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Antoine Fuqua Net Worth is
$18 Million

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income and Antoine Fuqua net value: Antoine Fuqua can be an American film director who all has a net value of $25 million. IN 2013, he stated they are looking forward to the film to undergo the Chinese federal government before directing. In the years 2013 and 2014, he directed the films “Olympus provides fallen” and “The Equalizer”. Fuqua’s directing profession started in the music sector directing music movies for performers such as for example Toni Braxton and Prince. This is compiled by Peter Milligan. He also offers a boy from his earlier romantic relationship. Rochon provides two kids, daughter Asia and boy Brando from her prior relationship to dancer Adolfo Quinones. $18 Million: Antoine Fuqua (born January 19, 1966) can be an American film director and film maker.Fuqua was created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After likely to school for electric engineering, with the expectation of going to fly jets in the armed service, Fuqua began his profession directing music movies for popular performers like Toni Braxton, Coolio (his ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ music video) and Prince, and proceeded to go on to become film director.CBS Movies has employed Antoine Fuqua to direct a fresh movie predicated on a Vince Flynn novel, Consent to Kill. Then directed the criminal offense thriller Training Day (2001), that star Denzel Washington gained an Oscar, the action battle drama Tears of sunlight (2003), the Arthurian legend film King Arthur (2004), the conspiracy actions thriller Shooter (2007), the criminal offense film Brooklyn’s Finest (2010), and the actions thrillers Olympus Provides Fallen (2013) and The Equalizer (2014), which pairs Fuqua with Denzel Washington once again.He is perhaps most widely known for the award-winning film Schooling Day. Fuqua was planned to immediate Prisoners, predicated on a storybook from Aaron Guzikowski, but still left the task.His first feature film was the action film The Replacing Killers (1998), starring Chow Yun Body fat. Denzel Washington will be observed in this film. As reported in March 2013, he has mentioned that he’s awaiting for the film task to go through the correct Chinese government stations before directing the traditional epic film, currently referred to as The Tang Dynasty.He was slated to direct Tupac Shakur’s official biopic. The task was postponed to permit Fuqua to immediate rapper Eminem’s second feature film, Southpaw. Therefore he joined college for learning engineering in electric. Fuqua shifted to Olympus Offers Fallen (2013), an actions thriller starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. Southpaw premiered in 2015.IN-MAY 2014 20th Century Fox arranged Fuqua to immediate a drug smuggling thriller film Narco Sub that is scripted by David Guggenheim.He co-created AT NIGHT with Wesley Snipes, that was compiled by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Jeff Nentrup.Fuqua happens to be directing The Magnificent Seven (2016), a modern-day time remake of the 1960 western of the same name (The Magnificent Seven) and Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, which the western was based. Antoine Fuqua is usually a popular American film director with a net well worth of $18 million. He’s a famous film maker and a director in america. A number of them are ‘Teaching Day time’, ‘Tears of the Sunlight’, ‘The Alternative Killers’, ‘King Arthur’, ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ and ‘Olympus Offers Fallen’. In his youth Antoine Fuqua dreamt of flying jets in the army. For this reason he began monitoring electric engineering. In the next years he directed music video clips for such celebrated performers as Prince and Tony Braxton. His encounter as a director of music video clips contributed a good deal in his profession as a film director. His film ‘Teaching Day’ received many accolades from audiences and critics. This film was an award-earning creation and it shot him to fame instantly. A few of his most