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Anthony Cruz a. He presently believes that rapping provides changed a lot, more recently, rappers mostly turn to release the consequences rather focusing on the solid lyrics.a AZ net worthy of is estimated around $9 million. It had been twenty years ago, when the rapper ” Anthony Cruz” released his album Nas. Also evaluate his worthy of with Common. That tune was the beginning of his long effective profession which led him to stamp his tune Lifestyle Is a Bitch among the best hiphop verse in the annals. I totally trust his thoughts because I discover rappers now mostly focusing on results with poor lyrics. After finding a solid response from open public and multiple contract phone calls from different documenting companies, he registered with EMI and released his professional debut album Doe or Die, which positioned him officially and professionally among the best HIPHOP artist of his period. Among its song Lifestyle Is certainly a Bitch, was that point among the best tune ever published. He produced beneficial contributions in the traditional group of music. His Doe or Die had not been as large as his Illmatic album, but Doe or Die continues to be regarded as a great competition in traditional music.k. In his view, rapping is even more a business now instead of a pastime on professional level. In the quest to be among the best, Lifestyle Is certainly a Bitch was his first rung on the ladder. I am afraid however the actuality is, rapping continues to be alive due to youthful rappers who perform it as a like, whereas developed and well-known artists are getting it down.


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