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Andy Milonakis Net Worth

Andy Milonakis Net Worth is
$3 Million

Andy Milonakis Biography

Andy Milonakis is definitely Greek. Actually, Andy Milonakis has mentioned that “Humor is an excellent defense mechanism”. His name is definitely Andrew Micheal Andy Milonakis, he was created on 30th of January in 1976. His most popular functions consist of his Andy Milonakis Display on MTV and MTV2. In the entire year 2003, Andy documented his video titled “The Super Bowl is definitely gay” which quickly got viral on multilple web sites. In the beginning he uploaded his video on AngryNakedPat. Because of his increasing recognition, Andy was invited in the display ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live! This video actually acted just like a milestone in his existence, as the author of the popular display Jimmy Kimmel Live approached him to obtain him on the display after watching this specific video. Rapping is definitely Andy’s another forte, “The Andy Milonakis Rap” was his 1st music and he published it on youtube. He’s an American actor, comedian, rapper and article writer and is definitely popularly known for his appearances on his display The Andy Milonakis Display which is definitely aired on MTV2 and MTV and on the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live display. Apart from all this, he offers his personal cooking display on Youtube. In 2016 Andy made a decision to link up with Anything4sights and Keemstar, the youtubers for a baited podcast. Recent reports of 2017 say that he’s the fastest developing streamer. In January 2003 when he attended a friend’s super bowl party, Andy documented a video and published on AngryNakedPat. Due to this cause he was frequently bullied in his college times. Usually, somebody who is fats, not-so-smart kid in college or college isn’t well-liked by everyone and is certainly often a victim to bully. Rather than going into despair, Andy got everything positively and transformed his weakness to his power. So in order to avoid bullying and hatred, he utilized humor to regulate in his life. Hence, people around him often experience positive vibes because Andy makes certain that everyone around him often includes a smile on his / her encounter. Humor acted like shield for him and he was so excellent at it that he made a decision to make a profession from it. Today, this guy isn’t only a comedian but also a an actor, a rapper and writer. He is an ideal example of skill portrayed with utmost simpleness. It isn’t just the clever beard, 6-pack guys who get yourself a possibility in this field, but skill always steals apart the complete show and his films and Television shows are ideal evidences. He improvements his twitter frequently and considers his enthusiasts as his very own family members for all your love they have often given him He’s currently not married rather than dating anyone, but often dreams of getting up every morning along with his wife on the various other bed aspect and his kids playing in the recreation area. In 2005, he performed as Nick in “waiting around..” ,as Willson Cummings in “Who’s Your Caddy” in 2007 and more. He works likewise incorporate Killer Pad, Wieners, Main Movie Star, Extreme Film, 2 Dudes and a fantasy, Still waiting around, The Adventures of Velvet Prozak, Future-Worm and more. His present net worthy of is approximated to end up being $3 Million. Andy Milonakis net worth is certainly $2 million in 2015. Andy Milonakis can be an great Actor from Katonah .This American Actor started his career in 2005. His estimated salary each year is $242,000. He was always thinking about performing and rapping since his childhood Andy is certainly a innovative and multi-talented character who used the web to propel himself to’.T. Despite of achieving age group of 40, he still appears like a boy., Dumbbells, Extreme Film, Killer Pad, Let’s Roll One, Mac & Devin Head to High School, Main CELEB, Still Waiting, THE MOST RECENT Pledge, Wieners. We also stated Andy Milonakis income per movies .I am hoping you and various other Katonah people want $2,000,000 net worthy of like Andy Milonakis. He also earns from sponsorship and offering in applications which amount is $62,500. He hasn’t found his perfect wife yet. Other films which he starred included Still THE MOST RECENT Pledge, Dumbbells and Waiting around. In another of the interview he provided in 2005, Andy stated that he utilized to get bully because of his fats body. Andy Milonakis Information Name: Andy Milonakis Birthday: 30th January, 1976 Birthplace: Katonah, NY, United states Nationality: American Profession: rapper, comedian Elevation and Actor: 5 feet 6 in . Husband: No Kids: No Net Worth: $2 million dollars Income: N/A Family members and personal lifestyle Well-known actor and comedian, Andy Milonakis places his first step nowadays on 30th January, 1976 in Katonah, NY, United states. This was only likely to be the start. His star sign is certainly Aquarius and belongs to white ethnical history. In fact, for the reason that of his condition that gained him his very own present. He has growth hormones insufficiency.R. Putting some lighting toward his personal well-known actor, comedian Andy Milonakis and life’s current relationship position is single. Multi-talented enjoyable character, Andrew Michael Milonakis professionally referred to as “Andy Milonakis” is certainly a famous American comedian, rapper and actor. The real reason for him still being one might be he’s effected with growth hormones deficiency. Andy can be creator of the present. He followed Humor as his device and made friends by using the same. Though Andy is certainly 41 years, he gets the voice of a teenager due to his congenital growth hormones condition. He places a challenge for not merely those experiencing disabilities also for regular people to walk out one’s safe place and chase one’s dreams. 40 years old impressive actor, rapper and singer Andy Milonakis has certainly won heart of most people with his excellent acting and comic skill. He measures 5 ft and 6 inches high and gets the voice of a teenager. He has brownish dark hair. Professional Profession Development Andy Milonakis became well-known when he published a video known as ‘The Super Bowl can be gay’ on the site known as ‘AngryNakedPat.P. He documented video when he produced decision not to go to his friend’ Super Bowl Party on 26th January, 2003. Within a fortnight of the video uploaded, it became viral in the web. Andy arrived to attention of author of tv program ‘Jimmy Kimmer Live!4 million US dollars by and the amount of viewers on a single started increasing.’