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Alton Brown Net Worth is
$3 Million

Alton Brown Biography

The first bout of the display aired in 1998 on WTTW. That is particularly due to his culinary expertise. Hence, this field in addition has added up to the full total size of Alton Dark brown net worthy of. Alton is certainly a well-known actor, television character, cinematographer, author, food display presenter, sponsor, and a commentator. He’s a man which has accomplished very much in his years but still has more to own world. It’s been estimated that the entire amount of Alton Dark brown net worth reaches 3 million dollars, relating to latest calculations. Alton Dark brown Early existence: Alton Crawford Dark brown was born in the entire year 1962 in July. His dad was called Alton Dark brown Sr. The series that was popular and the competitors surely got to display the globe their cooking abilities. This display was loved locally and was therefore picked up by the meals Network on 1999. Born in LA, Brown was signed up for the University of Georgia along with the New England Culinary Institute for his education. Alton Dark brown has become a lot more popular when he got his personal Television show on Meals Network called “Great Eats”, which he has generated and in which he’s also operating as a bunch. To him, it had been never up to regular, and that’s the reason he actually enrolled at a culinary organization. Alton Dark brown is a talented someone who knows everything. In 1998, his pilot once and for all Eats was aired by WTTW Television station in Chicago. In the next year, Meals Network picked the present because of the fantastic potential it acquired and its own excellence. The last period of the present aired in 2012, period 14. Alton in addition has released an album known as Bitter like Me. Afterwards he produced this program called the miniseries Feasting on Asphalt and Feasting on Waves. The sequel to the display is usually to be released via the web. In 2004, he was also the commentator of Iron Chef America: Fight of the Masters. This meals present has supplied him immense like and respect from the supporters across the world. He became the web host of the series ANOTHER Iron Chef that ran for five periods. They have a kid, a girl named Zoey jointly. The second period was known as Feasting on Asphalt 2: The River Run and the 3rd period was titled Feasting on Waves that highlighted Alton cruising through the Caribbean while sampling their regional cuisine.M. Alton was also the web host of Cutthroat Kitchen that aired on Meals Network., and he was who owns WRWH radio station and also the publisher of Light County News. In 2013 aswell, Alton Dark brown began “Alton Dark brown Live: The Edible Unavoidable Tour”. Apart from his displays, he provides been the mentor on ANOTHER Food Network Star. He’s one of those individuals who wish to accomplish everything in lifestyle and eventually get effective at it. He also offers his podcast, The Alton Browncast. The display received many awards including Peabody Award, and Greatest T. Throughout his Television career; In the 3rd season, the name of the present was became “Feasting on Waves”, as Alton Dark brown in this year was going the Caribbean Ocean. Alton Brown net worthy of in 2017: Alton provides been on our tv screens for a long time, and just about everyone has benefitted from his period on screen. He’s a fantastic host and always worth quality. Currently, Alton Dark brown net worthy of calculated around $13 million. In every the show he superstars and provides starred, he provides attracted a net worthy of of $15 million US dollars by 2017. THE MEALS Network can be lucky to possess a perfectionist like Alton Dark brown. He ventured in to the cooking display with plans of providing the globe with quality cooking displays, and we all have observed how he has changed the cooking show situation effortlessly. In 2011 he was awarded with James Beard Award for his achievement as a culinary tv personality. He was created to Alton Dark brown, Sr. Thus, his personal show in addition has increased the full total estimate of Alton Dark brown net worth. In 1997 he graduated from New England Culinary Institute. He began his profession as cinematographer for a number of music videos, including “THE MAIN ONE I REALLY LIKE” by R.E.M.V Meals Journalism award. In 2013 he hosted your competition Cutthroat Kitchen. An American well-known television personality, superstar chef, cinematographer, writer and in addition actor who is well known as creator of the meals Network’s program Great Eats and web host of Iron Chef America. Discussing his personal lifestyle he was married along with his longtime sweetheart and he previously one beautiful child with her. Because of some personal cause he got divorced with her. Currently he’s single. He has presented his grandmother, mom and his child on the display named “Alton’s Spawn”. He’s great motorcycling enthusiast and owns his personal BMW R1150RT and he’s also a qualified pilot. He’s popularly known for hosting Great Eats time of year 14 that airs on the meals network, Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, and also Camp Cutthroat. However, additionally, there are many other sources that have mentioned that his net well worth is a lot higher today and offers increased up to 13 million dollars. He provides earned a huge component of his net worthy of through his profession as a superstar chef. Moreover, he’s also a TV superstar and an writer of some cookbooks. Furthermore, he has also made an appearance as an actor and cinematographer on some events. Thus, this work in addition has added up to the full total estimate