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$50 Million

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Internet entrepreneur Angie Hicks comes with an estimated net well worth of around $50 million. And unlike a great many other superstars, she didn’t gain her net well worth by showing off before a camera or having a wealthy mother or father. No, Angie Hicks produced her fortune the older fashioned way, with an excellent idea, and a wholesome dollop of all the best. In case you are not acquainted with her name, Angie Hicks may be the “Angie” of Angie’s List, the favorite website that collects evaluations of varied service industry companies in the hopes of serving as a “person to person” database which consumers will get information on feasible contractors. What distinguishes Angie’s List from additional review websites could be summed up in a single term: Exclusivity. While sites like Yelp! As can be Angie’s List custom, this expansion was powered by demand from the membership, and response offers been mind-boggling. Angie Hicks Net WORTHWHILE has been mentioned that the full total size of Angie Hicks net well worth today is really as much as 50 million dollars. Angie Hicks became popular due to her profession as an internet business owner and therefore she became among the best females in this market, as it could also be tested when looking at the quantity of Angie Hicks net well worth. Thus, in addition, it proves that Angie Hicks offers earned her net well worth through her own attempts and not due to having rich parents or displaying her face on Television. Angie Hicks, however, managed to set up her name in entrepreneurship sector due to her fruitful concepts and success to make them accurate. From that point, their business is continuing to grow a lot now it has a lot more than 1. The web site includes various evaluations about different service market providers, which individuals are finding out about to and selecting the contractor of their personal choice after having read these evaluations. Thus, the website isn’t just popular, but it addittionally added up to the full total size of Angie Hicks net well worth. Also, many people think that Angie Hicks site differs from additional review websites in a way that it’s more exclusive compared to the other ones. Additionally it is known that on some websites of the identical kind reviews are compiled by anonymous people, whereas in her site folks are actually getting payed for their subscriptions, which also means that these evaluations are of the greatest quality. In 1995, Angie Hicks started this business when she wanted a contractor and after that the website is continuing to grow a lot and subsequently it has additionally added up revenues to the entire size of Angie Hicks net well worth. Angie Hicks wanted a contractor not really for herself, but also for Bill Osterle, who’s referred to as a venture capitalist. Hicks is regarded as a consumer professional and has issued demands action in a number of areas, including health issues caused by radon, mold and lead. The web site has survived a whole lot of bursts on the web which is still working today, therefore, additionally it is believed that the entire quantity of Angie Hicks net well worth may also increase in the near future. Angie Hicks is most likely mostly known on her behalf website which is called “Angie’s List”.5 million those who are subscribing to it. Originally, it had been not a site, but a call-in support. Hicks founded Angie’s List in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio, in order to provide home owners with a convenient method to find dependable, high-quality, local service businesses In 13 years, Ms. Angela R. Angie’s List founder,Angie Hicks comes with an estimated net well worth of $50 Million. Hicks is continuing to grow the company to supply service to a lot more than 750,000 users in 124 of the biggest cities in the usa. Angie’s List is regarded as an Internet pioneer and among the best consumer Internet sites in the country, offering ratings and evaluations on a lot more than 400 different types of solutions. Angie Hicks net well worth according to 2015 stats is $50,000,000. and additional review sites enable anonymous evaluations, Angie’s List just allows paid clients to post reviews, leading to many cranks and biased reviewers becoming weeded out. Healthcare categories have already been expanded 3 x since March. A lot more than 100 are offered. Additional development and enhancement to medical care groups are planned for 2009. Furthermore to providing local company insights, Ms. The duo quickly started collaborating plus they relocated to Ohio where “Angie’s List” was, Entrepreneur character Angie Hicks born on 1st January in great town of America. Angie, today CMO of Angie’s List along with co-founder, gained her MBA from Harvard Business College and a bachelor’s level in economics from DePauw University, which called her a 2007 Distinguished Alumni for Administration and Entrepreneurship. $50 Million: Angie namesake, encounter of Angie and Hicks’s List, partnered with Costs Oesterle in 1995 to resolve the age-old homeowners’ issue of where to find reliable, regional assistance. Today, Angie’s List acts a lot more than 3 million paid households, delivering an e-commerce marketplace along with reliable consumer testimonials covering from house improvement to healthcare. Hicks is a normal contributor to nationwide and local consumer information stories in the united states, including the Today Present and CNN, The Washington Post, THE BRAND NEW York Times, The Wall structure Street Journal, the LA Moments, USA Today, and journals like this Old House, Money, Great Housekeeping, and Kiplinger’s Personal Financing. She earned the Indiana Commission for Females Torchbearer Award in March 2009 for entrepreneurial accomplishments. She actually is an associate of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Panel of Directors and a co-founder and past person in the Panel of Directors of The Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship Plan, which gives a two-season fellowship at an Indianapolis-region business to graduates of Indiana universites and colleges or Indiana citizens. A global known Internet (AngiesList. She’s also raised consumer recognition to pitfalls in the true estate industry and do-it-yourself safety. In March 2008, Angie’s List extended from its traditional groups that centered on home, lawn, car and personal solutions, and began offering rankings on healthcare providers.

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