. After making recognition, he began rapping on YouTube. He uploaded his 1st single known as ‘The Andy Milonakis Rap’ on YouTube. Later on he shaped a musical group known as ‘Three Loco’ with the rap performers Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty. On 26th September, 2014 he announced that he offers parted his methods with band. Till day, as lead solitary artist he offers released six singles. Also, as presented artist he offers released two singles. The display features Andy pretending to be always a pre-adolescent and comes after him through a number of humorous interactions and comic sketches with other folks in the show. Achievement belongs to those that make an effort to overcome difficulties rather than to those that moan and perform nothing at all about the dark scenario one can be in. He was an associate of the Three Loco rap group but on September 2016 he announced the group’s breakup. His most appreciable movie functions arrived in ‘Waiting…’, ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’, ‘Main Movie Celebrity’, ‘Still Waiting around’, ‘Mac & Devin Head to High College’ and ‘The Newest Pledge’. Andy produced his last film appearance in 2014 film ‘Dumbbells’. Income and Net Worth 2016 Skilled actor, rapper and comedian Andy Milonakis has gained around net worth quantity of $2 million dollars in the beginning of 2016. Accomplishment and Contributions Despite to be a victim of growth hormones insufficiency, Andy Milonakis has gained huge degree of fame and achievement in his existence. His effort and never quitting attitude has permitted for him to accomplish this immense success. Therefore, these works also have increased the full total size of Andy Milonakis net well worth. To obtain additional information and recent improvements, his fans can adhere to him on his twitter accounts @AndyMilonakis. A white American actor, article writer, comedian, and a rapper, most widely known for creating and starring in the Andy Milonakis display on MTV and MTV 2, was created on January 30, 1976, in Katonah, NY located in america. He earned cash by signing these movies contracts: Adventure Time (Television Series) – N. He became popular through his video clips that he recorded along with his webcam. Andy was created with a congenital growth-hormone condition which offered him the outward appearance and tone of voice of a teenager even though he’s an adult old 40 years.. He was created on 30th January 1976 in Katonah, then he became well-known to the viewers. From then on, Andy moved to LA to pursue his dreams. Afterward, he shifted to LA to pursue his dreams. Combined with the display, he also started rapping on YouTube along with his first music known as “The Andy Milonakis Rap” . There are people on the roads, in the stores and just about wherever else he’s heading, who recognize him as soon as they see him. Furthermore, Andy has worked in a variety of television series and movies and gave his amazing performance in every of them. Andy hasn’t disclosed the majority of the important elements of his existence including his childhood, family members, and education life. Additionally, there are no rumors of him having an affair or being truly a boyfriend. He’s an inspiration for thousands of people out there who are probably physically weak but a lot more talented than the regular people. Andy can be a versatile character of American nationality having white ethnicity and elevation 5 feet 6 in .. He earns his income from the tv screen and film sectors and in addition from his rapping and singing in order that Andy includes a net worthy of $2 million in today’s period of 2016. He was created with a disorder, making him look like an adolescent and appear to be one, even though he’s an adult. Hence, these appearances produced his name a lot more known in humor circuit and switched him richer. It’s been calculated that the entire quantity of Andy Milonakis net worthy of is really as much as 2 million dollars. We also added few Films earnings which include Future-Worm, Dumbbells, Kroll Present, The Tale of RJ. All Movies earnings listed below. The show can be regarded as one of many current resources of Andy Milonakis net worthy of. For the day he provides some $2 million in his disposal and even though there are many comedians who are method richer than him, we’re able to definitely live with cash like this. Just how did he receive all this cash? Well, Milonakis has began his profession as a rapper on the web, publishing “The Andy Milonakis Rap” on YouTube. He’s quoted to state: „I’ve been a hiphop head permanently..” Over the Milonakis provides documented such tracks as “Sizzling hot Soup”, “wild’n out” and “Nothing matters”, but non-e of them has in fact made a substantial contribution to Andy Milonakis net worthy of. It really is this program in charge of the existing Andy Milonakis net worthy of. Milonakis produced his film debut in 2004, showing up on Waiting around. Andy Milonakis actual profession started as he documented a video titled “The Super Bowl is normally Gay” after getting invited to attended a friend’s Bowl on January 6, 2003. So when it proved that people were gonna strat to get celebrity guests for each show, I needed rap men from the get-move. and continued to appear on Libido, Killer Pad, Wieners, main CELEB, Extreme Movie, Still Waiting around, Adventure Time, Macintosh & Devin HEAD TO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and Dumbbels. But what produced Andy really well-known was The Andy Milonakis Display, a sketch humor which has aired on MTV and MTV2 from 2005 to 2007. Although a lot of people would concur that the show didn’t have got any plot and was generally silly, for some time it was very popular. Another and, so far as I could tell, the more essential way to obtain his fortunes was linked to his acting profession. But how do he opt to become a comedian to begin with? Andy, today in his 30s, is suffering from a uncommon disease which makes him appear and sound much youthful than he happens to be. For this reason disorder, the boy utilized to end up being bullied at college. He is rolling out the feeling of humour as a self-defence mechanism. For the time Andy is really well-known and he feels this each day. He was also an integral part of group Three Loco but down the road the group was split up. Milonakis provides once observed in a shock: „There’s little children on trains approaching if you ask me, singing my theme melody, and they can hardly walk.” Therefore in some instances being well-known can be extremely rewarding and disturbing simultaneously. Andrew Michael ‘Andy’ Milonakis