of Alton Dark brown net worth. Alton Dark brown ventured in to the cooking present after continuously being dissatisfied with what he noticed on Television in the name of cooking food displays. The relationship however, didn’t last lengthy and the few split and got a divorce on 2015. Other two displays on which he’s also operating as a host consist of “Cutthroat Kitchen” and “Iron Chef America”. Therefore, focusing on all these displays in addition has added up to the full total size of Alton Dark brown net well worth. He dislikes the solitary purpose tools found in your kitchen but accepts those hateful pounds. The chef was created in 1962 in LA, California. However, he grew up in Georgia. Alton Dark brown has mentioned that before he begun to show up as a Television show host, Alton Dark brown was dissatisfied with the grade of the cooking displays in his country. Hence, he made a decision to create his very own cooking show, which will be of better quality. He provides been wedded once but currently appears to be with out a girlfriend. The initial show that he became known offers been “Great Eats”.Alton Dark brown is a guy that any woman could be lucky to have. In 1999, the display got attention from Meals Network, which made a decision to pick and choose it and display on its channel. In 2011 the display ended and 14 months of it have already been filmed. The last bout of the display aired in 2012, nevertheless. In a whole lot of episodes of the display, Alton Dark brown was portrayed as building his personal cooking devices. In 2006, this display received a Peabody Award. Thus, the display was also honored before it halted airing. In addition, it added up too much to the entire sum of Alton Dark brown net worth. It’s been estimated that the entire amount of today’s Alton Brown net worthy of is really as high as 13 million dollars. Alton Dark brown became popular due to his profession as a chef. When comparing the net-value of Bobby with Alton, you can understand the Alton still must work hard to attain up to the amount of Bobby. I understand every girl loves a guy that can cook certainly and Alton Dark brown is talented in your kitchen department. Alton Dark brown has also proved helpful as a cinematographer for a few music bands, such as for example R.E. This display was equally as effective., with which he worked well in making their online video for the track called “THE MAIN ONE I REALLY LIKE”. In 1997, Alton Dark brown effectively graduated from the brand new England Culinary Institute. In the time of 1998-2002, Alton Brown also became an enormous Television show superstar when he begun to appear on it show called “Great Eats”. This American Actor began his professional profession in 1977 which date his salary each year is just about $3. Thus, in addition, it increased the quantity of Alton Dark brown net worth. In 2006, this display was awarded with the Peabody Award. Alton Dark brown has also worked well as a judge on many cooking displays, such as “ANOTHER Iron Chef” and “Iron Chef America”. Alton Dark brown also had his personal display known as “Feasting in Asphalt”. The show was about consuming when travelling someplace. The display lasted for two months. he offers some awards as stated earlier. who was simply a press executive in Cleveland, Georgia. In 2013, Alton Dark brown was selected as a bunch of the display called “Cutthroat Kitchen”. So far as the personal existence of Alton is well known, it could be said that he’s a divorced guy. The series always presented four chefs, and three had been eliminated throughout the show departing one champion. Alton Brown in addition has had many endorsement offers and appeared in various Television commercials, such as for example for Shun Dannon, Knives and General Electric. If you think that is it, you are most likely wrong as Alton can be a phenomenal cinematographer whose films get globally identified. In 2011, Alton Dark brown was a recipient of it Food Personality award, that was directed at him by the James Beard Base. Thus, being included into culinary arts hasn’t just increased his net recognitions, worthy of and but also gained him awards. Alton Brown net worthy of: Alton Brown can be an American superstar chef, writer, actor, and television character who includes a net well worth of $13 million dollars. Alton Dark brown was a cinematographer for most music video clips including R. Zoey was created on 1999.M. His display Feasting on Asphalt viewed the history of consuming on the road. He graduated from the brand new England Culinary Institute in 1997. He dislikes single-purpose utensils and products that he phone calls unitaskers in your kitchen. Based on the calculations, Alton includes a net well worth of $13 Million. The display earned a Peabody Award in 2006. He offered as a commentator on Iron Chef America and ANOTHER Iron Chef.’s “THE MAIN ONE I REALLY LIKE”. It aired for just two seasons and the 3rd period was titled Feasting on Waves as he traveled the Caribbean Ocean. In 2013 he hosted the present Cutthroat Kitchen. Brown in addition has appeared on ANOTHER Food Network Superstar, and MythBusters. He released “Alton Dark brown Live: The Edible Unavoidable Tour” in 2013. He did commercials for General Electric powered, Dannon, Welch’s, Shun knives, and Heifer International. In 2013 he began the Alton Browncast podcast. The display ran for 14 seasons and Alton made a decision to drop it. Alexander Clark Alton the star, Dark brown and creator of’Good Eats’ on Meals Network, includes a net worthy of of 3 million dollars. This series as well gave its component to producing him a well-known personality in neuro-scientific meals. He has subsequently produced money as a superstar chef and a commentator on ‘Iron Chef America’. Additional commercial function has taken in some earnings, as well. Alton Brown was created on July 30th, 1962 in LA. