Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth is
$10 Million

Anthony Michael Hall Biography

Anthony Michael Hall can be an actor, film maker, televisionproducer, Musician, singer, Film Director and songwriter. Meanwhile for younger generation he’s better referred to as the actor who offers played Expenses Gates on the Pirates of the Silicon Valley and experienced the leading part on tv series The Dead Area. In 2001, he began dating Sandra Guerard plus they shared the relation for approximately 5 years before separating in 2006. He required in display acting debut in 1980. Hissome of the significant appearances are in 2 Little, 2 Late, 61*, A Bucket ofBlood, Aftermath, ABOUT the Benjamins, EdwardScissorh, s and Dirt Merchant. He also earns from sponsorship and offering in applications which amount is $500,000. –> He created many examples and encounters throughout hislife. A few of the major facts, occasions and notable points are presented asfollows. He replaced his 1st and middle name because artist having same namewas currently within the entertainment market. He also helps at-risk youth through his literary system. Hilda’s & St Hugh’s College in NY and Professional Children’s College in Manhattan. He began consuming alcoholwhen he was just 13. Before 1990, he commenced to proceed rehab middle and exactlyquit drinking in 1990. Furthermore to acting, he’s a good who playsdrum, composes music as well, guitar and singer. Anthony Michael Hall net worthy of can be $16 million in 2015. Arrested For Felony Electric battery!’ The celeb offers embraced acting abilities in various movies such as ‘Six Pack,’ ‘The Breakfast Golf club,’ ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ ‘The Professional photographer,’ ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Organic Selection’ and ‘War Machine. and Hail Caesar. His origin can be from Irish andItaly. He was regarded as 41 character out of 100 in the “100 kids Celebrities”.He made audition for the part Ponyboy in 1983 The Outsider. He previously a job asTony Kushner in mere We Who Safeguard the Mystery WILL BE Unhappy. He’s a godfather of Indio Falconer, nndb. ~$1333333,33 monthly; His age is 46. Hall hasn’t officially announced about his relationship, so it is misunderstandings the either he’s married or not really. He constructed as Athletic.Attention color is blue and locks color is Blonde. Celebrity sign can be Aries. Sexuality isStraight and religious beliefs can be Roman Catholic. Nationality can be American and Ethnicityis White colored. Manhattan’s Professional Children’s College is his SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.Occupation category is actor and State to Fame is Sixteen Candles. Larry Halland Mercedes Hall are his parents. This existence period was referred to by Anthony himself: „In the years since I caused John Hughes, there have been a long time where I actually had hundred side slammed in my encounter because I wasn’t that child any longer, and I wasn’t a personality actor, and I wasn’t a respected guy, and I wasn’t whatever Hollywood wanted.Favorite TV shows may be the Dead Zone and preferred colors are reddish colored and Green. Hall offers quite interesting dating list. All Movies earnings listed below. Subsequently he dated Alison Hughes in 1999, Sandra Guerard from2002 to 2006, Corinne Saffell from 2004 to 2006, Reagan Dark in 2006,Elisabeth Rohm from 2006 to 2007, Fiona Forbes in 2007, Diana Falzone in 2009and Finally Trisha Paytas. Teresa De Saint became her third girlfriendfrom 1990-02. After her, he remained occupied withMolly Ringwald from 1984 to 1985. He’s very hardworking character, he has gained highdegree of achievement in his existence. From 2002 to 2007 he was a normal on “The Dead Area”. A few of his famous appearance in it contains, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, No Common Family members, Warehouse 13, Zombie Night time and Z Country. AMHEntertainment is his business, which may be the film production business establishedin December 2003. NAME : Michael Anthony Hall Elevation : Weight : Day of Birth, Age group : April 14, 1968 Birth Place : Boston, MA, USA Income source : Performing, Directing, Producing Wikipedia Web page : Here Additional information : Source of Prosperity Performing, Directing, Producing Birth Place Boston, MA, USA Height 6’ 2″ ( Anthony Michael Hall net worthy of currently amounts to $10 million dollars. He’s among rather few actors who ascended to stardom at a comparatively young age and were able to stay in business for many years to come. This film also began to add larger sums of cash to Anthony Michael Hall net well worth. In the 1980s, Anthony Michael Hall made an appearance primarily in movies which directed at teenage viewers. He was created on April1968 in West Roxbury. The funniest factor can be, many people don’t even recognize that in all of the films and series they are viewing the same actor! In wish that some info would get this to misunderstanding much less common, I will supply you with a short overview of Anthony’s profession. Anthony and his alleged girlfriend are posting a relation for pretty much ten years but haven’t adequately disclosed their like life in the press. In 1980, at age 12, the near future millionaire produced his film debut, showing up as the youthful poet Edgar Alan Poe on The Gold Bug. Hall’s recognition increased as he made an appearance in teenage traditional films National Lampoon’s Sixteen C, The Breakfast Golf club, les and Vacation. The last of the films grossed $51 million dollars on a spending budget of $1 million dollars and received positive essential reviews. Even today, it is commonly referred to as “a warm, insightful, and incredibly funny check out the internal lives of teenagers” (resource – Rotten Tomatoes). Nevertheless, he spent his childhood in NEW YORK. As in every three of the films that I have simply mentioned Anthony played sort of lovable geek, his encounter and name became connected with this type personas. After his breakup along with his girlfriend Sandra he dated Elisabeth Rö88 m) NAME Michael Anthony Hall Nationality American Date of Birth April 14, 1968 Ethnicity American Occupation actor, film maker, and director A global known Actor Anthony Michael Hall born on Sunday, April 14, 1968