well-known music video clips are ‘Love’s Used Over’ and ‘It’s Alright’ for Chanté Moore, ‘All I Observe’ for Christopher Williams, and ‘The Most Gorgeous Girl in the Globe’ for Prince. Antoine Fuqua was created on 19th January 1966 in Pennsylvania. His net worthy of provides been swelled by the wages from the movies he made. He wished to join armed service and fly jets. Nevertheless, Eminem place Southpaw on keep to spotlight music, and was changed with Jake Gyllenhaal. Nevertheless, he considered directing music videos rather. He began his profession by directing music movies for extremely popular musicians like Stevie Question and Toni Braxton. In the entire year 2015, he directed a drama predicated on sports activities named as “Southpaw”. He’s still best known because of this film and the artist ” Denzel Washington ” also earned an Oscar for the same. In 1998, he directed an action film named as “The Substitute Killers”. In the entire year 2001, he directed the film “Training Time”. –> He shifted to directing films in the entire year 1998. After that he directed even more of the actions drama. The few is rumored to end up being going right through a rough amount of time in the relationship. After that, in 2004, he directed the film “King Arthur” that is regarded as an Arthurian legend film. In 2007, he directed the movie “Shooter” that was an actions thriller contains conspiracy. The he directed “Brooklyn’s Finest” which emerged in the entire year 2010. Fuqua was planned to immediate the 2013 film Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, but didn’t find yourself on the task. Denzel Washington was observed in the film “The Equalizer”. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. He’s ready to direct the film “The Wonderful Seven” in the entire year 2016. This film is a remake of the film from 1960 as well as the film called as “Seven Samurai”.In March 2011, Fuqua signed to immediate a film featuring the passionate love tale between Consort Yang Yuhuan and Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty. Therefore, this helps it be their 3rd task together. He in addition has produced a documentary on “Suge Knight”. He’s the co-creator of the mini-series of the comic publication “AT NIGHT”. His uncle may be the past due Harvey Fuqua, a singer, songwriter, record maker and record label exec—who was simply the nephew of the past due Charlie Fuqua of the ’30s-’40s American vocal group The Ink Places. He was likely to direct the film “Prisoners”. However, it didn’t materialize as he was occupied with various other projects. It is thought that he earns a handsome income making his net well worth to be almost $18 million. They will have 2 kids collectively: Asia and Brando. He signed a task in the entire year 2011 to immediate a romantic love tale called as “Tang dynasty” in line with the love tale of Consort Yang Yuhuan and Emperor Xuanzong. Born January 19, 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Antoine Fuqua offers directed such movies as Training Day (2001 ‘ starring Denzel Washington), The Alternative Killers (1998 – starring Mira Sorvino), Tears of sunlight (2003 – starring Bruce Willis), King Arthur (2004 – starring Clive Owen), Shooter (2007 – starring Tag Wahlberg), Brooklyn’s Finest (2009 – starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes) and Olympus Provides Fallen (2013 – starring Gerard Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Butler). He was employed by CBS Movies in the entire year 2010 for directing a film called as “Consent to eliminate” which was predicated on a novel of Vince Flynn. His biography exists on all of the main websites. His wife can be an celebrity. He was employed by 20th Hundred years Fox in the entire year 2014 to immediate a movie predicated on medication smuggling. Fuqua married celebrity Lela Rochon, known on her behalf role in the 1995 film Waiting around to Exhale, in April 1999. In 2003, he directed the film “Tears of sunlight”. It is stated they are together limited to the sake of their children. In the entire year 1998, he proposed his girlfriend Lela Rochon and the few got wedded in the entire year 1999.

