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Alexei Ananyev Net Worth is
$1.7 Billion

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Alexei Ananyev Net Value: Alexei Ananyev is a Russian entrepreneur who includes a net worthy of of $2. Their firm Technoserv is certainly Russia’s biggest in systems integration. The brothers very own Novospassky Dvor, a 21. Both brothers have become religious. Their start-up was with importing computer systems to Russia, and after some time, the Ananyev duo founded a lender, Promsvyazbank, whose Chairman is certainly Alexei. A Get better at of Business Administration of University of Chicago, Alexei chair their IT firm Technosery, which may be the leading firm in program integration in Russia, and it acquired an estimated income greater than $1.5 billion for 2012. Their business passions include banking, property, and IT. In 2011, the Ananyev brothers bought the office complicated Alfa Arbat Center, at the heart of Moscow, for $230 million, plus they also very own a 21.5-acre business area along the Moscow River, which is called Novospassky Dvor. Furthermore, the brothers had been proud owners of Synterra, a telecom firm, that they sold for $745 million to Megafon, possessed by fellow billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Furthermore, Alexei holds the tremendous art assortment of Socialist realism-design, and in 2011, he opened a museum to be able to display his artwork collection. Alexei Ananyev may be the Chairman of Promsvyazbank, the founder and CEO of Technoserv, and the CEO of Systemy Upravleniya with around net worth of $1. The Ananyev brothers marketed for $745 million their telecom firm, Synterra, to Megafon which is certainly possessed by fellow billionaire Alisher Usmanov.7 Billion: Alexei Ananyev began his profession importing computer systems to Russia along with his brother, fellow billionaire Dmitry Ananyev. He retains an Executive MBA level that he gained from the University of Chicago College of Business in 2005. $1.7 billion together with his brother and fellow billionaire, Dmitry Ananyev. Another calendar year, Alexei was appointed LEADER of Systemy Upravleniya, circumstances company launched to build up automated administration systems for the military-industrial institutions. They started their profession by importing computer systems to Russia where Alexei heads the overall strategizing and their IT business, Technoserv, Russia’s biggest firm in systems integration. Its income in 2012 was a lot more than $1.5 billion.7 billion by March 2013 regarding to Forbes. There is also Alfa Arbat Middle, an office complicated in central Moscow.5-acre business district, Dmitry Ananyev, along the Moscow River. They bought for $230 million in 2011 the Alfa Arbat Middle, an office complicated in central Moscow. He was called the principle Executive Officer of Systemy Upravleniya, circumstances corporation set to build up automated administration systems for the military-commercial establishment, in February 2013. Alexei Ananyev owns the biggest assortment of Socialist realism-style artwork in Russia. He opened up a museum by the end of 2011 to show his collection. Ananyav provides accumulated his approximated net worthy of of $1. He’s the 61st richest person in Russia and 882nd in the set of World Billionaires. Both then founded a lender named Promsvyazbank, plus they are also active in property and mass media. Alexei heads up their IT business and general strategizing.1 billion. Alexei Ananyev started his profession path hand and hand along with his brother, Dmitry Ananyev.5-acre business district along the Moscow River, and business-park Pressa, the previous printing house. In addition they own a 21. This year 2010 they marketed their telecom firm, Synterra, for $745 million to Megafon, which is certainly possessed by billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Despite their prosperity, they felt a scarcity of education until they finished executive MBAs at the University of Chicago in 2005. The brothers have already been energetic in diversified businesses, including banking, property, IT and media. Alexei owns the biggest assortment of Socialist realism-style artwork in Russia, and by the end of 2011 he opened up a museum to show it.

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Net Worth$1.7 Billion

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