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Alberto Cortina Net Worth is
$1 Billion

Alberto Cortina Biography

$1 Billion: Alberto Cortina (born on January 20, 1947, in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish businessman. He’s co-owner, along with his cousin Alberto Alcocer, of Alcor Keeping, a patrimonial culture owner of 12. This is actually the start of their fresh venture in banking. They both began working for the business founded by the Koplowitz sisters, Construcciones y Contratas which is currently called FCC. His existence has run parallel compared to that of his cousin Alberto Alcocer. From then on, he and his cousin began doing work for Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, the business founded by Alicia’s dad. In 1969 he wedded Alicia Koplowitz. In Spain both cousins are generally known as ‘The Albertos’. By the entire year 1976 he became CEO of the business. Driven by the skill of Cortina and Alcocer, and through a nothing you’ve seen prior attempted diversification from its primary building business into additional sectors, the business grew a lot more than 660 instances in market worth over an interval of 18 years. This growth was accomplished regardless of the Spanish crisis that occurred between your years of 1973 and 1985. The worthiness of the company proceeded to go from 450 million pesetas in 1972 to 300,000 million pesetas. The business that was having a turnover of just one 1,000 million pesetas when Alberto became a member of it, became a diversified band of over 30 businesses, with a complete turnover of near 300,000 million pesetas. Alberto Cortina is definitely a Spanish billionaire and the ex-spouse of billionaire heiress Alicia Koplowitz who comes with an estimated net well worth of $1 billion by March 2013 relating to Forbes. In 2004, they sold their mixed 40% stake to Barclays. In 1982 they obtained Banco Zaragozano. Later, in 1988, as well as KIO Group they produced Cartera Central which experienced a substantial stake in Banco Central and a chair on its Table of Directors. Alberto Cortina Net Well worth: Alberto Cortina is definitely a Spanish businessman who includes a net well worth of $1. They later on produced the Cartera Central along with KIO Group that includes a significant stake in Banco Central and includes a chair in the Table of Directors. Cortina derives the majority of his prosperity from his 50% stake in the investment company Alcor Holdings. The spouse of Alcor Holdings is definitely kept by Cortina’s cousin, Alberto Alcocer. The Cortina and Alcocer skill helped the strong grow to a lot more than 660 instances in market worth over an interval of 18 years. Therefore, the got the opportunity to operate their wives’ organization from the first 1970s until both their marriages finished in 1989. Cortina and Alcocer after that moved into banking, operating Banco Zaragozano. They offered their mixed 40% stake to Barclays in 2004. In 1978, both Albertos acquired 5% of Banco de Fomento, owned by Banco Central. He was the 17th richest person in Spain and was rated 1342nd in the set of Globe Billionaires. He also studied Regulation in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Born on January 20, 1947 in Madrid, Spain, Cortina’s existence works parallel to his cousin Alberto Alcocer who wedded his wife Alicia’s sister, Esther. Both are commonly known as “The Albertos” or Los Albertos in Spain. Cortina studied Regulation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1976, he became the principle Executive Officer which started his accumulation of the existing estimated net well worth of $1 billion. Both were once wedded to sisters Alicia and Esther Koplowitz, daughters of the founder of Construcciones y Contratas (today called FCC), a big Spanish construction firm. In 1978, Cortina and Alcocer obtained 5% of Banco de Formento which belongs to Banco Central.5% of Grupo ACS, the key Spanish construction firm, and of 21% of Ence, a respected European maker of paper pulp and renewable energy creation from biomass. They obtained Banco de Zaragozano in 1982.5 billion. 3 years later, they get a significant stake in Portland Valderrivas, a cement firm owned by Banesto, which they positioned Alberto Cortina’s brother, Alfonso Cortina, as mind of the business. The Albertos today hold their prosperity in the expenditure arm Alcor Keeping. It provides stakes in Grupo Empresarial ENCE, a eucalyptus maker, and Actividades de Construccion y Servicios, a structure firm.

Quick Facts

Full NameAlberto Cortina
Net Worth$1 Billion
Date Of BirthJanuary 20, 1947
EducationComplutense University of Madrid
ParentsAlicia Koplowitz, 7th Marquise of Bellavista, Pedro Cortina y Mauri


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