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Quick Facts

Full NameAntoine Fuqua
Net Worth$18 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 19, 1966
ProfessionFilm producer, Music Video Director
EducationWest Virginia University, West Virginia State University
SpouseLela Rochon
ChildrenZachary Fuqua, Asia Rochon Fuqua, Brando Fuqua
AwardsNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture, Black Reel Award for Best Director
NominationsPrix du Public UBS, Variety Piazza Grande Award
MoviesThe Magnificent Seven, Southpaw, The Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen, Brooklyn's Finest, Shooter, Bastards of the Party, King Arthur, Lightning in a Bottle, Tears of the Sun, Training Day, Bait, The Replacement Killers, Untitled Yang Guifei Project, Suge Knight, Exit Strategy, The Call, Murder Book, Pablo Escobar

Interesting Facts

1 Was offered the chance to direct Man on Fire (2004) but turned it down as he was busy working on King Arthur (2004).
2 Was originally set to direct American Gangster (2007) in 2004 with Denzel Washington and Benicio Del Toro starring, but production was halted one month before shooting after Universal Pictures canceled the film over budget concerns.
3 One of 115 people invited to join AMPAS in 2007.
4 Nephew of Harvey Fuqua(of The Moonglows).


1 Most of his films contain politically driven elements and themes.


1 I only pay to take my son to the movies, because most of the time I only watch European movies, independent movies, or screen them privately. But I like to go to movies with my son because it's still fun; it reminds me of why I make movies.
2 I like the platform to show your art and everything that goes along with that. To show your voice and hopefully find films that are more politically driven, films that maybe inspire.
3 My experience of test screenings is that you don't know what kind of mood people are going to be in, and sometimes the studios accept what Joe Blo says - and this guy could just be a frustrated filmmaker, or not paying attention.
4 I take them seriously but I try not to read them. I take them personally, that's why I don't read them. I think people are lying when they say they don't care, that's not true. I take them personally.
5 Being a kid growing up with Kurosawa films and watching Sergio Leone movies just made me love what it could do to you, and how it could influence you - make you dream.
6 I like making movies.
7 I've become friends with Michael Mann and Oliver Stone; I've seen those guys work and that was great to see.
8 I like the opportunity to make films.
9 I believe in God, absolutely.
10 So it's hard to be an artist and be true to the reality of the world you want to create and also make it entertaining and successful financially.
11 The simple answer is I'd just be a guy trying to feed my family, like everybody else. The complicated answer is, I think I'd be in some sort of military or government world of some sort.
12 It's a hard line to walk, man. Cause you know you want to make this movie, you want to make it dark and real, you want to show all this stuff but unfortunately you can't always do that.
13 The story is also about the battle between Arthur and the Saxons. The Saxons were destroying everything they came across and Arthur was left when Rome was falling because this movie takes place in 400 A.D.
14 It's a dumb question, because I don't look at things as a black director, just as a director, so ask me as a director first and we can segue into the colour thing later.
15 It's not worth it, it's not about money, especially when you're dealing with a culture. It should be about elevating the idea of what we are and who we are as people in the cinema, and that kind of stuff keeps dragging us back down.
16 I became a director just for the love of movies, because of the power of cinema.
17 I started studying mythology, just on my own. Joseph Campbell, mysticism.
18 I just think you can't shut your life off to just, you know, one thing. You gotta be open-minded. Explore things. Feed your artist.
19 What I learned is, don't forget who you are, because that's what's going to make you a filmmaker.
20 'Cause movies are human drama, that's it.
21 Some men don't gel when it comes to work - you have different work ethics, different opinions, different points of views, different methods of filmmaking - and we didn't gel.
22 But I like to go to movies with my son because it's still fun; it reminds me of why I make movies.
23 Bruce Willis. Pain in my ass, no problem about that. We just didn't get along. We got along off camera, but shooting we just didn't get along.
24 Cinema Paradiso, because it reminds me of why I make movies, the magic of movies, the romance of movies.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015 Image Award Image Awards Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture The Equalizer (2014)
2012 Capri Cult Award Capri, Hollywood
2002 Black Reel Black Reel Awards Theatrical - Best Director Training Day (2001)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2016 Black Reel Black Reel Awards Outstanding Director, Motion Picture Southpaw (2015)
2014 Hollywood Award Acapulco Black Film Festival Best Director Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
2011 Black Reel Black Reel Awards Best Director Brooklyn's Finest (2009)
2005 Black Reel Black Reel Awards Best Director Lightning in a Bottle (2004)
2004 Black Reel Black Reel Awards Film: Best Director Tears of the Sun (2003)



Untitled Muhammad Ali Documentary 2018 Documentary pre-production
American Dream American Knightmare Documentary announced
Omerta TV Movie announced
The Man Who Made It Snow attached announced
Ice 2017 TV Series 1 episode
The Magnificent Seven 2016
Exit Strategy 2015 TV Movie
Southpaw 2015
The Equalizer 2014
Olympus Has Fallen 2013
Brooklyn's Finest 2009
Shooter 2007/I
The Call 2006/I Short
Murder Book 2005 TV Movie
King Arthur 2004
Lightning in a Bottle 2004 Documentary
Tears of the Sun 2003
From Toni with Love: The Video Collection 2001 Video
Training Day 2001
Bait 2000
Usher Live 1999 Video
The Replacement Killers 1998
Inside Out IV 1992 Video


