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Anthony Cumia Net Worth is
$15 Million

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$3 Million Per Year

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Radio character and the presenter as well as the broadcaster who’s better referred to as the co-presenter of the “Opie and Anthony” radio system, and also, and the very best radio character is, Mr. Anthony can be an American by nationality, and he belongs to a white ethnicity. At one stage the duo offers fired from the gig at a Boston radio pursuing they pulled a prank which asserted the city’s mayor passed away in a vehicle accident. He has many pistols and guns under his custody. Find out about his Successful Profession: This guy may be the co-presenter of the display “Opie and Anthony” along with Gregg and Jim. However, the display began on a Chicago-centered radio network but went into NY has aired in 2002. Anthony was wedded to his wife Jennifer Cumia once they met in 1987, dated in 1989 and wedded seven month later on. They the shifted to the brand new York radio network and aired their display there. Earning plenty of cash also motivated him to live a typical life. He includes a great profile within Facebook and twitter accounts. Among the regular guests in his display is the popular comedian, Dave Atteli. The talented and popular radio character and the actor possess deserved the large amount of wages and net well worth, due to his prosperous profession in the very best rated channel and r / c. He is additionally referred to as greatest for his hosting the Opie and Anthony Display by enough time. Before he clanged on the fame through learning to be a radio presenter, he was functioning as a band member on “Rotgut” alongside his brother Joe. Radio Presenter Anthony, why Divorce from his Wife? Once again Married or Internet dating? Anthony is actually a handsome and good-searching man because he provides well-maintained and well-decorated body with dashing appears aswell. So, there is tremendous women fan, who want as Anthony as their potential hubby. But you understand that this handsome man has already been married. They both gained around $5 million for each year because they were part of the entire $30 million pact. Before his profession in radio started he previously worked in setting up, ventilation, heating, air-con etc. because they both interviewed that these were happy and in addition madly loved to one another. However in March 2002, the few finalized their divorce. But this guy started that marrying Jennifer was the largest fault of his existence. One couple finished up having sex in St. Nevertheless, he also got an eighteen-years-old day to his university reunion. Nevertheless, on 19th December 2005, he was within an argument along with his twenty-six-year-older girlfriend, Dani Brand in his house, which turned violent. After that Cumia got arrested by Nassau County law enforcement on costs of strangulation and released on December 21. Not merely is he popular but he in addition has become rich. Brief Bio and Specifics: This skilled radio presenter was created in Elwood, NY, U.S. With this unauthentic details spread around, he was pressured to move within off surroundings with the many types of occasion. Likewise, Anthony also rehabilitated to be alcoholic Presently, Anthony seems one and active on his profession. Anthony’s height has ended 5 feet 10 in . and in addition has attractive physique and figures. Anthony can be active on social mass media network aswell; you discovered him there aswell. Anthony Cumia can be an American video podcaster and previous chat radio broadcaster known for his lengthy association with Gregg “Opie” Hughes and their group of radio displays, called “The Opie and Anthony Present” or “Opie and Anthony”, from 1955 to 2014. Immediately after he was fired he type XM Satellite television Radio, he began his very own show from his house – “The Anthony Cumia Present”. Cumia early lifestyle was spend within the Longer Island, NY. Despite having therefore many pitfalls, complications and likely to rehab, he has generated his name for the globe and is normally continuing to take action after years of reduction. He also started his profession by singing in a band referred to as Rotgut and afterwards grouped up with Opie Gregg Hughes and started presenting their plan on WBAB. This few got divorced in 2002 and regarding to Anthony, marrying Jennifer was his most significant mistake. Cumia dated Jil Nicolini and model Melissa Stetten and in addition an 18-year-previous to whom he had taken to his senior high school reunion. Anthony was in argument along with his girlfriend Dani Brand in his home, which turned violent. Over and over, he also makes racial remarks on specific communities and folks. Anthony Cumia is normally a broadcaster and radio personality who’s better referred to as the co-web host of the Amerian radio present, the Opie, and Anthony. Throughout his childhood he resided in California with one mother or father, his dad. He was created on April 26, 1961, in Elwood, NY, america of America. Anthony Cumia. Anthony Cumia became a member of Elwood- John H. Glenn SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Elwood prior to starting his profession on. But he didn’t complete his education rather began a manual