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5 million. Sevani can be an American actor and dancer, known for playing Robert Alexander III (or “Moose”) in INTENSIFY 2: The Streets (2008), INTENSIFY 3D (2010) and INTENSIFY All In (2014). He dated Miley Cyrus from January to February, 2008. Early Lifestyle (Childhood): Sevani was created and raised in LA, California. His old brother, V Sevani (aka Vahe Sevani), was an associate of the Boy Band NLT., hosted by Cat Deeley. Sevani comes with an estimated net worthy of of $1.Who’s Adam G: Adam G. This year 2010, Sevani produced a guest appearance on WHICH MEANS YOU Think IT IS POSSIBLE TO Dance? He started dance from a young age group at the Synthesis Dance Middle, the dance studio founded by his parents Interesting Specifics: American dancer and actor Adam G. He also do the choreography for NLT’s music video for “Karma.” Personal Lifestyle: Adam G. Sevani happens to be one. Adam G. Sevani dated Paige Ann Thorne for a brief period of period. His other films are the FIRST-TIME and The Emperor’s Golf club. Achievement: At the 2008 Youthful Hollywood Awards, Sevine was a recipient of the “Best Picture Stealer” award.


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