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a level in cinematography and started a profession behind the camera. Nevertheless, after watching many cooking food implies that he felt acquired no flair, Brown made a decision to try his very own hand. He previously acquired a like of cooking food from his family members and place that to make use of on display, and the others is history. Alton Dark brown makes nearly all his current net well worth from hosting responsibilities on cooking applications. He wished to present even more up to standard meals displays for the people. In case you are thinking about culinary studies, after that Alton may be the guy to research to. He also guest-starred on SpongeBob SquarePants that airs on Nickelodeon, Kung Fu Panda, MythBusters, The Layover, and others. He was also the play-by-play announcer. In 2004 Alton Dark brown was titled as the Cooking food Teacher of the entire year by the Bon Appetit Magazine. He’s an incredible actor and has presented in countless films till now. With each one of these actions, it is sure he will need to have earned quite a bit till now. From 1998 to 2012 he starred in Great Eats which originally aired on PBS but was found by the meals Network. 19 Alton Crawford Dark brown is a well-known tv personality, actor, food display presenter, cinematographer and writer of American nationality known greatest to be the creator of the meals Network Show named Great Eats. In addition however when Alton started showing up in his cooking display, he was immediately started being known as as the very best cooking instructor ever looked after helped him attaining as very much credit as possible. Primarily, the present was broadcasted on the PBS channel, nevertheless, it was soon found by the meals Network, which produced the present even more well-known.5 million. He gained money by signing different agreements like ‘ Alton Brown’s Gear for Your Kitchen’, ‘ Feasting on Asphalt: The River Operate ‘, ‘ Good Eats 2″ and more. He also earns from different endorsement and offering in programs which quantity is approximated $500k. Bobby flay who’s a c0-fellow of Alton in his present includes a net worthy of of $20 million. Being truly a chef extended his profession into being a writer, TV character and actor. However, based on the recent reviews, Bobby is going to get divorced along with his wife so that it would decrease his net well worth! This might be a chance for Alton to provide his net worthy of to a spot where he can contend with his rival Bobby. The music movies that he is a component of till now will be the ones which have helped him generating at least half of the amount! He was created on the 30th of July, 1962 to father Alton Dark brown Sr. because of his successful profession in neuro-scientific meals, he has been loved and respected by his followers all over the world and his profession and bio information are broadly searched by critics all over the world. He also studied at New England Culinary Institute where he graduated in 1997. Being dis-pleased by the grade of the food displays aired on American Tv, he attempt to create and generate his very own show the moment his studied completed. Furthermore to his focus on these displays, Alton Dark brown is also referred to as an writer of various cookbooks. Then created his very own show named Great Eats, which aired on 1998 July, on the PBS Television station WTTW. He studied at the University of Georgia, and he majored in film. Bon Appetit magazine called him “Food preparation Teacher of the entire year” in 2004 and he gained the James Beard Base Award for Best Television Food Personality in 2011. Aside from this, Crawford offers made an appearance, also in Iron Chef America: Fight of the Masters, where he offered the role of a specialist commentator. He also acted as the play by play commentator for the display. He has also made an appearance in the series Feasting on Asphalt which explores the annals of eating while shifting. This American writer and actor is most beneficial known for hosting meals applications showcasing scientific cooking methods, or cookbooks in the same location. He in addition has hosted the series Cutthroat Kitchen which as well has been hugely favored by the audience. He offers since appeared in a number of other cooking shows. Various other shows from which he’s also popular include “MythBusters” and “ANOTHER Food Network Superstar”. In 1997, Alton Dark brown became a graduate of the brand new England Culinary Institute. He’s not involved with any affair as of this moment and appears to be focusing exclusively on his profession. He married his appreciate Deanna Collins. Furthermore to hosting this present, he gets the same responsibilities on some other displays, including “Feasting on Waves” and “Feasting on Asphalt”. Feasting on Asphalt can be a series that presented Alton whereby he traveled through america along with his group on motorcycles while sampling foods with their routes.E. They haven’t any other children. Alton isn’t connected with anybody else expect his wife. He very own two planes and lives in Marietta, Georgia. He has definitely not planned to obtain another spouse any moment in the future and appears to be content in his single lifestyle. His personality and abilities have produced Alton a treasured and respected celebrity in neuro-scientific food industry. For this reason he has were able to handbag up a net well worth of 13 million dollars but his actual income is not known.

