in a culture where you respect the elders.
330 A Special Achievement Oscar is how the Motion Picture Academy honors an accomplishment for which there is no set category.
331 [on Paul Verhoeven and Total Recall (1990)] So many things he said were brilliant. He had a masterful vision. He had enthusiasm, and did a great job. I was proud my interest and passion helped to bring about the movie. But the experience also proves how important marketing is - how important it is to tell the people what this is about; really blow up their skirt and make them say, "I have to go see this movie."
332 In acting you take criticism so much more personally. You get upset, but every job has its downside.
333 [on Total Recall (1990)] Working with Sharon Stone will always be a challenge. She was a sweetie off the set but needed tons of attention on-set. There are just some actors who need more attention. People just have their hang-ups and insecurities and acting definitely brings that out.
334 Meeting comedians helped me to understand comedy. I really liked being around people who are funny.
335 Everything in life has a funny side. I'd always been the perfect target for jokes; there was so much material to work from.
336 When I had a good director, my movies went through the roof because I was directed well. If I had a director who was confused with no compelling vision for the movie, it would fizzle. I didn't make The Terminator the success that it was; it was James Cameron's vision that made the movie great.
337 Listening made me a more effective promoter. You have to cultivate your audience and expand it with each new film. Nurturing a movie means paying attention to the distributors. You do the things they feel are important because they go all out in pushing the theatres.
338 Whenever I finished filming a movie, my job was only half done. Every film had to be nurtured in the marketplace. Some of the greatest artists never sold much because they didn't know how. No matter what I did in life, I was aware that you had to sell it.
339 [on the opening scene] You have one idea and then sit down and cook up the rest.
340 Early in my movie career, the hardest thing was giving up control. In bodybuilding, everything had been up to me. In movies, you depend on others right from the start.
341 Stallone and I were the leading forces in the genre. We created work for up and coming action stars like Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis. Clint Eastwood began to show more muscle as a result. The body was key. The era had arrived where muscular men were viewed as attractive. Looking physically heroic had become the aesthetic.
342 It's always easy to be smart in hindsight.
343 [on John McTiernan] If a director of his caliber had done the sequel to Predator (1987), the movie could have become a major franchise on a par with The Terminator (1984) or Die Hard (1988).
344 Action movies are always more of an ordeal than a pleasure to make.
345 I was riding the great wave of action movies. They became as important to the 1980s as Westerns were in the 1950s.
346 [on his wedding day] I loved watching Maria (Shriver) coming up the aisle. She looked so regal but at the same time, she radiated warmth and happiness.
347 Actresses have more problems than the average housewife.
348 The makeup trailer is the place on the set where everyone talks. If anybody's worried about anything, that's where you see it. It's the mother of all beauty salons. The makeup trailer is all about a soothing atmosphere, because you're getting ready for a scene.
349 Have at least ten good laughs a day.
350 [on Grace Jones] An interesting non-actor; talented and entertaining, she could not do anything low-key.
351 I'm always comparing life to a climb, not just because there's a struggle but also because I find at least as much joy in the climbing as in reaching the top. I pictured marriage as a whole mountain range of fantastic challenges.
352 [on marriage] I might not have done it if I'd known everything I'd have to go through.
353 You can over-think anything. There are always negatives. The more you know, the less you tend to do something.
354 [on marriage] Just let me stumble into it; I don't want to be forewarned.
355 In the mind of the public, the star is responsible for a movie's success.
356 [on The Terminator] The American public accepted me as both a hero and a villain.
357 When you make a movie, you can never really predict what will turn out to be the most repeated line.
358 Gitte (Brigitte Nielsen) had a personality filled with laughter and fun mixed with a great hunger for attention.
359 [on Jacqueline Kennedy] She had an amazing ability to ask questions that would make you wonder "how did she know that"? She always made people feel welcome.
360 [Maria Shriver's portrait in his art collection] Among these beautiful images, Maria's was the gem.
361 I wasn't marrying her (Maria Shriver) because she came from wealth. What was Maria's was hers.
362 You should marry when you're set financially and the toughest struggles of your career are behind you. Most marriages break up over financial issues.
363 [the Golden Raspberry Awards] A kind of Oscar in reverse for bad movies.
364 I always think the world of people who make a project their own and are on it 24 hours a day.
365 [on James Cameron] A control freak, he has eyes in the back of his head. He knows the name of everyone on the set and no screwup gets past him; if you screw up he'll make a scene publicly and embarrass you.
366 Compared to Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan the Destroyer (1984) was a trip to Club Med.
367 I think more like a businessman than like a typical actor.
368 The conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that playing a villain is career suicide.
369 I never left the house without $1000 in cash and a no-limit credit card.
370 [on James Cameron] The women he married, although a long list, were women you didn't want to mess with.
371 I'm a big believer in hard work, grinding it out, and not stopping until it's done.
372 Once I've locked in on a vision for myself, I always resist changing the plan.
373 [on restaurants] In Hollywood, the actor never pays.
374 [on The Terminator (1984)] No thinking, no blinking, no thought, just action.
375 [on James Cameron] He seemed more real than the people I met from Hollywood.
376 If I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it.
377 At the top of the ladder, there was always room for one more. The more people who stay on the bottom, the more crowded it becomes.
378 [on bodybuilding competitions] You can't just pose on stage like a robot and then walk off; people will never get to know your personality.
379 Bodybuilding is a lot like politics; you go from town to town, hoping word will spread.
380 Poses are the snapshots, and the routine is the movie.
381 [his first thought about The Terminator (1984)] Strange name.
382 I always believed in shooting for the top, and to become an American is like becoming a member of the winning team.
383 I kept quiet about politics whenever I visited Austria. I never wanted to be perceived as some wise guy coming back and telling people what to do.
384 I considered the US my permanent home.
385 When you promote a movie, you want to win over everybody. If you give political speeches, you are bound to turn off somebody.
386 I wasn't sure I was free from prejudice; I'd made prejudiced comments.
387 I never went to a competition to compete; I went to win.
388 [his first thought when he met James Cameron] A skinny, intense guy.
389 I'd felt like an American from the time I was 10 years old.
390 I never like to cut things from my life; I only add.
391 I'm not a religious person.
392 For me, the question was always how to fit in all the stuff I want to do. I seldom saw my life as hectic, the thought rarely crossed my mind.
393 When I learned about The Terminator (1984), I loved the idea that he was a machine that never had to sleep.
394 You do a movie or a book, you promote the hell out of it, you travel the world as if its your marketplace, and in the meantime, you work out and take care of business and explore even more.
395 I'd have made more money if Jimmy Carter still occupied the White House.
396 There has to be investment in the public good.
397 [the outrageous and conservative sides to his personality] I wanted to feel comfortable in both worlds.