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Quick Facts

Full NameAnthony Michael Hall
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthApril 14, 1968
Height1.88 m, 1.88 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Film director, Actor, Actor, Film director, Film producer, Singer-songwriter, Television producer
EducationProfessional Children's School
NationalityAmerican, American
ParentsLarry Hall, Mercedes Hall, Mercedes Hall, Larry Hall
SiblingsMary Christian, Mary Christian
AwardsMTV Movie Silver Bucket of Excellence Award, MTV Movie Silver Bucket of Excellence Award
MoviesThe Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Edward Scissorhands, National Lampoon's Vacation, The Dark Knight, Johnny Be Good, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Foxcatcher, Six Degrees of Separation, Freddy Got Fingered, Dead in Tombstone, All About the Benjamins, Out of Bounds, Six Pack, The Caveman's Valentine, War Machine, Natural Selection, A Gnome Named Gnorm, Hail Caesar, Exit in Red, Zombie Night, Into the Sun, Final Approach, Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story, Dirt Merchant, 61*, Killing Grounds, A Bucket of Blood, Sexy Evil Genius, The Grave, The Photographer, Aftermath, L.A. Blues, National Lampoon's European Vacation, Funny Valentine, Last Man Standing, Results, Hitched, Cold Night Into Dawn, 2 Little, 2 Late, Revenge, Ripple, Gates of Eden, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Edward Scissorhands, National Lampoon's Vacation, The Dark Knight, Johnny Be Good, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Foxcatcher, Six Degrees of Separation, Dead in Tombstone, Freddy Got Fingered, Out of Bounds, All About the Benjamins, War Machine, Six Pack, The Caveman's Valentine, A Gnome Named Gnorm, Natural Selection, Hail Caesar, Final Approach, Exit in Red, Into the Sun, Zombie Night, Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story, Dirt Merchant, Killing Grounds, 61*, A Bucket of Blood, Sexy Evil Genius, Cold Night Into Dawn, The Grave, The Photographer, Aftermath, L.A. Blues, National Lampoon's European Vacation, Funny Valentine, Last Man Standing, Results, Hitched, Live by Night, 2 Little, 2 Late, Revenge, Ripple, Gates of Eden
TV ShowsPsych, The Dead Zone, Saturday Night Live, Retrosexual: The '80s, Psych, The Dead Zone, Saturday Night Live, Retrosexual: The '80s