function like ventilation, installing air-con systems etc. Anthony Cumia was passionate in radio, and rendering it as her career she became a member of an American radio present, Opie and Anthony that was hosted by the Gregg “Opie” Hughes. There he contributed and produced humor bits for Hughes, and afterwards both of these determined to be the hosts of a present. Therefore for his unapologetic activities, he has been pressured to set off air at several occasions. Just as, he toured in a variety of cities performing several humor acts which they called as Opie and Anthony’s Travelling Virus Humor Tour. After working around for twenty years on a radio display, Opie and Anthony, Cumia started their own radio display called, The Anthony Cumia Display. Since then, he’s providing continuity to the display. Understanding about his personal existence, Anthony Cumia Jennifer Cumia, after dating almost a year; she was an ex-girlfriend of his brother Joseph. However, the few divorced after twelve years of their relationship. After Jennifer, Cumia began dating Jill Nicolini and model Melissa Stetten subsequently. He loves dating very much younger women, could possibly be one of is own fantasies. He also retains the American nationality and is certainly of the white ethnicity. Since, 1989 till today’s context cumia is certainly in like within Jennifer Cumia. Searching his economic factors, Anthony Cumia earns a respectable amount of income, from his radio profession. By 2017, his net worthy of is approximated at around $8 million. The world-known comedian and web host of the radio chat display “Opie and Anthony” is certainly no apart from Anthony Cumia. The display started its trip in Chicago but it had been replaced to NY in 2002. Anthony Cumia’s Net well worth is reported to be around $16 million US dollars around. His profession began with singing in a band, Rotgut which marks why net well worth of Anthony Cumia is indeed high. Anthony Cumia Biography: Anthony Cumia was created in Elwood, NY on 26th April 1961. He’s a higher school dropout. Cumia in addition has felt within plenty on controversy by enough time of his profession. Ahead of that, he proved helpful at an American firm, SiriusXM but ultimately got fired after publishing a series of unpleasant Tweets (racially). They appeared happy within their relationship times; He was motivated by Don Imus and Howard Stern for beginning his radio profession. Cumia met his initial wife, Jennifer Cumia, while she dating Joseph, his brother. They dated in 1989 and further got wedded. In 2002, they got divorced with a sad be aware after being jointly for approximately 12 years. Then dated Jill Nicolini during 2008 and Melissa Stetten during 2012. He spent a few of his amount of time in a rehab in the entire year 2016 for an unidentified reason. He works with the National Rifle Association and therefore has permits of transporting one. He currently is definitely a resident of Long Island. His radio profession started after he fulfilled Hughes for a contest on a display that occurred on Lengthy Island Station. He also loved recording various kinds of comedy tunes with the collaboration of his brother Joe. Cumia also helped generating hits along with Hughes that became well-known on her behalf show and in 1995 they began hosting their personal show. Popular American comedian and a radio chat show sponsor Anthony Cumia was created on, may 23, 1963. He previously also hosted the Gameday, along with Opie that was a pre-game present before football video games. He wasn’t content with the amount of money he made carrying out the radio displays and claimed them to become somewhere related to “labour wages”. In addition they did a humor tour, “The Venturing Virus” in the years 2006, 2007 & 2008. He in addition has appeared in video games like “Grand Theft Car”, “Crimson Dead Redemption” etc. Anthony and Opie also compiled some elements of their display and released a display called “Demented Globe” which came through to WAAF. Patrick’s cathedral. Cumia had also constructed his personal studio while he was a worker for SiriusXM, in his home. Since his parents acquired turbulent romantic relationship, they both divorced when he was a kid’s age group. He retired from the task during 2014. In 2015, the complete show expanded to “Substance Media” along with various other displays. This radio character and actor comes with an estimated net worthy of to end up being $8 million dollars and in addition receives over $3 million USD each year salary. He’s also known by his nickname “ANT”. His radio work owns him a significant good amount of cash. Anthony Cumia Net Value and Income Profile in 2017: Anthony Cumia, the worldwide well-known radio artist includes a net value of around $16 Million US dollars by 2017. Anthony Cumia is most likely most famous to be half of the “Opie and Anthony Present”, a favorite talk radio present that aired from 1995 to 2014. Yeah, in 1987, he fulfilled the near future wife Jennifer Cumia, who began dating 1989 along with his girlfriend and married pursuing seven months. At that time he do the displays, he previously earned alot and after he previously created his very own studio, he also began new implies that were worth thousands. He has been wedded and divorced and have been in many romantic relationship with no steady girlfriends. His