398 I was amazed to see how negative most of the people in Hollywood remained toward Reagan during his presidency. He represented the values that had brought me to America. The US was the greatest country with the best opportunities and now that it was my home, I wanted to keep it that way and make it even better. After the turmoil and gloom of the 1970s, Americans voted for Reagan because he reminded them of their strength.
399 If you want to fight prejudice you have to have tolerance centers everywhere.
400 My definition of living is to have excitement always; that's the difference between living and existing.
401 [on Ronald Reagan] He was wonderful at painting ideas in ways that everyone could understand.
402 I saw myself as a businessman first.
403 I was really annoyed by the way that powerful studio executives kowtowed to the members of the ratings board.
404 (John) Milius always pushed the envelope. Conan (the Barbarian) has stunts that have since been outlawed from movies. The bloodshed in Conan seems tame by today's standards. At the time, the film introduced a whole new dimension of violence on screen. Actors had five quarts of blood strapped to their chests, the same amount in the human body. Whenever it was spilled, Milius shot it against a light background to get the full carnage.
405 [on Conan the Barbarian (1982)] A Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) set on Earth.
406 Every one of the killings in Conan (the Barbarian) was well shot and extraordinary.
407 An aspect of being a Kennedy cousin (Maria Shriver) was that you were never completely free. Since there were so many cousins, the number of command performances were high.
408 [on Oprah Winfrey] She was talented and aggressive, and you could tell she believed in herself.
409 I was Conan, and millions of dollars were being spent to make me shine. For the first time, I felt like the star.
410 Writing something is different from saying it.
411 [on Maria Shriver] She was the ideal woman for me.
412 For Maria (Shriver) to go out and be in front of the camera was a real declaration of independence.
413 I'd always advanced by starting with a clear vision and working as hard as possible to achieve it.
414 When you start out, its all about one to one contact.
415 [on Maria Shriver] She brought a great foundation of knowledge and was a great partner to work with because we both grew.
416 The outside world looked at our relationship (he and Maria Shriver) in a simple-minded way, as a juicy success story. According to this way of thinking, Maria becomes part of my trophy collection.
417 Total anonymity is almost impossible in Hollywood.
418 Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and I had great fun opening Planet Hollywood restaurants around the world.
419 Ivan Reitman took a chance on me as a comic hero.
420 Danny DeVito is a master of comedy, loves stogies, and cooks pasta on the set-no wonder he made such a great twin.
421 When people come to me with a movie concept or a script, I always ask "What is the poster? What is the image? What are we trying to sell here?"
422 Our first major decision as a couple (he and Maria Shriver) was to find a house and call it our place.
423 My character and his stolen Harley were a perfect combo of cyborg and machine in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).
424 [on Conan the Barbarian (1982)] I'd never done a love scene on camera and found it really strange.
425 Dino (De Laurentiis) had a reputation for getting things done. He was very powerful in that way, and people in Hollywood knew it and didn't mess with him.
426 [on Conan the Barbarian] There was no stunt double because it would have been difficult to find someone with a body like mine.
427 Love stories are built around people's idiosyncrasies.
428 I could go on for hours about what draws me to Maria (Shriver) but still never fully explain the magic.
429 In politics, when disputes arise and camps form, you have to grasp what's happening and move very quickly.
430 I was a self-made man.
431 [on Maria Shriver] If I hadn't been her style and she hadn't been mine, we never would have ended up together. Maria meshed with everything that I was, what I stood for, and what I was doing. I got addicted to her. Maria was such a forceful personality that she would just run over guys. She wanted to be unique and different.
432 I get goosebumps when Nelson Mandela talks about inclusion, tolerance and forgiveness.
433 [during his open-heart surgery] Maria (Shriver) put a brave face on a scary situation.
434 I've been retired from bodybuilding since 1980 but I'll always stay involved.
435 Sometimes its hard to explain to your toddler what you do at the office.
436 Europe was always far less puritanical than the United States.
437 To live your life as an actor, you can't be afraid of someone stirring up your emotions.
438 In bodybuilding, you try to suppress emotions and march forwards with determination; in acting its the opposite.
439 In an entertainment interview, you could just make up stuff!
440 [endorsing bodybuilding publicly] It was a boost for bodybuilding in America; suddenly the sport had a face and a personality.
441 When somebody sets the bar so low, you can't go wrong.
442 [personal motto] Presentation, presentation, presentation.
443 I had no idea that reading from a script means you're supposed to act out the role.
444 Having women in the gym made us train harder.
445 [on Jack Nicholson, 'Warren Beatty', and Roman Polanski] They all had such enormous passion for their profession.
446 I liked getting swept up into a cloud of celebs.
447 I find joy in the gym because every rep and every set gets me one step closer to my goal.
448 [on bodybuilding] It needed fresh blood.
449 I wanted to promote bodybuilding, both so that more people would take part and to benefit my career. If I wanted to promote bodybuilding to a new audience, I'd have to find my own way.
450 If millions of people came to see my movies someday, it was important that they know where the muscles came from.
451 Bodybuilders look in the mirror as they train. You need to be your own trainer.
452 I like to always wander in like a puppy.
453 Real estate was the place to invest. The math of real estate really spoke to me.
454 [his nephew Patrick] He became my pride and joy.
455 [after his father had a stroke] It was painful and upsetting to see a man who had been so smart and so strong lose his coordination and his ability to think. He died not long after.
456 Winning narrowly didn't make me feel good; I wanted my dominance to be clear.
457 The more popular bodybuilding grew in prisons, the more guys would get the message to behave.
458 I always saw myself as a citizen of the world.
459 In bodybuilding I was king of the mountain, but in everyday LA I was just another immigrant struggling to learn English and make a life. I was glad to be away living my own life.
460 [Mr. Universe, Mr. World and Mr. Olympia] Winning all three would be like unifying the heavyweight title in boxing: it would make me the undisputed world champion. Mr World was by far the biggest bodybuilding event I'd ever seen.
461 I couldn't believe how difficult learning a new language could be. Pronunciations were especially dangerous.
462 When you have a relationship in a foreign language, you have to be extra careful not to miscommunicate.
463 Its great to have someone to go home to.
464 Staying on top of the hill is harder than climbing it.
465 [on journalists] They see everything from the outside.
466 If you let ego show through, you're put in your place.
467 I aimed to be a leader someday.
468 Nights without sleep don't mean you can't perform at a high level the next day and days without food don't mean you'll starve.
469 [on sweat] It's a great way to lose body fat.