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Quick Facts

Net Worth$3 Million
Salary$2 million
Date Of BirthJanuary 30, 1976
Height1.66 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Comedian, Rapper, Actor
EducationJohn Jay High School
Music GroupsThree Loco
NominationsTeen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Show
MoviesWaiting..., Who's Your Caddy?, Killer Pad, Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous, Extreme Movie, Wieners, Still Waiting..., 2 Dudes and a Dream, The Newest Pledge, Mac & Devin Go to High School, Dumbbells
TV ShowsThe Andy Milonakis Show

Interesting Facts

1 Milonakis was born with a congenital growth-hormone condition that gives him the outward appearance and voice of an adolescent even though he is an adult.
2 Broke into show business through a series of Internet shorts.
3 Is a big fan of deceased hip-hop emcee Lamont Coleman (Big L).
4 Considers himself a hip-hop MC.
5 Is of Greek descent.
6 Suffers from a growth-hormone condition that gives him the appearance and voice of an adolescent when, in fact, he is a grown man.
7 Despite popular belief, he was not The Man Show (1999) boy on Comedy Central.


1 When asked his age in an interview, Andy responded, "Somewhere between 10 and 30."
2 [Asked if his show appeals more to kids or to adults]: "The show is, like, anywhere from 8 to 25. I don't know too many people over 30 who like it, but I definitely have some middle-aged people who tell me they watch the show, but I definitely think it's for a younger audience. Some of the stuff I used to do before I got the show was for an older audience."
3 [on being a white hip-hop fan): "I've been into it [hip-hop] my whole life, but it's different from the white kids who dress the part, and their slang is obviously fake and all that. When these kids pose, it sounds so fake when every other word is like, 'Yo, yo yo!' and 'knowhutimsayin'?' I might say some s**t when I'm around my boys and stuff, but I hate the ones who give white kids who listen to [hip-hop] a bad name."


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Killer Pad 2008 Dinko's Geek
Who's Your Caddy? 2007 Wilson Cummings
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2007 TV Series Jimmy Junior
Minoriteam 2006 TV Series
Waiting... 2005/I Nick


The Andy Milonakis Show TV Series creator - 22 episodes, 2005 - 2007 writer - 16 episodes, 2005 - 2006


Adventure Time 2012 TV Series performer - 1 episode
Still Waiting... 2009 Video performer: "Still Waiting Rap" / writer: "Still Waiting Rap"
Waiting... 2005/I performer: "Nick and T-Dog's P-H-Fat Rap" / writer: "Nick and T-Dog's P-H-Fat Rap"


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Andy Milonakis Makes Your Day 2014 Short Himself
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Cookin' with Coolio 2008 TV Series Himself
That Little Extra 2007 Video documentary short Nick
Heckler 2007 Documentary Himself
Spread TV 2007 TV Series Himself
Accidentally Famous 2007 TV Movie Himself - Host
Crank Yankers 2007 TV Series Himself
Train Wreck! 2006 Video documentary short Himself
Wild 'N Out 2006 TV Series
The Andy Milonakis Show 2005-2006 TV Series Himself
Last Call with Carson Daly 2006 TV Series Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2005-2006 TV Series Himself
The Works 2006/II Video documentary Himself
Too Late with Adam Carolla 2005 TV Series Himself
Road to G-Phoria 2004 TV Mini-Series Himself

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