past offers made him more powerful and thus he held shining. They used an offer to sponsor displays for WAAF in Boston, Massachusetts and then they began “Opie and Anthony” in the entire year 1995. He’s the co-web host of the radio plan “Opie and Anthony” where he’s most widely known for his impressions as well-known male celebrities. His present provides entertained hundreds and a large number of listeners all over the place and has taken him to a notorious placement. Besides this, Anthony in addition has made adequate fortune too. He’s estimated to get a total net worthy of of $ 15 million. Born and raised from Long Island, Anthony acquired many weird reminiscences of his yester years. In 2012, he began “Live from the Substance”, that was a hobby initially but talked about a number of different programs. Then stayed and spent the majority of his adolescent years at California by his father’s side. He i did so a variety of notorious acts in the past. Not much of these ambitious types, Anthony once got employment at Apollo AIR-CON before learning to be a RJ. Cumia also offers two additional siblings Dawn and Joe. “Opie and Anthony” a favorite radio program could be heard at USA and Canada through XM Satellite television Radio. During the period of period, Anthony and his co-presenter offers onto many controversial incidents because of their disturbing and raging responses. As example, when there is prank full, one critical stir was happened in the united states was happened plus they announced the mayor got killed within an accident. There is absolutely no information regarding his children. Throughout that period, Anthony also released a compilation of segments from their present entitled Demented Globe which aired on Radio station, WAAF. Following the 2 yrs of gap, the present came back around 2006 and provides been running smooth since. Meanwhile, he’s also active on sociable. Since, that didn’t proceed anywhere they dismantled the group and headed onto a different path. Thankfully, he got a begin at broadcasting and has turned into a huge achievement there. Talking about his personal lifestyle biography, he once was married to a female named Jennifer since 1990. He has gathered hundreds and a large number of listeners by enough time because of his high reputation of the present. He co-hosts the display Opie and Anthony along with Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton. His enthusiasts and admirers may also remain close up through the social media sites including twitter, Facebook, you tube and so forth. Anthony and his girlfriend of six years hasn’t yet chosen making their romantic relationship a marriage commitment however the two look like sharing a fairly great bonding. At the moment, the 51 year aged Anthony is at an excellent place both on an individual and professional front. Nevertheless, recently he’s possibly single and in addition no information about his dating and girlfriend rumors aswell. He is earning an income of $ 1 million each year. Since he’s got plenty of money, he’s living it big as well. Antony Cumia was created in April 26, 1961. He’s currently dating gorgeous and beautiful Jill Nicolini since 2008. He later on teamed up with Opie Gregg Hughes and began hosting their display on WBAB. He’s one avid drinker and a gambler as well. His enthusiasm for guns could be derived from the actual fact that as a 14 year old he currently acquired two guns for himself. Amazingly, the controversy resulted in an even bigger chance at WWE in NEW YORK. He was once arrested for violenting his outdated girlfriend, Dani Brand. Once he took a 17 year old female to his 2009 senior high school reunion. A great many other such trivia about Anthony can be acquired plenty from the many sites. Anthony Cumia net value and income: Anthony Cumia is certainly a fresh York-born radio character who includes a net value of $8 million dollars. He’s majorly known for his present that he hosted with Opie, a talk present on Radio. Anthony and Gregg “Opie” Hughes fulfilled in the first 90s after Anthony submitted a parody track to Opie’s radio present. Through the years, the present was dogged by controversy and was been pressured off the surroundings numerous situations. At one stage the duo was fired from their gig at a Boston radio station once they pulled a prank which claimed the city’s mayor passed away in a vehicle accident. Anthony Cumia was created in NY. This gig ended following the present arranged a contest that motivated listeners to execute sex works in public places. After that, he began dating with another woman called Jill Nicolini in 2008, however they also split their romantic relationship and started dating with best model Melissa Stetten in 2012. He was once fired due to some racial remarks that he previously produced during his radio display on several communities. During their firing, Opie and Anthony had been each generating $5 million each year within a three-yr $30 million agreement. They technically weren’t fired, their present was canceled and CBS ongoing to pay out them the rest of their agreement. After a two-calendar year absence, the present came back to the airwaves in 2006 on XM Radio. Anthony is normally a vocal proponent of gun privileges and different other conservative values. However, they got wedded after their lengthy story of