470 Something that seems impossible at the start can be achieved.
471 Monstrous, futuristic, what I envisioned America as all about.
472 I wanted to be rich very quickly.
473 Americans love foreign names.
474 If you get muscles, you can go to the beach and pick up girls.
475 The applause of a crowd made me stronger.
476 After coming to California, I posed in the heights above Malibu. Bodybuilders like this spot because the ridges in the distance seem little and your muscles look bigger than the mountains.
477 In America, unlike Europe, there weren't a million obstacles to starting a business.
478 Most bodybuilders don't have very interesting insights or routines.
479 I came to America, won Mr. Universe, and now I'm in the movies.
480 I associate glasses with intellectuals.
481 If you wanted a girl, you had to make an effort to have a conversation, not just drool like a horny dog.
482 When you grow up in a harsh environment, you never forget how to withstand physical punishment, even long after the hard times end.
483 To this day, I'm more comfortable when there's someone to schmooze with until I fall asleep.
484 [his father] A lot of sons would have been crippled by his demands, but instead the discipline rubbed off on me. I turned it into drive.
485 [on the death of his mentor Joe Weider] He advised me on my training, on my business ventures, and once, bizarrely, claimed I was a German Shakespearean actor to get me my first acting role in --Hercules in New York (1970) even though I barely spoke English. He was there for me constantly throughout my life, and I will miss him dearly.
486 They're writing right now Terminator Genisys (2015). There have been some writers on it for the last year-and-a-half and they could not pull it off. We have told them over and over that they are going in the wrong direction, now they've finally got rid of those writers and they've got new really quality writers. Now they're going in the right direction. I think this year the script will be finished and we will be able to go into pre-production.
487 You can't have a life full of successes. In bodybuilding, I tried bench-pressing 500lb many times and failed. That's how you get there. You have to be daring.
488 [on his Governor's salary] I didn't take a penny of my salary during my terms. After all, it was petty cash compared to what you make in the movies.
489 [on his career as a bodybuilder] I had a very clear vision of where I wanted to go. You realize you have to pay no attention to the naysayers. When you learn those lessons in sports, you can apply those lessons for the rest of your life.
490 [on Predator 2 (1990)] A predator in a city is a bad idea.
491 [on visiting Venice, California] This place is insane. You never have to smoke a joint. You just go on a bicycle ride in the morning, inhale, and you live off everyone else.
492 [on Terminator Salvation (2009)] The last one was awful. It tried hard, not that they didn't try, the acting and everything - it missed the boat.
493 [on the passing of Elaine Kaufman] Elaine was an early supporter of my acting career and would often call to let me know when an influential writer or producer came in so I could stop and schmooze.
494 (On the power of visualizing your goals) When I was very young, I visualized myself being and having what it was that I wanted. The mind is really so incredible. Before I won my first Mr. Universe, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. The title was already mine. I had won it so many times in my mind that there was no doubt I would win it. Then, when I moved on to the movies, the same thing. I visualized myself being a successful actor and earning big money. I could feel and taste success. I just knew it would happen.
495 The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.
496 [on a return to movies when his term as Governor of California ends] I have no idea. So it depends if someone comes with a great script or a great know, would I still have the patience to sit on the set and to do a movie for three months or six months? All of those things, I don't know, but I did have a meeting with James Cameron, we talked about some very important things.
497 [on the death of Tony Curtis] Tony Curtis was a Hollywood icon, a great performer and artist and devoted family man. I saw his extraordinary talent and ability to inspire generations of Americans firsthand on the set of Christmas in Connecticut (1992)' and will always remember our times together.
498 [on Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables (2010)] It is a great inspiration for people to see someone at his age still at the top of his game -- acting, writing, directing, doing his own stunts and fight scenes -- I mean, what an amazing talent. And for him to still be so athletic and be able to rip off his shirt and have a six-pack is just unbelievable.
499 I am here to spend. I love to spend Hollywood's money! (June 1993).
500 [on the death of Patrick Swayze] Patrick Swayze was a talented and passionate artist who struck a memorable chord with audiences throughout the world. He played a wide range of characters both on stage and in movies and his celebrated performances made the hard work of acting look effortless - which I know from experience is not easy. As a fan and as an actor, I admired Patrick and I know that he will be dearly missed. On behalf of all Californians, Maria and I send our deepest condolences to Patrick's family, friends and fans.
501 [on the death of Michael Jackson] Michael was a pop phenomenon who never stopped pushing the envelope of creativity. Though there were serious questions about his personal life, Michael was undoubtedly a great entertainer and his popularity spanned generations and the globe.
502 I know California is supposed to be a place where dreams come true, but my life has gone way beyond the dream. My dream was to come to America, become the greatest bodybuilder of all time and do what Reg Park had done by going into Hercules movies. And if that worked out, I was going to build a gym business and then live happily ever after. Then all of a sudden I shot right by my dream. I stopped doing the strong man stuff, did the Terminator movies and became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. I got $30 million for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), you know.
503 [on Terminator Salvation (2009)] I wasn't sure who the Terminator was. I don't know if there is one or if he's the star or the hero. These are the things that determine the success and how strong the movie will be.
504 [on watching Will Ferrell movies] In those you howl for two hours and you feel like you get a six-pack of ab muscles from all the laughs!
505 [on Terminator Salvation (2009)] I hope they do well, and I hope it is a huge hit. I do hope it creates a spectacle on the screen. That is what James Cameron created.
506 With Batman and Terminator, those big movies, there's a certain expectation and if you don't live up to it, if the movie is not a 10, then the business will be soft. If Terminator Salvation (2009) is pushing it forward, it will be breaking records all the time. If director McG has the T4 and the kind of shots that has the audience thinking, 'Now how did he do that?' -- then it is 'Terminator' and you can blow everyone away and every record at the box office.
507 There are such high standards and now there are always new standards being set for action. You see that with Iron Man (2008) and with The Dark Knight (2008) and that other film this summer, um, Wanted (2008). That was an excellent movie! There was this train coming down from a bridge, falling, and they're fighting inside the train car. Jesus, that is unbelievable that you can do that. To have the imagination to write it and the talent to shoot it and make it real on the screen. It's a whole new dimension.
508 [on Terminator Salvation (2009)] I think it's cool to continue on with the franchise, in case I want to jump over again and get into the acting after I'm through here (as Governor of California).
509 [on his late friend and role model, body builder Reg Park]: Reg was a dear friend, an extraordinary mentor and a personal hero. Other than my parents, there may be no single person who had more to do with me becoming the person I am today than Reg. He was like a second father to me. It was Reg who impressed upon me how hard I would have to work if I wanted to achieve my dreams. I'll always remember him making me do calf-raises with 1,000 pounds at 5 o'clock in the morning.
