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Antonio Sabato Jr. was created February 29th 1972 in Sicily, Italy. Although he grew up in the usa as a kid. –> Antonio can be an American model, actor and Television sponsor, as an actor he offers featured in many Television shows and films Personal existence In 1992 he was involved with a romantic relationship with Alicia Tully Jensen, however they neither got wedded nor have a kid collectively. Antonio and his family members moved to the united states when he was simply thirteen years older in 1985. He in addition has appeared on reality Television like But can They Sing, Superstar Circus in 2008 which he won, Superstar wife swap and Dance with the Celebrities. He includes a net worth around $8 million. He’s a frequent user of internet sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and appears to have an excellent interest for the sociable media platforms. His father, Antonio Sabato can be an actor while his mum, Yvonne Kabouchy is an agent. In 1994 he dated celebrity Virginia Madsen , they both experienced a son collectively from the partnership. He later on ventured on into performing in 1992, he made an appearance on soap opera’s like primary time, General Hospital, then presented in the series Earth 2. He in addition has dated Brooke Barlow over his display My Antonio, by May 2011, he previously a child with Cheryl Moana Marie who’s name is definitely Antonio Kalani the name means a Much loved present from the heavens. On September 2012 he wedded his wife Moana Marie in Kauai. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. In 1996 he became a united condition citizen by naturalization. Profession Antonio began of as a model, he modelled for top level brand Calvin Klein, in 1990 he made an appearance on arranged for the directing of the music video Like Will Never Perform by Janet Jackson, with his fellow Calvin Klein model Djimon Hounsou. He also experienced a child from from his older period girlfriend Kristin Rossetti. Through the 1990’s he presented in many Television shows and films. In 2003 he made an appearance in the film Testosterone. In 2006 he played the part of Dante Damiano in the soap opera The Bold and the stunning. He attended St Bernard SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in LA and Beverly Hills Senior high school. In September 2014 he hosted the display Correct it & Finish it. He offers presented in countless Film and tv series like Melrose Her Hidden Truth, Place, Clark and Lois: THE BRAND NEW Adventures of Superman, Large Voltage, The Big Strike, Fatal Mistake, Ally Mcbeal, Tribe, Charmed 2, Hypersonic, Flavour of Love, The Chaos Element, Destination, Reckless Behaviour : Captured on Tape, Ugly betty, Scrubs, CSI : NY, The Arrangement, Rizzoli & Isles, Sizzling in Cleveland, Dance with the celebrities, Baby Daddy, The Three Stooges, The league. Character Antonio sometimes appears as a sociable type, he’s offers been regarded as a gay by people, but offers said nothing concerning this accusations. When he’s no longer working, he continues on outdoor pursuits like biking. Antonio offers revealed that he loves to travel, he also offers a blog.


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