romantic relationship. Although in Cumia’s protection, he just unleashed the angry tweets after a female of color allegedly attacked him in NEW YORK. After becoming fired, Anthony released his own self-produced display that he information and movies from his home. They got in large trouble when they performed a prank on the display on April Fool’s day time if they told the target audience that the mayor got killed within an incident. $15 Million: American comedian and radio talk web host Anthony Cumia includes a net worthy of estimated to end up being $ 15 million. Interestingly, the controversy resulted in an even bigger chance at WNEW in NEW YORK. Jennifer, his current ex-wife had once made an appearance on his display where they both shared some personal encounter to the viewers. The show started on a Chicago centered radio station but later on moved to NY and was aired in 2002. Cumia started his profession by singing in a band referred to as Rotgut. Some interesting and funny information regarding Anthony, he is called “Professor Anthony” since he bears much useless info. In December 2015, Cumia was arrested for allegedly actually abusing his girlfriend. Then they shifted back again to the brand new York radio station and aired their system there. In another incident Anthony and Opie confronted rage and anger from the Catholic Group, because of a controversial present, and demanded them to end up being pulled from the radio show. Information regarding the guy can be acquired from wiki and various other personal sites relating him. He’s 54 years previous. Cumia is a well-known American chat radio broadcaster. Nevertheless, he also offers a well-preserved and well-decorated house in NY and in addition recently purchased a pricey BMW car, over $600 thousand USD. He in addition has began his video podcast. That is mostly, popularly referred to as The Anthony Cumia Display. Anthony personal life isn’t stable. Cumia start his early profession with the night show at WBAB called Nighttime Attitude. This is on lengthy island that was an access for his start of the profession. Opie and Anthony” is probably the popular displays in the radio which can be listened all around the USA and Canada that was described by him. But after ten years of staying jointly, both of these divorced. Antony is an enormous enthusiast of National Rifle Association and extremely supports it. He in addition has achieved the authorization of bring within the brand new York Town. Heckler and Koch P2000 40 Cal is usually his preferred weapon within today’s context. Additionally it is mentioned that he offers large assortment of pistol and guns under his custody. There is absolutely no any rumors or information of his affairs since after his separation to his last girlfriend. On July 3, 2014, Anthony Cumia was fired by Sirius after he delivered a number of tweets which were considered offensive and racist. This few got separated after their 7 years long relationship history that got plenty of attention from the general public. This divorce was explicitly noticed within the public and in addition was declared as a higher profile divorce by the general public. Cumis after his divorce mentioned that marrying Jennifer was among the saddest tales of his lifestyle that he never wished to continue once again. After Jennifer, Cumia mentioned Jill Nicolini as her brand-new girlfriend in the entire year 2008 and continually Melissa Stetten in the entire year 2012. He also liked a time in the early age group of 18 while he attended a higher school reunion. They developed parody for a song jointly and the tune was a fresh hit. He visited Elwood-John H Glenn SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL but didn’t full it there. When there is full prank going over the show among the mentioned info mentioned by him was Mayor got killed with a major accident. on April 26, 1961, and was raised along with his two siblings, Joe and Dawn. Later on in the entire year 2006 he came back towards the display. Cumia is 5 ft and 9 inch high i.e. 1.77m. His net worth is just about 1 million each year. However, he’s recent working own display “The Anthony Cumia Display. Cumia is quite close within the social media sites.” Just how much earns Anthony?

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Full NameAnthony Cumia
Net Worth$15 Million
Salary$3 Million Per Year
Date Of BirthApril 26, 1961
ProfessionActor, Radio personality
EducationElwood-John H. Glenn High School
SiblingsJoe Cumia
NominationsShorty Award for Best Web Series

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1 Runs his own Web based show from his home - The Anthony Cumia Show.
2 Co-hosted "Opie & Anthony" broadcast internationally on XM Satellite Radio.


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Grand Theft Auto IV 2008 Video Game Commercial / Mobster (voice)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 2006 Video Game The Time Ranger Announcer / Commercial (voice)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 2005 Video Game Radio Caller on Electron Zone (voice)
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XFL Football League 2001 TV Series Himself - Co-Host (2001)
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The Drunken Peasants 2014 TV Series Himself

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