510 [in a 1987 interview] I have to give the audiences what they enjoy seeing while I try to bring in a little something new, with different movies, different time periods and all those things. But what's important is to entertain the people -- everything else means nothing.
511 Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.
512 California will not wait for our federal government to take strong action on global warming. We won't wait for the federal government. We will move forward because we know it's the right thing to do. We will lead on this issue and we will get other western states involved. I think there's not great leadership from the federal government when it comes to protecting the environment.
513 I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life
  • like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure
you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really look up to me.
514 I didn't think about money. I thought about the fame, about just being the greatest. I was dreaming about being some dictator of a country or some savior like Jesus.
515 I have no sexual standards in my head that say this is good or this is bad. Homosexual - that only means to me that he enjoys sex with a man and I enjoy sex with a woman. It's all legitimate to me.
516 As a kid - as a kid I saw socialist - the socialist country that Austria became after the Soviets left. Now don't misunderstand me: I love Austria and I love the Austrian people. But I always knew that America was the place for me. In school, when the teacher would talk about America, I would daydream about coming here. I would daydream about living here. I would sit there and watch for hours American movies, transfixed by my heroes, like John Wayne. Everything about America seemed so big to me, so open, so possible.
517 [After undergoing heart surgery in 1997] We made, actually, history, because it was the first time ever that doctors could prove that a lifelong Republican has a heart.
518 [on refusing to grant clemency to condemned killer Stanley Tookie Williams] After studying the evidence, searching the history, listening to the arguments and wrestling with the profound consequences, I could find no justification for granting clemency. The facts do not justify overturning the jury's verdict, or the decisions of the courts in this case.
519 Well, I think because a lot of people don't know why I'm a Republican, I came first of all from a socialistic country which is Austria and when I came over here in 1968 with the presidential elections coming up in November, I came over in October, I heard a lot of the press conferences from both of the candidates, [Hubert H. Humphrey] and [Richard Nixon], and Humphrey was talking about more government is the solution, protectionism, and everything he said about government involvement sounded to me more like Austrian socialism. Then when I heard Nixon talk about it, he said open up the borders, the consumers should be represented there ultimately and strengthen the military and get the government off our backs. I said to myself, "What is this guy's party affiliation?" I didn't know anything at that point. So I asked my friend, "What is Nixon?" He's a Republican. And I said, "I am a Republican". That's how I became a Republican."
520 [on Warren Beatty] There are some people who are close to him that say he is just starving for attention, and that's the way he gets attention. Other people said, "Look, he's not working and he just feels like he should maybe get involved in politics". Instead, I just think that maybe he is jealous that I did jump in. I find it silly, because I respect his work.
521 [Talking about director John Milius] "There never would have been a Conan movie without him.
522 [About the dog accident while making Conan the Barbarian (1982)] One of them hit me too soon. It caught me off guard and I went right over the ledge. I fell ten feet and landed on my back. I was covered with scratches and bruises. It was probably a pretty good beginning for this movie, though. It set the tone for the whole time we were there. This was going to be fun . . . but dangerous.
523 [Talking about director Richard Fleischer] The first day Fleischer came to see me work out, he told me, "Arnold, could you put on some more muscles?" I couldn't believe it! It turned out that Fleischer thought [John Milius'] decision to keep Conan clothed throughout the first film was a mistake. Fleischer believes that people want to see my body much more often than they did the first time around, so they will. I spend most of my time in Conan the Destroyer (1984) fighting off people while I'm dressed in a loincloth.
524 [From an interview expressing concern over making Conan the Destroyer (1984) less brutal than its predecessor, Conan the Barbarian (1982)] I think it's a mistake. I know Sylvester Stallone made an extra $20 million because he got a PG rating for Rocky III (1982), but it's a matter of how much you want to stay within the character's reality. Can you slaughter people and never see blood? Is it possible? You must have battles. That's part of life, war, and the world of Conan.
525 [About more sequels to The Terminator (1984)] I don't necessarily want to leave the magic of the Terminator movies behind, and who says we have to? According to what we know about the future, there were hundreds of Terminators built. The story of the Terminator could go on forever.
526 [Talking about playing the Terminator] I had to act like a cyborg, which meant I couldn't show any kind of human fear or reaction to the fire, explosions, or gunfire that was going off around me. That can be difficult when you're walking through a door with its frame on fire, trying to reload a gun, and at the same time thinking in the back of your mind that people have accidents doing these kinds of stunts and that it might be my turn.
527 "There were various stepping-stones in my career. One of them was Conan the Barbarian (1982), because it was the first time I did a film with that kind of budget and I had the title role. The next big stepping-stone was The Terminator (1984). With "The Terminator", I think people became aware of the fact that I didn't really have to take my shirt off or run around and expose my muscles in order to sell tickets. After I did "The Terminator" and we had seen it be more successful than the Conan films, people then sent me a variety of different kinds of scripts - all in the action-adventure genre, but they were not muscle movies or Viking movies or pirate movies or anything like that.
528 [About being taken seriously] I don't care. The important thing to me is that I'm doing work that people enjoy out there, that the movie makes good money, that the studio makes the money back, and that I'm having a great time at what I'm doing. I don't even consider myself serious. So how do I expect people to take me serious? I think this whole Hollywood thing has to be taken much looser . . . it's just entertainment.
529 [From an interview about his reaction to reading the original The Terminator (1984) screenplay] I have read a lot of action adventure scripts, and this definitely was one of the best. I knew that I wanted to play the part of the Terminator as soon as I started reading.
530 [Talking about his Conan the Barbarian (1982) director]: John Milius used to call himself the dog trainer. Guess who were the dogs?
531 President [George Bush] knows you can't reason with people that are blinded by hate. But let me tell you something: Their hate is no match for our decency, their hate is no match for the leadership and the resolve of George Bush.
532 [at the 2004 Republican National Convention] Speaking of acting, one of my movies was called True Lies (1994). It's what the Democrats should have called their convention.
533 [referring to Democrats at a political rally in Ontario, California, in 2004] If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, "I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers" . . . if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men.
534 I took more abuse in Predator (1987) than I did in Conan the Barbarian (1982). I fell down that waterfall [40 feet] and swam in this ice-cold water for days and for weeks was covered in mud. It was freezing in the Mexican jungle. They had these heat lamps on all the time, but they were no good. If you stayed in front of the lamps, the mud dried. Then, you had to take it off and put new mud on again. It was a no-win situation. The location was tough. Never on flat ground. Always on a hill. We stood all day long on a hill, one leg down, one leg up. It was terrible.
535 You have to remember something: Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.
536 There's a lot of people who want me to get out of acting and want me to run for governor. I think it's mostly movie critics.