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Quick Facts

Full NameAlton Brown
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 30, 1962
Height1.82 m
Weight50 pounds
ProfessionScreenwriter, TV Personality, TV chef, Author, Commentator, Actor, Cinematographer, Television Director
EducationUniversity of Georgia, New England Culinary Institute
SpouseDeanna Brown
ChildrenZoey Brown
ParentsAlton Brown, Sr.
AwardsJames Beard Award for Outstanding Personality/Host, Shorty Award for Best in Food, James Beard Award for Reference and Scholarship
NominationsJames Beard Award for Best National Television Food Journalism, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Food & Cookbooks, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Special, James Beard Award for Tools and Techniques
TV ShowsThe Next Iron Chef, Good Eats, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef America, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting On Waves, All Star Kitchen Makeover

Interesting Facts

1 Is a fan of Apple computers.
2 Occasionally annoyed professors at the New England Culinary Institute by constantly asking what ingredients did in recipes. This is the same information Good Eats (1999) is famous for offering its viewers. The NECI now gets applications on which prospective students say they want to learn "to cook like Alton Brown".
3 When he decided to have his own cooking show, he attended the New England Culinary Institute, graduating in 1995. Although he claims to have been a poor science student in high school and college, it was during this culinary training that he began to began to understand science because he felt the need to understand the underlying processes of cooking.
4 Motorcyle enthusiast
5 His dog, Matilda, a basset mix, has appeared on Good Eats (1999) playing herself. Specifically, in the episode Good Eats: Casserole Over (2003).
6 Father, with Deanna Brown, of daughter, Zoey Brown, born in 1999. Zoey has appeared on numerous episodes of Good Eats (1999).


