Ali Metin Kazanci Net Worth

Ali Metin Kazanci Net Worth is
$1.3 Billion

Ali Metin Kazanci Biography

Aksa Providers was founded in 1986 to improve the post-production selling actions.3 billion by March 2013 regarding to Forbes. Then founded the Kazancı Complex Tools ‘ Spare Component A. In almost once, Ali Metin Kazanci provides transferred 1 / 3 of his shares in the company to his youngest boy Cemil Kazanci who after that became area of the billionaires list. Kazanci’s approximated net worth of $1.3 billion makes him the 22nd richest person in Turkey and the 1107th in the globe. In 1968, he founded the Watt Electric powered Engine Factory which developed the AKSA Group. He founded the company in the 1960’s but he began trading by the end of the 1950’s.3 Billion: Ali Metin Kazanci owns Kazanci Keeping which includes interests in generator gas distribution, electricity plant procedure and production. in 1983 and in 1984, he founded the Aksa Machine Sector A.S.3% of its electricity production business traded on the ISE, Aksa Energy, to Goldman Sachs for $240 million this past year.Ali Metin Kazanci are the owners of Kazanci Keeping and he comes with an estimated net worthy of of $1. In 1994, Aksa Generator, and Aksa Offering and Advertising were founded. Apart from its investments in the energy sector, Kazanci Keeping has also committed to agriculture and tourism which helped boost its contribution in the country’s overall economy with the taxes paid. In 2012, it marketed its 13.3% in the electricity production business traded on the ISE, Aksa Energy, for $240 million to Goldman Sachs. It’s been a head in the energy sector for a lot more than 50 years with passions in generator production, gas distribution, and energy power plant set up and procedure. $1.S. The holding marketed 13. for generator creation and selling actions. Around once, Ali transferred 1 / 3 of his shares in Kazanci Keeping to his youngest boy Cemil Kazanci, who joins him on the billionaires list

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Net Worth$1.3 Billion

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