537 The worst I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.
538 [victory speech after having won election as Governor of California] I will not fail, I will not disappoint you, I will not let you down.
539 [responding to criticism during a televised debate] I just realized I have the perfect part for you in "Terminator 4."
540 [after being pelted with an egg at a political rally] This guy owes me bacon now . . . you can't have egg without bacon.
541 [on his decision to run for governor of California] It was the most difficult decision in my life - except the one in 1978 when I decided to get a bikini wax.
542 [on his fight scenes with the female T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)] How many times do you get away with this - to take a woman, grab her upside down and bury her face in a toilet bowl? The thing is you can do it, because, in the end, I didn't do it to a woman - she's a machine. We could get away with it without being crucified by who knows what group.
543 [during his campaign for California governor, about his history of "misbehavior"] Where I did make mistakes, or maybe go overboard sometimes . . . I regret that. This is a different Arnold.
544 In the beginning I was selfish. It was all about, "How do I build Arnold? How can I win the most Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympic contests? How can I get into the movies and get into business?" I was thinking about myself . . . As I've grown up, got older, maybe wiser, I think your life is judged not by how much you have taken but by how much you give back.
545 I love the Hong Kong style of action movies, but that only looks good for small guys. The reason why the whole style was developed over there was because those guys were very puny guys - they're not powerful-looking guys, they're also not powerful guys. There's no weightlifting champion coming out of Hong Kong - maybe in the bantam division or the lightweight division or something like that, but normally you don't have really strong men coming out of there . . . they had to learn a technique that small people can do that are as effective as the big guy's strength. So that's where the martial arts came from.
546 I would rather be Governor of California than own Austria.
547 I know that if you leave dishes in the sink, they get sticky and hard to wash the next day.
548 Everything I have ever done in my life has always stayed. I've just added to it . . . but I will not change. Because when you are successful and you change, you are an idiot.
549 [Interview in "Starlog" magazine in 1991, explaining his reluctance to do sequels to most of his successful films from the '80s] There's so little time to do all the things I want to do that I can't see any reason to get bogged down in sequels.
550 I was always interested in proportion and perfection. When I was 15 I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. When I stared at myself naked, I realized that to be perfectly proportioned I would need 20-inch arms to match the rest of me.


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Nominated awards

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2nd place awards

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1991 Bravo Otto Germany Bravo Otto Best Actor (Schauspieler)

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1992 Bravo Otto Germany Bravo Otto Best Actor (Schauspieler)
1982 Bravo Otto Germany Bravo Otto Best Actor (Schauspieler)



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The Magic Hour 1998 TV Series Himself
To Life! America Celebrates Israel's 50th 1998 TV Special Himself
The 70th Annual Academy Awards 1998 TV Special Himself - Presenter: 'Titanic' Film Clip (uncredited)
1998 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1998 TV Special Himself
Hollywood Salutes Arnold Schwarzenegger: An American Cinematheque Tribute 1998 TV Special Himself
Directors: James Cameron 1997 Video documentary Himself
Stand Tall 1997 Documentary Himself
Mundo VIP 1996-1997 TV Series Himself
Die goldene Kamera 1997 1997 TV Movie Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Blitzlichter eines amerikanischen Traums 1997 TV Movie Himself
A Century of Science Fiction 1996 Video documentary Himself
Wetten, dass..? 1988-1996 TV Series Himself
Explosiv - Das Magazin 1996 TV Series documentary Himself
Very Important Pennis 1996 TV Series Himself
Crook & Chase 1996 TV Series Himself
Sinatra: 80 Years My Way 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Annual 1995 ShoWest Awards 1995 TV Special Himself - Presenter
The First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
The 67th Annual Academy Awards 1995 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Irving G. Thalberg Award
The 52nd Annual Golden Globe Awards 1995 TV Special Himself - Nominee & Presenter
The Crypt Keeper Presents: A Spine-Tingling Look at Tales from the Crypt 1995 Documentary short Himself
Tohuwabohu 1995 TV Series Himself
A Century of Cinema 1994 Documentary Himself
Moviewatch 1994 TV Series documentary Himself - Interviewee
Stallone: Frank, That Is 2018 Documentary filming Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 1994 TV Series Himself - Guest
Wonders of the Sea 3D 2017 Documentary post-production Narrator
Lista Top 40 1994 TV Series Himself
The Original Action Hero Documentary pre-production Himself
The Making of 'True Lies' 1994 TV Movie documentary Himself
Good Morning Britain 2017 TV Series Himself - Narrator for Film Wonders of the Sea
The Arsenio Hall Show 1990-1994 TV Series Himself
Generation Iron 2 2017 Documentary Himself
1993 MTV Movie Awards 1993 TV Special Himself - Presenter
Extra 2014-2017 TV Series Himself
T2: More Than Meets the Eye 1993 Video short documentary Himself
Sunrise 2017 TV Series Himself
Entertainment UK 1993 TV Series Himself - Interviewee
The Apprentice 2007-2017 TV Series Himself - Host / Himself
Hollywood Women 1993 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Access Hollywood Live 2016-2017 TV Series Himself
The Last Party 1993 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Access Hollywood 2016-2017 TV Series Himself
Beretta's Island 1993 Himself
Entertainment Tonight 1987-2017 TV Series Himself
Good Day New York 1993 TV Series Himself - Guest
Late Night with Seth Meyers 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
John & Leeza from Hollywood 1993 TV Series Himself
Today 1985-2016 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Siskel & Ebert 1993 TV Series Himself
Live with Kelly and Ryan 2013-2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
Aspel & Company 1993 TV Series Himself
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2014-2016 TV Series Himself / The Terminator
Kathie Lee Gifford's Celebration of Motherhood 1993 TV Movie Himself
The Insider 2014-2016 TV Series Himself
CBS This Morning 1993 TV Series Himself
Years of Living Dangerously 2014-2016 TV Series documentary Himself
Behind the Scenes: Last Action Hero 1993 Video documentary short Himself
David Blaine: Beyond Magic 2016 TV Movie Himself
The Road to Hollywood 1993 TV Movie documentary Himself
A Musikant im Trachtengwand: Die Edlseer & Freunde 2016 TV Movie Himself