Interesting Facts

1 In the roller coaster scenes in Vacation he was not acting when he looked scared. He really was terrified of the roller coaster.
2 his highly rated show "The Dead Zone" has been picked up for a third season. [December 2003]
3 Owner of AMH Entertainment, a film production company.
4 Lives in Playa del Rey, California.
5 Plays bass, drums and guitar.
6 Godfather of Indio Falconer Downey, Robert Downey Jr.'s son.
7 He is the youngest member of the Brat Pack.
8 Beat out Jim Carrey for the role of Ted in Sixteen Candles (1984).
9 Portrayed Tony Kushner in Kushner's production of "Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy," October 2004, in Hollywood, California, starring Mimi Kennedy, Sally Field, and JoBeth Williams.
10 Auditioned for the role of Ponyboy in The Outsiders (1983).
11 Was cast in The Dead Zone (2002) after executive producer Michael Piller saw his performance in Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999).
12 While not related to musician Daryl Hall, he did play Daryl in a skit on Saturday Night Live (1975) with Robert Downey Jr..
13 Ranked #41 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
14 Is of Irish and Italian heritage.
15 Was one of the nine original members of the 1980s "brat pack," along with Judd Nelson, Mare Winningham, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, and Ally Sheedy.
16 Stanley Kubrick claimed that the collaboration between Hall and director John Hughes was "the most promising since James Stewart and Frank Capra."
17 Has appeared with actor and friend Robert Downey Jr. in Weird Science (1985), Johnny Be Good (1988), and Hail Caesar (1994) (which he directed himself).
18 For his role as Whitey Ford in 61* (2001), rather than learning to pitch left-handed, he wore his Yankee uniform number and logo backward, and pitched right-handed. The image was then flipped.
19 In Freddy Got Fingered (2001), Anthony had trouble driving the sports car his character had. Director Tom Green commented in the DVD of the film that it took several dozen takes to get the two-second shot.
20 His favorite character he ever played was Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999). He thought it was fun playing the richest man in the world.
21 All of the characters played by Anthony in John Hughes films are actually based on Hughes himself.
22 Brother of Mary Christian, who played his on-screen sister in The Breakfast Club (1985) as well.
23 Former "brat packer."
24 Began drinking alcohol when he was 13. By the time he was 18, it was taking over his life. In 1990, he quit drinking and has been sober ever since.
25 Writes and sings for his band, Hall of Mirrors.
26 He is a singer, plays drums and composes songs for his band.
27 Switched his first and middle name because there was already a Michael Hall in the Screen Actors Guild. Goes by his birth name off-screen.
28 He was in negotiations to star as Pvt. Joker in the Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket (1987), but after eight months of negotiations a deal between Kubrick and Hall fell through.
29 Turned down roles in Pretty in Pink (1986) and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) so he would not be typecast.
30 Youngest member of Saturday Night Live (1975) ever, in 1985 when he was 17. Was only on SNL for one season because he had to go to rehab.


1 During the early years of his career he often played dweebish, unpopular teenagers


1 [2003] I don't really do the Hollywood party thing. Some people party every night, but years ago I figured out that people who are getting ahead are getting it done before 6 p.m.
2 I grew up in the public eye. I can't hide from that. I always embrace the work I've done before. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for those movies. I'm always baffled by actors who are like, 'I'm not going to talk about the '80s.' What? You're just forgetting that whole experience? I feel very fortunate to have been able to do those films. It gave me the tools I needed to be where I am.
3 I don't want to go away as an actor.
4 [on Tom Green's directorial style with Freddy Got Fingered (2001)] Off-camera, he's very quiet. He'd often be walking around quietly, twirling his hair while thinking about his next shot. I think the guy's a genius. I think the guy's a social hypnotist. I think he's incredible. He's on to something big-time and it's not just stand-up comedy. If this doesn't make $100 million, something's wrong. I smell a sequel.
5 Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.
6 [on why he chose the character Johnny Smith, in The Dead Zone (2002)) Playing a character that develops from within was very attractive to me. In playing this part, it is challenging to find the mind, body, and spirit for the role of John Smith. I do watch Star Trek (1966) episodes a lot more closely now!
7 [on working in all three mediums] Movies and TV are both incredibly gratifying. I treat the work the same. Music, specifically songwriting and music production, are very gratifying as well.
8 [on why he never went to college] I've been a working actor since age eight. It became my craft and career by high school. I did not go to college, but I'm an avid reader in the ongoing process of educating myself.
9 [on what he would do if he had to spend a million dollars on someone other than himself] Donate a portion to reputable children's and animal charities, donate a portion to churches and homeless organizations.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2005 Silver Bucket of Excellence Award MTV Movie Awards The Breakfast Club (1985) Judd Nelson