1 [observation, 2014, having left 'Good Eats' behind] People joke about midlife crises. 'Ooh, he's gonna get a red sports car and a mistress'. But really, I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to be doing with the rest of my life. Is that a crisis? Yeah. But should I ignore that or run away from it? Not at all.
2 I approach cooking from a science angle because I need to understand how things work.
3 There are no bad foods, only bad food habits.


Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2012 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Special Class Special Thanksgiving Live! (2011) Mark Dissin (executive producer)

Geoffrey Campbell (producer)

Sarah Paulsen (producer)



Miles from Tomorrowland 2015 TV Series Lysander Floovox
The Simpsons 2015 TV Series Alton Brown
Dork Fork 2012 TV Series 2012
Sesame Street 2010 TV Series Elmo Slide Dancer
SpongeBob SquarePants: Spongicus 2009 Video Nicholas Withers (voice)
Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine 2008 Video Game Commentator / Bernie McGee (voice)
SpongeBob SquarePants 2008 TV Series Nicholas Withers


Feasting on Waves 2008 TV Series creator
Feasting on Asphalt 2006 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Cooking Thin 2001 TV Series creator
Good Eats 1999 TV Series documentary creator


Feasting on Waves 2008 TV Series
Good Eats 1999 TV Series documentary

Camera Department

School Daze 1988 Steadicam operator


7th Annual Shorty Awards 2015 Video Himself - Presenter, Winner: Best in Food
Alton's After-Show 2014-2015 TV Series Himself - Host
Beat Bobby Flay 2014-2015 TV Series Himself - Judge / Mentor
The Meredith Vieira Show 2014 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 2008-2014 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Larry King Now 2014 TV Series Himself - Guest
Iron Chef America: The Series 2004-2014 TV Series Himself - Commentator / Himself - Judge
Food Network Star 2009-2014 TV Series Himself - Mentor / Himself - Host / Mentor / ...
Rachael Ray 2014 TV Series Himself
Live with Kelly and Michael 2011-2014 TV Series Himself / Himself - Guest
Food Network Thanksgiving 2013 TV Series Himself
Food Network's 20th Birthday Party 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself - Interviewee
The Best Thing I Ever Made 2012-2013 TV Series Himself
The Next Iron Chef 2010-2012 TV Series Himself - Host
MythBusters 2012 TV Series documentary Himself - Culinary Mastermind
Thanksgiving Live! 2012 TV Movie Himself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2012 TV Series Himself
Chopped 2012 TV Series Himself - Judge
Iron Chef America Countdown 2012 TV Series Himself - Host
Good Eats 1999-2012 TV Series documentary Himself - Host / Dr. Xavier Brown / Grumpy Gus / ...
Thanksgiving Live! 2011/II TV Movie Himself
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2009-2011 TV Series Himself
The Best Thing I Ever Ate 2009-2011 TV Series Himself
The Perfect 3 2011 TV Series Himself
America's Best 2010 TV Series Himself
Super Chef Battle: An Iron Chef America Event 2010 TV Special Himself - Commentator
Ace of Cakes 2010 TV Series Himself
The Early Show 2009 TV Series Himself
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet 2009 TV Series Himself
Dear Food Network 2008 TV Series Himself
Dear Food Network: Thanksgiving 2008 TV Series
Feasting on Asphalt 2006-2008 TV Series Himself - Host
Feasting on Waves 2008 TV Series Himself - Host
Greatest Ever 80s Movies 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
All Star Grill-Fest: South Beach 2007 TV Movie Himself
Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters 2004 TV Series Commentator
The Making of Iron Chef America 2004 TV Movie Himself
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2003 TV Series Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 2003 TV Series Himself
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2016 TV Series Himself
Last Call with Carson Daly 2016 TV Series Himself
Cutthroat Kitchen 2013-2016 TV Series Himself - Host
The Kitchen 2016 TV Series Himself - Eat Your Science
The Chew 2016 TV Series Himself - Guest
Today 2016 TV Series Himself
Weekend Today 2015 TV Series Himself - Guest

Archive Footage

Iron Chef America Countdown 2012 TV Series Himself - Host / Himself - Commentator

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