1992 MTV Movie Awards 1992 TV Special Himself - Presenter
FanGirl Academy: 101 2016 TV Series documentary Himself
The Making of 'The Terminator': A Retrospective 1992 Video documentary short Himself
Meet the Press 2006-2016 TV Series Himself
Feed 1992 Documentary Himself
WWE NXT 2015-2016 TV Series Himself
Jocs de nit 1992 TV Series Himself - Guest
Reset the Future: Constructing 'Terminator Genisys' 2015 Video documentary Himself
Gran premio internazionale della TV 1992 TV Series Himself
Terminator Genisys: Family Dynamics 2015 Video documentary short Himself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1974-1992 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Terminator Genisys: Infiltration and Termination 2015 Video documentary short Himself
Muhammad Ali's 50th Birthday Celebration 1992 TV Special Himself
UFC Embedded on FOX 2015 TV Mini-Series Himself
The 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1992 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Motion Picture - Drama
Explorer 2015 TV Series documentary Himself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '92 1992 TV Special Himself
Sting: Into the Light 2015 Video documentary Himself
The 18th Annual People's Choice Awards 1992 TV Special Himself - Accepting Award for Favourite Motion Picture
Eddie: Strongman 2015 Documentary Himself
The Making of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' 1991 TV Short documentary Himself
Piper's Picks TV 2015 TV Series Himself - Guest
Saturday Night Live 1988-1991 TV Series Himself
Unscripted 2015 TV Series Himself
Wogan 1991 TV Series Himself
Rencontres de cinéma 2015 TV Series Himself
Showbiz Today 1991 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 1978-2015 TV Series Himself - Guest
Acompáñame 1991 TV Special Himself - Interviewee
The Graham Norton Show 2012-2015 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Victory & Valor: Special Olympics World Games 1991 TV Movie documentary Himself
Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator 2015 TV Short Himself
Naked Hollywood 1991 TV Mini-Series Himself
2015 CMT Music Awards 2015 TV Movie Himself
Late Night with David Letterman 1984-1991 TV Series Himself - Guest / Himself
Talking to Hollywood with Betty Zhou 2015 TV Series Himself
Inside Edition 1991 TV Series documentary Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Guide to Blowing Sh*T Up 2015 TV Short Himself
The Making of 'Total Recall' 1990 TV Short documentary Himself / Douglas Quaid
The Late Late Show with James Corden 2015 TV Series Himself / Himself - Hosting Trainer
The Making of 'Kindergarten Cop' 1990 Documentary short Detective John Kimble
WrestleMania 2015 TV Special Himself
The Word 1990 TV Series Himself
WWE Hall of Fame 2015 TV Special Himself
Mary Hart Presents: Power in the Public Eye 1990 TV Movie Himself
Formula 1: BBC Sport 2015 TV Series Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Classic 1989 TV Movie documentary Himself
Radical Body Transformation 2015 TV Series Himself
Presidential Inaugural Gala 1989 TV Special Himself
The Expendables 3: New Blood - Stacked and Jacked 2014 Video documentary short Himself
The Making of 'Red Heat' 1988 Video documentary short Himself
The Expendables 3: The Total Action Package 2014 Video short Himself
Schwarzenegger: Total Rebuild 1988 Documentary Himself
The Making of 'The Expendables 3' 2014 Video documentary Himself
The World's Greatest Stunts: A Tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen 1988 TV Movie documentary Himself
The 50th Annual Mr Olympia 2014 TV Movie Himself
The Oprah Winfrey Show 1987 TV Series Himself
Making 'Sabotage' 2014 Video documentary short Himself
Hour Magazine 1987 TV Series Himself
Howard Stern Birthday Bash 2014 Video Himself - Video Message
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual Humanitarian Awards Honoring Anatoly Scharansky 1987 TV Special Himself
Cinema 3 2014 TV Series Himself
Mensch Meier 1986 TV Series Himself
Sit Down with the Stars 2014 TV Series Himself
Good Morning Britain 1986 TV Series Himself - Guest
Boardwalk Hempire: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club 2014 Documentary voice
Saturday Night's Main Event 1985 TV Series Himself
Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2014 TV Series Himself
Regis Philbin's Lifestyles 1985 TV Series Himself
Made in Hollywood 2012-2014 TV Series Himself
The 56th Annual Academy Awards 1984 TV Special documentary Himself - Co-Presenter: Technical Achievement Awards
Reel Junkie 2014 TV Series Himself
The Making of 'Terminator' 1984 TV Short documentary Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2013-2014 TV Series Himself - Guest / Himself
Carnival in Rio 1983 TV Movie documentary Himself - Host
WWE Raw 1999-2014 TV Series Himself
James Bond: The First 21 Years 1983 TV Movie documentary Himself
Escape Plan: Clash of the Titans 2014 Video short Himself
Body by Garret 1982 Documentary short Himself
Executing the Plan: The Making of 'Escape Plan' 2014 Video documentary short Himself
Our Voices Ourselves 1982 TV Movie Himself
Das Energie-Experiment Güssing 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself
Evening Magazine 1982 TV Series Himself
Generation Iron 2013 Documentary Himself
The Making of 'Superman II' 1982 TV Movie documentary Himself
Framelines 2013 TV Series Himself
The Merv Griffin Show 1977-1981 TV Series Himself
Cornfield Chaos: Scene Breakdown of 'The Last Stand' 2013 Video short Himself
Tomorrow Coast to Coast 1981 TV Series Himself
Not in My Town: Making 'The Last Stand' 2013 Video documentary short Himself
The Comeback 1980 Documentary Himself
Piers Morgan Tonight 2012-2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Alan Hamel Show 1980 TV Series Himself
Smap×Smap 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Dinah! 1976-1979 TV Series Himself - Guest
Pânico na TV 2013 TV Series Himself
The Mike Douglas Show 1976-1978 TV Series Himself - Bodybuilder / Himself - Actor
WWE Hall of Fame 2013 2013 TV Special Himself
A.M. Chicago 1978 TV Series Himself
Milius 2013 Documentary Himself
V.I.P.-Schaukel 1977 TV Series documentary Himself
Evening Urgant 2013 TV Series Himself
This Is America 1977 Documentary Bodybuilder at Gold's Gym (uncredited)
Breakfast 2011-2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Apropos Film 1977 TV Series documentary Himself
Daybreak 2013 TV Series Himself
The 34th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1977 TV Special Himself
Big Morning Buzz Live 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
Pumping Iron 1977 Documentary Himself
Fox and Friends 2013 TV Series Himself
ABC's Wide World of Sports 1976 TV Series Himself - Contestant
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2013 TV Series Himself - Guest
70th Golden Globe Awards 2013 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Foreign Language Film
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1993-2013 TV Series Himself
The Hour 2012 TV Series Himself
The Daily Show 2012 TV Series Himself
60 Minutes 2004-2012 TV Series documentary Himself (segment "Arnold") / Himself - Governor, California (segment "Running Dry") / Himself - Governor, California (segment "Schwarzenegger") / ...