Molly Ringwald

Ally Sheedy
1985 Young Artist Award Young Artist Awards Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama Sixteen Candles (1984)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2003 Saturn Award Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Best Actor in a Television Series The Dead Zone (2002)

2nd Place Awards

2nd place awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015 COFCA Award Central Ohio Film Critics Association Best Ensemble Foxcatcher (2014) Steve Carell

Channing Tatum

Mark Ruffalo

Vanessa Redgrave

Sienna Miller

Guy Boyd

Brett Rice

Daniel Hilt



Bodied 2017 post-production
War Machine 2017 post-production
Live by Night 2016 completed Gary Smith
Something About Her post-production Jack
The Lears post-production Glenn Lear
Murder in the First 2016 TV Series Paul Barnes
Z Nation 2015 TV Series Gideon Gould
Rosewood 2015 TV Series Detective Willet
Natural Selection 2015 Mr. Stevenson
Results 2015 Grigory
Foxcatcher 2014 Jack
Psych 2013-2014 TV Series Harris Trout
Friend Request 2013 Burk
Awkward. 2013 TV Series Mr. Hart
Zombie Night 2013 TV Movie Patrick
Dead in Tombstone 2013 Video Red Cavanaugh
Sexy Evil Genius 2013 Video Mark Von Dutch
Aftermath 2013/I Tom Fiorini
Warehouse 13 2011-2012 TV Series Walter Sykes
Last Man Standing 2011 TV Movie Nick Collins
Community 2009-2011 TV Series Mike
No Ordinary Family 2011 TV Series Roy Minor
American Dad! 2011 TV Series Tom
CSI: Miami 2010 TV Series James Bradstone
The Dark Knight 2008 Mike Engel
Gotham Tonight 2008 TV Series Mike Engel
Final Approach 2007 TV Movie Greg Gilliad
The Dead Zone 2002-2007 TV Series Johnny Smith
LA Blues 2007 Larry
Funny Valentine 2005 Josh
The Dead Zone 2002 Video Johnny Smith
All About the Benjamins 2002 Lil J
Hitched 2001 TV Movie Ted Robbins
Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story 2001 TV Movie Mutt Lange
61* 2001 TV Movie Whitey Ford
Freddy Got Fingered 2001 Mr. Davidson
The Caveman's Valentine 2001 Bob
The Photographer 2000 Greg
Revenge 2000 Brian Cutler
The Hunger 2000 TV Series Michael
A Touch of Hope 1999 TV Movie Dean Kraft
Dirt Merchant 1999 Jeffry Alan Spacy
Chicken Soup for the Soul 1999 TV Series Chris / Dr. Gigglebones
2 Little, 2 Late 1999 Mr. Burggins
Pirates of Silicon Valley 1999 TV Movie Bill Gates
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven 1999 TV Series Officer Reid Truax
Touched by an Angel 1996-1999 TV Series Thomas Prescott
Blunt 1998 Cameo Appearance (scenes deleted)
The Killing Grounds 1998 Video Art Styles
Poltergeist: The Legacy 1998 TV Series John Griffin
Diagnosis Murder 1997 TV Series Dr. Johnson
Cold Night Into Dawn 1997 Eddie Rodgers
The Jamie Foxx Show 1997 TV Series Tim
Trojan War 1997 Bus Driver
Claude's Crib 1997 TV Series Shorty
Exit in Red 1996 Nick
Murder, She Wrote 1996 TV Series Les Franklin
Hijacked: Flight 285 1996 TV Movie Peter Cronin
The Grave 1996 Travis Purcell
Ripple 1995 Short Marshall Gray
Deadly Games 1995 TV Series Chuck Manley
A Bucket of Blood 1995 TV Movie Walter
NYPD Blue 1995 TV Series Hanson Riker
Texas 1994 TV Movie Yancey Quimper
Who Do I Gotta Kill? 1994 Jimmy's Friend Kevin Friedland
Hail Caesar 1994 Julius Caesar McMurty
Six Degrees of Separation 1993 Trent
Tales from the Crypt 1993 TV Series Reggie Skulnick
Into the Sun 1992 Tom Slade
Whatever Happened to Mason Reese 1990 Short Voice of Mason Reese (voice)
Edward Scissorhands 1990 Jim
A Gnome Named Gnorm 1990 Casey Gallagher
Johnny Be Good 1988 Johnny Walker
Out of Bounds 1986 Daryl Cage
Saturday Night Live 1985-1986 TV Series Various / Fed Jones / Young Art Garfunkel / ...
Weird Science 1985 Gary Wallace
The Breakfast Club 1985 Brian Johnson
Sixteen Candles 1984 Geek
National Lampoon's Vacation 1983 Rusty Griswold
Running Out 1983 TV Movie Kylie
Six Pack 1982 Doc
Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn 1982 TV Movie Huck Finn
CBS Library 1981 TV Series
ABC Weekend Specials 1980 TV Series The Boy
Jennifer's Journey 1979 TV Series Michael