Untitled Muhammad Ali Documentary 2018 Documentary executive producer pre-production
Training Day 2017 TV Series executive producer filming
American Dream American Knightmare Documentary producer announced
Omerta TV Movie executive producer / producer announced
The Man Who Made It Snow producer announced
Ice 2016-2017 TV Series executive producer - 6 episodes
Shooter 2016 TV Series executive producer - 1 episode
Forever Brothers: The '71 Pittsburgh Pirates Story 2016 TV Movie documentary executive producer
The Magnificent Seven 2016 executive producer
Exit Strategy 2015 TV Movie executive producer
Southpaw 2015 producer
Olympus Has Fallen 2013 producer
Brooklyn's Finest 2009 executive producer
Bastards of the Party 2005 Documentary executive producer / producer


Bait 2000 uncredited


Born & Raised 2012 special thanks
Paris, je t'aime 2006 personal thanks
Made Men: The 'GoodFellas' Legacy 2004 Video documentary short special thanks


Made in Hollywood 2010-2016 TV Series Himself
Rotten Tomatoes 2016 TV Series Himself
Southpaw: Extended Training Montage 2015 Video documentary short Himself
Southpaw: Inside the Ring 2015 Video documentary short Himself
Celebrity Conversations 2015 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 2015 TV Series Himself - Guest
Denzel Washington: A Different Kind of Superhero 2014 Video short Himself
Equalizer Vision: Antoine Fuqua 2014 Video short Himself
Inside 'The Equalizer' 2014 Video short Himself
The Equalizer: Children of the Night 2014 Video short Himself
The Equalizer: One Man Army - Training and Fighting 2014 Video short Himself
The Equalizer: Vengeance Mode 2014 Video documentary short Himself
IMDb: What to Watch 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
Cinema 3 2014 TV Series Himself
Last Call with Carson Daly 2010-2014 TV Series Himself
Weekend Ticket 2014 TV Series short Himself
Festival de cine de San Sebastián 2014: Gala de inauguración 2014 TV Movie Himself - Presenter: Honorary Award to Denzel Washington
Extra 2014 TV Series Himself - The Equalizer
Creating the Action: VFX and Design of 'Olympus Has Fallen' 2013 Video documentary short Himself
Olympus Has Fallen: Deconstructing the Black Hawk Sequence 2013 Video documentary short Himself
Olympus Has Fallen: Ground Combat - Fighting the Terrorists 2013 Video documentary short Himself
Olympus Has Fallen: The Epic Ensemble 2013 Video documentary short Himself
Under Surveillance: The Making of 'Olympus Has Fallen' 2013 Video documentary short Himself
Piers Morgan Tonight 2013 TV Series Himself
Tavis Smiley 2010-2013 TV Series Himself - Guest / Himself
NFL Alumni Player of the Year Awards 2012 TV Special Himself
The Scarface Phenomenon 2011 Video documentary Himself
Brooklyn's Finest: An Eye for Detail 2010 Video short Himself
Brooklyn's Finest: Boyz N the Real Hood 2010 Video short Himself
Brooklyn's Finest: From the MTA to the WGA 2010 Video short Himself
Brooklyn's Finest: Three Cops and a Dealer 2010 Video short Himself
Conflict and Chaos: The Life of a New York Cop 2010 Video documentary short Himself
The Mo'Nique Show 2010 TV Series Himself
Días de cine 2009 TV Series Himself
On the Lot 2007 TV Series Himself - Judge
Survival of the Fittest: The Making of 'Shooter' 2007 Video documentary short Himself
Up Close with Carrie Keagan 2007 TV Series Himself
King Arthur: A Roundtable Discussion 2005 Video documentary short Himself
Blood on the Land: The Making of a King 2004 Video documentary short Himself
Made Men: The 'GoodFellas' Legacy 2004 Video documentary short Himself - Director
The Making of 'King Arthur' 2004 TV Movie documentary Himself
This Morning 2004 TV Series Himself
Journey to Safety: Making 'Tears of the Sun' 2003 Video documentary short Himself
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes & Villains 2003 TV Special documentary Himself
Hollywood Celebrates Denzel Washington: An American Cinematheque Tribute 2003 TV Special documentary Himself
Chow Yun-Fat Goes Hollywood 2001 Video documentary short Himself
HBO First Look 1998-2001 TV Series documentary Himself
Stracult 2 2001 TV Series Himself
Intimate Portrait 2001 TV Series documentary Himself
Where the Action Is 1998 TV Movie Himself

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