30 for 30 Shorts 2012 TV Series documentary short Himself
Addicted to Fame 2012 Documentary Himself
A Call for Renewable Energy in Brazil 2011 Video documentary short Himself
Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom 2011 Documentary Himself
Close Up 2011 TV Series Himself - Interviewee
Revenge of the Electric Car 2011 Documentary Himself - Governor, California
A Classic Tale: From Flabby to Fantastic 2011 Documentary short Himself
16th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2011 TV Special documentary Himself - Presenter
California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown 2011 Documentary
Conan: From the Vault 2011 Video short Himself
Marijuana: A Chronic History 2010 TV Movie Himself
Die Stille der Unschuld - Der Künstler Gottfried Helnwein 2010 Documentary Himself
Inferno: The Making of 'The Expendables' 2010 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Politic Context of 'Red Heat' 2010 Video documentary short Himself
Gerrymandering 2010 Documentary
Vancouver 2010: XXI Olympic Winter Games 2010 TV Mini-Series Himself
Nuclear Tipping Point 2010 Documentary Himself
Climate One Commonwealth Club Forum 2010 TV Series Himself
The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2010 TV Special Himself - Clip Presenter
Aftenshowet 2009 TV Series Himself
Hot Cities 2009 TV Series documentary Himself - Governor of California
Salmagundi 2009 Documentary short Himself
The Jay Leno Show 2009 TV Series Himself
Hannity 2009 TV Series Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2009 TV Series Himself - Guest
Straight from the Horses Mouth 2009 Video Himself
Reg Park: The Legend 2009 Video documentary Himself
Punkt 12 2009 TV Series Himself
Right America: Feeling Wronged - Some Voices from the Campaign Trail 2009 TV Movie documentary Himself
Nova 2009 TV Series documentary Himself - Governor of California
2009 Britannia Awards 2009 TV Special Himself
Tagesthemen 2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Being W 2008 Documentary Himself
Why We Train 2008 Documentary Himself
Chabad: To Life Telethon 2008 TV Movie Himself - Video Guest
Citizen Kate 2008 TV Series documentary short Himself
Caring for Our Water 2008 Video documentary Himself - Governor of California
HBO Boxing 2008 TV Series documentary Himself - Auidience Member
Charlie Rose 2007-2008 TV Series Himself - Guest
Imagine 2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Terminator 3: TerminatorVision 2008 Video documentary short Himself
Larry King Live 2007-2008 TV Series Himself - Guest
Bigger Stronger Faster* 2008 Documentary Himself
Chanukah Lights Live 2007 TV Movie Himself
Chabad Telethon 2007 TV Movie Himself
Darfur Now 2007 Documentary Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2000-2007 TV Series documentary Himself
20 heures le journal 2007 TV Series Himself
2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards 2007 TV Special Himself
BBC News 24 2007 TV Series Himself - Governor of California
ITV Evening News 2007 TV Series Himself
The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2007 TV Special Himself - Presenter: Best Motion Picture - Drama (as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger)
George Clooney: An American Cinematheque Tribute 2006 TV Movie Himself
American Masters 2006 TV Series documentary Himself
40 Dumbest Celeb Quotes... Ever 2006 TV Movie Himself
Legends Ball 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself

Archive Footage

Reagan 2011 Documentary Himself
Close Up 2011 TV Series Himself
Decloaking the Invisible: Alien Terrain 2010 Video short Himself (uncredited)
Die großen Kriminalfälle 2010 TV Series documentary Himself
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy 2010 Video documentary Himself
20 to 1 2007-2010 TV Series documentary Himself / Harry Tasker
Card Subject to Change 2010 Documentary Himself
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien 2009 TV Series Himself
WWE Smackdown! 2009 TV Series Himself
Premio Donostia a Ian McKellen 2009 TV Special Jack Slater (uncredited)
Capitalism: A Love Story 2009 Documentary Himself
Where Muscles Were Born 2009 Himself
Pop Galerie Reloaded 2009 TV Series documentary Himself
Still Pumping 2009 Video documentary short Himself
Farrah's Story 2009 TV Movie Himself
WWE: Greatest Stars of the '90s 2009 Video Himself
How the Earth Was Made 2009 TV Series documentary Himself - Governor of California
Insiders 2007-2008 TV Series Himself
Frontline 2008 TV Series documentary Himself - Governor, California
Secrets of Body Language 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Burning Season 2008 Documentary Himself
I Love the New Millennium 2008 TV Mini-Series Himself
Just In with Laura Ingraham 2008 TV Series Himself - Governor of California
1 quart de 3 2008 TV Series Himself
Killer at Large 2008 Documentary Himself - Governor of California
5 Second Movies 2008 TV Series John Kimble
Mike Douglas: Moments & Memories 2008 Video Himself
Ajankohtainen kakkonen 2008 TV Series Himself
All Jacked Up 2008 Documentary Himself
Weltberühmt in Österreich - 50 Jahre Austropop 2008 TV Series documentary Himself
Wetten, dass..? 2007 TV Series Himself
THS Investigates: Hazing 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Blair Years 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
Have I Got News for You 2007 TV Series Himself
Modern Marvels 2002-2007 TV Series documentary Himself - Former Governor of California / Himself
Maquillando entre monstruos 2007 TV Movie documentary The Terminator
Commando: Let Off Some Steam 2007 Video documentary Himself
Commando: Pure Action 2007 Video documentary Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'I'll Be Back' 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Colbert Report 2007 TV Series Himself
Fernsehkritik TV 2007 TV Series Himself
The 11th Hour 2007/I Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Ein Leben wie im Flug 2007 TV Movie Himself
Global Warming: Our Searing Earth 2007 Video documentary Himself
Sledstvie veli... 2007 TV Series documentary Maj. Alan 'Dutch' Shepherd
Falco lebt! 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Canada A.M. 2007 TV Series Himself
RoboCop vs Terminator 2006 Video short The Terminator
Running with Arnold 2006 Documentary Himself
Hollywood Science 2006 TV Series documentary Himself
...So Goes the Nation 2006 Documentary Himself
I Love the '70s: Volume 2 2006 TV Series Himself
A/k/a Tommy Chong 2006 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters 2006 Documentary Julius Benedict (uncredited)
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Made in Britain 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
VH1 News Presents: Hollywood Secrets Revealed - Scenes They Don't Want You to See 2006 TV Short Himself
Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 Documentary Himself
Taff 2006 TV Series Himself
California and the American Dream 2005 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight - Batman Unbound 2005 Video documentary short Himself
Manolito Espinberg, une vie de cinéma 2005 Short Conan (uncredited)
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2005 Documentary Himself
AC/DC: Family Jewels 2005 Video Jack Slater (segment "Big Gun")
Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State 2005 Documentary Himself