Friend Request 2013 co-executive producer
Aftermath 2013/I producer
The Dead Zone TV Series co-producer - 33 episodes, 2002 - 2004 producer - 22 episodes, 2005 - 2006 co-executive producer - 13 episodes, 2007
Hoboken Hollow 2006 associate producer
Funny Valentine 2005 co-producer


Funny Valentine 2005 writer: "Funny Valentine"
Lady Blues 1996 performer: "Love Is" / writer: "Love Is"
Hail Caesar 1994 performer: "What U Feel" / writer: "What U Feel"
Sixteen Candles 1984 performer: "Birthday", "Hey Jude" - uncredited


The Dead Zone 2004 TV Series 1 episode
Hail Caesar 1994


E! True Hollywood Story 2001 TV Series documentary photos - 1 episode


E! True Hollywood Story 2001 TV Series documentary thanks - 1 episode


Dinner with the FoodFellas TV Movie pre-production Himself
The Haunting Of 2015 TV Series Himself
The Adventures of Ravi 2015 TV Series Himself
Celebrity Ghost Stories 2013 TV Series documentary Himself
unCONventional 2012 TV Series Himself
The American Cinematheque Tribute to Robert Downey Jr 2011 TV Movie Himself
The Soup 2011 TV Series Himself
The 82nd Annual Academy Awards 2010 TV Special Himself - John Hughes Tribute
Dancing with the Stars 2009 TV Series Himself - Team Woz Segway Rider
Sincerely Yours 2008 Video documentary Himself
Criss Angel Mindfreak 2008 TV Series
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Warren Beatty 2008 TV Special Himself
Entourage 2007 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2007 TV Series Himself
The View 2003-2007 TV Series Himself - Guest
WWE Raw 2006 TV Series Himself - Audience Member
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2004-2006 TV Series Himself - Guest
The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2006 TV Special Himself
The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch 2006 TV Series Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2006 TV Series Himself - Guest
Bash 2006 TV Movie Himself
The Tony Danza Show 2005 TV Series Himself - Guest
2005 MTV Movie Awards 2005 TV Special Himself - Award Recipient
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn 2004 TV Series Himself - Guest
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Meryl Streep 2004 TV Special Himself
Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica 2003 TV Series Himself
The New Tom Green Show 2003 TV Series Himself - Guest
The Greatest Summer of My Life: Billy Crystal and the Making of '61*' 2001 TV Special documentary Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 2001 TV Series documentary Himself
Happy Accidents 2000 Himself
The Daily Show 1999 TV Series Himself - Guest
Howard Stern: Shut Up and Listen 1997 Video documentary Himself
Maury 1996 TV Series Himself - Guest
Saturday Night Live 1985-1986 TV Series Himself / Various / Ed Norton

Archive Footage

The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of the Dark Knight Trilogy 2013 Video documentary Himself
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien 2009 TV Series Casey Gallagher
Biography 2007-2009 TV Series documentary Rusty Griswold on 'Vacation' / Himself
100 Greatest Teen Stars 2006 TV Mini-Series Himself
Saturday Night Live in the '80s: Lost & Found 2005 TV Special documentary Various
The Greatest 2005 TV Series documentary Himself
Fred Roos and the Casting of 'The Outsiders' 2005 Video documentary short Himself (uncredited)
Retrosexual: The 80's 2004 TV Mini-Series documentary
The Family Truckster 2003 Video documentary short Rusty Griswold
Saturday Night Live Goes Commercial 1991 TV Special Yuppie (uncredited)
Saturday Night Live 1986 TV Series Young Worker / Teenager
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1983 TV Series Rusty Griswald

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