I Love the '90s: Part Deux 2005 TV Series documentary
Independent Lens 2005 TV Series documentary Himself
This Revolution 2005 Himself (uncredited)
Last Laugh '04 2004 TV Movie Himself
Sendung ohne Namen 2003-2004 TV Series documentary Himself
Retrosexual: The 80's 2004 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments 2004 TV Movie Himself
Rated 'R': Republicans in Hollywood 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself
Terminator 3: Redemption 2004 Video Game The Terminator
WWE Hall of Fame 2004 2004 TV Special Himself
101 Biggest Celebrity Oops 2004 TV Special documentary Himself - #65: Things They Shouldn't Say
Celebrities Uncensored 2003-2004 TV Series Himself
A Stuntman for All Seasons: A Tribute to Bennie Dobbins 2004 Video documentary short Himself
Biography 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
East Meets West: 'Red Heat' and the Kings of Carolco 2004 Video documentary short Himself
The Screen Savers 2003 TV Series Himself
Året der gik 2003 2003 TV Special Himself - Governor of California
TV 2 003 - Året i ord og billeder 2003 TV Special documentary Himself (uncredited)
The Award Show Awards Show 2003 TV Special documentary Himself
Christmas from Hollywood 2003 Video documentary Himself
Le vrai journal 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
Campus, le magazine de l'écrit 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
Sex at 24 Frames Per Second 2003 Video documentary Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2002 TV Series documentary Himself
Playboy: Inside the Playboy Mansion 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself
El informal 2001 TV Series El Chuache
Dr. Dolittle 2 2001 White Wolf (uncredited)
Kino kolossal - Herkules, Maciste & Co 2000 TV Movie documentary Himself
Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity 1999 Video documentary Himself
Falco - Hoch wie nie 1998 Video Himself
Sharon Stone - Una mujer de 100 caras 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
... y otras mujeres de armas tomar 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself
Femmes Fatales: Sharon Stone 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
Sauna-Report Deutschland - Die nackte Lust am Schwitzen 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself
Before They Were Famous 1997 TV Series Himself
Tohuwabohu 1994-1997 TV Series Himself
Bob Hope: Laughing with the Presidents 1996 TV Special documentary Himself
Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time Pre-Show 1996 Short The Terminator
Empire of the Censors 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Universal Story 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
True Lies 1995 Video Game Harry Tasker
Arnold, the Man Behind the Muscle 1994 Video documentary Himself
Full Disclosure Network 1993 TV Series Himself - Former California Governor
Fame in the Twentieth Century 1993 TV Series documentary Himself (uncredited)
Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 1992 TV Special Himself (uncredited)
Encino Man 1992 The Terminator (uncredited)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1979-1992 TV Series Himself / Julius Benedict from film TWINS / Lars from film SCAVENGER HUNT
Off Your Duff 1989 TV Movie documentary Himself
Saturday Night Live 1988 TV Series Himself
Hollywood '84 1984 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Margret Dünser, auf der Suche nach den Besonderen 1981 TV Movie documentary Himself
Workers Con 2017 Documentary post-production Himself - Former Governor of California
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2014-2017 TV Series Himself
Non mais t'as vu ce que t'écoutes 2017 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2008-2017 TV Series Himself
Falco - Die ultimative Doku 2017 TV Movie documentary Himself
Sunrise 2016-2017 TV Series Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2017 TV Series Himself
Hollywood Today Live 2017 TV Series Himself
Die Öscars 2016 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
The Insider 2016 TV Series Himself
Extra 2014-2016 TV Series Himself
I Am Not Your Negro 2016 Documentary Himself
Wie ich berühmt werden wollte 2016 Short Himself
The Drunken Peasants 2015-2016 TV Series Himself
Race for the White House 2016 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Herr von Bohlen privat 2015 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Aus dem Archiv - 60 Jahre Fernsehen 2015 TV Movie Himself
Corrupted Justice 2015 Documentary Himself - Former CA Governor
Dare2Dream: The Flex Wheeler Story 2015 Documentary Himself
Welcome to the Basement 2014-2015 TV Series Douglas Quaid / Hauser / Himself
Inside Edition 2015 TV Series documentary Himself
The O'Reilly Factor 2008-2015 TV Series Himself / The Terminator
Everything Wrong with... 2015 TV Series Terminator T-1000
Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles 2015 TV Mini-Series Terminator
Wogan: The Best Of 2015 TV Series Himself
The Third Annual 'On Cinema' Oscar Special 2015 Video Rottmayer (uncredited)
WWE Raw 2015 TV Series Himself
Rude Tube 2011-2014 TV Series Himself / Dutch
2nd Indie Fest of YouTube Videos 2014 2014 TV Movie Himself
60 Minutes 2005-2014 TV Series documentary Himself - Former Governor, California (segment "Chairman Ma") / Himself - Governor, California (segment "The Governor")
Media Buzz 2014 TV Series Himself
Le grand journal de Canal+ 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
Top 40 Ultimate Action Movies 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself
Death Battle 2014 TV Series Terminator
Fox and Friends 2014 TV Series Himself
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Kill Count 2013 Video short
The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment 2013 Video documentary Himself
WWE: Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come 2013 Video Himself
Movie Guide 2013 TV Series Swan Rottmayer / Emil Rottmayer
Le Fossoyeur de Films 2013 TV Mini-Series documentary
Go Figure! 2013 TV Series The Terminator
The Dinkum Firearm and Historic Weaponry Museum Tour 2013 Video short Himself
Wir sind Kaiser 2013 TV Series Himself
Edición Especial Coleccionista 2010-2013 TV Series Himself / Douglas Quaid / Dutch / ...
The '80s: The Decade That Made Us 2013 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
The Graham Norton Show 2013 TV Series Himself
CBS News Sunday Morning 2013 TV Series John Kimble
Chelsea Lately 2013 TV Series Ray Owens in 'The Last Stand'
Gods of War: Assembling Earth's Mightiest Anti-Heroes 2012 Video documentary short Himself
Creating a Candidate 2012 Video documentary short Himself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2011-2012 TV Series Himself
The Pinball Arcade 2012 Video Game Terminator (segment "Terminator 2: Judgment Day")
American Greed 2012 TV Series documentary Himself
Dorfers Donnerstalk 2004-2011 TV Series Himself
Österreich wählt 2011 TV Series Himself
Nostalgia Critic 2011 TV Series Mr. Freeze
Dreamland: La terra dei sogni 2011 Himself
The Lost Kennedy Home Movies 2011 TV Movie documentary Himself
Willkommen Österreich 2011 TV Series Himself - Österreich-Besuch 2011
Conan 2011 TV Series Himself
Brows Held High 2011 TV Series Conan the Barbarian
Muscle Beach Then and Now 2011 TV Movie documentary Himself

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